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Kirk Herbstreit just now on radio about NCAA: "Good or bad, just get Miami some answers.''

ESPN College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit, speaking to Joe Rose on 560 WQAM, was adamant about the frustration those connected to the University of Miami must feel regarding the NCAA situation that still has not been resolved after two-and-a-half years.

Herbstreit said the first thing he thought of was Miami when he heard the news yesterday about the NCAA gradually returning football scholarships to Penn State in relation to the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.

"Miami was the first thing I thought about yesterday when I heard that news,'' Herbstreit said. "They have not only penalized Penn State, but circled back and reduced that penalty before we get anything on Miami. The only thing I can think of is because the NCAA fumbled the ball on the entire investigation with Miami and publicly admitted that, I've got to believe they've got to go all the way back and start basically from scratch in certain aspects of the investigation.

"I don't have anything to do with the NCAA; I never talk to anybody from the NCAA, so I don't have any idea. I wish I had some answers of, 'Hey, by November we're going to find out, but I don't know anything. I'm as frustrated by it. All I can do is just applaud the effort from the university, what they're doing, the direction that they're heading with Al Golden.

I don't know if people outside of the Miami Hurricane community really appreciate the challenges that Al Golden and his staff face week in and week out -- not just during the season but more importantly in the offseason when you're recruiting, when you're trying to recruit to unknown. The direction of your program, the penalties you may have to deal with and you're sitting here trying to talk a 17- or 18-year-old to come and play for you while Florida State and Florida and others, they don't have to worry about that.

"It's a shame, it really is. I just hope there are some answers. Good or bad, just get Miami some answers so they can move past this and move into another chapter of their program.''






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Kirk Herbstreit the buckeye is right!

If they can reduce the penalties to Penn State while STILL having Miami on hold, it is obvious they want to hammer Miami but not do it at the same time they are being weak to Oregon, TAMU, or PSU.

Of course, they KNOW that their delays hurt Miami, so Miami improving even over all that is a testament to those loyal players that want to be a Cane through thick and thin.

Best part is when PSU sanctimonious fans claim that the penalties should be dropped because the NCAA doesn't have a written guideline against child molestation.

That is like saying Aaron Hernandez should not be convicted of Murder One because the Constitution doesn't specifically say anything against murdering people.

Common sense rules still exist, and them hiding a pedo in their school to keep that happy valley mystique going goes against those common sense rules.

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson:
"The tree of Canes fan liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of trolls. It is it's natural manure."
Posted by: Five Titles | September 25, 2013 at 08:59 AM

Of course, coincidentally the blood of trolls IS manure, because they are full of it. :)

I am not a Penn ST fan
but the ncaa was way out of line
it was a criminal not football problem
the ncaa is not the law of the land.. they govern college footballs rules not child molesting.. all the people who knew this was happening should have been put in jail for a long time,let the family's sue the school all they want not punish the players that had nothing to do with this terrible act by sandusky

At this point of time, the NCAA has shown their obvious dislike for the University of Miami. They have acted with prejudice and malice. At this juncture, should they even consider any more punishment for U of M, I just hope Donna S brings those bastards in front of Congress and let Emmert try to explain his actions!!

One more point, To compare harboring a child molester who abuses children with players getting a free t-shirt or possible a steak dinner is like giving Johnny Manziel the same punishment as Aaron Hernandez


What's going on man, did you listed to Coach Al with Joe Rose Monday morning. He said to paraphrase "I really commend the Miami schools that willing to go on the road and play these kind of games." When speaking on the spanking Central gave Don Bosco.

He must not really know the history of Miami football. That's what we do. We don't care where we have to go or when we have to go. If he did (know our history) we would be opening up the season against LSU next year.

Still not a word from the NCAA about the Alabama allegations released by Yahoo Sports. Now we get Texas wants Nick Saban, why cause Fluker has more evidence against him that the entire Miami case. They are trying their best to let this fall quietly to the wayside. No news coverge of the allegations during the week of the TAMU game no nothing. When Miami got hit that was all over the TV every weak. Nick Saban you had to no an ex-player was on your campus buying players. If charged Fluker and Barron could cost Alabama two National Titles. Let's be fair and through Alabama under the bus as Miami was. Nick Saban is as crooked as they come, LSU, Dolphins and Alabama

Can someone tell me whom this self-absorbed Harriet something or other chick is, who thinks the world revolves around her?

Does she actually believe Golden copped her message? Seriously?

By the way, what Golden said was that scoring points is the most important thing. Other things equal, you'd like to have some longer drives so your defense isn't on the field too much. Converting more 3rd down opportunities obviously keeps you on the field longer.

Does this chick think she discovered that? What a fool.

Send me some bail money ASAP....The NFL is taking ALL of my funds!

Posted by: Aaron Hernandez's CAPITAL MURDER Charges | September 24, 2013 at 09:34 PM

Aaron Hernandez Murder Case Update: Football Player's Associate Arraigned In Massachusetts On An Accessory Charge



Posted by: Aaron Hernandez's CAPITAL MURDER Charges | September 24, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Aaron Hernandez pal pleads not guilty to accessory charge in Odin Lloyd killing


UT OH...i'm going down alone on this one

Posted by: Aaron Hernandez's CAPITAL MURDER Charges | September 24, 2013 at 10:45 PM

His mother knows why: CHRIS RAINEY was born in jail in Lakeland on March 3, 1988, and had vowed never to go back again


Thanks for all the business you send me Chris

Posted by: HillTop Bail Bonds | September 24, 2013 at 10:49 PM


Charge: Charged with misdemeanor battery in Feb. 2010 after allegedly slapping a woman and scratching another at a Gainesville apartment party

His pimp hand is way strong!

Posted by: Gatah Clawse | September 24, 2013 at 10:51 PM

Lol at the mighty competition in the sec...with floridas oline at least they have a shot in he11. One shot in he11 but its a shot.UMs 117th ranked D held them to 16 points. Thats 1 1/2 tds and a field goal,lmao. Well at least if murphy isn't protected as bad as driskel was , ufelons can buy some eligibility from the ncaa for tebow.djdnt kentucky just get blown out by western kentucky high?

Posted by: 21-16 | September 24, 2013 at 11:37 PM

Kentucky is a banjo school, not football!

Posted by: 21-16 | September 24, 2013 at 11:38 PM

I wish UM could get kentucky as a permanent yearly game.

Posted by: 21-16 | September 24, 2013 at 11:39 PM

That would strengthen our schedulebecause of the medias perception of the sec and give us a guaranteed win.

Posted by: 21-16 | September 24, 2013 at 11:42 PM

We could beat them with our backups and a shortened fourth quater

Posted by: 21-16 | September 24, 2013 at 11:43 PM

I wonder if they have a major in fried chicken?

Posted by: 21-16 | September 24, 2013 at 11:47 PM

Floriduh is playing Florida School for the Blind next week

Posted by: SEC Hype MACHINE

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry.

dumbdumb beating the 66th rank team in Div 2 is no big deal because the canes are irrelevant. The fact the ACC is the worst of all conferences really makes our wins less interesting.

Our depth showed when we had to bring in Williams off the bench in the 2nd half, not many teams would have been able to perform like we did.
Yea the cane secondary looked great against a team with its 3rd string QB and one of the worst teams in college football. But hey don't let facts get in the way.

Hate to break it to you, Hurricanes fans, but if you were at Sun Life Stadium last Saturday, you got ripped off.

Sure, it was fun to watch your beloved Canes score 11 touchdowns in a 77-7 rout of severely overmatched Savannah State, but you deserve a partial refund (or at least a free pizza) because that was advertised as a game, and it really wasn’t. It was a glorified scrimmage. Truth be told, a UM intrasquad scrimmage would have been more competitive.

Savannah State should not be allowed to step on the field with the likes of UM, which paid the Tigers $375,000 to rent out human tackling dummies. It was disgraceful, and put those smaller, weaker, less-experienced players in physical danger.

The Tigers played three Football Bowl Subdivision teams in the past two seasons, and lost 84-0 to Oklahoma State and 55-0 in a weather-shortened game to FSU before the UM debacle, which was so lopsided that the coaches agreed to a 12-minute fourth quarter to lessen the blow.

Consider that Savannah State opened this season with a 77-9 loss to Georgia Southern and also lost 66-3 to Troy. Do the math. They have been outscored 220-19 so far this season. Last year, they finished 1-10 and their only victory was over Division II Edward Waters College. They had no business facing the Hurricanes. If the NCAA wants to maintain some semblance of dignity, this type of game has to be stopped.

Hey if you gonna play a cupcake why not schedule the worst of all cupcakes.
It's a cane thang!

UM will play anyone, anytime, anywhere!!! Are you listening Savannah State???? Are you listening FAMU and Bethune-Cookman??? The U does not fear you!!! They will play you anytime and anywhere!!! They'll even pay you $350,000 to do it!

Just don't talk about LSU, not us the canes can't play that kind of team. Maybe Southern Louisianna High

GatorKiller, U asked the same lame questions yesterday and was ignored just like today. The question is who are U, changing aliases endlessly, so the ownage is spread out over several names and U don't look so bad. U are aliases: Reality/Bored/Loser/crazy cane/antcane/mountaincane/ron zook gator/nuff said/racismgoesbothways etc etc.. Move on--I apologize for my previous roasting of all of your many characters.

Your beef isn't with me--its with the truth and my gaul to speak it and not uphold the status quo that U love--but doesn't love U. Direct your posts to the truth, honesty and sincerity--those virtues are what U have an issue with--not me.

Labeling a person "self-absorbed" or "arrogant" because they dare to tell the truth is a poor coping mechanism. Your issues are in the mirror and based in the deep rooted insecurities and pessimism of Thomas Hobbes. Read some Nietzsche, it may help your affliction and explain why U feel this way.

Stupid Gator troll, you KNOW that the reason Savannah State was added to the schedule was that Memphis chickened out at the last minute and we needed a last second replacement.

I bet you wish the gatrs had done the same thing and chickened out, so you could crow about the mighty gatrs on here some more, right?

I resent being called a nerd, my name is Sid and I'm a cane, not a nerd.

Dang fake sidcane, acc is the weakest conference nd they are 2-2with the sec? So that would make them tied for the weakest conference with the sec right? Lol. Better worry about ucf beating carolina this weekend. Big east may be 2-0 in the sec.

Gentlemen, why not exchange emails so you two can talk about your fake internet rivalry directly?

And of course, you are ignoring this OTHER part to the article you stole those comments from:


"FIU and FAMU lost by a combined score of 148-0 to seventh-ranked Louisville and fourth-ranked Ohio State, respectively, last weekend. Is that worth watching? Is that why FIU students pay athletic fees each year and alumni make donations, so the Panthers can fly to Louisville and get humiliated?"

Did you also whine about Urban Meyer's scheduling genius on THEIR website? No? Hypocrite. Did you seek and destroy on Charlie Strong? Nope. I guess when Gator coaches carry on that tradition of cowardice they got from Foley, you are all for it, but when Memphis ducks out of a game, we are NOT going to leave it an empty week, fool. Now, since you have changed your ID YET AGAIN after getting destroyed, take the word Scheduling out of it and accept that Golden is more of a genius than you will EVER be.

So, now harriet is a faux psychiatrist as well as football analyst, Comparative religion expert and Race relations guru. Give us a break.

You are labeled self-absorbed because you think everything is about you. Golden says something and you point to some word you said 2 months ago and claim it was your idea. Just nonsense.

No one cares about your version of blog stuff that happened in the distant past. Most of us weren't around and don't care.

Go Canes.

The NCAA should make ruling not go all the way back some of it is lies and half truths and deceit of Marks part and his people, Donna get Fla AG involved and conference president its a real NCAA goof up that is getting bigger because of Mark and new man trying to save their jobs, Mike and John will take care of them soon

South Florida will start a true sophomore against Miami this Saturday.

Bull QB Stevens is a transfer from Penn. St. and will make his FIRST college football start on Saturday. The kid is a dual-threat signal caller and Bull head coach Taggart has all the confidence in the world for Stevens.

" “They’re not a tropical storm anymore. They’re a hurricane now, but we’ll be ready. The Bay area is built for Hurricanes. We’ll be ready and we won’t bow down to them, that’s for sure.” " – Taggart on facing Miami, gousfbulls.com

This Taggart and his players absolutely believe they can HANG WITH the Canes on Saturday.

Therefore, M-Y Hurricanes better not be LOOKING AHEAD to their game with the Bumbling Bees next Saturday. hUh

Yes Herbie, it is a shame that Miami is PROGRAM NON GRATA in the eye of the prestigious N.C.A.A. dUh

What I was speaking of, happened *4 days ago* and I reposted it to those who berated me for posting the same sentiments Al Golden just stated himself. It wasn't about me coming up with anything, I stated my opinion, I was attacked and insulted for it, and 3 days later Al Golden states the same thing. U made this about me and want to go back and forth about nothing. Post about the Canes, not me--*remember* this isn't about me and no one cares how U feel about me either LOL! As of now, U aren't killing anything but time and that keyboard.

Why are U so pumped about about an occurrence that happened before your time (4 days ago lol). I specified who the rebuttal was to and why. So why the hostility and displacement. Try to smile, its a nice day out :-)

I dig how Kirk CALLED OUT his alma mater Ohio St. for INTENTIONALLY playing a SOFT non-conference schedule.

By the way, the Big 10 Czar wants ALL conference members to CEASE playing I-AA teams ( Savannah St. and The Citadel to name a couple. ), yet both OHIO ST. and NEBRASKA are staunchly OPPOSED to that measure by the Czar.

FWIW... that Herbie CornSUXker team HISTORICALLY has scheduled LAME non-conference schools.

Oh, and faux intellectual Harriet, the Gauls are french.

Moribund Southern Miss. DIDN'T win a game in 2013 and currently has a 15 game LOSING STREAK.

So what you mumble. Well, that Herbie CornSUXker team PAID So. Miss. $ 2.1 MILLION dollars to play in Stinkin' Lincoln this season. That's $ 2.1 million dollars for a SACRIFICIAL BAMBI to trek to that Hinterland enclave.

Again, that Cornhusker program INTENTIONALLY schedules at LEAST THREE lame arse non-conference as a TRADITION.

It's a shame that my Canes are now following that non-conference scheduling methodology. Eh. What say.

D you are slipping from character again eh what say? Duh!

the Gauls are french.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | September 25, 2013 at 12:17 PM


I thought they were BIRDS, bUbba!

The reason psu should be held accountable is because this sick crime happened on school campus! For this to go on for so long and noone at this institution knew what sandusky was doing is beyond belief! Talk about lack of institutional control, they even disciplined him for such incidents in the past and still turned a blind eye to him, why did they do it? Because psu is the state school and they brought credibility to thst region and produced winners. In my opinion they should be shut down because they allowed this crime and criminal to go on for so long. I guess when u have a statesenator in your back pocket anything is possible! The system is a joke, sec schools get caught with evidence and ncaa turns their head, miami gets caught reprimand themselves and the witch hunt is still on! Smh


Dang fake sidcane, acc is the weakest conference nd they are 2-2with the sec? So that would make them tied for the weakest conference with the sec right? Lol. Better worry about ucf beating carolina this weekend. Big east may be 2-0 in the sec."

Posted by: 21-16

Since 21 - 16 IS one of sidcane's many aliases' has this troll completely lost it and is now talking to himself?


Being reduced to pointing out grammatical and clerical errors on a sports blog is the epitome of defeat! I've heard that "faux intellectual" supposed insult before (from all of those same trolls I previously named...coincidence??)--its more of a backhanded compliment than anything, so thanks. U are too arrogant, self-absorbed and egotistical to give a sincere compliment.

Just wondering: Who are some people U consider to be true intellectuals?

The system is a joke, sec schools get caught with evidence and ncaa turns their head, miami gets caught reprimand themselves and the witch hunt is still on! Smh

Posted by: sav cane | September 25, 2013 at 12:22 PM


When are y'all Hurricane football loyalists going to WAKE uP!!!

The University of Miami, Florida Hurricane football program is PROGRAMA NON GRATA, PAR EXCELLANCE. According to the ethical N.C.A.A.

And the sooner y'all Cane partisans wake up to that fact, the less stress y'all will take on. dUh

7 of 8, Gatr Garbage. 7 of 8.

Tennessee is basically Savannah State so that is a wash.

Don't let the facts hit you in the tooth

A statement like this speaks for itself. It says that it's author does not know a thing about college football.
What else is new, cane trash?

Only a faux intellectual would consider being called a faux intellectual as a compliment.

For all you Gator fans hanging on, I rewatched the game last night. It came out 21-16.

7 of last 8.

28-26 all time Canes favor.

the Gauls are french.
Posted by: GatorKillerCane | September 25, 2013 at 12:17 PM
I thought they were BIRDS, bUbba!
Posted by: D | September 25, 2013 at 12:21 PM
Nah man, that's gulls! :)
And the fish flaps on the side that they use to breathe water. Gills.
And what this Canes defense does compared to last year? Gels.
And what they are achieving this year by beating teams like UF, USF, and even SS? Goals.
And that thing that annoys people? Galls.

But hey, thanks for asking!

BTW, has the spread moved? I don't bet, but if I did, I would move it to 27-28, just from the transitive property with FAU, the improvement of the canes since last year, and the decline of USF since last year, and the 31 point win last year minus six point home to road spread. 20 points still seems like a sure thing.

Wrong again. A person who thinks they're an intellectual would take being called a faux intellectual as an insult. I've never considered myself an intellectual, so being called a fake one kinda puts me in consideration of being one. So thanks again and don't beat your wife tonight--its not her fault either. No one cares that U don't like me--get over me and yourself.

Besides, U can't even name anyone whom U consider a true intellectual anyway. So U aren't a good judge anyhow--I take my "thank you" back.

True intellectuals.
1.Papa Smurf
3.Kenny Powers
4.Alex Trebek
In no particular order.

gatr karma strikes again

After the run by Duke at 4:32, after the play was dead, Easley going into Duke helmet first LONG AFTER THE PLAY WAS OVER, and forgetting to go back to his own huddle.

Then a couple weeks later after his Ambien set in, when asked about Kentucky, Easley dismisses them as worthless, forgetting the mantra of SEC SEC SEC. Well, he was right about one thing at least, HE doesn't have to worry about Kentucky.

karma punishes the evil, and Easley the cheap shot late hit artist and pregame taunter got just what he deserved.

Chill my Cane brothers!!!! I personally think that the NCAA has nothing to justify giving us more penalties than the ones we self-ed imposed.They're dragging this as punishment but when its all said and done they will say time served is the final judgement. They also know that they would get sued and destroyed by the media if they even think about adding to what has already been self imposed. That's why they are laying the foundation of butt kissing with the Penn State saga to then let us free.

Harriet - you've got Papa Smurf on your list, but neglected to put Brainy Smurf on there. Lies! You are a Brainy Smurf hater! Just admit it.

Florida was running people out back in th Spurrier days. Putting up 60 plus against good teams. Thats what you had to do to get in the nationl title game with so many undefeated team back then. There's no way bama should have played the last two title games with one loss when there are undefeated teams out there regardless of who they play. Big name teams prey on the smaller ones for and easy W, so give these no loss teams a shot a winning it all. Look at Notre Dame and what they did to Miami same for K-state. Both got demolished didn't show up for the big finale. Miami was critized for playing independent and in the Big Little East, but they whipped all comers, big and small for years. I welcome the play offs at least nine teams or and odd number so summer of he small schools with no loss can compete.

6.Optimus Prime
7.Helen Keller
8.Skip Bayless
10.G.W.Bush Jr
Honorable Mention. D
Sorry D I call em like I see em nothing personal.

Now he results to trolling--yup another alias slayed!

U know fake intellectuals but no real ones LOL!

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