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Largest crowd for a Canes game at Sun Life expected Saturday as season-ticket packages nearly gone

The largest crowd in Sun Life Stadium history for a Hurricanes game is expected Saturday when the University of Miami hosts the Florida Gators in what could very well be the final regular season meeting between the two rivals.

And if you don't have a ticket yet expect to pay top dollar for a last minute seat. The game, long sold out, has individual tickets selling on the secondary market for close to $200.

The demand for Saturday's game has certainly helped the Hurricanes' season ticket sales. According to Chris Freet, Assistant Athletics Director for Communications and Marketing, only 350 to 400 of 30,000 season ticket packages remain. The cheapest are going for $390 with the most expensive stretching to $1,400.

UM sold a little less than 23,000 season tickets last year according to Freet.

Miami brought in an extra 1,313 seats behind the home team bench to accommodate a bigger crowd. Freet said capacity for Saturday's game has been set for 76,854.

The largest home crowd for a Hurricanes game at Sun Life was 75,115 for Florida State on Oct. 9, 2010. Miami, which has averaged about 48,560 fans a game since moving from the Orange Bowl, has only drawn better than 60,000 for a game five other times.

Those are: Oct. 20, 2012 vs. Florida State (73,328); Sept. 17, 2011 vs. Ohio State (66,279); Oct. 4, 2008 vs. Florida State (65,786); Sept. 5, 2011 vs. Duke (62,053); Oct. 3, 2009 vs. Oklahoma (61,790).

The largest crowd in Sun Life Stadium history for a college football game was 80,120 for last year's BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

Freet said Governor Charlie Crist and state senator Marco Rubio are expected to attend Saturday's game. Cortez Kennedy, Edgerrin James, Clinton Portis, Ray Lewis and Bernie Kosar are among the former players who have already confirmed with UM they will attend.

Former Hurricanes basketball standout James Jones has also reserved a suite for him and several Heat teammates.

Freet said 115 recruits and 350 high school football coaches have been invited to the game by Miami.

Former Hurricanes quarterback Brock Berlin, a transfer from Florida, is UM's honorary captain and will be involved in the pre-game coin flip.

"We expect a few other local celebrities to come out of the wood work," Freet said.

With prepaid parking passes sold out, the only available parking spots at the stadium are in the auxiliary lots. They go for $30. You must show a game ticket to park.

"I know for 2010 Florida State game there were 8,000 people just partying in the auxiliary parking lot that never came into the game," Freet said. "Because the stadium just went through the BCS title game, I think they've got the patterns worked out and traffic will move pretty quickly. But everybody should add a little extra time for their drive and parking."


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It's is going to be one heck of an atmosphere...that much is certain. Go Canes!

It is going to be hot during the game...a lot of people are going to need some "ICE".


A MUST WIN..Let's go Canes..Home field is a beitch..
Miami 31

Cane BEATDOWN comin up

can we bring the green jersey back please wtf

u be good lil canes ...


Lieutenant Dan, ICE cream.


I was born in Miami and moved around a lot when I was younger. I currently attend college in New York and have to for the most part stream the games online because all they show up here is fricken Syracuse ***yawn***.

I understand basketball is a side note, my dad always used to tell me that nothing mattered besides Hurricane Football and he's right. Still however, I support the basketball team and was pumped with their run last year. I know football takes priority, however I feel that we should show basketball some love on a blog post about their team. 99% of the other are on football so it only seemed fair. Go Canes!

Posted by: RJ | September 05, 2013 at 05:28 PM

Well it seems like the N.Y. is rubbing off on you, get out of there quick. The only teams we respect in Miami are those that are playing at a championship level and since laranagga had UM playing at a high level, he got his respect. Speaking of which, when you here laranagga talk coming in, he heard the same things i'm saying now, how basketball was a side note, but laranagga came in confident that he would bring the fans because he understands his system will bring winning and winning brings fans, so he talks confident.

art kehoe when he talks, you know it's confidence, when barrow talks it's confidence, james coley just coming in is talking real confident, even the females tennis coach and track coach & female basketball coach are confident as cxan be, coach goldie being the headcoach of probably hands down the tuffest sport, is the softest out of all the coaches at UM, hope this and hoping that.

Soldy, lets post the cane "top excuses" list tomorrow

1) we're STILL building depths
2) we are STILL kinda young
3) it was hot
4) coach forgot his binder
5) we suck

The Gators that post their snark on this site are just one of many reasons why I am glad we are not playing them anymore. Win or lose, these ###hats will always disrespect us and act in the nastiest manner possible. Most disgusting and arrogant fans in the country...and knowing how BAD OSU and ND fans can be, THAT is saying a lot.

While your at it, Gaytor "top excuses" for only having 3 titles:

Man watching these REAL qb's is a lot of fun...imma have a lot of time on my hands might as well watch the PROFESSIONALS

Man the 2012 and 2013 Florida offense sucks big time
my top 5 reasons they do....
1) Jeff Driskell can't hit a parked car on I-95 at 5PM
2) We haves no offensive depths
3) Gainesville aint nothin but a gonorrhea town
4) Corch pease and muskrat have no clue on how to coach
5) Our Wr's wouldn't make a JV football squad


Lol, the tennis coach do have a swagger!

That FAU team these clowns bragged about got manhandled by east Carolina tonight.

Yeah, but Laranagga isn't family because he hasn't won a championshiop, right Calvin.


"The Gators are still viewed as the more elite of the two programs, especially since they are coming off a Sugar Bowl appearance and their last two national titles (2006, 2008) are more recent than Miami’s last crown (2001)."


NO U are NOT back ...

But you still took out the time to post here? Guess we are back.

No one knows what Golden tells those kids in that locker room... I'm sure he has supreme belief and confidence in their talent. He knows better than anyone what those kids are about.

What happens or is said outside that brother-hood doesn't matter. Last thing those kids need is the pressure from a coach full of hot air. They have enough pressure from legacy. The best thing he could do to help them is coach his ass off, prepare them for the game, and let these kids play do the talking.

Greatest coaches in sports are reserved diplomats who don't bump their yaps to the media.

The talk will be over in less than 48 hrs and "Can't Wait". I Don't need Golden to be confident as long as the OL/DL is confident and dominating. No way Gators will stop both Duke running and Morris passing. On the defensive side need to stop the run and pressure Driskel. The job gets easier if the offense can score early and go up by 10-14 pts this will take away the running game some what! If that happens look for the muhammed and mccord to get after Driskel. The Gators will throw that screen pass over and over even on 3rd and 10 or more and if the Canes cannot stop it were in for a long day. Wear them down with a "hurry up" offense and in the 4th qt Duke will break one if not sooner. Pass rushing wears a defense out faster than running the ball except in the 4th Qt. Make the Gators have to rush Morris without getting to him and they will be sucking air. That's taking advantage of the 12:00 start. Go Canes !! 31-17 back in the top 20!!

335-pound Texas Cheerleader being looked at by Miami Hurricanes Recruiters

A 335-pound cheerleader is on the Miami Hurricanes’ football recruiting radar.

Yes, Armand Fernandez-Pierre is a male cheerleader at Episcopal School of Dallas. But he’s also an impressive nose tackle that the Miami Hurricanes are recruiting to play Football.


U, Goldy and Duh U have officially "Jumped the Shark."

Word has it that Corch Al, taking time off from handing out schollies at the corner of US-1 and Red Rd. and game planning for Florida, is busy studying multi-season tapes of the show, "The Biggest Loooser" for more D-Line Recruits as they will be well prepared to be fat, slob, slow, no unranked no talent D.T.'s to carry on the looosing legacy of "Miami Football" the last decade...

"People don't want to hear this, but it's the fact of the matter," UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley told the Associated Press earlier this week. "When you take a home game out of here, it cost you significant dollars. ... You can't do that every other year and try to run a sports program at the level we're trying to run it. I think everybody thinks that's not a big deal. Well, it is a big deal."

Yes []_[] can! Five Titles on roughly 3/4s the budget and 1/8 of profit of UF. Every year.

We comin..

Looking forward to Saturday. How bout []_[].

Wow, that dude is cheerleader. Someone crop him in a picture with Nevin Shapiro.

You all that garbage article, thathateful rant written on the UM sports page by Cogle. She left her e mail so respond to her.

Guess what missy- we hate your fat a55 too.

As much as I hate them, I really don't see us beating them tomorrow.

F the turds.

Cane BEATDOWN of the gators comin up

Posted by: TheCurseOfArtKehoe | September 05, 2013 at 09:30 PM

Finally telling the truth....

I am the blog Pig and love my manmeat. Give me a double.

Mmmmmm.....The blog Pig.

I'm a fat guy. I hang out with no degree tailgating losers that are mostly fat and have arrest records. It's its ironic because I mostly hate colored folk.

I wear a short orange tie that accentuates my fat gut. It's a Goldenesque tie. It's very clever. Makes me look even fatter but clever nonetheless.

crowds will be back to normal next week and the tarps will be in their regular perch.

The tarps are in "temporary storage" and the Hunt for the Golden Empanada will resume next week.

It's goin to be like a phuukking MORGUE in this place 30 hours from now. Cane clucks will resume pro bowlahs talk. GUARANTEED! And of course the Zook caricature will still be calling Goldenfraude the best coach in America at the expense of his own credibility. Oh wait he has no credibility.

Canes 27 Gators 23 F

The W is all I want. It would propel the program back into a top tier recruiting cycle. With Morris on the way out and who knows what happens with Duke next season, we NEED this win to sustain the talent level in our future classes and to keep moving forward FULL SPEED AHEAD!


There is ZERO cane animosity on Gator boards because we are not insecure and don't need to thump our chest about a matchup with an unranked mid-tier. You're just one more out if conference tune up.

"Posted by: 48-0 | September 06, 2013 at 09:33 AM"

Ooopsie. Looks like we touched nerve with the fat blog PIG.

Hola, Douchebag. Don't be so angry. It isn't anyone's fault you are a fat loser who was punched out by your stepson.


"Posted by: Gator pride | September 06, 2013 at 09:47 AM"

Either this moron is a liar, can't read or hasn't visited the Gatr Trash blog in awhile.

Which one is it, trailer donkey?

I am a fat slob who spends his life changing IDs and busting on the Canes. I graduated from Gables High in the early 80s which makes me near 50.

IN summary, I am a winner, can't you tell?

Blog Pig.

GAtor pride- Check yourself dumb g8r.

Read the "Opinion" article by Connie Ogle on todays Herald.com.

She rants about how Miami is but a blip in the gators schedule, that youall don't like us, that we are the pesky little brother that wont go away, that we are like palmetto bugs, etc etc. She is nothing but your typical arrogant, gator with an attitude to match.

problem is you all have nothing to be arrogant about. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. You arent Alabama, you arent USC, you arent even Notre Dame.

You may win this game, and you beetches will still trail us 27-28 all time. Notto mention the fact that IN THE THREE MAJOR SPORTS COMBINED, BETWEEN UF AND THE OTHER STATES SCHOOLS, UM IS AT NINE AND ALL OF THE REST= 7



UM 9
UF + FSU + UCF + FAU + FIU + USF= 5

We don't like you either. And in contrast to FSU and their fans, WE ALSO DO NOT RESPECT YOU


The Gators remind me alot of what Notre Dame was last year. A team with a stout defense but little offense. The "U" played 3 games last year versus top quality defenses. K State, FL State and N. Dame. In those games Morris was under constant pressure, our offense looked terrible and our defense was, well we know BAD. So based on what I saw last year and what I saw from both the "U" and Gators this year and as much as it pains me to say it, I see the stinking Gators pulling this one out 23-17. I believe that this game will play out alot like the Notre Dame game last year but with a closer score. I hope to all the football gods that I am wrong. I will eat crow with every meal if the "U" can get the "W". Go Canes.

And I will eat KAK at every meal if the U gets the win. Errr.... I eat that all day anyway so disregard.


Golden knows UF has more overall talent than UM, but he can't say it. The NCAA cloud hanging over the Program is the most obvious reason, coupled with UF's more recent success on the field. UM needs to win the turnover battle or they can't win this game.

The team just needs to play their game. Watched the UF Toledo game. Florida lined up and beat him. Toledo had opportunities but didn't capitalize. I do think if we get a lead on them the gators can't come back. Florida scored once after the half against toledo and that was after the frosh Db picked it off inside the toledo 20 and florida still had to convert a 3rd down to score. We just need to start fast. Also everyone forgets that James Coley seen muschamps defense and knows whats coming. I am very confident and so is the Team.I think we beat them by ten or better if we start fast.

UM should wear throwback UNIs for this game.
That would be incredible.

But I hear they are going with the white UNIs??
Hope not.

Uf lets one arm walkon try out for basketball team.lmao

White uniforms reflect heat better. Gatahs are gonna wear dark blue. Our humidity is gonna weigh them down.gator fan start clearing the stands by 3rd quater. UM48 ufelons 25 to life.

50 year old loser. Are you phukkking kidding me, you slunkmeat maggot.

Who cares about throwback uniforms. This isn't a beauty contest. Of course it makes more sense for them to wear all white when it will be close to 100 degrees on the field.

They're wearing orange.

Uniforms do not matter.

Performance does!!.

The 'Canes have been waiting for this game.

Our rotation ( which we rehearsed last week) check out the [Chick interview re FAU] and we will be fresh and ready.
Wow we now have depth and a rotation on D.

12:00 Noon in Florida is HOT baby!!.

We have something to PROVE and the 'U' will make it happen.
Go 'Canes

Golden can't let this be a repeat of the ND game. That was the classic example of ball control and defense over explosive offense.

UM needs to stop the run in order to have a chance in this game. If they let the Gators come here and push them off the ball then they deserve to lose.

Good old Calvin ! You never stop being the Randy Shannon kiss A** do you. If this was RS team you'd be licking bottom. Saying how they'd win. Since you forget, conveniently, what a stiff he was. No HC or DC job for him yet. Gee I wonder why not. His last game was a flash photo of his HC career . No passion, lazy recruiting, no fire. And a loss with no hope and he left the cupboard bare for AG. Just admit what you are and give all the real UM fans a break OK. You sir are a moron!!!!! By the way something you are excellent at.

It is perplexing the way Calvin constantly implies that Shannon was so good at the U.
He wasn't even what everybody hailed him as, a great recruiter. Mediocre recruiting classes, one highly overrated class, burned bridges. He was actually rotten.

What gives Calvin?

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