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Looking to score some last-minute Canes-Gators tickets? SeatGeek tells us how much they are going for

Here is the latest on secondary ticket sales for Saturday's game between the Gators and Hurricanes from SeatGeek analyst Connor Gregoire.

> To follow up on our phone call earlier, here is what we've found on tomorrow's UF-Miami game. Regarding your question about volume, we've seen about 10,000 tickets change hands, and the market for this game is the most active of any in college football this weekend, including Notre Dame-Michigan.

> With an average ticket price of $188, this Saturday's Florida-Miami game is the most in-demand Hurricanes home game we've ever tracked, topping the average price of FSU-Miami in 2010 ($145 average ticket price) by 30 percent. Interestingly enough, the Gators have only hosted one game with a higher demand for tickets on the secondary market -- their October 2011 meeting with Alabama ($285 average ticket price).

> Among home games for ACC teams since 2010, only four games have ever demanded a higher average ticket price -- South Carolina-Clemson in 2012 ($194), Notre Dame-Boston College in 2010 ($198), Oklahoma-Florida State in 2011 ($215) and Georgia-Clemson last weekend ($279).

> Over the past week, tickets in the upper deck are selling for an average of $131 per ticket, while it is costing an average of $236 per ticket to sit in the lower level and an average of $327 for a seat in the club level. The cheapest ticket we've seen sell went for $76 in the upper deck, and the most anyone has paid per ticket is $598 for club seats.

> Right now on SeatGeek, the least expensive tickets available are $123 apiece in the upper deck. All the latest information on ticket prices and availability can be found on SeatGeek’s event page for the game.

Here is the link: http://seatgeek.com/florida-gators-at-miami-hurricanes-football-tickets/ncaa-football/2013-09-07-12-pm/1445208/

--- Connor Gregoire Communications Analyst | SeatGeek


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It's time for both Goldie and D'Onofrio to MAN UP, and lead Miami to the Promised Land of Top 10/15 status!!

Posted By: D


Agreed. No reason why we shouldn't be able to win against an average team like Florida.

so quiet arty


Soldy.....you are Sick!!!!

Go canes.....can't wait to shut up all you idiots on this blog. You have no clue.

Posted by: Maria | September 06, 2013 at 07:02 PM


I'll pump u through to where u'll have triplets ... one Nole ... one Gator ... one Cane ...

lemme guess Maria ... ... ... next year ?

Look at the Pig. You wouldn't know what to do with someone unless they had a KAK in yo mouf.

It don't matter what Herbie, Lou, Mark, Mel, or u say. The players don't care. This game has little to do with UF will do. It's all about the []_[].

1. Throw on first down. Need to throw to run. Can ball-control from ahead.

2. Play aggressive swarming defense and tackle well.

3. Just be []_[] and don't worry about the other team.

bottom line, Miami needs to and will represent. Duke, Fig, K.C. Rodgers... Golden is holding them in the blocks until they run through that smoke.

[]_[] Miami gonna get in that tail.

Send the Gatr Trash back to the trailerpark, right Soldy?

Hola. Canes smash trailer donkeys.

The Soldy Pig is asleep. You know a 50 year old is up all night pissing. That's all his KAK is good for.

You suck PIG.

Calvin are you going to the game?

Posted by: Cane88 | September 07, 2013 at 12:07 AM

Nah, games like these it's best i watch by myself, if i went to a game like this somebody probably getting swung on and make me miss some of the game. I don't want to hear nobody talking or nothing. Plus i can't take this non-defensive scheme we run, it's a sissy scheme and makes me want to gag every time i see our db's faking like they getting ready to play tight-man and than bail out right before the snap. It's stupid, because nobody is running that complex of an offense in college football where we need to be doing all of that, playing games and trying to trick quarterbacks, that's not Miami football, Miami football is, we lining up our man vs your man and we getting ready to find out who better right than and their.

These new coaches to Miami are cowards, imagine how they would've been re-acting had Calvin johnson still be in college, if we bailing out before the snap on FAU receivers and the likes, but before they got here, it was ok, antrelle rolle you got em, that's yo man, 1st round pick on 1st round pick, next year, ok, kelly jennings you got em, no problem, 1st round pick again. How are our db's going to get better by haulin arse before the snap, is that what coach goldie means by "bringing your techniques to the game" if that's the case, i can't wait until him and his boy GTFOH with that sissy scheme!

this game will be won in the 3/4th quarter.....this where dnofrio is vulnerable. The better shaped team will pull away......

Unfortunately I do not see UM winning.......muschamp is a better coach than both golden/dnofrio.....dnofrio lacks ability and that can never be overcome with players.....

but will have great day here.....cigars,cocktails in theater room.....boston college guys coming over rooting for florida...will be a lot of fun

btw.....watch out for BC....might be ACC sleeper....they look good, solid in both offense and defense....

chase rettig is in control and looks good....

watch andre williams for BC.....that's the type of big back that UM needs.....watch him take out defensive back alex amidon for wake forest to score.....DB was totally shaken big time.......

this guy williams is a animal....thats what I'd like to see duke do but duke is too small.....williams is 230

Jim, Duke is better than this Williams guy your talking about, I think you should be saying you hope to see Williams do what Duke does to guys troll

I saw a group of Gaytor fans in 2007 during a UF UGA game hold up signs saying " I have a man crush for Tebow"

I kid you not., Real story.

And believe me you, there are still 50 yrt old men wearing #15 shirts at this game

gaytr pukes

Long way back to hick country today.

well see today......time to prove all the accolades are accurate......

you have to have big wins against good teams to advance...if UM lays an egg today, all questions will be answered.....

there are no more excuses from either the coaches or players....given that this Florida team aint that good vs in the day with ND - Nebraska - Oklahoma etc....

And what is the difference between them with Tebow and Us with Golden?

Men of all ages will be wearing Al Golden T-shirts today. A 14-11 coach, 40-45 overall, and a defense that dropped almost 80 spots from his first to second years here is the face of our program. At least Tebow won--whats our excuse?

Hope fandom and Hope coaching.

Go Canes--I hope the kids are able to overcome their leadership today a pull one out!

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