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Miami Hurricanes jump 11 spots to No. 15 in AP poll -- first time since Nov. 14, 2010 that Canes enter AP's Top 25.

Miami Hurricanes fans will likely be beating their chests for at least two more weeks (and let's face it, probably the next month). The Hurricanes, who were just out of the AP Top 25 last week, rose 11 spots to No. 15 (615 points) when the poll was just announced.

The Hurricanes, coming off yesterday's impressive defensive performance that catapulted them over the Gators in a 21-16 victory, have not been in the AP Top 25 since Nov. 14, 2010 -- until now.

Miami is ranked in the AP Top 15 for the first time since the week of Oct. 3, 2010, when it was ranked No. 13. 

The Gators, who were No. 12 last week, fell to No. 18 (405 points).

And Florida State, which had a bye week, is No. 10 (1011 points).

The Hurricanes rose from No. 24 to No. 18 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

Do you think the rankings will affect the Hurricanes in any way psychologically? I know for sure that Coach Al Golden is going to do everything he can to keep them focused on each individual day and what they have to do to better themselves, as opposed to "the external," as he likes to say.

By the way, this is the first time Al Golden has ever had a team in the Top 25.

UM next meets Savannah State on Sept. 21 at home, then USF in Tampa on Sept. 28. Then comes Georgia Tech in Miami on Oct. 5.

What are your thoughts? 

It was an impressive win, despite the offense being nonexistent much of the game. The Canes scored points when they had to and have learned, it seems, to make the big plays defensively. An exhilarating win against the Gators. 





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15 is a lot higher than I would have ranked the Canes unless the rankers think that every team is going to throw to Cane DBs instead of their own receivers.

Canes are #20 at best. Even BYU which BEAT a legitimate TX team is higher even though BYU lost to VA, and

OMG, Canes have to play against VA as well as VT as well as FSU. Is it too late to hire a coach who knows what a defense is all about?

CaneFan'72's look at
Week 3 AP College Football Rankings

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. Texas A&M
The above teams are all in the hunt for a NC as well
as a couple way down the list.

7. Louisville no way Jose
8. LSU in the hunt
9. Georgia after losing to Coach Superior??
10. Florida State belongs at number 5
in the hunt for a NC
11. Michigan belongs at number 6
in the hunt for a NC

12. Oklahoma State
13. South Carolina WTF???????

14. Oklahoma
15. Miami (FL) You have to be kidding after UF gave them da game.

16. UCLA they still have to play USC
17. Northwestern Are you kidding?
18. Florida Why are they still ranked?

19. Washington
20. Wisconsin Should be higher ranked and
in the hunt for a NC.

21. Notre Dame No way Jose. Must be the Catholic vote.
Nebraska Should be higher.

Jenkins and Howard jumped those routes and took those interceptions you have no clue what you're talking about. I'll take a defense that creates 5 turnovers against solid competition. I was skeptical of the defense and Golden coming into the season as well, but they got the win which matters most. Like Gallo you're coming off as bitter and petty. I see why some question your love for the Canes. are they Bama good on defense, no but they showed up when it mattered most especially when you consider how inept the offense was yesterday.....at least HTC, and Calvin are giving props where it's due...... Your beef with Golden and D'Onofrio sounds personal

d'o's 3 man def. front is weak against the run up the middle and a disaster against the end run.

d'o's zone pass NO coverage is an invitation for other teams to move the ball down the field against the Canes even on third and long.

statistics the last three years and the UF/Miami game proved again that d'o is incompetent.

For you to claim that the Cane defense caused the UF QB to throw interceptions is like you claiming that someone is forcing you and golden and the Cane linemen to eat food and get fat, stupid, and lazy.

Is it personal. I don't know. Is it personal if a teacher or coach or anyone "training" someone you care about is incompetent and looks like a monkey screwing a football because that is what d'os defenses look like if UF can move up and down the field and have twice the yardage and twice the time of possession of Miami and yet you little girls still have orgasms over a W instead of seeing the obvious that UF, particularly the QB GAVE the game to Miami.

do you think that will continue to happen? do you want to buy my deed to the Brooklyn Bridge? cheap.

by week 5, the Canes will have a 3-0 record with very unimpressive wins. That is when the real season will start. Will fat boy goldie and incompetent d'o be ready? I doubt it. But hey, who knows. Maybe the rest of the schedule will just throw the ball to the Cane DBs and fumble games away, too.

The definition of eternity is waiting for the clock to run out when the Canes are ahead by 5 points, orrrrr

four South Beach blonds sitting in their cars at a four way stop.

72 U sir are a moron. Come to my house , i have cable and U can watch the replay of canes taking all those turnovers. U are stupid. Noone gives another team a win. The whole idea is to win as many as U can. 72 must be your age and the Alzheimer's is kicking full force. Lmao at your gators.

You have no clue what you're talking about, and, as such, I have some waterfront property in SW Florida for sale get lost you miserable b!t$h

Wow! The Canes whipping of the Gators has day-lighted Canefan72 to be a Gator and has him on full tilt...actually, very funny!




Zook, would U like to provide an example to support your claim? I post alot right? So this request should be easy to satisfy.

What "negative' means to U and what "negative means to me, is 2 different things. Thats the issue. Critiquing our coach is not negative in of its self, how U do it could be though. Provide some examples so we can get some clarity.

U are a Canes fan morphed into Gator fan behavior. Its all about Golden/Tebow--not the U. U are the closest of The curse's creations to reaching his Willie Lynch like repurposing transformation agenda. Evidenced by your change of name to a former Gator coach. I'm sure he's extremely proud of your progression.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 08, 2013 at 02:28 PM

Zook, U suffer from P.T.S.D.

U don't know your perpetrator and can't find him, so u drop drones on everyone.

Either get help with your sickness or leave our blog. We're talking football--not witch hunts.

So U agree that he needed validation? PLEASE answer this Zook, don't continue to evade simple questions--if U want to talk--lets talk.

If Golden needed this win to have validation, then that means that prior to this win--he didn't have validation according to U or Rivals. i mean why would U post that as if its an accomplishment if it was a no-brainer all along?

If Golden was in need of validation--then explain your beef with fans who agreed with Rivals prior to this game and now still?

Are U berating and going at them on that site or their e-mails for doubting a 42-45 overall and 15-11 at UM coach? 57.7% winning percentage.

U Cane fans sound just like Gator fans.
Posted by: Nole Fan | September 08, 2013 at 09:11 AM

I wish this dude would come back and explain what exactly he means by this statement himself--I would love the insight and discussion.

It rings true to me though. Our last 9 years of mediocrity (hope coaching and hope fandom) has had an effect on our collective psyches as fans and when U truly step back and listen or read the way we talk--we're beginning to sound just like what we despise most--Gator fans. We definitely aren't there yet, there are real signs worthy of reference.

We are beginning to celebrate the smallest of feats and ignore that any corrections or changes could be made to improve.

We demonize each other for being objective with the team--this is a true and true characteristic of Gator fans and is a by-product of their defeatist, victimization and inferiority complex towards teams that own them like UM. No team has owned the Hurricanes--which PROVES that our inferiority complex and victim role stems from the inside of the program. Our wounds have been self-inflicted over the last 9 years. Mismanagement and lack of sincerity where this football program's success is related--administratively.

We have a cult figure ala Tim Tebow in Al Golden who is being advertised as the face and savior of our program--just like Tebow. Any critique or questioning of him elicit severe reproach by other fans--same thing with Tebow. Golden has died for our sins and he ALONE parted the Red Sea yesterday as posters like Marios said. The university passed out 6,000 shirts with silk-screen ties on them--not with #8's on them.

So this above statement has some credence. I'd still like to hear his explanation as an outsider though.

CaneUNFan'72 you are quickly going to overtake Gallo as the Gallo Memorial Award Winner.

You are just straight up Stupid As Stupid Is...

First how can you berate Miami and imply how good UF is and then make a comment , "18. Florida why are they even ranked" like this in your post??

Let's apply your Fckedup logic...Florida is a really good team because they ran all over a really bad Miami Team and gave them the game...and they don't even need to be ranked and UM is way over ranked...if they deserve to be ranked at all...

Your just plain STUPID!

Yeah...it's personal for you...as you will not even give the ones you say you care about the credit they deserve! You need to personally apologize to THoward (He made a hell of a play on his INT...Read, Recognize, React...and made the play!), DZP put his hat on the UF RB that caused the fist turnover...and, and #17 as he beat the superior UF LT on a speed rush strip sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery...for a Front 7 Holy Grail Play!

The D held the UF Running Game that will run all over most teams to 2.8ypc...

STFU till you have something real to complain about...you might need some Saw Palmetto for your old man issues...grow up...your old enough to know better you bitter impotent old man!

Go AP Top 15 Ranked Miami Hurricanes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

Was the disaster the 20 somethingth ranked defense Golden inherited his first season, which became a 40 somethingth ranked defense under him led by players like JoJo Nicolas--who were top 10 in pass defense that year, only to lose them "garbage" players and his own players dropped from 40th to 116th in total defense the next season?

Is that the disaster u speak of?

15 wins as Canes coach.

Bethune Cookman (twice)
USF (twice)
Duke (twice)
V Tech
NC State
Georgia Tech (twice)
Ohio State

7 or 8 (basically half) of his wins as our coach have come against annual and historical bottom-feeder programs. FAU, USF, Bethune-Cookman, and Duke.

These are the facts that support and justify a different argument on this blog. There's a place for improvement and discussion about how to improve it by fans and yesterday proved it!

That 2011 OSU team we beat, finished that season 6-7 and that BC team I didn't count as a bottom-feeder win finished that season 2-10.

Again not bashing him, just saying we have work to do like even-keeled posters like Sunny Dee, championships, Truth, etc have said. There's a place on the blog and others for improvement talk and coaching critique. Gator fans are still nauseating about their beloved Tebow, (even though he won two championships and a Heisman), whats our excuse with Golden?

Lots of questions being presented that can't be answered with insults (also known as smokescreens or deflections).

Insults don't answer question. Idiots and morons don't consistently ask questions that non-idiots and non morons can't answer.

A smart man can play dumb, but a dumb can't play smart.

Gators only threw two interceptions. Those were nice defensive plays. But four times the Canes defense put a helmet on the ball or stripped the ball handler. Still no credit to the defense? Okay, then we gave them one of their only scores with the punt block. We still win.

P.T.S.D--Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Or Pig Traumatized Some Dudes

Or Pig Traumatized Seven Dudes- mountaincane, Five Titles, Ron Zook, 9>5>2, The Real Soldy, UGoCanes, SarasotaCane, Loser (and all his other aliases which could be any of the aforementioned--especially Real Soldy). The new hostile, bigoted, and intolerant Cane fan was created by The Curse.

Or Pig's Traumatization Stained the Demonizers

Take your pick but lets all help them heal. I mean the Canes did their part, but the pain is still acute I suppose.

The Curse is gone, but U continue to uphold his Willie lynch-esque legacy of hate and angst against your own. It aint him anymore..its U Zook. U ruin your own blog now--stop blaming the man and pull yourself out of victim role.

Self-Retraumatization is not the solution my friend!

Yes there is room for improvement, Golden acknowledged as much, but enjoy the win

72 and Harrytubman are gator biatches that cant take that their team got handled by the U. Go to gator clause you biatches and stop your complaining. Hell for all I know you could be the same stupid arss posting under each name. STFU and move on, and remember to yell GOOOOO FAKERS.

Tubby Harriet:

Listen junior...don't try to play word games with me. You're a troll who does nothing but lie, agitate and look for people to argue with...and you are not a Cane!

So, by your comments it is clear that you accept Rivals statement/opinion that Coach Golden is in fact a championship coach...not that anyone even remotely cares.

Again, as I posted in the last thread...you have PROVEN you have no idea about football based on your laughable questions and assertions. You also applaud, encourage and defend ANY poster that posts a negative comment about the Canes.

You have claimed you've only been posting on this site for 3 weeks, yet your love affair with the mentally ill poster known as the Curse offers up a description of his actions over the many years...again junior--you're a liar and a bad one at that!

In conclusion; those of us who are in fact Canes fans know the history of the Miami versus Florida series and celebrate beating-up those cowards at every opportunity, much like we did yesterday and on the streets of New Orleans and then dragged their cowardly arses into the Super Dome and beat them up again on the field. No real Canes fan would ever follow-up another Canes beat down of the Gators by attacking our head coach and dredging up a win against Ohio State as being something bad...take a hike Tubby--clown shoes and all!

Hey Stupid (Tubby Harriet alias)...

You keep saying the Curse is gone...how do you know that to be true?

The point being...we know you are the Curse ignorantly and badly trying to play the role of a Cane. But, you of anyone should know that your lack of courage and intellect always shows through that yellow streak running down your back.

Time for a new alias...STUPID!

Darn can't you all be happy Miami won!! ESPN does enough hating on Miami as it is. Goshdarn!!

Because he isn't posting as himself, no gator trolls are posting (they don't hide who they are).

Your name is Ron Zook--A former Gator

If it moves like a Gator, acts like a Gator, talks like a Gator, and is named after a gator = than its a Gator.

U have P.T.S.D. The Curse doesn't hide himself--that would make his whole spill obsolete. What don't U understand about that. The Canes cleared this board, but U continue to ask the police for suspect line-up. He's a jail--now its time therapy and healing.

Drones all day...celebrate the win and stop being playing the victim.

You keep saying the Curse is gone...how do you know that to be true? --Ron Zook

U see ^^ that paranoia at its finest. U need a hug bro. he did a number on U, find a cane name and learn your history thats been stripped from your conscience. Start all over. We are here for u Zook--U can do it buddy!

Start with that slave name Ron Zook--it needs to go pronto!

The monkey is loose..one person 10 ID's

U sing the praises of weak victories and refuse reality--just like gator fans. Real Canes don't glamorize 42-45 records or 15-11, we have work to do. Thats called Gator like fandom swagger that we hate. We accept reality over here--No Tebow man-worship with golden -he has to earn his stripes like everyone.

Say no to Gator fan swag and man worship Tebow style...thats that ish I don't like!

Don't mimic nauseating Gator fans in name (Ron Zook) or behavior.

Monkey be quiet

gaytors had a net three turnovers to Miami.
5 minus 2 turnovers for you math, physics and engineering students at Miami. Three turnovers in any game by any team usually means that team loses. The morons on this site say well, Miami made the gaytors turn the ball over. NOoooooo, not really. Good teams go a whole season and do not have five turnovers.

And then, there is the gaytors with twice the total yards and twice the time of possession of the Canes. Did the Canes also make the gaytors enjoy those statistics and give up the turnovers in crucial spots like in the Cane red zones and in the gaytors' own red zone.

BTW, I was just watching the repeat of the game on the U. And it STILL looked like UF pushed d'o's NO D all over the field.

Canes all need to simply say thank you to the gators. Wish them well the rest of the season so the Cane win will mean something. Ask d'o to put in a real defensive set, and win all the rest of the Cane games. THENNNNNNNNN, these Cane blogger Sh*tbirds on here can squawk, legitimately.

Right now, all the Canes can do is be thankful for the Miracle in Miami. I wonder if they can repeat it the rest of the season. Or is Miami a one trick pony? Can d'o find a way to beat FSU, VA, VT, NC? Or is d'o going to stick with his NO D defense? Inquiring minds want to know.

Talk about IDs: are U "cane" or "cane crazy"?

Hypocrisy is a clear indicator of a good ole boy. Yet another product of The Curse's Willie Lynch-esque plan to transform Cane fans to Gator fan behaviors. In essence yall are Gator fans. Ron Zook--U are in name and essence--thats why I'm sure he's most proud of U Cornelius.

Here's a stat for you...21-16...canes.

The monkey is loose..one person 10 ID's

Let there be silence from tubberware


Just take your Golden shower like a man.

Let there be silence from tubberware

Here's a stat for you...21-16...canes.
Posted by: Canesjunkie
Lots of ways to get a win.

testaverde can throw 7 interceptions and lose a NC by losing to Penn State.

Zero State can buy a referee to call a penalty on Miami five minutes after the game is over.

A ref can blow a call at Notre Dame against Jimmy and the Canes.

UF can have turnovers in red zones to allow a miracle for Miami in spite of d'o's lousy defensive set.

If Miami thinks it will ever win another NC with d'o as DC, it had better buy a lot of pretty thick prayer rugs to pray for a lot of miracles.

canesjunkie, I did eat crow all yesterday and it still wasn't enough--if U missed it go back.

Golden showers aren't gonna happen over here tho (PAUSE big time). I'll leave that to y'all, I'll accept allegiance after a NC. Not before. At 42-45, 15-11 I just can't do it. thats what Gator fans do--be delusional and obnoxious about mediocrity. golden ain the Canes, he is our coach. He isn't god like Tebow is to the Gators. Yall the new slaves. Sadly. Self-Imposed. I celebrated the win yesterday, got calls from old friends and family with congrats that I accepted while telling them that i didn't and don't believe in our coaching staff. they thought I was going to be gloating, but I have self-awareness--I know I don't have the right to go crazy.

I don't any help self-regulating. What about U tho? 21-16 is a win for the canes, and I'm loving it. U need it to be a loss for me because U have P.T.S.D. LOL!

All the stress ended for me after Randy got fired and we hired Al Golden. Why are you gettimg congrats on a cane win. You're a bandwagon cane fan. You need a champiomshop to be a fan. You can come out amd celenrate in a couple of years though. All good.


Why dont you hit us with one of those lists of players who left the program?


Apologize to dino. Only I want you to stand there in Jacory's Heisman pimp suit when you do it.

Not surprising Calvin the imbecile and Gallo the idiot have disappeared.

Don't know how some of you very good Cane fans stay on here reading the moronic ramblings of those two morons and the Gator trolls who stay on here night and day because they have no life, a crap team and no hope of ever beating the Canes again since they ran scared as they should have.

Come over to eyeofthehurricane.net for good Cane conversation without the core of losers who should be baker acted showing how clueless they are day after day.

The Sybil group popping back up after the big win, disproving all their nonsense, which they now deny they ever said.

The 3-4 generally did just what it is supposed to do, which is to enable the LBs to dominate the game. DPs 13 solo+assist prove that is exactly what happened. Moron Calvin still thinks its 1990, even though 3-4 is the most commonly played defense today, and the most successful.

Tubby was for every thing until he was against it and can claim to have the documentation for what he or some other wimp said 7 years ago. No one cares.

The world has moved on everywhere, except in the the pea brain of the Sybil group, where tele Tubby, Lady Calvin and the the rest of the faux Canes are frozen in time and space.

Pb if you are a gator fan and/or live anywhere near Cainesville, repeating ur nonsense here is obviously the best use of your time.

What else you gonna do? No job? Mom won't let you upstairs. If she cuts off the internet you're screwed.

Dude understand what you're reading before you bash.

What language did they teach you where you are from?

Tubby Harriet (aka Curse),

We all know it's you dummy...the posting patterns, the idiotic attacks, getting beatch slapped by everyone on the board and still you come back for more...stupid is as stupid does!

You applaud EVERY negative comment directed at the Canes (many of which are most probably coming from your many aliases) and encourage the so-called poster to make even more negative attacks.

Time for a new alias dummy as your Tubby dodge shelve life has expired.

You call our win over your cowardly Gators a "weak victory"...yeah stupid, that's what canes fan say when we kick your arse back to trailerville.

Please regale us with how our win over Ohio State meant nothing, but your win over Toledo was a big deal.

Again Curse, your brand of stupidity is so specially whacko as much as you try to hide your insanity it bleeds through in your every inane post.

For all the Gator fans saying they gave the game away let me explain football to you..the Canes FORCED 3 FUMBLES by big hits and strips ..Thats Good D, NOT GIVING WAY fumbles. Second for Gator fans blaming Driskell?!? what happened I thought the GATORS had AWESOME RECRUITS? and for the record DRISKELL was a lot HIGHER RATED than Morris, So DEVELOP your talent!! that's not an excuse!! yes the gators had more yards, time of poss etc.. product of the offensive styles and GREAT GATAH D and a blocked punt by THE HATORS ..but we get no credit for our offensive explosion -to coin jessie simpleton the gatah beatmeat writer- in the 1st qtr (and subsequent disappearence the rest of game ) ...you made a judgment call on the canes, especially the canes D, and were wrong


Driskell rivals Tubby and Calvin for dumb.

Pb, I reread my post---sorry for the confusion---wasn't talking about you--- agreeing with your comment that calvin.Tub o Lard, gaalo, etc have no life and I was suggesting why that was true.

cane fan'72, is not a fan. He is calvin and gallo in one person. if it was 100-0, he would still say U needs 4 lineman, 3 cant work moron in drag

D has no class, well except low class.

D personifies why college students from other universities say you can't spell scum without UM.

scum bloggers on this site who do not know anything about football come here and are only able to talk trash and insults because they are so addled and confused about what is good quality football, they simply do not know their coccyx from their elbow.

21-16. And we don't care about other college students. We dont give a damn about nothin' but this U!

No worries Mountain. I got you now.

Come over to eyeofthehurricane.net its's free and has great people on it, not like the Gator troll retard who just posted before me.

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