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Miami Hurricanes jump 11 spots to No. 15 in AP poll -- first time since Nov. 14, 2010 that Canes enter AP's Top 25.

Miami Hurricanes fans will likely be beating their chests for at least two more weeks (and let's face it, probably the next month). The Hurricanes, who were just out of the AP Top 25 last week, rose 11 spots to No. 15 (615 points) when the poll was just announced.

The Hurricanes, coming off yesterday's impressive defensive performance that catapulted them over the Gators in a 21-16 victory, have not been in the AP Top 25 since Nov. 14, 2010 -- until now.

Miami is ranked in the AP Top 15 for the first time since the week of Oct. 3, 2010, when it was ranked No. 13. 

The Gators, who were No. 12 last week, fell to No. 18 (405 points).

And Florida State, which had a bye week, is No. 10 (1011 points).

The Hurricanes rose from No. 24 to No. 18 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

Do you think the rankings will affect the Hurricanes in any way psychologically? I know for sure that Coach Al Golden is going to do everything he can to keep them focused on each individual day and what they have to do to better themselves, as opposed to "the external," as he likes to say.

By the way, this is the first time Al Golden has ever had a team in the Top 25.

UM next meets Savannah State on Sept. 21 at home, then USF in Tampa on Sept. 28. Then comes Georgia Tech in Miami on Oct. 5.

What are your thoughts? 

It was an impressive win, despite the offense being nonexistent much of the game. The Canes scored points when they had to and have learned, it seems, to make the big plays defensively. An exhilarating win against the Gators. 





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You've described yourself perfectly as you do not know anything about football, come here and are only able to talk trash and insults, because you are so addled and confused about what is good quality football, you simply do not know your coccyx from your elbow.

Coach D'Onofrio put together a brilliant game plan for the Gators and played a major role in bringing home a victory. Our players caused the turnovers...they were not given to the Canes as you claim.

What do UM and UF students have in common?

They both got in to UF.

Troll won't let canes fans enjoy the win on here. I guess that was why he created the obsessed fake cane I'd, to keep the fighting going even after his gator persona lost its one game taunt value. Politics, religion, anything to try to deflect from the canes big win. Ignore his lies and he will change Ids again.


Dabo: "How about that ACC? Spunky little old league?" Then he makes "The U" sign as he walks out.

Clemson moves up to No.3 in the new AP top 25 poll.
FSU is No.10 and Miami enters the AP poll at No.15.

-- Greg Wallace ‏@gc_wallace

Last week Clemson beat UGA...
Now Miami beats Florida...
Enjoy the bragging rights #ACC

-- Kirk Herbstreit ‏@KirkHerbstreit

21-9, and then a desperate heave got them to a less embarrassing 21-16 score. But miami never trailed, and dominated the beginning and end of the game. That conditioning the troll hated turned around and bit the gators, their offense wore out before our defense, and driskell was rattled so bad they let the clock run out to end the game.

Golden > Muschamp, head to head.
Miami > Florida, head to head.

Nothing the negative Nancy in his 24-7 rants can do about it, the canes won.

you guys stink-its just that florida is really bad- Muuschcamp will be on a very hot seat by the end of the year! NCAA should be calling during the off week to bring down the HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice probation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is all the trailer maggots have left. They have to cheer for the NCAA. Wow. When you are on the NCAA's side, you have sunk to a level lower than even a Gatr Trash maggot.

That is tough to do.

CaneFan'72 = Jim Gallo.

Notice how no Gallo or SOLDY or Curse PIG in 72 hours? Wow. All it took is one win over the Gatr Trash to shut their pie-holes?

Gallo is a fat coward. Soldy/Curse PIG, we already knew you were a maggot coward.

Gallo, I have three numbers for you:'

21-16 and 1.

You know what the former is. The 1 is the number of cyanide pills I have for you. You agreed to kill yourself if the Canes won.

Tell me where to send it and I will FedEx it ASAP. Die, loser.

Gaters is how it should be spelled cause there aint not o in gaters...

Posted by: just sayin' | August 06, 2013 at 01:09 PM

LOL! So true, especially when facing the Miami red zone Defense. Comment was a month old, but is still PERFECT this Monday morning.

Oooooooooooohhhhh, Jimmmmmyyyyyy. Jimmmmmyyyy Gallooooooooooo.

Hellllooooooooooo, maggot. Choke on your vomit, slob.

I admit it. I am the Blog Pig. A bitter, disgusting, hairy, 50-year old slob.

I am a coward and will be off this blog for a bit. I will no doubt return with some nonsense in the near term once I get the courage. It is my pattern. It is what losers do. Or should I say, loooooosers.

I know you are reading this, Pig.

You. Suck. Pig.

Haha.ANY true Cane fan 100% of them will be happy with any WIN over the hated Gators.All other malcontents despite what team allegiance they may claim as their posted names is irrlevant.Too funny.Serves all Gator fans right for their arrogance and comfort in thinking their mighty Gators are unbeatable.Miami will ALWAYS have the LAST laugh now.....but only because the Fla Admin want it that way.They re scared to death,as always historically...to want to play Miami on a regular basis.Miami would love to play the Gators every year.We ll just have to be content with a 29-26 win advantage overall untill the next century ....when the Gators get nerve enough again to play Miami.Nice win...not the greatest but gives fans hope that we are improving and moving toward our goal of another National Championship sometime in the relatively near future.GO CANES.

Cannot beat a single top 25 team
Shootouts with the weak sisters of the poor
It's who you are
Posted by: Just Sayin | August 08, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Typical Gator troll in action, stealing another person's ID to troll.

Can't beat a Top 25 team? I guess that is because after the Gators got exposed by the Canes, they will finish outside the Top 25, right? Stupid lying loser, stick with one name, moron.

Central and Booker T opened pre-season polls with #1 rankings. That's why Goldie is here. State of Dade.

Posted by: mahoney-pearson | August 08, 2013 at 06:32 PM

Exactly! The Gator troll can TRY to claim Miami has no talent, but the games on Friday AND Staurday proved him wrong, yet again.

Canes... Riding HIGH in Spring n Summer ... Shot DOWN in Fall n Winter.
Posted by: # 1 TITLETOWN FLORIDA GATORS !!! | August 08, 2013 at 11:55 PM

Gator troll, constantly HIGH all year long in his shock-destoryed trailer, but SHOT down on September 7th, just like predicted by the REAL Canes fans.

Sure looks like the title will be MISSING the Gators again. And the elusive undefeated season, and oral hygiene, and apparently that part in the Bible that talks about not sleeping with your own family members. You were wrong AGAIN, moron troll. Can't be titletown with only one team with no titles. Heat, Marlins, Dolphins, Canes all with titles while the Gainesville Waffle House menu reading faceoff does not count as a title, because the winner used the pictures.

GREAT move by the Canes including Al Golden to run to the end zone after the game to celebrate with the real Canes fans. The Cane Walk before the game and the Cane end zone rush after the game will be two great new traditions for this team. Even the NCAA cannot stop that!

BTW, after two games, Miami is 18th in points against with 11 per game, and 13 or that was a gift TD to start on a 9 yard drive and a gift TD at the end while we were running out the clock. That is with facing a Top 12 team. I wonder how many of the 17 teams above us have faced real competition.

Two weeks from now, the defense should be able to keep them under 11, so that average could drop to single digits. That is improvement, no matter how the sicko tries to rip that number.

Any day we beat the gators is a good day and no matter if they play us again or not, who cares, we won the last one, never needed em and never will. I wouldn't be surprised if we meet them in a bowl game as well.

The defense did well against the run, not to many places a guy could go and i will say this too, when coach dnofrio got here, i heard him saying things like "when we stop the game film, i need to see 11 men in in the screen" I can say this, alot of times, we do have at least 9 to 11 men in on the tackle and around the ball after the play. I always look for that, but if this is the defense that is going to show up all year long, that means i don't have to turn the channel or cut the t.v. off no more when we're on defense, now i might have to do it for the offense, just tripping. But what's the irony of this, we're now the 117th ranked 3rd down conversion team on offense lol.

last year i couldn't take watching our games, we look like we might be heading in the right direction although i'm not going to sit here and act like the gaytors have a legit offense, although they do have to go against their defense everyday in practice so i do know they have a tuff offense but we refused to lose. Somebody pointed this out, but if they don't get the blocked punt, and we don't go into prevent defensive mode late, they probably don't score more than 7 points if that.

The one thing that was funny though was them going for 2 early in the game, they definitely thought we had the same team from last year which is why they tried us like that. Which aj highsmith made another outstanding tackle on that 2 point conversion besides that touchdown saving tackle he made. Which seemed like we were in one of the atrocious defensive formations from last year where you saying, ok, where did the linebackers go, where are the safeties, cause i'm saying how this man just broke thru the line and only has one man to beat already.

Anyway, after the trash that we saw last year, i can dig it if we're going to be playing defense like this for most of the year, whatever has happened though, we're definitely more aggressive on defense. What was funny watching muschamp though was after dzp52 caused that first fumble, even muschamp was hype inside cause if you're a defensive guy at heart, you know what you just saw and you'll get fired up and let your defense know why we not doing that to them, but duke or none of our runningbacks were having that. Good job hurlie brown, and i'm sure the boys got hype yesterday seeing duke flip that d-linemen that's why he had to go to the sidelines, lol!

One things for sure, when you talk trash to Miami guys, we end up playing better cause that's what gets us amped up even more. I saw luther robinson trying to take that cheap shot, the coaches didn't even get mad cause they knew what time it was, lol, now that's that stuff i like.

Answer: a dozen.

Question: How many of the top verbal commits to UFailure will the U turn with that game?

Soldy, you Pig coward. Get out from behind Gallo and show yourself.

Gallo, hopefully you are dead. It is how it should be.

I'm now thinking CanesFan 72 is the dumbest member of the Sybil group.

Long rant about Miami having a net 3 turnover advantage. In base 10 that we use, isn't 5 minus 1 still 4? Maybe there isn't room in the Sybil pea brain head for arithmetic. God knows, there is no football in there. Maybe capacity used up from Galloinda's lists and tub o lard's long fictional accounts of posting history.

Also now coach goldie talking & sounding like he's a Miami headcoach:
"The expectation was that we were going to win the game," Golden said. "I set the schedule. we'd win the game, come in Sunday and lift and watch the game to make sure we snap them back in and don't let this turn into Mardi Gras. We don't need a week's celebration."

Alot of people were at that game yesterday, as long as we playing defense like that, the fans will come out for sure, cause that's what we come to see, the defense bring pain to offenses.

48 hours and counting since the last SOLDY Pig and Gallo post.

I know you are reading this you lame maggot. Coward.

CaneFan'72, errrrr..... Gallo, you suck.

Calvin,wrong again. People wont come out unless it's a huge game on national TV. The next home game w have 35k if ur lucky. Now quiet you fool.

Calvin, sorry, but you must not have heard. Bandwagon full--- for you and the other Sybil group members. Back to the single wide in Gainesville for the lot of you.

All Sybil members:

Golden doesn't care what you think, what you said or, usually revised and different, what you claim to have said.

Move along. You droids are of no concern to anyone.

Duuuuuuhhhhhh. Duuuuhhhhh.

Slunkmeat. Duuuuuuhhhhhhh.

Arty, hellooooo. Hola!!!!!!!! I am a stupid old douchebag. See you a the stinking swampbar. Will be wearing my blue and orange panties.

Crotchless of course.


Good point, Mountain Cane. Of course, just like when he said that Duke failed at the end of last season, he will claim that his math is correct, that 5-1 = 3, and then he will have one of his other IDs claim victory when anyone that knows basic math can see he was wrong, yet again.

I, as well as Arty, have stayed away the entire Summer from ur little Candy Canes on crack blog, but the absolute delusional cane ridiculousness has returned and getting all outta whacked amped up as the College Football Season draws closer.
That lie was proven fals already, with your IDs spotted all summer long.

It has come to my attention that there are some cane clucks out there that are popping off how u have better D.B.'s than the Mighty gatrS and will be a better 'efense than them by season's end because, "our 'efense is a year older, stronger, smarter and experienced."
It has come to OUR attention that you lied about that, too. So that excuse for trolling here was a lie as well. We don't compare ourselves to little sister teams like the gatrs. Did I miss an o? Nah, you guys have been missing an o since one trick pony Tebow left you.

blah blah blah 40+ pts. is ur 'efense destiny u silly, out of touch, know nothing, delusional, in denial, stUpid always waiting til next year Cane Clucks... Consider urselves warned.
Thanks for the warning, but it also was proven to be a lie. 11 ppg, fool.

Phil Savage‏@SeniorBowlPhil5 Aug
Most #NCAA schools have 1, maybe 2 corners that can actually "play". Point is #gatrs have at least 4 this yr. Pressure + coverage = top D.
Yeah, that 52 yard TD pass sure showed how well they can "play". LOL!

Phil Savage‏@SeniorBowlPhil5 Aug
#gatrs may have best looking set of corners in nation: 14 Watkins, 15 Loucheiz Purifoy, 5 Marcus Roberson and 16 Vernon Hargraves. #players
Nice, they are pretty, but they can't stop the gatrs from losing to the Canes, yet again.

But what does a former NFL GM and now Director of the Senior Bowl know right?
I guess that is the reason he is a FORMER NFL GM.

And the reason why Tracey Howard went to duh u is because of the Fifth Corner 5-STAR Brian Poole, who was Rated HIGHER than Howard out of High School in 2012 is now the main Nickle and Dime slot coverman.
No, he went to the U to catch a Driskell interception in a game. If he had gone to Florida, all those INTs on driskell would have just been in practice.

#24 Brian Poole was a highly rated five star and recruited defensive back out of Southeast High School in Bradenton, Florida. He chose Florida over offers from Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame and South Carolina.
As a freshman, Poole played in 12-of-13 games, mainly as a special teams player. blah blah blah five paragraphs about some backup loser Poole.
Poole was a NOSHOW in the game, not even a special teams tackle. Howard with a Driskell INT though. You were WRONG AGAIN, troll.

U canes dopes have no clue. Like stated above, ur best corner would be Florida's 6th. best if that. U have just ONE player on ur entire Defense that would see the field for Florida. LB Perryman, that's IT...
LOL, more lies. they ALL saw the field for Florida, moron. And they would start on the FLORIDA team, too, since they know how to win and create turnovers. gatrs, not so much.

The O-Line is equal.
Yeah, that chicken gatr oline sure was up to the task, what with the sacks and pressure on driskell leading to a clutch fumble and red zone INTs.

U brag on ur Wide-outs but not ONE made ANY Pre-Season All-ACC team.
Rather make a 52 yard touchdown, I guess.

Duke is a good player but would be nothing more than a complimentary in the SEC where Backs are tandem workhorses.
Your tandem workhouses didn't outplay Duke, fool.

gatrs have three at 6-2/235 Jones - 6/220 Brown and 6/215 Taylor.

Get back to me around mid-season when he's all beat to hell with ankle, hip and shoulder injuries sitting on the sidelines.
How about you get back to US around midseason. your wounds will be healed by then and you will be back to your usual racist trailer trash self.

Driskel is asked to manage the game. Not win it by tossing the ball all around the yard against terrible ACC 'efenses.
Good thing he managed the game for you then. managed to get dbeat down by our defense that is.

It's an SEC thang. U would have no idea about having to play a game against a top rated D.
Apparently, either does Driskell, fool.

But u keep beating ur bird chests and shouting from the mountain tops how this is ur year for the 8th. season in a row u incredibly dumb cluck...
Yawn. Nobody was beating their chests except your multiple IDs, troll.

Typical cane cluck, all bark and no bite.
No, Morrison is the guy that proved to be all BARK, hypocrite. LMAO at you, fool.

and u better damn well pray that Morris or Dookie don't go down hard for turf-toe, an ankle, knee, hip, ribs, shoulders, neck or head injuries and under the knife.... ='s OVA fo u
You better hope that Driskell doesn't go down..... Nah, you still suck even WITH him under center. LOL!

HOLA ARTY !!! 21 DAYS BROTHER !!! Let's do this !
Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY ... | August 10, 2013 at 09:33 AM
HOLA TALKING TO YOURSELF! Is 21 days how long you will be gone from taking your beating on the field and in the stands? I saw some REALLY ugly jorts wearing gatr slobs crying at the end of that game. Was one of them you?

Q.B.'s are rated for 1 thing... WINS. u were saying ?
Posted by: FACT | August 10, 2013 at 11:49 AM
REALLY? I beleive you should change your ID (since you are so good at it) to LIE.

Why is there even a QB RATING stat? WIns and losses are a TEAM stat, yards, TDs, and INTs are a QB stat.

Nah, nevermind, you will just change IDs and claim you never said this, right loser?

Wow, Five Title. I knew this Soldy maggot was a loser but I didn't know it was that bad. Amazing.

He is a dumb 50 year old Pig or, as he would say, hello slunkmeat?



A loser. Just like his Gatr Trash.

A blocked punt by the gaytors is a heckofa turnover.
Am I typing too fast for you moron cane fans who never finished high school?

I still say the gaytors handed Miami that "win" on a silver platter. If the turnovers were even, the gators win with two field goals instead of turnovers. And that is even AFTER the gators fumbled the ball inside their own ten which gave Miami another TD. So, the realistic score was gators 22, Canes 14. Plus, everyone knows that home field advantage is a 7 point advantage to the home team. So, the game could easily be gators 22, Canes 7 on a neutral field like if both teams meet again in a bowl game.

Gloat if you will since you morons know squat about football, but the fact of the matter the gators GAVE Miami the W. D'o and the defense sure had nothing to do with it after the gators had twice the yardage and twice the time of possession that the Canes had who could not move the ball all day long.

Try not to break your arms patting yourselves on the back.

Ever look at the cover of an old time game board. Always starts with a section called Object of the Game.

Let me break that down for the Sybil group, esp CaneFan/Calvina and tub o lard:

Score more points than your opponent.

There is no mention of yardage or possession. It turns out understanding the object of the game would be a good place for you morons to start. Losers all.

Also, dummy CaneFan, there isn't anything called realistic score, where you get to make up points.

Crawl back in the Sybil pea brain and stfu.

Give the monkey a banana

Funny, the blocked punt was not listed as a turnover, but your gators failed fourth down conversion is called "turnover on downs", so even if you move up to 2, we move up to 6 and you are STILL wrong. Now, change Ids and claim victory, it is your next step, sicko racist troll.

Typical gatr troll, with woulda, shoulda, coulda, and if this and if that. Final score 21-16, you LOST, LOST, LOST.

Rape victims still calling for justice and a photo line-up of suspects.

The answer is to begin to talk canes sports, U guys are so consumed with hate that blogging isn't even about the Canes anymore, its about coming here EVERY single day to combat a nemesis that has barely been posting during my 3 weeks here (*posting*--I've been reading Manny's posts and the comments off and on for 10 years) been completely gone for 72 hours. Like Gator Trash said!

In hopes of re-creating the beef and antagonist Five Titles has been at work, looking up old posts from months back to prove a point thats OBVIOUS--of course the Gator trolls were wrong--they don't care to be right--they just want to agitate and anger U--and it continues to work daily--without any efforts to irritate anymore.

Five Titles why are U re-traumatizing yourself. Talk about Canes football, this blog is not your personal therapy session.

The validation U seek is inside of U. The Canes have Emancipated U! U are free now, stop putting the chains back on every morning. Go outside if U don't believe me. The Cane Civil War is over. Its time for Unity--not continued self-destruction.

Not surprising Calvin the imbecile and Gallo the idiot have disappeared.

Don't know how some of you very good Cane fans stay on here reading the moronic ramblings of those two morons and the Gator trolls who stay on here night and day because they have no life, a crap team and no hope of ever beating the Canes again since they ran scared as they should have.

Come over to eyeofthehurricane.net for good Cane conversation without the core of losers who should be baker acted showing how clueless they are day after day.
Posted by: pb | September 08, 2013 at 05:40 PM

Pb if you are a gator fan and/or live anywhere near Cainesville, repeating ur nonsense here is obviously the best use of your time.

What else you gonna do? No job? Mom won't let you upstairs. If she cuts off the internet you're screwed.
Posted by: Mountain Cane | September 08, 2013 at 05:49 PM

Dude understand what you're reading before you bash.
What language did they teach you where you are from?
Posted by: pb | September 08, 2013 at 06:06 PM

^^ If this exchange isn't a clear indication of P.T.S.D. then I don't know what is LMAO!!

Resident Grandmaster Good ole boy "pb" --pea brain, comes on here to recruit for his clan rally and IMMEDIATELY gets attacked and called a Gator troll!

EVERYBODY is a Gator troll. What part of his post made your brain say RED ALERT!!! Gator Troll!!! Please explain because this knowledge can be imperative to your group's efforts to heal?

Paranoia, Re-Traunatization, efforts to re-create your trauma are not healthy coping methods. Look it up if U don't believe me.

We want this blog back, u guys need to go to therapy, so we can continue being Canes bloggers. Stop hijacking this blog. U have no enemy anymore and Drones (vague attacking and lumping everyone U disagree with together in one huge "troll' group) are a coward move--they hit everyone.

Your target is gone..U are hitting other Canes fans now.

Tub o lard,

No one cares about your interpretation of historical blogging here. You are a faux Cane.

Your 1 way conversation about years ago blogging is laughable. Move along droid.

"1 way conversation about years ago blogging"

Can someone interpret that for me? Talking in circles and hoping something sticks doesn't work with me and U know this. All u can do is think of ways to change posters names around, but thats not substance, your posts are unfull-filling--auto-skip status by everyone including your boys.

Can we (Cane fans--not Curse victims) have the blog back now? if not, when?

Have U decided if U were going to hang me or shoot me yet?

Its funny how I'm the "moron", but stay with questions that U can't answer. Something aint adding up???

A smart man can play dumb, but a dumb man can't play smart.

Stop making this about you, azzwipe. Spew all your victim-making nonsense all you want. This is about being proud of the Canes victory and, almost as importantly, making all the Gatr Trash know it.

If you don't like it, read some koran verses. I'm sure there's something in there about blowing yourself up.

and is really Gallo. Surprised? Thought not, heh, heh, green pea.

CaneFan'72 (cough, cough), if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if.......If you were not such a miserable piece of garbage, you would be wealthy, have a ton of women and not be a slob. Too bad "if" is for losers like you.

IF Vinny doesn't throw 5 picks, we in another title. Can I have that one back, too? If Rex Grossman doesn't throw pick-six to Mo Sikes in the 2001 game, maybe the gatr trash wins.

Ummmm, let's see. Yeah, if Sam Bradford doesn't throw 2 picks, you gatr maggots don't win the championship.

See how that works, maggot.

If, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if the Gatr trash had won, the Canes would have lost.

CaneFan'72, comprende, Douchebag?

^^^A smart man can play dumb, but a dumb man can't play smart.

Nothing in there about that, just like there's nothing in the original Bible about anything U believe in. Not one of your holidays can be justified by that book...thats facts--U see the difference. Erroneous Interpretation by crazy people doesn't put the word the see in the book.

Ask Timothy McVeigh, David Koresh, Hitler etc.. all misinterpreted the Bible to do bad things. If u want to know what in the Quran (including how to spell it) grab one or check one out from the local library. When U find that verse...let me know lol!

So a total stranger comes on here, curse claims they are recruiting for a klan rally, yet also claims he never posts to antagonize. Another lie from Curse Piggy in his false Cane I'd. Pb, he does not speak for canes fans on here, he is an obsessed troll trying to ruin the happiness of a big win. Ignore him, we know that trailer dweller is the real klansman in Riley Cooper style.

I will pull a koran (proper spelling/small k) out the next time I run out of toilet paper. That's all it's good for.

Five Titles, U have nothing to say about the win, since it occurred, just trying to get some revenge from a ghost who will NEVER admit defeat--because he is an antagonist. U

U are swinging into the air like Cuba Gooding Jr's character in Boys n the Hood after Rickey died LMAO! Repost whereI've attempted to ruin the happiness?

I posted right before the start, during and after the game. Nothing but positivity. Admitted to eating crow happily and said that we still have a ways to go. Same thing the players and coaches said. So what are U speaking of.

This witch hunt routine is tired. Whats up with your life, U don't have anything to do today but scroll old posts and rant? Where's your celebration posts--not about U or your imaginary beef--but solely congratulating the Canes?

U are not happy about the win UNLESS U KNOW someone else may be mad about the win. SAD!

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