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Miami Hurricanes jump 11 spots to No. 15 in AP poll -- first time since Nov. 14, 2010 that Canes enter AP's Top 25.

Miami Hurricanes fans will likely be beating their chests for at least two more weeks (and let's face it, probably the next month). The Hurricanes, who were just out of the AP Top 25 last week, rose 11 spots to No. 15 (615 points) when the poll was just announced.

The Hurricanes, coming off yesterday's impressive defensive performance that catapulted them over the Gators in a 21-16 victory, have not been in the AP Top 25 since Nov. 14, 2010 -- until now.

Miami is ranked in the AP Top 15 for the first time since the week of Oct. 3, 2010, when it was ranked No. 13. 

The Gators, who were No. 12 last week, fell to No. 18 (405 points).

And Florida State, which had a bye week, is No. 10 (1011 points).

The Hurricanes rose from No. 24 to No. 18 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

Do you think the rankings will affect the Hurricanes in any way psychologically? I know for sure that Coach Al Golden is going to do everything he can to keep them focused on each individual day and what they have to do to better themselves, as opposed to "the external," as he likes to say.

By the way, this is the first time Al Golden has ever had a team in the Top 25.

UM next meets Savannah State on Sept. 21 at home, then USF in Tampa on Sept. 28. Then comes Georgia Tech in Miami on Oct. 5.

What are your thoughts? 

It was an impressive win, despite the offense being nonexistent much of the game. The Canes scored points when they had to and have learned, it seems, to make the big plays defensively. An exhilarating win against the Gators. 





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Thats cool as long as U read before U wipe. What do U believe in though? We know what U don't believe in (you've openly shared that, but what do u believe in?

I believe you are a pseudo-intellectual who infuses all of his posts with victimization overtones of race and class-struggle.

I also believe that a victory over the most obnoxious, arrogant fan base in this state and perhaps the country, in light of the months of garbage posted here by Gatr Trash maggots, warrants giving as good as you got.

If you don't like it, simply don't read it. I, for one, relish ripping on Jorts Nation. It's called rivalries. It's how things work. Do you not think those maggots from Trailerville would be doing the same thing? Try reading an Alabama blog when they play Auburn.

You probably would not enjoy it as you would find too much race and class issues woven into them. That's how I see it, W.E.B. DuBoise.

Now, I understand where these loser Cane trolls get their warped mindset that they "won" the game and not that the gators GAVE the game to Miami. One of the morons talked about money and having women as proof of something in his pea brain.

Rich aholes always think that because they were GIVEN their status in life by their parents. They think that having been born into a rich family like say the royals in britain somehow means they earned that wealth themselves through hard work or good inventions.

Okay, I get it. Miami is a private school for many rich aholes who have never done squat in their entire worthless teenybobber lives, but who think that they somehow have some worth because someone GAVE them something. Whackos. Worthless Whackos.

I will take great football teams like Howard and his ghetto kids who earned their NC rather than the squawking little rich, chicken birds on OP sites after the gators turned the ball over and over and over and over and over on silver platters to the Canes.


Wow. Someone needs a hug. What's the matter Gallo,errr. CaneFan'72, did some "rich" kids pee on your lawn?

You are the most bitter cane fan after a victory. Or, maybe, just maybe, you are not a cane fan but a Gatr maggot PRETENDING to be a Cane fan.

Hmmmmm, something to ponder, you worthless piece of garbage.

CaneFan'7, send me your address. I can come by and give you a hug, you miserable maggot.

It's what happens when the prostate starts to go. You are bitter beyond belief.

There's waaaaay more to being a canes fan than being a Florida Gator hater. Act like U been there before or maybe U haven't. We own the Gators--nothing new.

I infuse my posts with class struggle overtones because your constant whining and combative posts towards a ghost have deep victimization undertones that i attempt to reveal to U, I hopes that U wake up and see this victory (on the field and the blog).

Yall hold this blog back referencing "trolls" all day everyday but U YOURSELF refuse to pick an ID and U change your aliases all day everyday. U are the troll that U intend to combat. What is your blog name my friend, its ok--U can come out now--he is gone!

Yall need to take your own political advice is the point--its advice that U can use on this blog instead of being a hypocrite and not practicing what U preach.

I show U how your ideology applies to U. if thats pseudo-intellectual then so be it--thats your opinion, just like mine is that Golden isn't a NC caliber coach. Whats the difference?

One is an opinion about the Canes and the other one isn't.

Don't tell that troll your religion, skin color, politics, or anything else about you. He will just use it to attack, like he has done for the past five years. Ignore him and let's get back to 21-9, I mean 21-16. We did have that gift TD at the end.

"One of the morons talked about money and having women as proof of something in his pea brain."

Ummmmm, just proof that you have neither. Just the crust around the corners of your mouth as you angrily pounded the TV begging Timmy Tears to come back.

I agree, lets get back to the win Five Titles! Go ahead...shoot. Lets talk Canes football, what U thinking about this afternoon?


A smart man can play dumb, but a dumb man can't play smart.

"There's waaaaay more to being a canes fan than being a Florida Gator hater. Act like U been there before or maybe U haven't. We own the Gators--nothing new."

Geeeeee. Thanks. What a sage. You are the most intelligent person in your own mind. Any other clichés you'd like to post. How about "It's a Cane Thang."

"Deep victimization undertones." Puuuuhhhhlease. You are a savior in search of despair. It's ok. I don't need to be saved by some dope on a Cane blog. Take your victimization/race/class struggle BS and write on Op-Ed piece in the NYT.

Cane fan72, your race card wore out a long time ago.

tub o lard, It isn't about you. Canes fans are happy we won. The fact that you lost is an inadvertent byproduct of that. No one cares about your current fake use of "we" and pretending to like the Canes. NO one cares about your take on religion, philosopher, canes blogging history or any other subject.

Al Gore said your lifetime internet word use has been exhausted. Move along, droid.

Soldy, Arty, delusional Gator KluKKS - Canes still own the Gators soudn familiar?!

wash, rinse, repeat.....Canes own the Gators.....wash, rinse, repeat....LMAO!!!

And if you are a Canes fan you are happy with this win.....anything else is utterly ridiculous

What about Golden new found usage of the word "we'--no comment about that even though its more than clear that he refused to use it prior to this game or even after the FAU win. Its was "they"..."there"...and "them". Now its "we", "our" and "us."

Great win by the Canes, but our coach is an impostor. He's the fair-weather supporter. That U refuse to point out. If u are happy then talk about the win and stop the witch hunt. Its simple, U can't post without an adversial figure.

Race, religion, sex, gender, and philosophy (namely Thomas Hobbes) is what your whole world and country revolve around. Unfortunately its also how U determine who U vote for. So why can't we discuss it when it determines everything for U?

No, Tub o lard, ur an imposter.

No one cares about your fake linguistic insights.

Move on.

My country? Do you live in the US, you maggot? Now it is my country?

Little by little, the remnants of your broken belief system creep out. Again, take kora, cram in arse, pray to your blood-thirsty fake prophet, then tell me about MY country.

Got some marine buddies who may be interest in speaking with you.

Discussion OVAH.

Never thought I would miss the blog PIG Soldy (who has been missing, oddly enough, for days). At least he is a moron and knows it.

This HarriettTubo'Lard is a moron but thinks he is intelligent.

Power to the people!!! No JUSTICE no PEACE!!!!!! Bob Marley was poisoned!!!!!! The class struggle continues!!!! Take down WHITEY!!!!!!


Your Marines are becoming Muslims by the Humvie load LOL! Look it up, dudes are leaving enlightened ask the Marine/Canes fan Hassan from Canespace!


Nothing is sacred anymore, get your kids ready for Halloween (the known pagan celebration of the dead by devil worshippers). Put your $ where your pagan belief system (that Jesus absolutely abhorred) is because now they are directly related LOL!

Monetized slave!


Only a terrified, feeble-minded slave would believe all the nonsense you do and be so arrogant to think he has all the answers.

Way to go, Tub O'lard. Muhammad was no prophet. He was a dirty charlatan who fooled people into believing him. He was on better than Jim Jones. A clown of the 7th century.

Before the game, I gave four reasons why the defense would improve. It looks like three of the four are right so far, and the one that has been wrong is the one most likely to be true in the future.

1. An older, stronger, better conditioned, and experienced defense that will face offenses that have more turnover. CHECK.

2. A very good punter that (with the exception of a blocked punt, not his fault) forced the opponents into long field situations even when the punt was in our own red zone. CHECK.

3. Facing statistically worse offenses than we faced last year. CHECK.

4. Offensive playcalling will work to give us better time of possession, exposing our defense to less time on the field. NOT CHECK.

I am disappointed that a team that showed it could drive on the gatrs and run inside would choose to then run those sweeps that were stopped four yards behind the line of scrimmage. It endangered the win, when we stopped taking advantage of our bigger stronger linemen and instead allowed the gatr db speed to get involved in the running game at the line of scrimmage.

I am not gonna rip the coaches the way some others do here, but I am disappointed in how the offense left the defense out to dry so much in that game. Especially since if the gatrs had scored a gamewinner, the defense would have taken all the blame. I want to see the offense protect the defense more in the future.

Tell the our soldiers that. When U leave and get from up under whats being pumped into your head by your true enemy--then U see the trick. They have been away from the news media for years at a time, they have conversations with the people and hear the call to pray 5 times a day. When u experience that tranquility the truth is easy to accept. You've been lied to. Check what U believe out for yourself I DARE U!

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U owe it to your beautiful children to provide them the truth. Look for yourself, don't regurgitate groupthink presented to u by those who want to profit off of your misguidance.

I don't think know everything, I KNOW I don't. All I did was look for myself--its all there for the taking. The truth that is.

Good job Five Titles!! I'm proud of U. {honestly and sincerely}!

Five Titles,

You must just be thrilled with a "Good Job" from Harriet "it's all about me" Tub O Lard.

Somone's been watching too much Matrix.

Its all about the blog, not me. I'm just trying to make this place a better place for Canes fans, not just Al Golden fans.

The Matrix was trying to tell U something, because its theme was the tip of the Iceberg.

mountaincane, follow-up with five Titles's post--don't berate me. Talk sports with him--its ok. He's gone. U don't need an enemy.

Miami Hurricanes 13-0 State and National Champions.Dare to dream .It's for the taking. Just win on the field, in the classroom . Conduct yourself in a respectable way. You are role models whether you want to be or not.Somebody is looking up to you good or bad. You make the choice.

Can we just continue to make fun of Soldy, Arty,and delusional GAtor KluKKs please?! Thanks

How bout dem mofo 'Canes!!!!

Spare me and us Tub O'Lard. You need to be as dumb as a gater to buy your Rodney King why Can't we just get along bs. No sale. Go back into the Sybil head and let someone else out. Where's irrelevant list gallo and ghetto fraud lady calvina. Let them all play.

we need the humor as we wait for more games.

Y can't U post about football?

U aren't a moron, there's no Curse posts so, whats the hinderance?

Who's oppressing U now?

"Islam doesn't make any money--thats why its demonized. no interest, no capitalism, no monetized holidays, no oppression, no lying, no stealing, no killing, etc etc Just like the pure versions of the bible and Torah before it."

Someone let Tub O' Lard in on what is going on in Saudi, UAE, Iran, Syria, and on and on.

Oh, wait, I know. These people hijack the religion and misinterpret it for their own use. Gee. What a relief. I am sure the millions dead, maimed, tortured and oppressed will take great comfort that it's not Islam, it's the people who practice it.


From a Mike Bianchi column about the end of the series:
"This will be last time gatrs play Hurricanes, UF source says."
"Unless Miami joins the SEC, I don't see us ever playing them again during the regular season," this influential gatr said.
So, that is why the UM AD is no longer sending offers for a home and home with the gatrs. After the annual rejections, why keep offering to the cowards.

"With the SEC likely moving to a nine-game conference schedule and the gatrs already committed to playing Florida State, this leaves UF with only two remaining games. The gatrs want those two games to be played at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, where a UF official says they net about $2.5 million per game."
So, the gatr fans, by paying for any old drivel to be served to them instead of seing a premier series, are at fault as well. After all, if they can charge full price at a steakhouse and serve meatloaf instead, why wouldn't Foley continue to fleece their gullible fans. Sure, they are STARTING to catch on, as their reduced attendance has shown, but there is a sucker born every minute, and they seem to be gatr fans.

Plus, the lie that they lost 1.4 million by facing the Canes is actually reversed. They SAVED 1.4 million.
2.75 million for Jacksonville State, Bowling Green, and Louisiana State last year.
1.35 million for Toledo and GA southern this year.

"Don't kid yourself, not much has changed since Florida originally dropped UM from its annual schedule back in 1988 under the guise of playing "more national opponents." The following year, the gatrs replaced Miami with Montana State."
"national" meaning they bring in paid for patsies from all over the country, not that they will face national opponents at their level. But hey, I think Montana State's offense is ranked higher than the gatrs now. Notice that every time a patsie almost peats the gatrs, they are dropped from the schedule. louisiana lafayette cost themselves a pretty penny by not rolling over for the gatrs, for example. Notice that they were dropped (just like USF) from future schedules.

2014 Idaho, Eastern Michigan, Eastern Kentucky
2015 New Mexico State, FAU (replacing the too tough USF)
2016 North Texas, UMass (not in basketball though).

"The real reason the gatrs originally dropped the Canes from the schedule is that UM had surpassed UF as a national power, and former UF athletic director Bill Carr decided, before he retired in 1986, that he was tired of indirectly funding UM's rise to prominence."
Yep. Fear and jealousy and bitterness was their motive, NOT that more national schedule lie.

"Some gatr fans reportedly have even bought UM season tickets in order to get into the game
Saturday. Can't really blame them."
Nope, can't blame them, they will get to see a better TEAM, with better coaching and a better future.

U do know more people have been killed in the name of Catholicism and Christianity than any other movement in the history of mankind right? So yes, the religion has been hijacked just like every other one has been since the beginning of time. Whats happening in those countries has everything to do with money and politics. The people of those countries have gone away from the true teachings of their religion as U have here in America. U are no different than them. U just choose not to fight and instead be more subservient and assimilate to your oppressor Stockholm Syndrome--look it up. U believe whatever Limbaugh, Beck, and O'Reilly tell U, but U need to grab a book--I mean U do have the freedom to do so.

We can go on for days referencing the hijacking of biblical texts by miscreants. No book has been changed and misrepresented more than the Bible. The inquisitions, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, The Holocaust are all Bible hijackings and killed zillions of people, not thousands.

U can give yourself the break, U don't need me.

2012 National Total Offense Ranking
Florida #104
2012 National Total Defensive Ranking
Miami #116
Hmmmm...Doesn't look to me neither the Gators nor the Canes have much to brag about in those categories.
Posted by: Ron Zook | August 26, 2013 at 07:28 PM
Ture, based on last year's results. However, one group was improving, the other was just regressing. Look at their own fans talk about how pease and muschamp have not learned from their mistakes. I beleive we have seen that the Canes have learn from their mistakes. Big difference.

I forgot the Crusades that killed millions as well. So are all Christians terrorists? Nope! Is the religion presented that way and are the miscreants who wrongly/falsely claim it presented as THE FACE of the entire religion the way a small group called "Al-Quaeda" is in the US media?

Well there U go!

Tubberware but that banana back in ur mouth

Mohammad was homosexual. I read that in the Matrix version of the koran. You are too blind to realize it. He also laid with sheeps and goats but you block that out because you listen to O'Reilly and Anderson Cooper.

This is fun. You are such a dope.

Go Canes. Mike Bianchi may be a Gatr but he loves to criticize them when it is warranted and he is no fan of Foley the buck-toothed varmint.

Due to Tub O'Lard, I wished they put the poster name at the beginning of the post so you could skip it immediately.

No one cares about ur inanity on religion, philosophy, race or anything else, esp football.

Move on and stop the faux cane nonsense.

U are easy work, we can do this all day if we gonna stay with facts, but of course u just deviated away from that because U are losing this debate. Now its insults and innuendo, a clear indication that U lost. Matrix, Muhammad, homosexuality, Anderson Cooper????? I don't watch any of that nonsense, just read my books myself and think for myself critically. I see U can't do that. Its been nice talking to U tho. Happy following!

mountain, Five Titles is waiting...

Skip me, are U on a calculator screen or something?? Scroll down before u read the post--thats simple logic. Whats your excuse for skipping Five Titles brilliant posts about Cane football? U read those right? Then respond to football.

Insults don't carry conversations or answer questions.

cane crazy, misspells one word, every eight 1/8. Crazy considering his post are never over 8 words. Those are the same stats for most domesticated chips--Good Job Cornelius!

Tubberware but that banana back in ur mouth

Tub O'Lard a moron and now becoming a suck-up as well. Hand out good jobs like well you know.

U CAN'T TALK SPORTS LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U CAN'T U LACK THE ABILITY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U ARE LIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, the Tubber describes himself as a critical thinker. He's no more that than his brain-mate Lady Calvina is an "independent" thinker.

As cane crazy said, reinsert the banana tubbo--


Its always "like _________ said" LMAO!!!!


Tubby...I'll let u know when to speak! Open wide!!!!!

So, Harriettubmancane,

Who hijacked Buddhism and
where is their history of
violence against nonbelievers?

Stop generalizing about
things you do not know..

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