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Miami Hurricanes jump 11 spots to No. 15 in AP poll -- first time since Nov. 14, 2010 that Canes enter AP's Top 25.

Miami Hurricanes fans will likely be beating their chests for at least two more weeks (and let's face it, probably the next month). The Hurricanes, who were just out of the AP Top 25 last week, rose 11 spots to No. 15 (615 points) when the poll was just announced.

The Hurricanes, coming off yesterday's impressive defensive performance that catapulted them over the Gators in a 21-16 victory, have not been in the AP Top 25 since Nov. 14, 2010-- until now. 

The Gators, who were No. 12 last week, fell to No. 18 (405 points).

And Florida State, which had a bye week, is No. 10 (1011 points).

The Hurricanes rose from No. 24 to No. 18 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

Do you think the rankings will affect the Hurricanes in any way psychologically? I know for sure that Coach Al Golden is going to do everything he can to keep them focused on each individual day and what they have to do to better themselves, as opposed to "the external," as he likes to say.

By the way, this is the first time Al Golden has ever had a team in the Top 25.

UM next meets Savannah State on Sept. 21 at home, then USF in Tampa on Sept. 28. Then comes Georgia Tech in Miami on Oct. 5.

What are your thoughts? 

It was an impressive win, despite the offense being nonexistent much of the game. The Canes scored points when they had to and have learned, it seems, to make the big plays defensively. An exhilarating win against the Gators. 





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We don't buy into the hype, as coach Golden has said over and over again "it's a process." Being ranked at the end of week 2 doesn't mean anything, we want to be at the top at the end of the season. That is the only thing that should matter, nice win for the program, but we have lots of work to do. Let's get healthy and get back to playing Miami quality football. As nice as the win was it was not quality football, so congratulations and let's show the world Miami championship football.

Great win.now focus on game three!

Gators at #20 in coaches poll...

Where are all the loudmouth Gator Trolls this week? it is pretty quiet up in here...

Hola Arty, Soldy! Lol

Everyone who knows football knows that if Shannon was still the head coach we would be ranked in the top 10 and would be a legit title contender! So u fools keep slurping on goldies sac and remember to come up for air cuz the stats say that shannon was a superior head coach to goldie but didnt have the same support as goldie is getting from the top

yeah ok calvin, your boy shannon was such a great head coach that now he's only a linebackers coach. And yeah golden gets better support from the top cause HE'S A BETTER COACH! you gonna use the black/white excuse also?

Anyways, i just hope this team keeps it together mentally, this team is still young and i hope georgia tech doesn't pull off an upset, take it week by week and lets make get to tallahassee with as much momentum as possible.

Calvin - I agree that Shannon didn't get the financial support but let's enjoy the win cuz

Arty,Soldy slurp slurp on Calvin/Gallo/72

The Canes are back and moving in the right direction!

Everyone who knows a tiny bit about football knows at least 2 things:

1. More football than Calvin
2. That Calvin is a moron and a loser

As nice as the win was it was not quality football, so congratulations and let's show the world Miami championship football.

Posted by: Ken | September 08, 2013 at 01:29 PM


There's always a bloody SOUR PUZZ in the Cane mob. hUh

You OBVIOUSLY are a Canesace/eoth INTERLOPER!

By the way, I previously stated with absolute CONVITION, that " I-F " were to defeat MIGHTY Florida, the Hurricanes would finish the regular season RANKED in the Top 10!!

Oh, the only ones whom can defeat Miami now, is those pesky notions EGOTISM and COMPLACENCY. Eh. What say.

But I doubt that will happen, because Goldie is a PYSCH MAJOR. hUh

By the way, I previously stated with absolute CONVICTION, that " I-F " the Hurricanes were to defeat MIGHTY Florida, Miami would finish the regular season RANKED in the Top 10!!

The Canes are back and moving in the right direction!

Posted by: JimmyFitz | September 08, 2013 at 03:19 PM


It's all about the process and what not. dUh

With some fine tuning on offense and overall team IMPROVEMENT. Miami possibly could be UNDEFEATED going into the month of November.

calvin Shannon is a true cane for sure but a head coach no way. you must not be a true cane making a stupid post like that

D---what we all say is the same answer to every question you've posed in the past or will pose in the future:

You are a fraud and a moron.

we played conservative offence when we had a lead rather than risk a turnover.. when your defense is playing that well its good coaching

I don't like the fact that Morris said that the Gaytor defense, knew when we were going to run the ball.
Great win, but maybe coach has simplified the offense too much..
Great game and I'm not complaining, a win is a win.

Great win, hope our players stay focused. Last time we got ranked they bought into the hype and it hurt us.

Where are the gator fans now...you "clucks" still in mourning? Go put some ICE on those wounds.

If you can extract Randy Shannon's c*ck from the back of your throat for a minute Calvin, it'd be just super if you could down a pint of arsenic.

We'd all appreciate it.


The truth is shannon was a bad recruiter. u can't succeed as a head coach if u are bad recruiter. Golden is a superior recruiter the proof is in the talent now vs talent when he took over. I liked shannon but his teams got worse not better and this whole ncaa mess happened on his watch. Golden is an excellent coach no way does a coach win at temple and be a bad coach. Golden built temple to levels they hadn't been to before and haven't got to since he left. so please golden can coach better then shannon

this is year 3 under Golden and Miami needs to get at least 10 wins this year...would like to see more from the o-line and the passing game but hell we are ranked and beat the Gators...lets just enjoy that for a while

I loved Randy Shannon, but to say he is a superior coach is border line silly. C'mon Calvin, you can't really believe that? RS had his chance and he let the team go soft.. with no leadership. I doubt he will ever get another HC job. sad, but true
I do agree that Jacory is a better qb than Morris. Even you have to admit he came a long way in one year under Golden/Fisch. A couple more years with Golden/Fisch and about 25 lbs of muscle and he might have made a team in the NFL.

I said "IF" cuz I really hate Goldie. And Shannon would havehat sey 2 titles by now. Calvin is right, RS did not get the support. But Muschamp will be the future for Florida football. He will have 2-3 titles in the next 4 years. Mark it down eh w

Unfortunately, my gator group had to leave without the W they deserved.Miami stole this game, and it showed all day. If they played again, it would be 80-0 gators. And you caniacs know it

Imagine what Shannon could do if the offense and defense coordinaters didn't keep quitting on him. That hurt recruiting and having any consistensy on the team at least 2 titles by now, ncaa or not

I completely disagree that Jacory is a better QB than Morris. Let's measure after the season or at least the halfway mark. If Jacory were under center yesterday against that UF defense then Miami would be the team smarting from 5 turnovers.
Mistakes were made yesterday for sure but UM was up against the best defense they will run into all year. Last week Morris had no help in the opener or he would of had much better #'s. He still had a decent game last week and the outcome was never in doubt.
Miami has a bye week and two tune up games before they play GT so we should have more than enough time to get ready for the triple option. The triple option is defeated with discipline on defense and we saw plenty of that yesterday. I don't know that I've ever watched a defense turn the corner so fast from one year to the next in my life as UM has done.

Go 'canes!

All you have to see is what Jacorry did against an aggressive defense like Ohio States in 2008 or 2009 ( I cant remember)- well, he threw 3 picks and one or two pick sixes and one int in the end zone. Come on with that, Calvin. TCU is 1-1 with Shannon as linebackers coach. Say what?

And besides, the reason Shannon hypothetically did not get the support is simple:

5-7- Loss 47-0 vs UVA, no bowl
7-6- Bowl loss
9-4- Bowl loss
7-6- Loss to USF. Bad recruiting. Done. Cooked goose. Bowl loss with his scrub coaches

Golden will win at least 9 this year AND I predict a bowl win. After the Savannah State win, they will move up 1 or 2 spots, then they go to USF and will likely move another 1-2 spots after that. Just in time to play GaTech at home.

The new rankingis garbage- The USA today poll has UF just below Miami, but more telling is the fact that Notre Dame lost to a higher ranked team than UF and dropped BELOW UF, Does that make any effing sense?

Calvin- just go home. You are a pathetic loser.

Sota cane, it's just racism. JH will never get respect becuz he is darker. Morris has the stronger arm for sure, but JH was smarter. JH would have a NC ring ifshannon had 1 more year

Take your head out of the onion's ass, please.

Posted by: D | September 08, 2013 at 07:39 PM

"D" has his own troll? This blog is a dumpster fire.

I know is just one game, but it was one heck of a game for our defense. Therefore, I have to apologize to coach D for talking bad about his defense. It looks like after all it was because we didn't have the depth or the experience last year. So, coach I'm sorry only if you keep this defense playing the way they are playing for the rest of the year.

Jim Gallo...where you at? Score board homie! I don't want to hear your lame reasons why Miami sucks...they WON the game like everyone, but you predicted.


Sarasota, 5>3>2, I think if Jacory had better coaching for his first couple of years he could have been a lot better. Look at the turn around with AG and company in the one year he had. That's what I was trying to say. I believe him to be more accurate than Morris.. no where near the arm strength but touch and accuracy goes a long way. Dorsey comes to mind with that... Morris is on the better team. I'm not downing Morris, hopefully he will get it together.. holy smokes florida's D was strong.

Sarasota, and 2013, you guys are just RS haters because of color. No other reason. D, is right. RS would be competing for titles this and last season. Look at the stats, the proof is there. Only the ignorant would deny it.

We put 21 on one of the best Ds in the country!!

LOVE THE WIN! But, we ain't back until a game 14 victory.
An we ain't REALLY BACK until the next NC.



Well Fellas it feels good. I personaly think that since we lead from start to finish and not furious rally we should be #12 where UF was. Had UF won, they would be 2-0 n prob #11 or so............18th in coaches poll, after being 24. yet 15th in ap after being non ranked. oh well, we need 2 b 7-8 and 0 going into FSU game, and then we will be a top 7-8 team.

UF is still loaded Sr/Jr Class from Urban Meyers #1 classes and Muschump has had top 3-5 classes 2 yrs in a row, so we played the best D we will prob play all year even vs FSU........UF's D is better...........

Golden has 11 espn 300 recruits out of the 24 kids so far. that's almost half the roster is 4-5 star type kid. I can bet you that if we finish 10-2,11-1,12-0 n play in Acc title game, we jump up to #1 and land the unsigned kids..........

Calvin, to play the race card is complete IGNORANCE! Any TRUE CANE fan knows we are a family and loved what RS did for us. However, he had no previous head coaching experience and it showed. I wish nothing but the best for RS, BUT I love what Golden is doing here at THE U! If you're blind to the difference, then it's due to your racism and not others. That's what's wrong with America, Ignorant people using the race card as an excuse every possible second. Get over it ignorant idiot!

Uh oh, race card has been flashed.

Well just when we thought Calvina had seen the light, he acts like a complete idiot again. Just where are you seeking this illogical fantasy that if Shannon were still coach we would have two national titles by now? Hello Moron he sucked as a HC and was overrated as a DC which is why no one in their right mind has scooped him up by now. It has nothing to do with his color or anything that U, that nimrod D or any of the other idiots that subscribe to your notion. It's about results and the fact is Shannon never beat any body who was any good and he was deficient mentally as a HC. Now you can choose to follow the moronic views of that piss ant D, or you can get on board, finish admitting that you were wrong about our Coach Golden and enjoy the ride or U can sit there and pout like a little punk b3t5h with D and others who are the only true racists on here. Frankly I could care less, cause I wanted Shannon fired after his last season when I saw we were going nowhere but back down the toilet and we got the guy I wanted and he is and has done a magnificent job following two inept coaches in Coker and Shannon plus this whole NCAA thing he inherited. So DEAL WITH IT!

randy is gone . let it die. gators are whooped!

Jacory is gone too... Calvin keeps bringing them up. I actually feel bad for Jacory because he seemed like a nice kid. But Calvin has to go and insult another great kid, Stephen Morris, because that's the only leg he has to stand on.

And Gallo....crickets

Is that even the real Calvin? This place is a raging dumpster fire!

championships, the ONLY thing I disagree with, if middy is that Coker was inept. True, he lost control of the inmates, but remember WHO was turning their heads...our not so good friend Mr Shapiro.
Coker is doing a fine job with a brand new program, and has been recognized as such. The FIU thing did him in, again because of the serious bad apples on that team.
He just didn't have the stomach for the gig, nor did Randy, but for different reasons. Randy wasn't going to ruin it for 'his boys" those poor kids he empowered with a precious 4 year ride.
Al Golden DOES have the stomach, and has cleansed the program of the cancer. Of course, in doing so, several talented players had to be let go. This is more proof that AL is here to stay, at least through his contract.
Will we ever be DA U again?
IMO, not like we were, due to the other ACC , SEC and Big 10 schools now raiding Florida for talent, talent that was almost exclusively ours.

Not QUITE as many words as the troll Calvin, but close.

To clarify my last point, maybe we won't be DA U, but we will be the University of Miami, perennial NC contender.
I'll gladly settle for that.

Calvin doesn't care any more about Miami than Gallo or Soldy or any other Blog Troll that posts on here. Don't engage him on any topic, whether it's Randy Shannon or the team's future or even what he had for lunch. He can't talk about how the Gators are going to manhandle us, so he has to stir people up other ways. Just ignore his nonsense snd deny him the power to run the blog into the ditch...

Nice win this weekend. I don't care if the Canes are 'all the way back' or not - we beat those SOB Gators in the last game of the series those chicken bleeps are willing to play us. They have the lasting image of quitting a series against us TWICE for fear of losing. We OWN them. 'Nuff said.

Posted by: Dom | September 08, 2013 at 08:49 PM

As has been said by many, it's not where you start it's where you finish.
FWIW, Notre Dame was unranked last year and played in ther BCS Championship game.
For us, 12-0 would have to be a must, as our schedule is not a topi 10 schedule this year. Every SEC would have to have at least 1 loss, and Louisville would have to lose at least once, due to the Teddy Bridgewater love-fest at ESPN, who actually controls the entire thing, including the Heisman, indirectly.

That said, we're WAY ahead of ourselves here. Will we EVER beat lowly Virginia? VA Tech, NC, and the biggie FSU at Doak?
The last will be a tall order, for sure.
I'd be happy being in the ACC Championship game, which is a BOWL game for UM. Anything more than that is GRAVY.

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