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Miami Hurricanes jump 11 spots to No. 15 in AP poll -- first time since Nov. 14, 2010 that Canes enter AP's Top 25.

Miami Hurricanes fans will likely be beating their chests for at least two more weeks (and let's face it, probably the next month). The Hurricanes, who were just out of the AP Top 25 last week, rose 11 spots to No. 15 (615 points) when the poll was just announced.

The Hurricanes, coming off yesterday's impressive defensive performance that catapulted them over the Gators in a 21-16 victory, have not been in the AP Top 25 since Nov. 14, 2010-- until now. 

The Gators, who were No. 12 last week, fell to No. 18 (405 points).

And Florida State, which had a bye week, is No. 10 (1011 points).

The Hurricanes rose from No. 24 to No. 18 in the USA Today coaches' poll.

Do you think the rankings will affect the Hurricanes in any way psychologically? I know for sure that Coach Al Golden is going to do everything he can to keep them focused on each individual day and what they have to do to better themselves, as opposed to "the external," as he likes to say.

By the way, this is the first time Al Golden has ever had a team in the Top 25.

UM next meets Savannah State on Sept. 21 at home, then USF in Tampa on Sept. 28. Then comes Georgia Tech in Miami on Oct. 5.

What are your thoughts? 

It was an impressive win, despite the offense being nonexistent much of the game. The Canes scored points when they had to and have learned, it seems, to make the big plays defensively. An exhilarating win against the Gators. 





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Agreed, one game at a time. Let's not go all 12-0 just yet. There are lots of things to fix but there's more energy around this program than there has been for a long time.

That's 2 times Sarasota has said Miami is a dumpster fire. What's up with that. Just because I and other quality people like D don't like Goldie, doesn't make me the racist. It's the ones like Sarasota who hate our opinion. Ima and junkie both haters of people who are different than them. That's how they judged RS, like others and why he go fired. We would be NC contenders now, not just glad to "upset" a higher ranked team.

Dabo Swinney knows wuts up even he's flashing the "U"!

Where's my gun

calvin and I are loyal canes before you were even born.....we just think golden/dnofrio should not run UM football is all....

be as delusional as you want.....driskel gave the win to UM....

UF doubled its performance vs UM in almost every category on the stat sheet.....

UM missed eddie johnson and gioni paul.....perryman could use the extra talent...

duke needs to be PR/KR like devin hester.....UM should use hagens a lot more......UM needs a bruising back in the backfield

lmao....21-16, Gallo. Let that burn over you.

Criticize the coach, sure. But you guys went at this for an entire year, now you have to eat it when it all backfires on you. You're just sitting there waiting to criticize a great coach.

You guys aren't fans

All summer you guys preached about Muschamp and how kids want to play for him.

This week we were enlightened that the woman's tennis coach has more swagger than Al Golden. Maybe the woman's tennis coach should apply for the Gator OC position, then we'll really be in trouble.

Oh wait, you guys don't want to play us again. Oh well, 21-16, homie. Take that stat because it's the only one that seems to count.

Calvin, STFU and go eat a bag of diks you racebaiter. You don't know squat! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say nobody cares for your opinion. Go back to washing dishes at the waffle house.



Good night Arty, Soldy, delusional, gator clucks! Guess what Driskell just threw another interception

OUR D IS F*****G LEGIT BIIATCHES! We needed an old school Canes Defense in forever.

Offense is full of potential and WILL get their clocks in sync during the next few "practice" games.

I'm just droooooling over what might happen with the FSU game when our Offense is clicking and our D will have 6 games to get into HYPERDRIVE mode or hurting people and stealing the ball!!!


Hey Gallo.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Stick your lists up your arse....idiot!!

Hey Calvin....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha.....






blah balh blah.....keep slurping you little girl.

Calvin, what statistics support that Randy was a better coach? Number of wins? Like comparing apples and oranges. Randy was totally lost on the sidelines. Great guy but not the right man to lead the program. Randy is a great Hurricane who belongs in this family. Not the head coach though. I have to agree that UF knew when we would run or throw. Our offense got too conservative after the first quarter. That should be a simple fix. Not too worried about that. I am absolutely loving the fact that my gator friends are crying in their sleep. They have to take this loss to bed with them every night for the next bunch of years unless we play them in a bowl game. Gotta love it! Go Canes! BTW, the defense held up well despite playing almost 40 minutes. Great conditioning and finally some depth.

The D showed that the conditioning program was essential. No college teamcould hold up to that relentless pressure in the heat for 3 1/2 quarters and all of that time of possession. And it did.

The offense needs to get fixed. period. Thats 2 games ina row with bad 3rd down conv. Either its Morris or the OC, but they need to get this straightened out. Yes they need to use other runningbacks to breathe Duke. Clements runin the 3rd q for a first down was NOT I repeat NOT offensive holding.

Look what Ga TEch did to Elon. 70-0. For once I'd like to see Miami run 60 plus onsome of these cup cakes. Enough trying to please the doooshes at ESPN (Chris Fowler, Reece Davis, and all of those pu55ies)

Bythe way- props to the following people for repping and recognizing the U by throwing up []_[]s this weekend:

Robert Smith- ESPN announcer, former buckeye
Todd McShay- ESPN announcer/analyst

Coach Dabo Swinney

Boycott Calgallo.com

Miami Sets World On Fire

If you would have said that the Miami Hurricanes would dominate the Florida Gators at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday and lead the game from beginning to end you would have been called an optimist.

If you would have said that it would be the much maligned defense and not the highly touted offense that won the game for the Hurricanes over the Gators you would have been called crazy.

OK, so just call me a crazy optimist.



1st Downs 22 - 10
Total Yards 413 - 212
Passing 291 - 162
Rushing 122 - 50
Penalties 10-70 -- 5-58
3rd Down Conversions 6-15 -- 1-11
4th Down Conversions 0-1 -- 0-0
Turnovers 5 - 1
Possession 38:20 -- 21:40


Did u all enjoy ur lil giving/handed to u on a silver platter meaningless GATOR Charity Giveaway. u do know that u were utterly, overwhelmingly and completely outplayed and dominated the entire game. Dumb question. u have no idea or clue. Play it again 9 times the next 9 weeks and the GATORS would still be favored in ALL games and u would be dominated in every phase of the game again, like the GATORS did and u were, beating u handedly 7 of the 9 times. Turnovers, bad bouncing balls n bad GATOR breaks and u might steal another 2 barely with the GATORS inside ur Redzone, again, with a chance to Win in the 4-Q as planned. And do tell us all about that without a doubt best QB-RB combo and Offense in all Of College Football once again for the 30,000th unproven time. 3 for 27 on 3rd. downs this year ? Really ? NEWS FLASH CLuCKS ... ur QB... OUTPLAYED... ur RB's... OUTPLAYED... ur Recievers... OUTPLAYED... ur O-Line... OUTPLAYED. ur D-Line... OUTPLAYED... ur Linebackers... OUTPLAYED... ur DB's... OUTPLAYED... ur Special teams... OUTPLAYED... Now u'll cry n cry about the score... Look at the scoreboard riiieet. Yup. u had more points. congrats on that and take that fUgly W all the way to the NATIONAL Championship Game, which u'll be crying about after Savannah JC n USF, this year which u incredibly naive, know nuffin, emotionally unstable as a woman at the months end will be spouting off about... IT"S ABOUT THE STATE OF UR PROGRAM !!! And u blind ground hogs FINALLY stumbled across an acorn as the YOUNG GATOR OFFENSE bumbled n fumbled the ball away numorous times giving u the game as a gift and u know it. U clucks were sweating out the ENTIRE Second half Praying for God to intervene. U had less than 50 yards of TOTAL OFFENSE from Q-2 to the final 4-Q gun. LESS THAN FIDDY !!! That's the state u are in. All the GATORS need to do is clean up the fumbles/picks/penalties which are easy to do. Not executing an entire new offense that has not done squat and a STILL Depthless 'efense that will incur injuries making u cry "OUR D. SUCKS !!! FIRE THE D.C.", again during the middle run of ur All-Cupcake-Conference schedule... Oh and don't u forget... The NCAA will come a callin and knock u silly clucks right back to earth with an additional 2 year Bowl ban, 50 schollies over 5 years and 10 years probation... So u gotz that going 4 u.

So good for u lil cane fans and ur happy little home game that took, of course, another TOP-1 of the Top-2 College Football Programs in the Great State of FLORIDA to Sell-Out... It's been yeeeears since u were able to actually say u beat a great team that actually beat themselves in full truthful retrospect. ur 1-10 in those games over ur last 11 contests. So here's a f[]_[]ckin cookie cane cluck. Don't choke on it like ur team will come FSU and I GUARANTEE u blow one of the two Virginia/G. Tech and UNC/PITT anlong with ur yearly beatdowns by Va. Tech n FSU. So don't u start stacking cuban Banana carts in front of ur jackazz-nag. Loooooonnnngggg year. But rest assured, I'll be here to educate and school u domasses through it...


HOLA ARTY !!! Heading to Costa Rica for 10 days of Fishing n Surfing.... The REAL SEASON in a REAL CONFERENCE starts in a few weeks with the vastly improved UT VOLS... HOLLA !!!

yo clucks... u wanna trade ur soon to be completely over-hyped and exposed (by cane clucks... the Country ain't fooled) Defense for the MIGHTY GATORS DDDDDDEEEEFENSE ? u know, the BEST DEFENSE u'll see ALL YEAR. Thought so... Oh, and u can keep ur no big play sputtering under-whelming #17 n #8 two-headed over-rated 1-11 verses ranked team O too. They ain't ever gonna be SEC tough ... That's an ACC thang Everyone that knows College Football Understands.

BEAT SAVANNAH State Junior College !!!

Posted by: 9>5>2 | September 09, 2013 at 06:59 AM


r u stupid all the time in ur everyday life ? or just hear ?

Elon ? wtf

One more thing!

Calvin and Gallo - can you come over so we can finish our Eiffel Tower party?

I want to be in the middle this time!



Come on Man!

Is that really you? Or a poser? No doubt that Onion was a great coach, but was a loser as a coach. He had NOT a plan to win, but one to survive, and he admitted such. YOU have said YOURSELF that Onion was not a good coach, so I can't understand your turnaround.

Either 'Calvin' is a poser,
'Calvin' has finally lost his mind on the Herald board and wasting in the land of trolls!

If he lost it, U've got to pray 4 Calvin rehab, cuz he was a good cane!


No doubt that Onion was a great CANE, but was a loser as a coach.

Listening to some interviews with Al Golden these past 2 days, what he had to say about the Florida Football Team and program was interesting. "That was as a great and talented Florida Football Team that I've ever Coached against. They have a system on offense that they never waver from with a ground n pound style to wear opponents out with ball control. All the great teams must be able to do that and it's an aspect of an Offense that we are trying to develop and establish. That consistency of being well balanced and converting on manageable 3rd. downs to sustain drives wearing defenses out is key. It's not all about fast paced, big play ability. They ran 45 plays in the first half. FORTY-FIVE and basically stopped themselves with the turnovers in the Red-Zone. Now credit our guys for never giving up and making some plays, but let there be no doubt, Florida's philosophy of ball control of 3-4 yards a run and 6-7 yards per play overall is what wins Football games consistently while at the same time wearing down the Defense. Minus turning the ball over obviously. I was proud that we hung in there. The turnovers were huge, and it would have been a different game without them no doubt... Now the Gators Defense is as fine a Defense as I've seen in a longtime. They're speed is off the charts. As is their athleticism. They stuffed us to 8 - 3 n outs. I don't think we've had that many since I've been here in a game. Matter of fact, I'm sure we haven't. What makes them even scarier is that they rotate in 8-9 guys across their front four with very little to no drop off in speed and talent whatsoever. Their Linebackers are young but extremely talented runningback fast. Their Safety's are young also but solid and deep. But probably their greatest Defensive strength, and after watching them on film, they're probably the best group of Corners/Nickle/Dime in the County with their ability to man up, whether an offense is in 2-3-4 or even 5 wide and play tight man to man across the board with little or no help over the top is second to none. It's unreal that they have 5-6 guys that are above average plus cover corners. Now having said all that, what makes them even more difficult to scheme against offensively is that Coach Muschamp, who's regarded by many in our profession as not just one of College footballs top defensive coordinator minds, but one of the best in all of Football period... It's no secret that Florida is one of the most talented teams in the Country. And they are deep with amazing talent. We have some very good talent too, but we need to get to that level where we need to not just be 1st. team deep. But rather 2nd. and 3rd. team talent deep. It's not where we are now, buts it's where we know, in order to be a Championship caliber program we absolutely must be. Florida is that deep because of recruiting. They've had a jump on us in that regard the last 3-4 years, but we believe we are beginning to make strides towards that goal."


Gotta admit, that's good stuff from the Head Golden guy. No sugar coating or blowing smoke about the hated Gators. It's about having 2-3 deep top-talent of Jimmy's n Joe's. And then Coaching them up and letting them do their thing. Talking about it is one thing. Doing it is another. But identifying that as the ultimate goal and putting that plan into action with successful results is what's it's all about...

Hey queerbait, we don't play you for AT LEAST another 5 years, there's absolutely no reason related to college football for you to care about the Miami Hireicanes.

So just face the facts, you're nothing but an Internet nerd obsessed with a fake Internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

If u can happen to luck ur way into the National Championship Playoffs or Game the next year, two or three ??? ... u had ur chance in 2006 and 2008. But u were busy winning 6 and 7 games a year then. Try starting with an acc coastal... acc 'ship ... and 10 wins first.

And I'm DON SOLDY... I've forgotten more about Football than u will ever know...

Why would you care if the University of Miami is in the playoffs?

F*ck off for 5 years you internet nerd.

Calvin is a c...k sucker.. wht else can i say?

SOLDY - Sad post. The game would not have been meaningless to you if the Gators had won. Enjoy your fishing and surfing trip. I hope it is therapeutic for you.

Agree with 9>5>2 that the defensive conditioning paid off. Last year's team would have wilted in the fourth quarter, as it did on many occasions. The defensive line still looked fresh and maintained its pass rush throughout the game. Depth and rotation was also key.

The bye week comes at the perfect time. The way Miami won will be good for them in the long term. They know that have much to work on and they will have the opportunity to fix many of the problems over the next couple of weeks. The next two opponents give Miami the opportunity to work in freshmen that can contribute immediately - Stacey Coley, Artie Burns, Alex Figuroa, and Gus Edwards. I would also like to see Sandland start contributing at TE. They need to study hard the next few weeks and master the playbook. I think that is the only reason that they did not play as much against UF. Physically, all four freshmen above are ready to provide major contributions.

It is clear to me that Duke, as much as I love him, cannot maintain over 20 carries a game against elite defenses. He will need to put on more weight during the offseason if he wants to be any every down back. Also, he should not have been returning kicks against UF. It is tough enough as it is going up against their D-Line. Miami needs to compliment Duke with a bruising running back. Gus Edwards is the best they have right now to fit that bill. I also think they should run more fullback dives with Hagans to at least wear down the opposing defensive line.

Other adjustments on offense - when you are going up against a D-Line that stuffs the middle you have to utilize the flats to spread them out. An occasional WR screen or TE out pattern would have been effective against UF. They started to do this more in the fourth quarter and had some success. It is also a safe play to run when you are trying to avoid turnovers. I think Coley will improve with playcalling as the season progresses.

Defensively, I have no complaints based on what I saw against UF. I loved mixing up different blitzes and targeting UF's weak areas on the offensive line. Everyone maintained their gaps and position throughout the game. Apart from the breakdown in the fourth that led to a quick score, the defense played very smart. They clearly bought in to D'O and that is a good sign. I also think D'O's move to the booth has helped him immensely. I really hope Bush is OK and that they are just being cautious with him. Miami will need him this season. I hope he is able to get some reps against Savannah St.

Overall, I am very optimistic about the remainder of the season. If the teams focuses from week to week and does not get over-confident, they will win the Coastal Division and have a chance to beat Clemson (or FSU) for the ACC Championship. The game at North Carolina will determine whether that happens. The way the schedule works out, they will have extra time to prepare for UNC. They will beat Va. Tech at home handily. If they beat UNC and lose to FSU, they will still be in the title game if they win the rest of their games. GO CANES.

When the sports blogs started up in the Miami Herald there was a UM and a UF blog but no FSU blog.

As a result, all of the childish, name changing trolling has been between UM and UF "fans". You won't find a single comment here about the Florida State Seminoles, who are Miami and Florida's rivals in real life.

If this internet nerd nonsense ever had a basis in football that's now over. Miami has beaten Florida and it will be at least 5 years before we play again. UF is irrelevant to UM. UM should be irrelevant to UF.

You internet nerds are now officially engaged in a fake internet rivalry that has absolutely nothing to do with football.

Nothing UM "fans" say about UF or UF "fans" say about UM on this blog will change the fact that you're a bunch of internet nerds who care more about talking to people on the internet than talking about football.

I am waiting on Canetrash.......


Trash you would be a MONUMENTAL LOOSER if you do not write and "Ode" to the win over your Gators.

Your credibility is at stake...
and I want to know what your real feelings are after this game.
If UF had won you would be all over the blog.

We are waiting..do NOT disappoint.. and make it good
Go 'Canes

What a great win and I had to watch the game on the dvr last night when I got back from South Carolina but I did follow the score on my phone through out the day.. My tenant broke her lease and moved out and I only had Friday and Saturday to spackle, paint, clean, and shampoo the carpets before driving back to NY. Like most I'm thrilled with the progress of our defense and obviously the U Tough program is paying off but with that being said... I think we will have problems with teams that have both a good offense and a good defense. Florida had the 118th ranked offense last year but racked up yards on us. Its hard to tell if its because of our offense kept having 3 & outs and putting defense back out on the field or if Florida's passing game is markedly improved this year. I know our offense was in a battle with an elite defensive unit all day and they didn't fold up like they did in years past. It was a great win but we haven't "arrived" yet. I hope our players enjoy the win, stay humbled, and keep grinding because there's still work that needs to be done to get where they want to go.

The gift that Florida gave Miami? LOL!

Was it a gift that Um had 2 drives killed by the referees? One a missed face mask wduring which Morris almost had his head unscrewed off on a third down, and another a phantom holding call when Clements broke into Florida territory on a third down also.

Was it a gift to "allow" UM to harass Driskel all game long, and for the UM defense to "allow" only 2.8 yds per carry on those so-called bruising running backs of florida?

Was it a gift for Um to "allow" a garbage TD to the UF hurry up offense with 2 minutes left?

Was it a gift to permit Tyriq mccord to sack Driskel and have him fumble?

Was it a gift that Um gave UF every ample opportunity to score in the red zone?

This was a team win for the U but the Defense gets the game ball.
The Offense on the first q- took advantage of opportunities
Clive Walford had some key catches
Allen Hurns

Swasey and his conditioning

The entire D.

Coach Donofrio

Good win...but alot of work needs to be done on offense and WHERE IS OUR OL??

Ranked - do not care...just WIN BABY...that is all we need to do...
agree with most on here...NC, UVA, VT, and FSU - Show us the same effort as SAT against all these teams...and then maye we deserve to be talked about...until then...let's temper the excitement...and JUST WIN BABY.


No Word yet from Cane Trash? Say it ain't so. I guess that "thing" is sill trying to learn how to spell LOSER? Go Canes

Yo cane trash

Yo U chUmps keeps asking for me to comment
Yo first off
Congrats fools U won the game
Good job clUcks
But what does it mean, what can a delusional clUck take away from this?
Yo listen to Golden Retriever
Yo Soldy had a good summary of his presser
Must say this Golden Retriever knows the truth
and that is good for U
too bad he is not delUsional like the average cane clown

Yo sunnydouche
U get it that Lil Duke is not enough without help
he did what he does every time he has faced a good D
about 50 yards and less than 2 ypp average.
Morris played well, the 3 times U scored, rest of the game not a factor
Ur 17 TEs were mostly not a factor neither were the much over hyped WRs, again save for about 3 drives.

Yo U will win Ur next 3 in a row
Will probably make Ur ugly mugs swell up
Who knows maybe every good team U face will have 5 or 6 turnovers in the red zone and fail to score enough.
Great recipe for victory
Just don't count on it

Yo I leave U with Ur false sense of security
Try not to call me back anymore like Pacino
In my book U still R one sorry bunch of

It's unfortunate that the record will never be straight. UF was the better team, UM just got lucky. We all know that's why the games are played, but to brag about the gift of the game is ridiculous. Gators are still the best in the state. Will be for years.
Driskell won't be qb forever here. Shame those at UM won't reschedule, chicken or Ibis?

Posted by: D

The record is straight, 21-16, Canes. I don't see why you're confused.

Gators lose to probation Miami. Accept it.

Posted by: Canetrash

Our reply - 21-16, Canes.


Such a great weekend.

You only go to Costa Rica for hookers, it's like those trips to the Dominican Republic. I guess his sister/wife cut him off after the loss. We're laughing at you Soldy, laughing hard.....loser.

Drsikell just threw another interception!


*should have been 21-9 but we felt sory for you, loser, go throw on a white sheet hillbilly

See ya next year Soldy, oh yeah, that's right....run chcicken run

Miami 29 - UF 26

run chicken run! LMAO! enjoy your costa rican hookers hillbilly

Here's some fundamental rules of football don't choke on it Gator KluKK

whoever wins the trunover battle, wins the game, and we play to win the game, HELLO!

Go burn a cross hillbilly

In my book U still R one sorry bunch of
Posted by: Canetrash | September 09, 2013 at 11:31 AM

Guess that makes UF even bigger losers..

It's unfortunate that the record will never be straight. UF was the better team, UM just got lucky. We all know that's why the games are played, but to brag about the gift of the game is ridiculous. Gators are still the best in the state. Will be for years.
Driskell won't be qb forever here. Shame those at UM won't reschedule, chicken or Ibis?
Posted by: D | September 09, 2013 at 11:33 AM

So here's where the excuses come in right? How are UF still the best in state when they lost? interesting..

Posted by: THE ALL KNOWING DON SOLDY ... u know | September 09, 2013 at 07:19 AM

Boy, that was a pretty excuse filled rant. Still here even after UM beat UF and won't play for the foreseeable future. 6 years wasted for nothing.. good luck in life..

I was wondering when the excuse trolls would start.

I recall the same thing happened when Um beat UF in the Peach bowl. Chris Leak and the boyz dominated time of possession, etc etc , but with quick strikes (Hester et al), and a stout D, the U womped on them- The next week the excuse mongers started up

Don;t matter.

UM--- W

UF- Lose.

thats the only stat that matters

More importantly, The U has to fix the offense. Imagine if the D continues to play this well, and we get this O rolling,it'll be scray and I will tell you- time for every one else to worry. Yeah, that also means you, Saban!

IDK what it is, Morris had time to work with the receivers on the timing.I think having a new OC hurts somewhat. So the OC needs to get his b--t in gear. Use the talents on this team. Open Duke up. Support Duke up with another rb. etc

Cane in Cali -

Can you send these Gator KluKKs some of that "Cali" these dudes are still tweaking, fantasizing about trips to Costa Rica and what not! LMAO


When the sports blogs started up in the Miami Herald there was a UM and a UF blog but no FSU blog.
As a result, all of the childish, name changing trolling has been between UM and UF "fans". You won't find a single comment here about the Florida State Seminoles, who are Miami and Florida's rivals in real life.
If this internet nerd nonsense ever had a basis in football that's now over. Miami has beaten Florida and it will be at least 5 years before we play again. UF is irrelevant to UM. UM should be irrelevant to UF.
You internet nerds are now officially engaged in a fake internet rivalry that has absolutely nothing to do with football.
Nothing UM "fans" say about UF or UF "fans" say about UM on this blog will change the fact that you're a bunch of internet nerds who care more about talking to people on the internet than college football.

Canes defense played lights out....WE CAUSED ALL your turnovers.....PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

But hey....he Cotton Bowl didn't matter either righhhtt???????

Yo Canetrash.....where you be slurpee boyyyeeeeeee??

Come out and entertain us!!

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