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Morris, Duke Johnson, receivers talk about the offense's rough day against the Gators


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Thanks Manny!

Let the excuses begin! Hey Mr. Reality Bites-Hows that for some reality?!

Keep grinding. The offensive line needs to do better on blitz pick up.

Very proud of you guys..

As Chick said this has been a D that played angry for all the BULL*** they have had to listen to about our Terrible D, and Cocah D had to sit there and listen to all this. He and the D are laughing at all the "Chicken littles". We all know who they are.

Above all to read that cAlvina does not consider CG a real 'Canes unless he wins a NC is asinie.
That is like saying "Butch Davis was never a Miami Hurricane Coach because he never won a NC with the 'U'".
I am so sick of cAlvina, Tubwoman, and Gallo that they have NO CREDIBILITY to show their face on these BLOGS.
Whenever they post we should answer with the score of this game so that they would not forget the beatdown our D did to all their theories, and prognostications.
Very, very proud of our 'Canes.
Keep rolling and as Coral Gables'81 says Keep grinding.
A win is a win. Ugly or not ....it is a Win baby.
Go 'Canes

Ugly, yet pretty, D played nasty, think O play calling was weak. Should have dumped the ball to Duke in the flats. But, a w is a w. And Cane's + 3 (fortelling, 29-26)

Congratulations to the Miami Hurricanes from a Florida Gator. You guys deserve it!

A win is a win, but why can't U post that (or any post) without referencing supposed villains and name-calling. I didn't and still don't believe Golden and d'No can coach on a NC level. 15-11 has credibility 41-45 overall as a head coach has credibility enough to warrant debate. the problem is that U have no tolerance for it, but whose fault is that?

If its all about the Canes, then stop making EVERY single one of your posts about U and Us. make a post free of name-calling, b$%ching and moaning. i mean U said U have this business and meeting s and blah blah, but U act like a scorned kid on here.

Yall have PTSD courtesy of the Curse and are working yall treatment thru others. He aint here and the other Gator trolls are quiet. Why can't U accept your win on this blog today. Non-Cane fans aren't here right now. Its time to breathe and accept victory, revel in it, and leave the negativity for once. Its ok, U can post about football now, the nemesis is gone--and U need to learn to live without him.

Play calling was definition of insanity. Run Duke, run Duke, pass and punt - over and over, especially in the 3rd. Wanted to see more throws in the flat to TE, FB, etc. to slow that Gator D but hey, what a game by the D and hats off to Coach D.Love that punter . . .

golden/dnofrio are crap.....UM played horrible.....gators are not a top 10 team to begin with and their OL su..cked

the defense didnt play well...they still gave up over 300 yards with the gator offense having 10 penalties and 6 turnovers.....5 in the red zone

florida handed the game to UM.....plain and simple. Duke is overrated as a feature back that can handle the load...he cant and golden didn't even play hagens or clements.......9% 3rd down efficiency and only 10 first downs the whole game , that's 2.5 per quarter....please, wtf is golden talking about....

I am glad for the kids that they won but I am still not on board with golden/dnofrio.....

coley has to step up and show more.....this is 2 weeks now back to back......

UGoCane, U can't make a person like another person. They have to come to that conclusion in their own time. Why does me not believing in Golden's abilities to lead Us to a NC, make me a "troll" and/or worst? I've expressed my reasons with facts and stats numerous times, but still get attacked with anger. Why? Explain why at your age and status (business owner with meetings everyday) this is acceptable behavior?

You're are stuck in a rut of negativity, even when there's no antagonist--U create one. Your posts are the same as they would be, had we lost today. Celebrate while I happily eat crow about Golden and D'No's abilities today. They showed adequate leadership today for sure!

Butch Davis has won championships with UM as an assistant coach. Coker, Shannon, Kehoe, barrow, Hurlie Brown etc etc. It counts to be a coach and a player. Davis was our DL coach from 1984-1988. So he has a UM NC ring.

Florida was moving the ball at will against UM.....and the OL of florida stinks, so what does that say about the dnofrio defense......

you saw today how UM misses eddie johnson and gioni paul at LB.......perryman did all the work

They played good enough to win..We created 5 T/O's..

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 07, 2013 at 07:05 PM

You're stuck in a rut of negativity. You are a miserable person spewing negative bullish*t on this blog day after day after day after day.

And BTW - YOU HAVE ZERO CREDIBILITY NOW. None. You're done, hang 'em up, shove any and all opinions you have right up your ass because if anything you had to say was remotely true there's no way Al Golden and coach D'Onofrio's defense could beat your mighty Gators.

So keep on keeping on. Keep spouting negative bullish*t about UM football.

We can all go ahead and ignore you now because you've been exposed as knowing absolutely NOTHING about college football.

golden/dnofrio are crap.....UM played horrible.....gators are not a top 10 team to begin with and their OL su..cked

the defense didnt play well...they still gave up over 300 yards with the gator offense having 10 penalties and 6 turnovers.....5 in the red zone

florida handed the game to UM.....plain and simple. Duke is overrated as a feature back that can handle the load...he cant and golden didn't even play hagens or clements.......9% 3rd down efficiency and only 10 first downs the whole game , that's 2.5 per quarter....please, wtf is golden talking about....

I am glad for the kids that they won but I am still not on board with golden/dnofrio.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | September 07, 2013 at 07:00 PM


U and i know u can't do that lol! U have and will continue to live everything I write! I wipe the floor with u dayt after dat after day for the last 3 weeks and a win by my football team doesn't mean a loss to U...sorry! U didn't earn it by blind-following lol! So upset on a day of celebration, you'd think we lost. no Gator trolls here so yall have to create opposition-sad.

PTSD courtesy of the Curse. I've admitted everything I need to admit, but I'll never admit to be being a Gator fan, because its not the case. congrats to Golden and D'No--good coached game. We are 2-0 and if i have to at crow today, then yall cannot make ANY excuses the rest of the season. Correct? Deal? Thats all its ever been about.

U said I had zero credibility 3 weeks ago, so which is it? Have i had credibility up until now? LOL! Trying hard to soak this win up on a blog, its not about U tho, its about the U!

U said I had zero credibility 3 weeks ago, so which is it? Have i had credibility up until now? LOL! Trying hard to soak this win up on a blog, its not about U tho, its about the U! PTSD

Poor Tubman! Been polluting this blog for months along with Calvin, D, Soldy, Arty, stop me anytime.. The company you keep my friend. You're like an arsonist who is burning down his own neighborhood and then comes back to watch the fires that he has created.
Now you want to play the voice of reason card? Fuqing classic!

Go 'canes!

I'm a Canes fan who lives in Ohio.....and I can assure you I'd rather win UGLY than lose pretty any day! Haven't been sure about Coach D and there is a long way to go but TODAY you have to give him and the D their do and recognize progress! Best win in almost 10 yrs!

Yea that USED to be the case(people not wanting to come here), but then it was because of the Pig, but now its because of the day one dudes who have PTSD from the curse days. Y'all are on auto-pilot now attacking anyone who says more than Go golden! Thats weak and the Curse is laughing. He doesn't have to post hate because y'all do. he loves the infighting and yall can't even learn to have fun or celebrate this win--STAINED AND SELF-CHECKED!!! LMAO!



I WAS WRONG. I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO BE WRONG. I had no hope that our defense would play at that level for 4 full quarters and get us the win. Coach D, my regards. 5 FORCED TURNOVERS. FORCED. ......


Offense was awful against a really good, maybe great defensive team - like we have been for the last few years...Duke alomost got taken out, like I was afraid of; was shut down after the 1st quarter, bc UF made great adjustments, but...

Wow. Defense. UF got 500ish yards and that late TD on last year's prevent defense? That's fine. I will take that alllll day.

This game showed that COACHING matters, and we have some real hope. Great Job, AG, D'no, entire defense.

To the Gallo - just wow. You can stop now...no wait, keep it coming - I need a list, please....You jus t can't stand that your "you heard it here first was allll wrong... Be a man. admit you were so very, very wrong. Do it. Be a grown-assed man.

I've been here for less than ONE month, all U have to do is look back. U confusing with someone else and if u had a problem with my opinion then why haven't U EVER addressed it with me before now? U wait for a day of celebration to b$%ch, moan, bellow about nothingness. Yall dudes were OBVIOUSLY raised by your mothers.

PTSD courtesy of the Curse-he lives on thru y'all! Ain that a B! SMH

Nah the difference between me and you tubby is on Monday I'll be back to work while you'll still be spewing the same garbage you've been spewing for months. I'm sure you'll get off of D'No's jock and start bashing the OC, or the trainers, or the towel boys, but you and yours are the ones who brought this blog to the brink.
You're right about the Pig, but the difference between he and you is that you're still here today. Go sleep off your nonsensical theories about UM football.

Go 'canes!

Jim Gallo I read many of your comments over the past two years and never blogged on the Cane site but I have ask one question who the hell are you? There is no way you can be real a Cane fan because your comets about the time after a victory like this truly resemble that the world is coming to an end for the Canes and we are at (DEFON 4). You have to be the one of the most pessimistic person that I have ever met. Thank god you a not a coach. During the 1960’s and early 1970’s I can remember when the Canes were truly crap and no one ever gave a second through about this program. I also was born and raised in Miami Fl. and joined the US army in 1976 and retired after 22 years of service. But during the decade of the eighty’s and early nineties I can remember that there was there was not must love for the Cane’s from many of my fellow service members who had their own favorite teams, and I always stood up for the U when they got bad mouthed in good times and bad times. And I have another question for you? Are you really a Cane fan? Or just or just someone who just complains just to complain. I really don’t get you I actually feel that if the Cane’s won a national championship today you would critique and punch hole in their victor.

Cane Fan Always

Cane Fan Always

Posted by: Bradleye | September 07, 2013 at 08:01 PM

Gallo is straight Gator Troll.

EXACTLY! U go to work like the good boy U are, while I send people to work on Monday. Thats exactly the difference. U love having a boss man and man master to gloat about and give all praises to. Thats what all this hostility is all about. U must protect his house, but no, he don't own it, we do. I love Coley while it seems canes nation is questioning him after this game. Like the players said, "this is only one game" I'm glad they can handle a victory unlike this board. Yall losing y'all minds, we are 2-0 LOL! This shows that y'all our scred and have PTSD. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BEAT THE GAYTOR WHEREVER WE PLAY THEM ESPECIALLY AT HOME.

yall need to get over the Curse, the canes cleared this board of gator trolls and yall attacking other cane fans to compensate. i bet they're all reading and laughing. Celebrate the victory on the field and on the blog, I'm still working on my 3rd piece of crow with a smile. Go Canes!

Again, I've only been on this blog for 3 weeks, not months.

Gallo the turnovers were caused by the defense , the improvement was evident , admit it and shutup . Go Canes

You have no clue you nut! Boss man? Who says shyt like that? HarrietTubmanCane? Do you live on a plantation or something?
Have you re-read anything that you've been writing for the last 3 weeks as you say? Enough with the "victim" card tonight tubby. You want to celebrate, fair enough. But don't come in here tonight like you haven't been a huge source of the pollution on this blog for the last month. You've probably written more BS since you've been here than the Curse himself.

Go 'canes!

What DA Gallo doesn't seem to get is that 'stats are for losers and asst coaches, and you aint NO asst coach'. LMAO!!!!!

I really enjoyed that victory. It was like old times watching and hoping that the Canes could hold on for a great win... and they did. One irritating thing though. Just before they scored their last TD, they failed to run the clock down on three plays that would have run another 36 seconds off the clock (I checked this via DVR replay)... and could have made the last very tense moments much less tense! I hope that Golden fixes this aspect of the play calling.

Can we get an ignore button?

U say shyt like that on mondays when u punch in. No u live on the plantation-U just admitted so^^^. I'm here to wake U up and guide U to reality about our Canes. See you haven't been here--this has been explained already. I haven't been a huge source of pollution to everyone, there are a lot of posters who support what I've posted the last 3 weeks. Categorizing it as pollution is an opinion, from those who are biased and seek to evade, deny, and discredit my assertion instead of debate or have discourse about them. My opinion is that Golden cannot coach this team to NC level football and based it off of facts and stats like his record here and overall. Why people got so upset about that is beyond me.

Again thats your opinion--not everyone agrees that its been BS. I've more than supported it and shut down the opposition with facts over and over. So much so, that most dudes cop deuces and say, "I'm ignoring him"--we ALL know thats the white flag lol! But they rebut and don't ignore admitted "trolls"--something aint adding up???

Posted by: Scott Nichols | September 07, 2013 at 08:20 PM

They almost outsmarted themselves with that roll out on the last drive. It was a low risk attempt to ice the game. I'm sure Morris was supposed to slide if the receiver wasn't wide open, but then Duke got the clipping call and stopped the clock. After we let them march down on the previous three plays and score it did make for a tense finish.
Let's be real, the OC is new and will have some growing pains along the way. I think he did enough to win and has much room for improvement, but considering the defense they were up against I think a "win is a win" will work for me tonight!

Go 'canes!

SEE^^^LMAO!!!!! {Ignore button AKA I can't f with him}!

SEE^^^LMAO!!!!! {Ignore button AKA I can't f with him}!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 07, 2013 at 08:30 PM

See what?

The resident troll asked for an ignore button.

Tubby that cat is straight retarded. His mom has to put corks on his forks to keep him from poking his own eye out when he eats. Come Monday he'll be an FSU fan, in November he'll be a Clemson fan (God willing). I hope that's not who's been "agreeing" with you. Calvin and "D" Bag are not much better.

I've had a front row seat for Calvin's meltdown going back the Sun Sentinel days. That tool knows he has nothing to say here today. All of his nonsense has been debunked about the defense.

Go 'canes!

Harriet.. you talk about other peoples negativity but you've been nothing but negative since you made up your new name. It's pretty sadly obvious to the rest of us. Go away, you've been nothing but negative when every one else was trying to be positive about the Canes.
Or, do us all a favor and start your posts with your name so we can know to skip your drivel.
Gallo, just go away. You are one sad individual. If you wont go away, please start your lists with your handle so we can all skip your bs.
This is a blog for Canes fans you fools, if you aren't happy about a win over floriduh, you are most certainly not a Hurricane fan. Seriously, ANY win over floriduh, considering where the two programs are right now, is a GOOD win and worthy of celebration. If the W isn't enough for you just gtfo here.
Oh yeah, where's the delusional cluck idiot? hahahahaha @ []_[] FOOL!

Posted by: MovingZen | September 07, 2013 at 08:53 PM

The cluck, how could I forget!! Tick...tock...tick...tock
I hope they don't have to wind their cluck clock! It could be a while before the "alarm" goes off!

Go 'canes!

Tubby wrong as usual.

Inspired defense. Never would have played out that way last year.

Oh yeah x2

That's 7 out of the last 8.. Eh what say?

When that alarm goes off, U better be at work Monday or your out on the streets. Thats the cost of being an elite slurper and monetized buffoon.

Moving Zen, again, that your opinion, its not a fact, racist bigot good ole boys always have and always will hate the truth, and u CANNOT convince me that, that my issue. I'm not going anywhere and there' absolutely nothing U can do about it. U can't stop reading my posts and I woke this dump up, U should be saluting me, maybe if i screen shotted my bank account U would change your tune. Its so easy to berate your own demographic than to critique the root of your frustration. I'm ecstatic about the win, so stating the obvious gets u no cool points. What was my old name, before I changed it and became negative? I get a ton of supportive posts from free men. I'll be fine. Next!

mountain U still won't answer my question. Huh? Are U going to the Pitt game?

I want to personally apologize to Coach D'Onofrio for all the horrible and obscene words I said about him.

I read enough of your posts to know that you are nothing but negative when it comes to the current Canes. Here lately, I've just started scrolling to the end of posts to see who wrote them before I read them. So, sorry, I've already stopped reading most of your drivel. Maybe I should screen 'shotted' my mm accounts and my vanguard admiral investments? Your delusions of grandeur impress no one but the mirror buddy you spend all your time with. Yeah, you get tons of supportive posts from naysayers and gaytor fans.. glad you're happy with that type of posse. Good luck with those friends!

What was my old name Zen?

U took the bait about the account stuff, that stuff only means something to a c00n, ,so good luck trying to ingratiate yourself with your man masters. People aren't naysayers and gator fans if they don't agree with u or post more than "Go Golden!" Believe it or not, there are still some Canes fans in the world despite the mediocre Corporate and Pageantry takeover.

U don't read my posts but we are posting back & forth right now and I wasn't even talking to U lol! good luck convincing everyone of that...but it just doesn't add up bruh!

Again, negative because U don't agree with me. Look up the word, thats not the definition. U can't and don't embody morality twerp. Look up the "Master Morality" while you're at it. Learn your ideology and where it came from. What U say and how u feel is your stuff--not everyone else's. Bye

You're playing the "Angry Black" card tubby? Seriously? Should we pull our dycks out and see who makes the most money on here?
I'm not about to get into your argument about whether you are blogging under an assumed name. I've been accused of it myself and never understood why I was supposed to be using a fake name so no one would know my other fake name.
You look like a fool talking about bank accounts and wealth why simultaneously using a fake name and spewing nonsense about the canes! You're a "mogul" but spend your every waking moment bashing the team you love? I'm laughing at you as I write this! Sleep it off homie!

Tell Jay and Beyonce I said hey!

P.S. Your plantation humor says much about your insecurity and upbringing.

Go 'canes!

Wow, seriously, you're an idiot. Good luck with your bs Bruh.

neg·a·tive (ng-tv)
a. Expressing, containing, or consisting of a negation, refusal, or denial: gave a negative answer to our request.
b. Indicating opposition or resistance: a negative reaction to the new advertising campaign.
2. Lacking positive or constructive features, especially:
a. Unpleasant; disagreeable: had a negative experience on his first job.
b. Gloomy; pessimistic: a negative outlook.
c. Unfavorable or detrimental: a negative review; a negative effect on the child's development.
d. Hostile or disparaging; malicious: ran a negative campaign against her opponent.

Number 2 a, b, and c. Constantly crying about the coaching is negativity. Why am I talking to you? I'm surprised you can work teh internets!

And you're playing the "Subserviant Monetized Slave" card Sota! U brought up work as if it was some badge of honor, but anyone can work--we did it for over 300 years for free and built the land U lay your puss ball of a head on. So salute boy.

PAUSE on the dycks stuff. Is sarasota cane your government name LMAO!! Them what are u talking about?? Shut up, U sound stupid and confused. U brought up work, why did u bring it up, why do u work? For money right/ well thats why I brought up accounts because the pursuit and attainment of $ is your life unfortunately. Get it, I'm toying with U. U were trying to pull some kind of rank, but U have none. my people worked circles around yours, thats why they came and got Us LMAO! so don't bring up work unless U need a job and I might think about it hiring U.

I could never be angry, the truth is the truth and I'm winning under and above the same corrupt system that was designed for U to win, but U struggle in.

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