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Morris, Duke Johnson, receivers talk about the offense's rough day against the Gators


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Its still your opinion and I thought U skipped my posts???

Me being negative is your stuff, not mine. Everyone doesn't feel that way. u don't own, create, nor embody morality naturally. Did U do the other homework I gave U boy?

Post something on the Master Morality too.

Pompous & arrogant for no good reason--just delusional.

I don't bash my team, I question the coach and also questioned Coker and RS to no anger or hostility from any Cane fans. For some odd reason, this Cane coach is above any reproach, but can someone send me the e-mail stating his mandate? I missed it or it missed me. Is it a good boy only thing?

Jay & Beyonce are c00ns like U, U tell them i said whats up, I don't slurp elites no matter their race or ethnicity.

You sound like Pookie from New Jack City!

And U sound like Joe the Plumber from the Republican campaign ads lol!

That's offensive coordinator has no clue what his doing

Hey all...check this out...

Gallo has a new addition to the Golden List

The University of Florida Football Team!!!!!!!

Gallo you F-wad little panty waste list builder STFU!

I was thinking about the O and the poor performance...we forget there were a few plays that were called back due to the somewhat phantom Holding Penalty...

I do feel Duke needs a little help with a Lead Back...look what 25 did with a lead back...

The OC will get this fixed...there is too much talent on the O side of the ball for him not to fix it...

Let's talk about the D...they were on the field for year and a half this game...but every time it counted...they were for real.

UF scored the first TD on a very short field on a quick turnaround...the did not give up but 3pts until they were down 22, and we went into a shell on the last big UF Drive...that was 60 desperate yards...they are still yards, but they are not yards trying to go down and win the game...

The more I reflect on this game, the better I feel about the D and how well they played for being on the field so long...If we can get 2 less 3 and outs on O and not have a million holding calls...we addd another 5-7 min to out TOP and we are closer to a 50/50 split on TOP...

The Bye week comes at a good time along with a scrimmage or two before we get into the GT & NC games...we will then have a lighter week with WF before we hit FSU & VT...

Basically we have a 3 week early season camp again...

That will allow us to get better!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

If you write on this blog and you are not Calvin or HTC or the other ones that blast the U Why in God's name to you all seem to make comments that rebut their silly statement. Do what I do first, I look at the posted name first than I rad the comment. If everyone on this blog just ignored the silly people, the silly people would just go away. I say and always will "If you see their name as Posted pass it up, let it go, why waste time reading trash. Why comment on trash, let it go and they will also. Great win for the U. The last Fla. TD reminded me of the great Florida flop game back in 66 might have been 67. I'm just a little older and the memory I not what it used to be. Win or lose I'm a cane fan and have been one since 63 when Mira lit up the field. Thanks for letting me voice my thoughts.

The only stat that counts is the score board.

Congrats to all and enjoy the victory - till tomorrow.


Quality win over in state recruiting rival...Nice to see the defense make big plays and limit Florida's chunk plays..I know the Florida defense is nasty with a great D-line but i am a little concerned about the O-line and Morris and passing game has not been consistent..I know its still early and we won old Miami style..Big Plays when needed...Great win to Golden, coaches and players and Florida fans you won all the stats except the scoreboard...CHOMP ON THAT!!!....THE U

Unfortunately 63, thats not true. Golden is not the U, he is the current coach of the U. And if the coaches are sacred and above reproach or critique, then where were these posts when Shannon or Coker were the coaches? Where was his undying defense despite his record? I remember criticizing them freely, especially Shannon. How do u know what I post if U follow your strategy for reading here?

Get over yourself and stop trying to one up people with the "fan since" routine lol! U aint better than anyone. U probably don't even wipe good.

Also we won't leave because we talk to each other, there's more than enough people here who are willing to carrying a conversation with me. All I need is one really. I hope people take your advice though, because defending yourself against ad hominem all day is stupid. Listen to Grampah: PLEASE IGNORE ME!!

nope...UM did not force ANY of those 4 fumbles and 2 interceptions by florida.....all were lost by florida players.....

defense gave up 413 yards vs last year average of 486...so what is golden talking about how improved the defense is?

1st downs - 22 UF 10 U
total rushing - 122 UF 50 U
total passing - 291 UF 162 U
total offense - 413 UF 212 U

problems ar QB - RB and offensive play calling.....2 weeks back to back weak....

duke johnson 21 for 59 yards, just like he always does against decent teams.....

golden/dnofrio still s...ck and the stats prove it......florida will drop out of the top 25....they were never a real #12 ranked team.

Miami allowed florida to dink and dunk, and they bent buttdidnt break. THAT WAS GENIUS. They held the vaunted 200 lb each duo of runningbacks to 2.8 yds a carry. One carry was the 9 yd TD by Driskel. The red zone defense was HUGE and this D is playing like a national title contender.

But the O is still struggling and I think its the OC. Duke was used poorly and the O line stunk and dint have any push. Duke couldnt even get 2 yds- he was constantly being driven back. The O Guard couldnt handle D.Easley, but few players can. But I agree with Uheard and others- Duke should have been given the ball in the flats, in space, and allowed him to do his thing.

But to those that think UF "gave" tyhe ball to Miami note these few things:

- If Morris was in sync with his receivers all game, this would have been a blow out- Youre Welcome

- Morris nearly had his head twisted off on a 3rd and long and the refs never saw it and never called it- Youre welcome

- The excellent first down runby Eduardo Clements that gave Miami a first downon the UF 30 in the 3rd q was called back by a phantomholding call- the super slo mo showed it was absoutely positively NOT a HOLDING CALL!-So that killed our drive- youre welcome

- The last UF TD was a gift by the Miami D they were still celebrating they were not even set and they basically played prevent D except the safeties were all out of sorts- only mistake of the game.

- A football game inviolves Offense and DEfense. Our Defense CREATED trunovers with hits in the gut, sack strips, and ints- The Miami D won this game.

Thank you coach Donofrio. The scheme to harass Driskel and to shut down their running game was genius. THat won the game. D was nasty.Perryman was nasty.

Morris and the receivers and the O line are out of sync. They need to get this fixed before ACC play starts. Duke cannot be allowed to run over and over outside if defgenses have him pegged. ODC needs to adjsut, and we need a 1-2 punch so Clements needs to come in more.


The above comments are by people who do not understand NCAA ball just ask all the top twenty teams that got whipped yesterday not every game is pretty but all real fans know is 2-0

Hey 9>5>2
Great piece.
Well written.
Good points.

Any of the above swinging our way could have made the score at least 14 more points in our favor.

As you know there is no love that is give by officials to the 'U'. That is something we have to deal with, over many years, so do not expect any gifts there!!!.

The D is on plan , and the O has shown in 2 games that to be Elite and move up in the scheme of things we need to step up with cosistency.
Duke is not all of our O, but a big factor.If the O continues to be out of sync, this bye week will give us time to get our timing down.

I am VERY proud of our 'Canes, and you and Mountain Cane, Zen and It's a Cane thing called it perfectly. Great wins, good plays, but we have things to work on..
Go 'Canes

The real truth is that the Canes are one, if not the most. fittest teams in the country. UF's offense was gasping while our defense, despite all the time on the field, was fine. I was amazed. Thank you coach Golden for bringing us back, especially under the glare of the NVAA witchhunt for three years.

PS Gallo is an old, decrepit waste of a soul who just hates. If there was some way the MH could ban this moron.

LOL watching the Gators replay, called "Breakfast With the Gators." Actually today it is "Having the Gators for Breakfast." Announcer says that Miami wide receivers can't out run Gator defensive backs. lol. I guess they missed that Miami score with Dorsett five yards behind the defense!

LOL HarriettTubman with an emphasis on Harriett! obviously gettin under his skin as judged by his constant posts trying to answer all the deserved negativity tossed his/her way!

And did an excellent job doing so as well!! "Emphasis on Harriet" LMAO!! U are hilarious my friend. Why type on an old blog on purpose?? Oh, because U have nothing good to say. I obviously got under your skin because you're responding to me responding to dudes u don't even know 12 HOURS later...but I'm mad LOL! Like AnonymousCane is not LOL. Explain your name, I'll wait.

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