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Morris leaves early with sprained right ankle injury WQAM reports

Quarterback Stephen Morris left tonight's game with 8:51 to play in the first quarter and was escorted into the locker room by staffers. The injury: a sprained right ankle.

After x-rays were performed, WQAM sideline reporter Josh Darrow said on the radio broadcast UM was "treating it like a sprain."

From watching him on the sideline through my binoculars Morris didn't appear to be in a great amount of pain, but he was favoring his ankle as he walked off the field. We'll have to find out after the game if it is a high-ankle sprain or a just a regular sprain.

High-ankle sprains are considered more severe and require longer rehab.

UM coach Al Golden didn't sound too worried, though, telling TV reporters as he walked off the field at halftime: "Stephen's fine. X-rays were negative."

Morris injured his ankle on a pass intended for Clive Walford that he threw out of bounds on UM's third offensive series of the game. He was tackled from behind by defensive end Alex Wierzbicki on the play.


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Why would it be necessary for people to use different names, and if they are, what difference does it really make. I don't get the obsession of people trying to claim someone is trying to hide or use another identity. You don't have to worry about that with me, i'm not hiding from nobody or nothing i have to say!

Eat some ICE Calvin.

I'm glad Morris' x-rays are negative, but ankle sprains, especially high ankle sprains, can knock you out for half the year. Duke seemed to have hurt his shoulder a bit. Coley was having his knee checked. Hopefully, there are no serious injuries. How about a running clock in the 2nd half. Both teams will benefit from a running clock.

Gus Edwards looks good. Ryan Williams also looked good. Offense line
...nit so much.

Special teams are horrible. Why don't we catch punts?

WEll fellas, take that 1 run away and it was a dominating performance. DEPTH, this team seems like Jimmys old teams. WE have RB depth, WR depth, Playmakers, Defense, WE ARE LOADED

Ok I know it was savannah st, but our 3rd and 4th string was better than their starters.................

They should fire coach goldie, how did Savannah st. score 7 points, that's not a good sign.

Keep reaching monkey boy!!

They should fire pease and muschump. They allowed driskel to start.....oh , wait , sorry he was the best you had. I retract my previous statment.except for the pease part lol

I didnt think it was possible to have more turnovers than touchdowns but the gators proved me wrong.

waters came back to play, How is dooooook?
Good playing time for everyone..especially the TE's..and running backs

Calvin...I am disapointed in you...

If you watch the play...most all the players were looking at the sideline when SS snapped the ball on the long TD run...

If that series goes like all the others for SS...our D keeps SS to about 100 yards Total O with well under 100 rushing...

The only negative is we got nicked in this game...but I was really pleased with the way Williams played...

Not too worried if Morris misses USF...

Good scrimmage for The U...back ups...2nd, 3rd, 4th units and walk-ons did well.

The U could have hung 100 or more if they wanted to...

Get better this week and healthy...a little bit tougher scrimmage this week...then The Coastal Leading GT Yellow Jackets!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

The encouraging thing to me, in the past several years whenever we played a team we were expected to dominate like this, we usually struggled some. We would win, but it would be 28 or 31 to 7 or 14. This is the first time in years that they played an overmatched team and truly looked dominant. And we got to see some future stars in Gus and Coley.

CANES need to do even better next week. Got to shutout USF in Tampa. Keep them out of the red zone. Can't really take anything away from the Savannah State game except to say that the CANES did what they had to do. Got to keep getting better. Coley, Beau and Gus...nice.

I agree Canelyst, one game at a time...If we can get by North Carolina & FL State on the road, we have a great shot at going undefeated this year. I think we can slap Georgia Tech at home. It's all good - Go Canes

There is absolutely no reason to keep stacy coley off the field... Punt and koff returner... Shows hester like skills.

There is no reason to have duke return punts or koffs.

The oC needs to analyze how to better utilize the rbs. Duke is not an every down back, but we need clements and or gus to share the load. Duke outside and in the fllats, screens and what not

Ryan Williams is the real deal

Beau sandland should share time with Walford.

one game at a time...If we can get by North Carolina & FL State on the road, we have a great shot at going undefeated this year.

Wow what a great insight! Even though you contradict yourself by saying to take it one game at a time and then jumping ahead to talk about UNC and FSU, games that are still several weeks into the future.
So are you all happy the little Dukie put up good numbers again after a week off? Is he back in contention for the Heisman now? What about Morris, is he up for the Heisman too? Is Coley freshman of the year?
You are sooooooooooo loaded. USF doesn't stand a chance next week. 0 - 3 USF. Guess they don't stand a chance any week. But you are soooooooooooo loaded.
Bring on UNC, bring on FSU.

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