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O'Donnell rebounded from blocked punt with two game-changing punts in the second quarter, plus other notes

It's not often the punter gets invited to the post-game victory press conference.

But Pat O'Donnell earned himself a place in the spotlight Saturday afternoon with a pair of booming punts in the second quarter while the Hurricanes offense was struggling and the defense badly needed to shift field position.

"We're grateful for Pat O'Donnell. That's all I'm going to say," said sophomore rush end Tyriq McCord, who had the sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery that led to the decisive touchdown run by Duke Johnson.

"He's amazing. In practice he's always booting it about 100 yards average. That's all I can say."

O'Donnell, a graduate student and transfer from Cincinnati, crushed a 55-yard punt from Miami's 17-yard line after the Hurricanes offense went three-and-out to open the second quarter. He then shifted the field again with a 60-yarder, his longest punt of the season, after another three-and-out and Miami pinned back at its 16.

It was a nice bounce-back effort considering the day didn't exactly start great. Florida produced it's 13th blocked kick under coach Will Muschamp when Louichez Purifoy broke through and blockedhis first punt that led to Florida's first touchdown.

"As a punter, that's your job to flip the field when you can," O'Donnell said. "Unfortunately we had some events in the game that didn't go our way. I tip our hats to the Florida Gators. They did a good job rushing the punt."


Saturday's first quarter was one to remember for quarterback Stephen Morris and the Hurricanes, who put up 14 quick points on a seven-yard TD pass to Herb Waters and then a 52-yard scoring pass to Phillip Dorsett.

But the final three quarters were a nightmare.

UM only produced four first downs and 69 yards on 35 plays after exploding out of the gate with 143 yards over the first 15 minutes. Duke Johnson ran for 39 yards in the first quarter, but only 20 more over his final 15 attempts. Morris finished 12 of 25 passing for 162 yards and an interception after going 8-of-11 for 101 yards to open the game. 

UM's 212 total yards of offense were the fewest since a 31-7 loss at Virginia Tech in 2009.

"They have a great defense, one of the best defenses we’re going to play all year, one of the best defenses in the country," said Johnson, who was babying his left foot after the game. "They just came out and did their job and did it better than I expected."

Said Morris: "They made a lot of great adjustments. They knew when we were going to run and throw it. that was the best defensive line I ever went against, but we did what we needed to do to win the game."


The Hurricanes, who broke into the polls earlier this week for the first time under coach Al Golden at No. 24 in the ESPN Coaches' poll, should find themselves moving up when the new polls are released Sunday.

Morris, who said Tuesday he could give "two you know whats" about where Miami was ranked, kept the same mindset after Saturday's win.

"It really doesn’t matter to me or this team," Morris said. "Whoever is in front of us we’re going to look at as a threat and we’ve got to do our best to win that game, no matter what we’re ranked no matter; if we’re not ranked. Our biggest focus is to continue on and moving forward."

> Safety A.J. Highsmith had the tackle on Florida's failed two-point conversion attempt and the recovery on the Gators' failed onside kick attempt late in the game.

> Senior Seantrel Henderson made his first start of the season at right tackle. Junior Jonathan Feliciano, who started at right tackle in the open, slid to left guard. The rest of Miami's starters remained the same.

> Safety Rayshawn Jenkins, who had an interception in the first half, was helped off the field with 5:29 to play in the third quarter. Trainers were looking at his left leg.

> Linebacker Thurston Armbrister left the game with a left ankle injury early in the fourth quarter.


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Well, we talked trash all yr since last December on Mannys blogs, last January, and all of our predictions were accurate. We are Stlll 1 more recruit class away from maybe Alabama type depth and even the gators, who are loaded with 4 and 5 star athletes by the way, but we won like we used to in early 90s vs FSU , those ugly 17-16 1991 game, the 19-16 1992 game, when U can barely get a 1st down.

UFS D is good, muschump is a great Defensive coach, but had OUR O gotten a few more 1st downs, yardage would have been 300-300 instead of 400 to 200, THATS TIME OF POSSESSIOn.


Worse case, even a loss @Fsu, we go 11-1 in acc title game and prob BCS GAME.

POLLSTERS---IF UF was favorite, and are #12, and U was underdog and won and now is 2-0 mIAMI NEEDS TO BE #12 OR HIGHER> BOTTOM LINE.

*********Lets see if their are poll idiots that still have the gators ahead of Miami ?? IM WAITIN FOR THAT

I SAY WE ARE BETWEEN 10-12, but watch, 15-17 Knowing the hate TOWARDS MIAMI

I am gonna have a bad hangover with a bottle of cheap Gallo, but its worth poppin. Heres looking to SAVANNAH STATE and A PERFECT GAME TO WORK ON THE OFFENSE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It was a good win that's for sure, i'm happy for the players myself. I like that we're causing turn-overs as well to. 2 picks in the same game, that hasn't happened in a while. i like how rayshawn & tracy both jump the routes as well. It was good seeing tracy howard get a pick against a school he almost went to and he still did his thing.

Had gionni paul and eddie johnson been out there, our defense would've been that more physical but this alex figs guy definitely got talent. As well as Alquadin Muhammad, if we can continue to develop guys and guys not having to play early, we might just end up havign a real squad but i'm not fooled now, we didn't exactly go up against a high-powered offense today.

Offensively, had we gone more to the power I, we woul've been more successful running the ball, trying those cute quick hand-offs up the gut is not what we need to be doing.

In year 3, the team is showing signs, i can't say we got a defense, i just know we played strong defense this game, but this scheme will definitely give up yards. Forcing those turn-overs tho. Also, that 2nd & 20 we gave up is another reason i don't like this defense.

In the 2nd half, our receivers were on lock down and smo17 the "camp champ" is still not that accurate especially on the move. Somebody also needs to tell em, he doesn't run a 4.29 in the forty, get rid of the ball.

What we said before the game is not negated by a win though, i said i wanted to see who had the tuffest team, it cannot be denied that the gaytors defense is way tuffer than ours, but we got some hitters on defense, i wanted to see deon bush in this game as well, maybe he should redshirt as well.

For all of those who said the Defense was weak, even, after being on the field over 38 minutes, they looked fresher than uf. Great conditioning and the depth is coming, not there yet, but, it's getting there. Go Canes.

Seriously Calvin??? You have been proven to be the fool we Canes said you were by getting everything arse backwards and you dare to post more of you diarrhea.

Besides being a liar, you've have now officially become just sad...

STFU calvin...Our D kept more points off the board and forced turnovers. Our D was superior today.

Driskel was getting drilled .lmao.

A defense that seemingly could never get a big stop against quality teams last season kept making one after another --- a remarkable turnaround for a unit that couldn't have been more maligned in the past year.

No play was bigger that Tyriq McCord’s sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery at the Gators’ six yard line with 5:28 left, which led to Duke Johnson’s touchdown to push the margin to 21-9.

But don’t forget the myriad other big plays. Among them: Denzel Perryman’s huge hit, forcing a Matt Jones fumble on UF’s first possession, which Curtis Porter recovered; Anthony Chickillo snuffing out a two-point conversion; Shayon Green’s terrific stop on Jeff Driskel’s quarterback sneak on a fourth and 1 early in the game; Rayshawn Jenkins’ interception of Driskel deep in UM territory; Tyrone Cornelius knocking away a pass on a third and four; Tracy Howard’s interception deep in UM territory with 6:41 left.

And there were many others. UM had three takeaways in the red zone. And its six takeaways overall are its most since forcing seven at Duke in 2010.

~Barry Jackson

It was impressive how UM's defense did not wear out that much considering they played most of the game. Morris and Dorsett need to get together and get on the same page. They left a big play or two out there because of their miscommunication, which also happened last week. Herb Waters is a gamer.

Morris is not seeing the field very well.....he had guys open in the middle of,the field all day long. I give offensive coordinator Coley a D for today.....To predictable with run on first and second down and throw on 3rd down. Mix it up coach"

Very proud of this team, the defense, and the coaching staff. It was huge that Miami caught UF off guard and jumped out to a lead. UF seems like a team that struggles when playing from behind on offense. Florida's D Line is one of the best I've ever seen at the college level. Up there will the old UM D-lines. Offense started to adjust in the 4th but caught a couple of bad breaks. Officiating was great throughout but that holding call probably shouldn't have been called. Easley got the benefit because he was dominating most of the game. Miami wanted this game badly and they played that way. They went hard on every single play. Huge win for the program. Miami will not face a better defense this season and will adjust on offense. Need to mix in Clements and Edwards, use TE more, and maybe even run Hagans up the gut. D'O won me over. Go Canes!

It's a big important win for the Canes. I was not crazy about Miami play calling but a win is a win. Hopefully the offense will come around.

Calvin can eat a bag of diks. Quit trying to save face you Randy Shannon lover.

Great win, absolute wonderful. Despite the worst game plan on offense and defense a winning team has ever had. In the history of football on all levels.


Calvin, were you at the game sucking your thumb amongst the gaturd fans?

Great game by O'Donnell but at the same time thankfully these aren't Matt Bosher's Canes!


Gonna be a record beer sales in gainesville tonight. Didnt see all the gators that were supossed to be there. Maybe they thought they had to wear white too and blended in well.UM didnt just win that game , they won a recruiting war too. Well, At least gator fans have been proven to be the delusional ones. LMAO! GREAT WIN CANES!

Calvin doesn't go to the games he sits and home and blogs.

Check the times.

Overall great game by Miami. Offense was a little sluggish but the fact that the defense was able to deal with that adversity and never stop fighting resembles U defenses of the past. I know Coley is a good coach so I am curious to see how bounces back. I know he is capable of having a great play script (we saw it on early drives)

The upcoming bye week and then playing Savannah State gives our team a much needed 2 weeks to work out the kinks of our offense. The receivers mostly Dorsett and Morris need to get on page. We also cant always try to run it up the gut with Duke.

But like I said great win by our team. Great for bragging rights, recruiting, and was finally that big win that we needed. Go Canes...It's all about the U baby.


The Will Muschamp Farewell Tour has officially started.

FireWillMuschamp.com is For Sale

Fire Brent Pease

Driskells just mentally soft

Our RB's are a big problem

Sure are a lot of stupid gator fans

O-Line is hideous who's fault ?

Gators Choking Again Will we win any SEC games?

Driskel .. awful 5 yrs of pathetic offense Thanks Foley

Muschamp spreads the blame

Please stop with the crying

I hope Foley lays into Muschamp...

Muschamp will make a great defensive coordinator...

A bunch of Babies....

Jeff Driskel will not win any championships here...

Miami was simply the better team!

Rece Davis and Lou Holtz are salty! They are struggling to give us any credit for the win. Holtz hates that they have to comment while the highlights run. rece dais said that we literally "no hyperbole" had two yards of offense for the next two quarters after the Morris to Dorsett TD reception. concerning the jenkin INT, Holtz said, "i don't know if that was the QB or the WR, but but but it was bad distribution by Florida's receivers" lol! What is "distribution by wide receivers"?

Morris said UF knew when UM was going to run or throw. Really? If that's the case, something is very wrong with the offense. The defense should never be able to tell what you are going to do before the ball is snapped. That may be true in high school, but never in college. Coley may turn out to be fine, but Jedd Fisch is very hard to replace.

Hola Arty! Bring the moonshine and I'll bring my wife, I mean sister, it was a long ride back to the trailer park.

Silly Gator clucks


I was just watching that...absolutely ridiculous. Pisses me off so much. No one gives us any respect but that's fine makes it so much sweeter when we keep winning. Only guys that actually like our program are Kirk and Howard...everybody else it's like pulling teeth to get anything.

What is "distribution by wide receivers"?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 07, 2013 at 10:02 PM

Exactly what it sounds like, two receivers in the same area...

Jesus, curse piggy working overtime on his fake cane personas. Well we get to enjoy the win and his backtracking but his lies remain for all to see demanding we leave this blog but this is a canes blog not a gator blog troll.

Wow, so much hate that dudes will even side with a Notre Lamer. I've never heard the phrase used before. its not about what I've seen (I've seen thousands of games of football), its about what I've never heard. U act like terminology is the same in this country, in football, or even from team to team.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, The curse did a hell of a number here. On such a great day, dudes still mad.

RJ, Tracy Howard clearly left his man to make that play and Jenkins clearly read Driskell's eyes to make the other INT. Those are forced TO's.


I know I agree, they were great defensive plays. Along with the pressure on Driskel...Florida's offense was lost

ESPN is flipping out over the Canes slamming their Gators...they are calling the Gator turnovers "giveaways" versus the commonly used phraseology "takeaways".

It is all kinds of fun to be back to driving the college football world crazy...Go Canes!

The Curse would never post the things I post, everyone knows I'm not him, even yourself, but can't let it go because I've roasted U that bad in the past. Butt hurt Five Titles by 4 coaches, but the "State of Miami" recruiting region remains the same fertile backyard for us but gets no loyalty or credit for it.

PTSD victim, Curse laid yall boy out cold! We're talking Canes sports but U can't move on. Cane tho s and Canes that, but when its time to talk canes, here comes the intolerance and name-calling. Its not about U..its about the U!

Where I "what say" D? Playing with his Timmy Tebow blow-up doll?
Bon soir, moron!

Come on out and take your whipping like a man!


The fumbles were clearly forced by sacks as well as DZP's hit on Jones that set the tone. Damn, every single turnover was forced!

We have almost as many takeaways as last season and its only game 2... gatorfans must have went deeper in the swamp. No gallo,canetrash, calvin is stubborn but has been reduced to 1 liners...and no stroke victim D

What a great victory for the U. a month from now a year from now all anyone needs to see, needs to know is on 9-7-2013 The University of Miami (screw that "of Fla." ESPN stuck on us) hung one on the gators, 21-16.
End of story.

However in THIS moment, how about a SALUTE to the CHARACTER of our players, how they for the most part kept their cool, while the Gators showed why Will Muschamp is a poor leader of men. He will be MusCHOMPED this year if the Gators go 9-3.

That was a very fine defense UF put out there AFTER THE 1ST QUARTER. Bad coaching job there.

Posted by: IMAWriter | September 07, 2013 at 11:06 PM


Go 'canes!

ESPN is giving UM D no credit whatsoever? Driskel had a pretty good game but just didnt get the points.....why U ask? Miami's D shut them down and forced those turnovers.

Where are the big talkers that couldn't shut up last week? That's right, we put them on ICE.

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney Throws Up The "U" Sign At Press Conference To Celebrate Miami's Win Over Florida

Lol @ Zook

Canes win, trolls reduced to backtracking and attacking any Canes fans that post here.

Scoreboard, troll. They can grab all the old canespace IDs they want and pretend to be them, it doesn't matter. In the end, they return to praising themselves for their racist attacks on here, and then claim victory for trolling about religion, politics, money, or the death of Bryan Pata and Sean Taylor, but we know the Canes still won and that fat slob is still living in a trailer that leans to one side each time it moves back and forth from the kitchen to the toilet.

Most folks have the maturity to avoid their sick comments, so then it claims victory. Don't worry Canes fans, that isn't victory, that is just folks being tired of rebutting it's lies. From the first one that it posted on it's latest fake canespace ID to today, it has been owned, burned, destroyed, and its lies have been exposed.

21-16, troll, their hate and fear won't change that.

Carry on Canes fans, and know that its sickness is not contagious, it just seems that way as it steals more and more IDs.

Hey troll, tell us again how no players from BTW are coming to UM, and tell us again how the talent in Miami sucks compared to gainesville, and how driskel is better than any UM QB ever, and how Miami has no chance against the gators. You have a streak of wrong going and we would hate to see you blow it.

Go Canes, Go Canes players, Go Canes coaches, and Go REAL Canes fans. Let the racist continue his rants until he gets banned from here just like he is banned from every other canes site.

Former Cane Clinton Portis talks about how people in Gainsville wear "jorts" and Miami girls wear bikinis. He predicts Miami will win ...

Posted by: SunnyDee | September 07, 2013 at 08:47 PM

How did we catch them off guard?

UF runs a ball-control offense. They need to be ahead to be comfortable, and are not built to come from behind against good teams.

Posted by: 4:30 to gainesville, ALL ABOARD! | September 07, 2013 at 11:20 PM

It's not trendy to be a UM fan yet. When it is they'll be the first ones on board and the story will be that we are 'back' without giving credit to these kids. And don't forget the lead-in about the NCAA probe.

Well whoever has been fake posting like they me, they did get 1 post right when they said "we only won this game because of the turn-overs.

But ok, i'll take a large order of crow, cause i thought for sure brent pease vs and i'll call him coach d nofrio today, (he earned that back) would win that match-up. Now i will say this, i have been saying for the longest they need to move coach d nofrio up to the booth, i knew he would at least be able to call better plays cause he couldn't see what he was doing from the side-lines.

Gotta give credit where credit is due, about the only time i saw us get out-schemed today defensively was when we brought in our pass rushers and i knew the gaytors were going to run that draw play, other than that, for most of the game we were in position to make plays for the first time since coach dnofrio has been here, him being in the booth, he might not like it, but it's better for em.

Now grant it, the gaytors offense was perfect for our defense and our defense held up for 4 quarters. When that first fumble popped up in the air, i already knew who had the hit, cause that's what dzp does, he did the same thing to that Unc player 2 years ago. The fact that he's back at his natural position has made a real big difference. rayshawn jenkins is for real out there.

While dzp was the mvp of the defense, the biggest play of the game and oh yeah, this was the 2nd bad defensive call that was obvious, but aj highsmith probably made the tackle/play of the game when he tripped up matt jones. So coach d nofrio, good job, but the gaytors did move up and down the field on us, but that's the design of the 3-4. He did go right back to that pre-prevent defense and we gave up a touchdown in no time flat.

Gotta say this, shayon green played his you know what off yesterday. I said mediocre players shouldn't be the team captains, well shayon didn't play mediocre that's for sure, and he was quick to the ball out there, he can make a case for defensive mvp to as well. Offensively we should've used the I-formation a whole lot more, against a defense like that you have to do that.

That holding call on ereck flowers was a terrible call, he had easely locked up. I said it before the season, flowers is that left tackle you want. The o-line had their work cut out for them today, good physical battle in the trenches, needed every bit of U-tough. Coach golden sounding like he's gaining confidence himself and is starting to morph into a real UM coach. We''ll see what happens, but the best thing that ever happened was them moving coach dnofrio up to the booth, he has a real chance now.

So we get 5 sacks 1 game, 5 turn-overs & 2 sacks in the 2nd game, but more importantly, many qb hits to as well. Ok, we on track, and we did get several tackles for losses, i can dig it. If we keep this up, and this defense is actually legit, which the indications look that way, if this defense actually gets better thru out the year, not to many teams are going to want to face us if we're going to start playing defense again like that on a regular basis.

antonio crawford has work to do, a pass interference against FAU, got bombed yesterday, he's going to mess round and get passed up by artie real soon. I'm not sure why they called that a penalty when gunther got blasted, lol. It was a physical game and we played that way for 4 quarters. In the first quarter our o-line led by art kehoe dominated the gaytors, had them boys huffin & puffin, and than, they(the gaytors d-line) took over and went to work, i hate to say it, but old skool Hurricanes style. In fact, the gaytors actually lost this game almost like(the irony of it)we lost to penn disgrace. back in 1986. The gaytors had the stats, we had the turn-overs and that was the biggest difference.

The 3-4 scheme is designed to let teams march it up & down the field, but come redzone time, is where the turn-overs start happening. Offensively though, if jacory was the qb, we would've blown the gaytors out, j70 was normally always an assasin after turn-overs.

smo17 is who i thought he was, just a camp champ, stil lcontinues to leave to many plays out their on that field and throws a lot of WTH type of balls. He's starting to make phillip dorsett look like he should be switched over to db, that man has saved morris from 2 picks for sure in 2 games.

Getting back to referencing the penn st. game i will say this though, the difference is, our 5 turn-overs were forced turn-overs as where vinny no-testacles verde's just kept handing the ball to penn disgrace. looks like we brought our techniques to the game. Now i will say this, al goldie going into his 3rd year at UM but this team is starting to look like a team being coached by a headcoach going into his 8th year. I'm not going to give out to much credit though because most people still feel like the gaytors were the better team and until we take the field and leave no doubt who was the better team, than that's when it'll be all good again.

What would be fun though is meeting the gaytors again at the end of the year. That would be a war for sure and i'm sure the talking heads are thinking about it. So right now against schools in-state we're 2 & 0.

Most everything been said - but for all the people who posted about the "D" over the last two years - it was the "D" that took this game home. Tough, gritty, scratching, Philly "D"...you guys just didn't know.

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