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O'Donnell rebounded from blocked punt with two game-changing punts in the second quarter, plus other notes

It's not often the punter gets invited to the post-game victory press conference.

But Pat O'Donnell earned himself a place in the spotlight Saturday afternoon with a pair of booming punts in the second quarter while the Hurricanes offense was struggling and the defense badly needed to shift field position.

"We're grateful for Pat O'Donnell. That's all I'm going to say," said sophomore rush end Tyriq McCord, who had the sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery that led to the decisive touchdown run by Duke Johnson.

"He's amazing. In practice he's always booting it about 100 yards average. That's all I can say."

O'Donnell, a graduate student and transfer from Cincinnati, crushed a 55-yard punt from Miami's 17-yard line after the Hurricanes offense went three-and-out to open the second quarter. He then shifted the field again with a 60-yarder, his longest punt of the season, after another three-and-out and Miami pinned back at its 16.

It was a nice bounce-back effort considering the day didn't exactly start great. Florida produced it's 13th blocked kick under coach Will Muschamp when Louichez Purifoy broke through and blockedhis first punt that led to Florida's first touchdown.

"As a punter, that's your job to flip the field when you can," O'Donnell said. "Unfortunately we had some events in the game that didn't go our way. I tip our hats to the Florida Gators. They did a good job rushing the punt."


Saturday's first quarter was one to remember for quarterback Stephen Morris and the Hurricanes, who put up 14 quick points on a seven-yard TD pass to Herb Waters and then a 52-yard scoring pass to Phillip Dorsett.

But the final three quarters were a nightmare.

UM only produced four first downs and 69 yards on 35 plays after exploding out of the gate with 143 yards over the first 15 minutes. Duke Johnson ran for 39 yards in the first quarter, but only 20 more over his final 15 attempts. Morris finished 12 of 25 passing for 162 yards and an interception after going 8-of-11 for 101 yards to open the game. 

UM's 212 total yards of offense were the fewest since a 31-7 loss at Virginia Tech in 2009.

"They have a great defense, one of the best defenses we’re going to play all year, one of the best defenses in the country," said Johnson, who was babying his left foot after the game. "They just came out and did their job and did it better than I expected."

Said Morris: "They made a lot of great adjustments. They knew when we were going to run and throw it. that was the best defensive line I ever went against, but we did what we needed to do to win the game."


The Hurricanes, who broke into the polls earlier this week for the first time under coach Al Golden at No. 24 in the ESPN Coaches' poll, should find themselves moving up when the new polls are released Sunday.

Morris, who said Tuesday he could give "two you know whats" about where Miami was ranked, kept the same mindset after Saturday's win.

"It really doesn’t matter to me or this team," Morris said. "Whoever is in front of us we’re going to look at as a threat and we’ve got to do our best to win that game, no matter what we’re ranked no matter; if we’re not ranked. Our biggest focus is to continue on and moving forward."

> Safety A.J. Highsmith had the tackle on Florida's failed two-point conversion attempt and the recovery on the Gators' failed onside kick attempt late in the game.

> Senior Seantrel Henderson made his first start of the season at right tackle. Junior Jonathan Feliciano, who started at right tackle in the open, slid to left guard. The rest of Miami's starters remained the same.

> Safety Rayshawn Jenkins, who had an interception in the first half, was helped off the field with 5:29 to play in the third quarter. Trainers were looking at his left leg.

> Linebacker Thurston Armbrister left the game with a left ankle injury early in the fourth quarter.


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Do some U fans really realize what happen yesterday!! That victory just may have put this program on track for a Nc run within a year or so. Do you know how many recruits were swayed in the Canes favor.. Not just with in the State but nationally. The Canes looked good in an old fashion dog fight. I don"t Care about who had the most yards or time of possesion "Who won". Now all is needed is Acc Coastal division Championship and Bcs bowl victory. All very likely. The team looks bigger and stronger and well conditioned. Don't worry about the offense they will be fine. Coley just hasto know what he really wants to do and then go ahead and attack. They will be fine. 10-2 may very well turn into something special. Go Canes !! Let's Enjoy this because Gators Can't say a word !!


Golden came here to rebuild the program after the disaster that was Randy Shannon. He stayed through the ncaa storm and has us moving in the right direction.

Golden was family from day one. I know that burns you but you have to accept it and move on.


You never said we had the players. In fact all you do is criticize Golden and Dnofrio. Lately you've been saying Cooley is the best coach out of the 3. That's not what I sawunder fire yesterday. Cooley tried one or two wrinkles yesterday, that offensive gameplan was weak.

Stephen Morris beat uf and Jacory didn't. Morris put us in the ACC championship and Jacory didn't. All fact, not opinion.

Posted by: canesjunkie | September 08, 2013 at 11:35 AM

Obviously u read what you want to read, we been saying it's not the players it's the scheme. You like to twist words i see, don't be a female man, i never coach coley was the best coach on the staff, i said he has a real Hurricane mindset over what goldie & his mac minions have, you didn't here coach coley talking about "he hoped" anything, he talks and thinks with confidence. For the first time i heard goldie talk with some form of confidence after a game, i think he's starting to just realize now what it takes to be a Miami Hurricane. Are you telling me you prefer coach goldie's "hope" mentality over coach coely's "the offense will be different, but it's going to work" mentality.

You still see traits of the weakness by giving up that touchdown in no time flat to the gaytors about to hand the game to them going back to their soft big 10 way of thinking. For those that are saying coach coley had a bad game, it was his play-calling in the first quarter that allowed us to win this game by going at the gaytors and had it not been for alot of untimely penalties and bad calls, we should've scored at least another 10 to 14 points easily. While he didn't mix it up enuff, when you got smo17 back their at qb, alot of yall don't realize it, but you are limited and james coley is beginning to realize that more and more. I said before the season, smo17 is not as good as they say he is or as good as yall think he is.

He doesn't make plays on a consistent basis back their, he might understand the game, but he doesn't see the game as good as he understands it which is why our offense continues to be stagnant many times under him.

Also, for those keeping count, only 2 teams scored 21 points or more against the gaytors last year, Fsu 26points(they lost) & of course louisville. So to say james coley had a bad game, did gumbo fisher have a bad game last year scoring only 6 points more and he's been at Fsu how long. I think when you put everything into perspective, james coley didn't do to bad considering it was his 2nd game calling plays against i'm sure is a top 2 defense no matter what the rankings say at the end of the year.

One last thing, robert marve was the starter against the gaytors in 2008, so trying to make that comparison between jacory vs the gaytors & smo17 vs the gaytors, don't reach man. Than you said acc champion, come on man, don't make yourself become irrelevant by reaching like that, be real. For instace, jacory had this team in the top 10 smo17 hasn't.

U Cane fans sound just like Gator fans.
Posted by: Nole Fan | September 08, 2013 at 09:11 AM

I wish this dude would come back and explain what exactly he means by this statement himself--I would love the insight and discussion.

It rings true to me though. Our last 9 years of mediocrity (hope coaching and hope fandom) has had an effect on our collective psyches as fans and when U truly step back and listen or read the way we talk--we're beginning to sound just like what we despise most--Gator fans. We definitely aren't there yet, there are real signs worthy of reference.

We are beginning to celebrate the smallest of feats and ignore that any corrections or changes could be made to improve.

We demonize each other for being objective with the team--this is a true and true characteristic of Gator fans and is a by-product of their defeatist, victimization and inferiority complex towards teams that own them like UM. No team has owned the Hurricanes--which PROVES that our inferiority complex and victim role stems from the inside of the program. Our wounds have been self-inflicted over the last 9 years. Mismanagement and lack of sincerity where this football program's success is related--administratively.

We have a cult figure ala Tim Tebow in Al Golden who is being advertised as the face and savior of our program--just like Tebow. Any critique or questioning of him elicit severe reproach by other fans--same thing with Tebow. Golden has died for our sins and he ALONE parted the Red Sea yesterday as posters like Marios said. The university passed out 6,000 shirts with silk-screen ties on them--not with #8's on them.

So this above statement has some credence. I'd still like to hear his explanation as an outsider though.


Golden came here to rebuild the program after the disaster that was Randy Shannon. He stayed through the ncaa storm and has us moving in the right direction.

Golden was family from day one. I know that burns you but you have to accept it and move on.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 08, 2013 at 12:01 PM

I'm not sure why you think that bothers me, 1 victory doesn't make you family, it puts him on the right path in my book, but like all coaches who came here, a transformation had to take place with them because the championship caliber players are already in place, so maybe for you it's that easy, but until coach goldie becomes apart of a national championship team here, that'll be his only acceptance by me and many others. Is he earning respect, with a vicotry like yesterday, he's on the right track.

But i'm not going to become delusional over one game, i still see the same flaws in the defensive scheme, in this scheme, you must get turn-overs, i spelled out the philosophy for this scheme many times and it was at it's purest yesterday when i said, this scheme is designed for teams to march up & down the field and capitolize off of them making an mistake, but what it's banking on is when a team gets into the redzone and the field is squeezed down, it'll only give up a fieldgoal or get a turn-over.

That's exactly what happened yesterday. If shannon left goldie a disaster what disaster was that, it couldn't have been 4 of the starting offensive linemen, or was the disaster the 3 out of the 4 defensive linemen, or was the disaster jimmy gaines winning the mlb job. or was it kacy rodgers. Or is the disaster the most reliable widereceiver in allen hurns, or was it the disaster at fullback in maurice haggens, help us understand what disaster yall keep saying coach shannon left.

We have a cult figure ala Tim Tebow in Al Golden who is being advertised as the face and savior of our program--just like Tebow. Any critique or questioning of him elicit severe reproach by other fans--same thing with Tebow. Golden has died for our sins and he ALONE parted the Red Sea yesterday as posters like Marios said. The university passed out 6,000 shirts with silk-screen ties on them--not with #8's on them.

So this above statement has some credence. I'd still like to hear his explanation as an outsider though.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 08, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Way to break it down, alot of hypocrite UM fans has always been and will prpbably always be. Most of them are from the other side of the tracks and fail to understand alot. You can lead a horse to water, but the rest is on him. Only a few really know what it takes to be a Miami Hurricane. i said all along coach goldie has the potential to be a good coach here, but not at the expense of his boy, so i'll coach goldie credit, he moved his boy up into the coaches box, which is something i suggested the first year he was here when i knew he couldn't see jack-manure.

Now that he's up there, his there is already a night & day difference between the defensive formations we had last year and now. Now i will say this, i've been questioning what's the purpose of having a linebacker stand-up at the line of scrimmage, i'll say this, for the first time i saw one advantage of our guys doing that, and that's because if the tight-end goes out, they ask the linebacker to play real press-man on em, which takes him away almost instantly, so no free releases for at least 1 tight-end from the oppposing team.

This is how i believe eddie johnson locked up that tight-end from notre shame last year, played him directly off the line.

Do you morons really believe that the FSU coaches and QB are going to give you another game??

BTW, Virginia beat BYU which "killed" texass.
And Oh my, Miami has to play Virginia and oh gee, NC which played tough against Spurrier.

And then, there is VA Tech and Beamerball, GA Tech.
OMG, better buckle up those jock straps.

Oh wait. Never mind, the big bellie Cane linemen will just let 20 pounds of fat hang over their belts.
And every win likea gainst that powerhouse Savannah state upcoming, the no brain Cane girls on this blog site will have another orgasm.

Was the disaster Stephen Morris our starting QB or is it #8 Duke Johnson who committed (and never wavered) during his junior season in high school while Shannon was the coach and one of his recruiters?

Was the disaster the same players that some reference as the reason we were set back last year because they left early for the league?

Why does it matter that they left early if they were Shannon's garbage? U can't have it both ways--either their absence was the reason we lost or were set back or Shannon left garbage. U can't reference Shannon's players as garbage and use their departures as an excuse.

What about Golden makes U feel the need to not make sense and throw our players under the bus to save his face? Please answer this.

LMAO. Gators lost to 117 th defense.

now you are getting it. Miami's DC stinks is 117 in the nation, and yet the only way the gaytors could lose was for their offense to GIVE the game to Miami on 5 turnovers. Whackos thinking the Canes "won" the game.

btw, before morris got slammed to the ground, he looked great, sharp, two TDs. After he got slammed to the ground, he looked like jacory harris trying to throw from laying flat. A tough QB would get up, shake it off and throw a TD after a hard hit. I think Morris is a great QB if he is fresh. But hit him a few times, and he is a princess. Better get some agile linemen who can block for him instead of pigging out with head pig golden.

That 117 defense waz rockin. Did u see the gators try to slip an extra guy in? Lmao

Oh shut the hell up Calvin and accept the fact that Golden did what your boy Shannon could not do, which is beat the gaytors and rebuild our program back to respectability. I tried to tell U , Gallober, Tally and all those who bashed Golden what he would do, but oh no U didn't want to listen. All U morons could do is hang on to that 116th defensive ranking last year like ya'll hang onto Shannon's sack. I told ya'll Golden would leave egg on your faces but ya'll didn't want to listen, so now U have to DEAL WITH IT.
Junk, myself and the others were right and now ya'll have to deal with that. So the best thing ya'll can do is shut up and like it.
Shannon did leave Golden a disaster of a program, which might as well be put on probation, severed high school ties that Golden had to mend and not to mention a team of players that were almost to lazy to breath on their own. Well now Golden has got rid of the ones that dragged the program down and is rebuilding with young men who hold themselves accountable and demand the respect the U has earned.


72, what does that say about ufelons o?

the gaytor's QB had a bad day.

It happens. The thing to do when a player is having a bad day and has made two mistakes is to put in a fresh player at any position. Or at least bench him for a few series to see if he has any intensity coming back while warming the bench.

Was the disaster the 20 somethingth ranked defense Golden inherited his first season, which became a 40 somethingth ranked defense under him led by players like JoJo Nicolas--who were top 10 in pass defense that year, only to lose them "garbage" players and his own players dropped from 40th to 116th in total defense the next season?

Is that the disaster u speak of?

15 wins as Canes coach.

Bethune Cookman (twice)
USF (twice)
Duke (twice)
V Tech
NC State
Georgia Tech (twice)
Ohio State

7 or 8 (basically half) of his wins as our coach have come against annual and historical bottom-feeder programs. FAU, USF, Bethune-Cookman, and Duke.

These are the facts that support and justify a different argument on this blog. There's a place for improvement and discussion about how to improve it by fans and yesterday proved it!

117 defense stood that gators oline up yo! 117 th d is gonna be burned into gator brains, or at least skulls , all season. Yall kept saying it all summer and im here to remind U U lost to it! Hahahahahahahaha

the DC d'o stinks because he does not know a thing about defense, not even his "vaunted???" 3-4 which is really just a 5-4-2, the old Oklahoma defense from Bud Wilkenson days in the 1950s.

solid defenses still use four down linemen, LBs within 3 yards of the LOS to BACK up the LINE, and man to man so the QB just sees his own players and the defensive player ready to intercept.

The Cane DC (d'o) uses a zone pass NO coverage which leaves acres of pastureland between the offensive receivers and the Canes wandering around out in pastureland.

117 th beat the gators lmao

72, driskel rarely has a good game. See last week

I will say this to, looks like hurlie brown is doing a good job in teaching the backs how to block again, something coach terry wasn't good at.

I'll say thing again for the non-football minds, you're limited with smo17 as your qb, he doesn't have good mechanics, for instance, he can't sell a screen pass to save his life, and he delivers the ball akwardly on the short passes either by jumping or somethin weird. next, since he's not good playing from under center, that limits your ability for play-action passes. He's not good and throwing on the run so moving the pocket doesn't work we either.

he'll make some boneheaded plays, thus far here are the 3 that stick out, the interception against FAU, in fact in that game he tried to sell a screen pass, looked horrible, threw it anyway, the ball got batted up in the air, morris caught it instead of batting it down. Than yesterday several wth throws and the pick was very unecessary but that's not unusual when you look at his accuracy rating.

dorsett was wide open several times and smo either over threw him or didn't see him. I've been saying it, that this is coach goldie's 3rd year and this is when we should see a big jump in play, so far there has been with the defense, do i like the scheme we run, no, but if it's going to create sacks and turn-overs like it has the last 2 games, i'll take it but we definitely need the offense to start being more efficient starting with smo.


As Bill Belichick and Buddy Ryan are fond of saying..."Statistics are for losers!"

Yesterday was simply fantastic and proved that Coach Golden's plan has the Canes well on their way to their 6th, 7th and 8th National Championships.

What we know for a fact, that unlike the defense of last year where we didn't have the horses our offense does have the talent and Coach Coley will change their tendencies that were clearly evident to the Gators who knew when we were going to pass and run. Once the offense starts clicking and scoring, and they will, the defense will be allowed to rest, make adjustments and will only get better.

Those of us that really do know college football said all along that Coach D'Onofrio would have the Canes playing championship football once the talent equated to playing at the college level.

Of course the "U-Tough" program played an enormous role in yesterday's well earned victory. I am told that from the first quarter on Brian Griese kept repeating on the television broadcast that Florida would wear the Miami defense down, but due to Coach Goldens "U-Tough" program that added much needed weight, speed, strength and endurance to our players they could have played another 2 quarters...it was historic! To that end, at the beginning of the 4th quarter our entire team got together and were all dancing, jumping up and down screaming out to the stunned Gators... "Let's get it on!"

The turnovers that our defense created was due to hard hitting and also coaching as our defensive backs were positioned to pick passes off...simply fantastic! Denzel's hit that sent the football flying through the air was nothing short of a flashback to those year's were our defense put fear in the hearts of opponents. When you think of Denzel imagine a 242 middle linebacker with great speed, with great instincts and a mean streak roaming around the field looking for someone to blow-up. Last night on the ESPN college football show Denzel was awarded a helmet sticker, before it is all over he will be awarded with countless awards.

Coach Golden once again knowing what he has built invited every major recruit to yesterday's game where they saw first hand the difference between Canes football and those that only wish they played Canes ball. Those recruits left that game knowing as Jimmy Johnson use to say..."Either you can join us or we will come to where you are playing and beat you--it is your choice!"

Finally, for the second time the Gators quit the series out of fear knowing that playing the Canes each year would always result in a loss for them. Yesterday, forevermore put to rest the superiority the Canes clearly have over the Gators...they have and always will look up to the Miami Hurricanes.

M-Y University of Miami, Florida Hurricanes are now ranked No.15 in the A.P. poll. hUh Still waiting for the ESPN/USATODAY Coaches poll to come out. dUh

By the way, I've been SAGACIOUSLY saying that the CINCINNATI KID would help out the Canes in more than one game this season and his performance yesterday should earn him A.C.C. Special Team player of the week. Eh. What say.

Our D gave up 400 plus yards but nearly 300 yards came through the air.

The bottom line is that we were committed to stopping the run. We did. 44 caries for 126 yards. Quick math tells me that's about 2.9 yards per carry. THAT is stopping the run.

Enter Driskel. HE had to beat us. He had succcess between the 10's but when it came time to execute and the field was condensed, WE BEAT HIM.

I loved all the pressure on passing situations. We just kept coming at him. NICE! The "free-agent" pick-ups during the off-season has added quality depth to our d-line that paid off yesterday.

Someone up top mentioned the tough defensive battles with FSU in the 90's. He beat me to it. Those games weren't pretty, but no one had to twist our arms to take the "W".

The offense moved the ball when they had to. The holding call in the 4th and the miss-read by dorsett were 2 plays that could've ended the game right there.

I know it's hard to do, but let's hope the gator does some good things in the SEC this year...hell, even win the dam thing. 12-2 with losses to us and FSU. We can have a TON of fun with that

i'll take it but we definitely need the offense to start being more efficient starting with smo.

Posted by: Calvin | September 08, 2013 at 01:09 PM


Yet, Cane loyalist needs to be reminded that that MIGHTY Gator defense is a LEGITIMATE Top 10 defense and what not. Them Gators got alot of 4/5-Star athletic, players on the defensive L.O.S. hUh

72, if solid defense uses 4 sown linemen then what do you call Alabama's defense? This was the first game that we have used the 3/4 the majority of the game, so this could have been just a situation in which the scheme was built to stop Florida. I don't know but what I do know is they didn't have any running room in the game, and they LOST. I am not a big fan of the 3/4 but what I am a fan of is winning and I'll take that any day over a 4/3 that loses.

That 2011 OSU team we beat, finished that season 6-7 and that BC team I didn't count as a bottom-feeder win finished that season 2-10.

Again not bashing him, just saying we have work to do like even-keeled posters like Sunny Dee, championships, Truth, etc have said. There's a place on the blog and others for improvement talk and coaching critique. Gator fans are still nauseating about their beloved Tebow, (even though he won two championships and a Heisman), whats our excuse with Golden?

The "free-agent" pick-ups during the off-season has added quality depth to our d-line that paid off yesterday.

Posted by: NJshoreCane | September 08, 2013 at 01:15 PM


Where youse' been bUbba. I'm been harping on the incoming D-line transfers since news of their elgibility became evident.

Yet, Cane good ol' boy said I was spitting in the wind about the the DT and rush DE!! dUh

By the way, I had B.Y.U. winning their game against OVERRATED Tejas yesterday. Eh. What say.

My bad for not posting, because I've given y'all good ol' boys ENOUGH FREE TOUTS already!!!

It's a breath of fresh air, that Miami has a week off to bloody TUNE their offense. Because Miami was ATROCIOUS on offense yesterday. Yeah, yeah Florida is a Top 10 defense and what not.

Nonetheless, I give the Canes offense a grade of... D+! dUh

Calvin. U are such a hypocrite...go back to gainesville, they need U.

I guess I call it the KARMA EFFECT regarding Miami's offense yesterday.

Because I figures' y'all Cane good ol' boy's gotta' give Coley and Stevie and the rest of the offense a bloody break!!

Seeing that Miami's offense WON at least three games last season. Games where the Canes needed every point they scored.

In other words, Miami's offense CARRIED the defense last season in at least 3 wins, and yesterday, the Hurricane defense and special teams CARRIED Coley and Stevie and the rest of the offensive squad. hUh

NJ Shore, the run defense was stellar. Hats off to D'No for that! Dudes talking about "back tracking", the defense we were complaining about was a defense ranked 116th in the nation--was that not a defense worthy of complaint or criticizing? Now that the run defense showed up--he gets his props for it. I was raised that, thats the way things go, U give credit and props where deserved and U give critique and criticism where deserved. Thats not backtracking--thats being a man.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | September 08, 2013 at 12:54 PM


Coach Randy Shannon is G-O-N-E!!! So perhaps you should bloody CEASE with all this ANTI-Shannon crap!!

By the way it's IRONIC that you have championships in your moniker, yet Coach Shannon has TWO national championship rings and YOU still continue to DIZZ on him... good ol' boy.

Yeah, yeah I understand you bUbba. Coach Shannon NEVER gave you a autograph or handshake. So you are still PIZZED off about it! LOL

Yo Harriet Tubby,

We are not buying your routine so give it a rest. No REAL, HONEST Cane fan would be posting negatives concerning the Canes today, much less failingly attempting to belittle Coach Golden or our great win over Ohio State.

Just last night when Lou Holtz was discussing receiver distribution and you posted on this blog you had no idea what that meant. It took a Cane poster to educate you on football. Yet, you bellow and whine about how you know Coach Golden is not a championship coach, which is hilarious because you have proven you know NOTHING about football. You are nothing more than a pissant agitator who is trolling this blog looing for someone to argue with.

As for your love affair with the poster known as the Curse...you claim you have only been posting here for 3 weeks, yet you point out all of the Curse's ignorant actions over the year's. In other words, you are a liar and simply because you changed your screen name 3 weeks ago does not fool anyone on this blog...moron!


I said it a few weeks back that I thought you were in more of a "wait and see position" on the '13 version of the Canes while others thought otherwise.

Glad to hear that your accepting this good stuff as it comes.

As I stated above their game plan was to stop the run. They did that (2.8 ypc). Florida moved the ball trough the air. We dared Driskell to beat us, but he couldn't when it counted. And once we started dialing up the blitzes they didn't do much at all.

Check out some 2nd half stats for the gator:
Time of posession- 16:14 (22:36 in the first half)
3rd down conversions- 1-7
The ran 33 plays for 168 yards. 60 yards of that was when we were in the "prevent". We're looking at 29 plays for 108 yards prior to that!

When the game was on the line, which was the entire 2nd half, we stepped up. I will take those second half defensive stats anytime- any game.

I'm wondering if ermon lane saw the light, cause for real, by the time he gets here, alot of our receivers will be juniors & seniors, might as well come on in, buy his time and than do his thang the next year. I think it's safe to say you won't be a freshman sensation at the widereceiver position going to the gaytors and that short passing game even though jeff driskell will be a senior come next year.

Now to those bashing driskell, he still played a better game than smo17 even with the 2 picks.

Yo Harriet Tubby,

I neglected to mention in my post above...you also rush in and encourage, defend and applaud any poster that makes negative comments concerning the Canes.

Seriously, stupid is no way to go through life!

D needs to go to gainesville too....you better start getting on the fsu sites and start pounding them because they are gonna be the next acc team to beat the gators. Gators D and gallo oh and calvin are waaaaaaaay overrated losers.lmao backpedaling like our president.

now you are getting it. Miami's DC stinks is 117 in the nation, and yet the only way the gaytors could lose was for their offense to GIVE the game to Miami on 5 turnovers. Whackos thinking the Canes "won" the game.

Posted by: CaneFan'72 | September 08, 2013 at 12:48 PM

I saw some nice hits out there yesterday. The Perriman hit and the Driskell sack/fumble were nice defensive plays.
By stopping the run (2.8 ypc), which is their strong suit, we forced them to throw, which they DON'T want to do. I'd say everything worked out perfectly. Two picks in the red zone.
By your screen name you should remember those games in the 80's verses Oklahoma. Man, they looked like a pop-warner team trying to throw the ball!
I posted some 2nd half "D" stats above. I think you'll feel a little better after checking those out.

and yet the only way the gaytors could lose was for their offense to GIVE the game to Miami on 5 turnovers. Whackos thinking the Canes "won" the game.

Posted by: CaneFan'72 | September 08, 2013 at 12:48 PM
Does that mean Penn State didn't "Win" in '86?

Zook, would U like to provide an example to support your claim? I post alot right? So this request should be easy to satisfy.

What "negative' means to U and what "negative means to me, is 2 different things. Thats the issue. Critiquing our coach is not negative in of its self, how U do it could be though. Provide some examples so we can get some clarity.

U are a Canes fan morphed into Gator fan behavior. Its all about Golden/Tebow--not the U. U are the closest of The curse's creations to reaching his Willie Lynch like repurposing transformation agenda. Evidenced by your change of name to a former Gator coach. I'm sure he's extremely proud of your progression.

Zook, U suffer from P.T.S.D.

U don't know your perpetrator and can't find him, so u drop drones on everyone.

Either get help with your sickness or leave our blog. We're talking football--not witch hunts.


The game plan was not to get beat on the ground and let the pass rush do its job. Most of Driskels yards came from blown pass rush and he found open recievers. But all in all the D did what it was supposed to, shut down the run game and make them win in the air. Offensively we didn't play as god as we should and I contribute that to play calling. With the amount of pressure UF had there's no way I wouldn't playaction on First down followed by a run or another play action. The bubble screen killed them first quarter second half could have used more of those. I'm looking to see more 4 wide sets to empty the box for duke. SMO17 needs to work on changing up his count as well. We all knew that UF wanted to run us tired and off the field so making them beat us through the air was good stradegy. Had we lost the ground war 400 plus yard would have not compared to 700 total offense for UF. The last TD they scored was the defense got over zealous, and got beat. They were looking at the clock instead of the field. That had nothing to do with Coaching the were excited and almost blew it. Golden is bringing in good recruits. Kirby has MLB next year Armbrister and Figs on the outsides along the kid from Miramar bigger and stronger. Juwan Blue will contribute as well. The one thing that Golden is doing that Shannon Would not and thats make his players work. It was written that the players during Shannons tenure complained that Swasey was working them to hard and let them off the hook. And it showed every time they gave up in a game. Now its get with the program or git with a new school. Both Johnson and Paul were Golden recruits so theres no doubt they will get quality players wither the star is 5 of 3. Look at over hyped Clowney he's not going to play all year because he's waited to be NFL paid. Thanks to people in his ear most likely an agent or runner. He turned in up and blew past Georgias line then walked around the rest of the game. If you know football like I know it you can see whats being done here. No one team well dominate every aspect of every game, thats why they plan. If we stop what a team does best sometimes you give up other things and those odds played out to be a winner saturday.

Calvin's a dummie caught up in the split personality that comp[rises the Sybil group. The faux black personality in the pea brain. Knows nothing. Runs his mouth and then speeds backwards backpedaling.

Whines and whines about the 3-4 but knows nothing about it. Caught up in some early 90s time warp.

The game has moved on. The Sybil group still locked in time and space in a pea sized brain.


You mad bc Stephen Morris will be the NFL next year? Or were you going to sell Jacory a pimpsuit for the Heisman ceremony?

The "U" taking back the State Tour gaining momentum; 2 down 2 to go !!; FIU...you don"t count..
GO CANES !!!!!

Ugh, that's all I can say, Savanna State has lost their two games by 143-12. Doesn't seem like much of a workout for the Canes.
Turnovers are not giveaways. They're called takeaways. If you give away the football, you hand it to the opposing team on a platter but a takeaway is done by playing good hard defense. Giveaways are an excuse for crybabies who can't accept the fact it was do by defense. The sooner the excuse,"Giveaway" is wiped from football language, then we'll have real football and not crybabies. And that's for all teams including mine, the Canes, that want to use the excuse, "Giveaways." You can give candy away...

But if someone takes my candy away, then I'm fighting mad to
get it back, get my drift.

221 total yards of offense, not 212. 169 passing plus duke's 59

learn to count manny. calculators can do that job for you as well

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