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Al Golden from Wednesday's Atlantic Coast Conference Coaches' Teleconference

Some quick hits from Al Golden's ACC Teleconference:


* On getting more national exposure since the win against Florida, and if it parallels at all with how UM's basketball program: "We have no idea what is being said outside these doors. We're just going back to work. ...I have no idea what transpired with Jim and with basketball, but relative to us we're not talking about anything out the outside, just as we did not talk about Florida going into the Florida game.

   "It's been about our process. This week is us vs. complacency. We're really not calling it a bye week. We're calling it a process week.'

* On tight-end Clive Walford and expectations for him compared to a year ago:

"A lot higher. He's been one of the guys we've been pushing the last two days to get his timing down, to run everything full speed so Stephen knows exactly where he is, to really turn the corner and play faster. He's a guy we've got to get involved more for sure, especially on third down.''

* On the defensive-line rotation: Golden said Anthony Chickillo got around 71 reps against Florida, but that the other players rotating, including Ufomba Kamalu, Jelani Hamilton, Justin Renfro, Curtis Porter and Olsen Pierre, "didn't get out of the 40s, which kept us fresh.

"The rotation will get stronger as we start to bring along Kamalu and Jelani Hamilton and Earl Moore. We really need those guys to grow up and step up.''

* On Phillip Dorsett and Stephen Morris getting their signals crossed at times:

"Just disconnected a couple times and that's it. It's really not a function of any one thing. We all have to improve, starting with me. Today and yesterday we worked very hard on a lot of different things, most particularly on our third downs.

Stephen’s balance is excellent right now. He’s throwing the ball really well. We had a lot of continuity with our receivers. We’re pushing Stacy and Malcolm. We’re trying to get more production out of the tight ends. It’s been a very productive two days, but it’s really not a new offense, it’s not Stephen, it’s not Phillip. It’s the totality of it and the way the game unfolded."

 * On recruiting after Saturday's victory, and the importance of timing as it relates to recruiting after a win:

  "I don’t know so much of the timing. If this was decision time then timing is important. If a kid was going to make a decision and he and his family said, 'OK, sometime after the Florida game we’re going to make a decision.' Obviously, then that would be favorable to us. But in terms of timing of it it’s just a function of getting out.

 "We’re in a bye week and we’ve practiced really hard the last two days. We’re going to practice tomorrow and then we’re going to get our coaches on the road Thursday and Friday. We’re going to go to further places, places further away, because we don’t have a game this weekend. And when we go to South Florida, we’ll do the Tampa and Orlando area, maybe Fort Myers, West Coast and when we’re back home we’ll start hitting the local areas. There’s a little strategy involved..because of the way it falls on the calendar."

*On the play of the offensive line:

 "There are cert things we need to get fixed. We know that. We have to be able to run the ball better. That’s not just on the O-line. That’s on everybody, starting with me. There are some things we’ve looked at that were exposed that we need to get corrected and we’ll get that fixed and there are some other things we can do moving forward that we will do.

"Slugfest for sure. Proud of the way the guys fought. It wasn’t pretty but certainly a lot of room to improve this week and they know that."



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Cameron Wake, on a conference call with Dolphins season-ticket holders: He called Olivier Vernon “the most improved player we have.”

It's a Cane thing!

~Barry Jackson

UM’s Al Golden continued a series of national interviews today, and ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd asked if he believes the program has turned the corner with Saturday’s win. “No,” he said, adding he told the team: “The biggest thing is we really haven’t achieved anything yet.”

But one thing has changed. “We [had] lost our way, what the University of Miami was about. What people lost in the translation is this” program, historically, “was one of the hardest working teams in America, one of the toughest teams in America. The practice was quite often harder than the game.” The program is returning to that mentality.

Golden told Cowherd: “We felt we were going to win all week” last week. There has been no media access to players during this bye week, but Golden assures: “We’ve been practicing like crazy. We’re getting a lot of young guys better, working on things Florida exposed.”

~Barry Jackson

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!

thats the roster from the UM website.....sorry green pea.....florida played a younger defense and stopped out morris and company.....

the most lopsides game via the stats....driskle gave UM the win...just get over it...

golden and dnofrio are mediocre coaches that s...ck....

more to come.....season is early.....been there done that....

and UM had a total of 212 total offense or 66 per half....how weak can you get.....

blahblahblah lists, etc.
Posted by: Jim Gallo | September 12, 2013 at 12:35 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have further proof that Gallo is lying through his tooth. 66 yards per half would be 132 yards total. He cannot understand English, he cannot do basic divide by TWO math, and he cannot accept that 5 > 3, 21 > 16, and that 29 > 26.

What about your guarantee win...you predicted?!?!

Gallo didn't you just finish offering a truce before you started with the green pea comments? Make up your mind, sicko.

The only stat that matters is the one on the scoreboard when the clock reads 0:00. It's all about making big-time plays. CANES made enough of them to win. It's great to be a MIAMI HURRICANE.

We'll be seeing a lot more big plays from the TE's in a few weeks. Coach Coley hasn't even turned the key yet on the offense.

Jim Gallo - Shut up. shut. the. f*ck. up.

You're wrong. You've been proven wrong. About everything. You're either pretending to be a UM fan or you're the most miserable, ignorant UM fan alive.

Either way, just stop.

Driskel "gave UM the win"? Why did Driskel have to pass on third and long in the red zone? Why didn't UF run the ball down Miami's throat all game?

Your only purpose in life is to make UM fans feel bad and to make them dislike Al Golden. You have zero chance of accomplishing either of those things.

So why waste your time? Why spend hours researching the rosters of a game that happened last week?

It's just f*cking pathetic and sad.

Gallo claims the gatrs were YOUNGER? Now that is a funny comment. Notice that he chopped off the redshirt part of each team's players.

We have already seen that Gallo cannot handle math, so I will do it for him.

11 players on each side. So we will be dividing by? 11. Very Good! But hey, I don't want to hurt your brain that much, so let's just look at the total years of experience.

17 Stephen Morris | 6-2, 218, SR
8 Duke Johnson | 5-9, 196, SO
1 Allen Hurns | 6-3, 195, SR
4 Phillip Dorsett | 5-9, 179, JR
6 Herb Waters | 6-2, 193, SO
70 Jon Feliciano | 6-5, 320, JR
46 Clive Walford | 6-4, 259, JR
65 Brandon Linder | 6-6, 319, SR
74 Ereck Flowers | 6-6, 315, SO
62 Shane McDermott | 6-4, 296, JR
79 Malcolm Bunche | 6-7, 327, RS JR

3 Seniors = 3 * 4 = 12 years.
1 Redshirt Junior = 1 * 4 = 4 years.
4 Juniors = 4 * 3 = (yep, same as 3 * 4 above, you can do it!) 12 years,
3 Sophomores = 3 * 2 = 6 years.

12 + 4 + 12 + 6 = ..... Cmon, use your fingers and toes and teeth, 34!

Let's check your gatrs now.

90 Jonathan Bullard | 6-3, 265, SO
6 Dante Fowler Jr. | 6-3, 263, SO
2 Dominique Easley | 6-2, 283, SR
44 Leon Orr | 6-5, 310, RS JR
7 Ronald Powell | 6-4, 234, RS JR
11 Neiron Ball | 6-3, 235, RS JR
51 Michael Taylor | 6-0, 231, RS JR
5 Marcus Roberson | 6-0, 195, JR
14 Jaylen Watkins | 6-0, 181, SR
20 Marcus Maye | 6-0, 200, RS FR
31 Cody Riggs | 5-9, 184, RS JR

2 Seniors = 2 * 4 = 8 years.
5 Redshirt Juniors = 5 * 4 = 20 years.
1 Junior = 1 * 3 = 3 years.
2 Sophomores = 2 * 2 = 4 years.
1 Redshirt Freshman = 1 * 2 = 2 years.

8 + 20 + 3 + 4 + 2 = .... yeah, I know, you are starting to get that sick feeling in your fat gut.... 37.

Sooooo according to Gallo, 37 34, and the gatrs had the OLDER, MORE EXPERIENCED squad out there. They just lost to the better coached, better class, better educated, and better dressed team.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | September 12, 2013 at 10:09 AM


Love Golden, I wouldn't change this guy for any other coach.

Golden is right, the Florida game is over, time to move onto the business of getting better.

Between the gallo blah blah blah blah

here's all you need to know.

Gallo predicted not only a UF victory but that Golden and Dno would fall flat on their faces.

Stand clear as the moron backpedals as fast as possible.

Unless Tebow returns, gaytors heading for 3 or 4 loses.


The Gators had 96 yards of total offense in the second half, 44 of them on their first drive, gefore getting 60 cheap ones on their last garbage time TD.

5 of their 8 second half drives netted a total of 6 yards, including two netting a negative 26.

Gators had 52 yards of total offense between their first and next to last posessions of the game.

Great D. Great win.

So Gallo can't add, can't subtract, can't read, can't spell, uses poor grammar, cannot tell who is on the Canes schedule and cannot reason.

Yep, sounds like a real winner.

Gallo- your lame excuse making is quite pathetic- you should be ashamed of yourself. Please.

The only stat that matters is W vs L.

Driskel was rushed, hurried, harried, harassed, and pounded. He hurried his throws. And the Miami D had his number. He did Ok with the typical gator dinking and dunking, but when it counted, he could not put out- just like that girl when we were in summer camp who would let you kiss her and touch her here and touch her there, but when it came to taking care of bisnez, she left you stuck on first base. I mean you are sitting there spewing statistics- what about your bruising rbs (plus Driskel) averaging 2.8 yds a carry? UF got hit by an ACC defense- a defense that looks like it can play with anyone in the SEC.

And just a reminder- ACC vs SEC= 2-2 right now

So you gator clucks please hush.

We'll see. Gator D is pretty good, but that good D had 21 points scored on them. I am not bragging about our Offense. They need work and are out of sync- just like the UF offense. But Miami has more weapons. And a betetr O line. No excuse for teh O line to play that poorly. Duke needs to hit the hole better, and stop dancing. He also needs another rb to take some of the load. that's a coaching thing. Duke needs the ball in the flats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great post Five Titles...once again Gallo has been exposed to be the fool we've all come to know...bloody hilarious!!!

Yo Gallo! Five Titles just gave you the stats you love to misquote...seriously...ARE YOU EVER RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING?????????

Al Golden is the best coach in college football.

Soldy is dead!!!! Sounds like our President!! I want a truce I don't want a truce!!!

As for everyone saying something about Miami's offense. Golden said they were willing to shut down and punt the ball. Make Driskell beat us and he couldn't!!! Miami;s D and Offense out played the gators bottom line. Anyone can quote stats but the most important stat is the score which Miami won.. Great game Coach Golden way to recognize what out strength was during the game and riding that strength to the W!!!! Coach D nice to see the D stand up and look reminiscence of old school CANE football

Another interception by Driskell! Lmao! Not interested in a truce, just get the hell on. Don't care about the state of any program other than Miami. Put us back on the schedule cowards
Posted by: Is it football season yet | September 11, 2013 at 11:41 PM


Well damn!!! ahahahahahahaha!!!

I love the smell of burnt Gator in the morning, smells like, victory...

U guys do such a good job of shutting gallo down i cajnt figure out why he keeps coming back. For more.

Those bruising backs were bruised at the 2.8 yard mark and thats all..maybe gallo cant afford hookers to humiliate him anymore so he comes here for free?

21-16 settles the arguement.

At this point Gallo and Calvin look really stupid AFTER ALL THEIR LABORED posts.....for what reason? Foe us now to tell you how stupid you look?

Calvin...you claim to be a know it all....AS A CANE FAN for many years I knew in my gut this defense would be better this year and it is.

you have an axe to grind....unfortunately it was and is to NO avail.

Gallo....your just dumb....plain and simple....I cant explain DUMB....AT LEAST CALVIN would make sense some times.....you....just dumb..not even funny dumb....ANNOYING DUMB.


Posted by: We own you!! | September 12, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Look, this "axe to grind" talk is pathetic man, seriously, did you not see that we had the worst defense in UM history last year, if that's the axe, than you got damyum right i'm going head-chopping. You & others do realize after over basically at least 25 years of playing real defense and the defenses thru out Cane history that you witnessed the worst one last year and as far as i'm concerned, it was the worst in the nation because you were at UM and we know what type of talent we get.

Than add to the fact that coach goldie was putting his boy before the program and they kept saying now "think players not plays" but than turn-around and say they're not ready to do what we're asking them to do. The defenses got worst under them the last 2 years, now if we're going to play defense like we did last saturday, that's definitely better than what we had last year, but i'm still not sold on the fact that we can actually play defense after one game. It's not like the gaytors had a high-powered offense coming in and we didn't either, like i said before, i'm not sure where all the smo17 hype came from, but those games last year where he threw for all those yards were not impressive to me because it came against garbage teams. It's one thing to understand the game off the field, but while you're on it is when it matters most.

I like smo17 and the confidence that he brings to the qb position, but if people are waiting for him to light teams up, don't waste your time, and it's not james coley either. You look at many of the throws morris threw in the gaytor game and they made no sense whatsoever. On that pick he threw, he had all 3 guys coming open, but i'll leave the offense alone.

What people need to look at is, without those forced turn-overs, how would this game have actually turned out. That's when we'll get back to the fundamental weaknesses of this defense. I'll say it again, as long as we're playing respectable top notch defense, i can live with that, but i can't watch the crap we had last year, but if we play against better qb's than driskell and he put up 291 yards, than what will see than when the time comes.

Would have could have .....miami took took those turnoversl and sent the gators home

We held them to 1 1/2 tds and a field goal calvin. We scored three(3)tds....gtfoh....lmao at U


I agree with your assessment of last year's d, it was awful. It looked good in week 2, we'll see.

Stephen Morris is a great qb, best we've had since Dorsey. Morris doesn't make the schedule so he can't be held accountable. Did he not throw to td passes last Saturday. So he threw a pick. Florida has a great d so you can't say this game defines morris as a qb.

We can't blame the oc?

Calvin said: "Without those forced turnovers how would the game have turned out?"

Okay, let's play your game...

Without that blocked punt...how would the game have turned out?

Without a wide open, clear path to the goal line Phillip Dorsett and Stephen Morris getting their signals crossed how would the game have turned out?

Without the Gator offensive line holding on most every play how would the game have turned out?

Without the Gators committing pass interference on several plays that were not called how would the game have turned out?

It still bothers me, that Morris said, that the Florida D knew when he called a running play [KISS]
This week I will sit back and root against the 14 teams that are ahead of us in the polls..

Now that Calvina has been exposed again as a moron, he returns to chatting up last year.


For those looking for the real reason the Gators have quit the Miami series twice:

Over the last 16 times the Canes and Gators played...Miami won 12 of those games...the Gators only 4!

All the BS excuses the Gators cook-up don't hide the fact they are afraid to play the Canes...and based on the undeniable results...they have good reason to be afraid!

Alright Gator fans, your expiration date has come and gone. You came to town, made your case on the field, and lost. It's time for Calvin and Gallo and all of their alter egos to run back into the woodshed, where your fathers are waiting to give you the Gimp treatment. Maybe your psycho babbling means something to you, but not to the rest of us.

Take your lists and whining and bashing and keep them to yourself because WE BEAT YOU AND YOUR UNIVERSITY DOESN'T HAVE THE CAJONES TO PLAY US ANYMORE. And there is nothing any of you can do to change this.

In short, everytime I see one of your posts, I am simply going to post the word 'SCOREBOARD'. I encourage everyone else who frequents this blog to do the same. Just post 'SCOREBOARD' when these blowhards decide to post some of their garbage. 'SCOREBOARD' should follow them everywhere they go, like a verse to Alice's Restaurant.

I'm in!! Lol

To the Soldy Dude up top:
All I ask is to own up. He did. I respect that.
To Gallo
"the defense will be no better"..."Florida will win 34-13...wait and see...the Gators will run all over us"
0 for 3 my friend. I called you out and you restated the same.

The last time I checked, the game is played for 4 quarters. I'll take the first 14 minutes and the last 11 minutes of that game ANY DAY, given the results. We ran the ball 11 times and passed it 4 in the 4th. Florida's offense WAS NOT going to beat us.

We had 'em right where we wanted 'em.


It's understood that we have some areas of concern.
But I ask you...what Hurricane fan would not be happy with the results on Saturday???






Gallo - we won. Deal with it.



21-16 CANES!

29-26 CANES!

5 > 3 CANES!








But the Gators had more time of possession....lmao. This dude might commit suicide when Golden gets us in the title hunt. Al Golden is the best coach in college football.

Big daddy wilfork representing The U baby!
Thanks big daddy


It still bothers me, that Morris said, that the Florida D knew when he called a running play [KISS]
This week I will sit back and root against the 14 teams that are ahead of us in the polls..
Posted by: MH | September 12, 2013 at 07:24 PM

Sad to say there are only TWO real chances out there for us to move up, Alabama versus TAMU (which if Alabama loses they STILL will put them ahead of undefeated Miami) and UCLA - Nebraska, both below us but I bet the loser has some votes above us that will disappear.

Not expecting much movement in Week 4, either, with all the other teams facing patsies yet again.

But hey, we faced the gatrs, so we can't complain about facing patsies.


gators are scared of th U. Lets play every year and slug it out. at the end you will get what you dserve...get out of this site gator trash....

Gallo yes the real Gallopina.

Check the reports out of Florida post game.

Six players, yes I said six including the QB had ankle, knee or hip injuries.

That tells me that our D was bringing HEAT and the Gayturds needed the Bye week to mend.

Don't you understand "Sweet pea" that the after game analysis has a lot to do with the intensity of play action during the game. What was the score Gallows?
I didn't hear you.. Say again..
Go 'Canes

Gallow is still figuring out how Miami can stop BC's running backs even though they don't play this year.

You are an idiot, gallo. Next, he will warn of how good Bo Jackson is and that he will run all over D'onofrio's defense.

After any team lose. Excuses will follow. The only stat that matters is the score Miami beat Florida in the stat that matters the most. This is a team of destiny. Be apart of the magic. 13-0 National Champs. In your face NCAA..

canestrong- The u did slow down Bo Jackson in his prime- back in 1984, Miami played Auburn in the kick off classic and held Bo to significantly less than his average and UM whooped #1 Auburn.

Miami could use a bruiser to complement Duke. Gus Edwards or Yearby are good examples. A 1-2 tandem of rbs is excellent. Sony Michel can still be flipped as is his partner, Mackenzie. Without a consistent running game we are hosed, so we need to keep Duke healthy and productive.

Miami against the stars of that era we always embarrassed them.

The fact that Flutie got one lucky pass in against us gets replayed over and over and over, but Bosworth, Emmitt Smith, Bo Jackson, and a host of others all saw their offensive or defensive numbers get destroyed when they faced the Canes.

No wonder the NCAA started changing the rules of college football specifically to stop Miami.

Yearby had 14 carries for 149 yards and a TD yesterday, continuing to show that the Canes got a great player for the future if Duke goes pro.

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