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Start planning your tailgate for Savannah State. Tigers lost first 2 games by combined score 143-12

Be assured that the No. 15 Hurricanes will be too busy working on themselves the next couple of weeks to get a cocky attitude about Savannah State, their next opponent.

 Miami (2-0) has off this Saturday, but returns to Sun Life Stadium at 7 p.m. Sept. 21 against the FCS Tigers.

Here's pretty much all you need to know about the Tigers:

* They lost 66-3 against FBS-team Troy this past weekend. Troy (2-0) passed for six touchdowns and ran for another two. Troy also scored on a field goal and 78-yard interception return.

* They lost 77-9 in their opener against fellow FCS-team Georgia Southern.

* They finished 1-10 in 2012.

Suffice it to say that a lot of backups will get playing time against Savannah State, and the Hurricanes' passing game should dramatically improve.

The game will not be shown on TV. ESPN3 will show the game online.

Will the fans show up at Sun Life? I think they will, but I'm an optimist. If nothing else, it should be a good night to party and watch some Hurricane future stars get ample playing time.

No matter what kind of team Savannah State has, Al Golden will get his players ready to roll in this one.



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First! Ha ha mh!

Miami will improve their individual and team stats' against lowly Savannah St.

Matter of fact, the Hurricanes will be undefeated entering their game against A.C.C. nemesis Georgia Tech.

Yeah, yeah the Canes still have to travel to the Bay and play South Florida. So what.

Even with backup QB Williams getting some playing time, as well as a host of other 2nd/3rd team Canes seeing action on offense.

I'll still be highly disappointed if Miami doesn't break the 575 yard total offense barrier. No not the Great barrier reef. hUh

I SEE-r Miami's defense getting their first SHUT OUT of the season. dUh

It was clear that our offense telegraphed tendencies that Florida picked-up on.

The Gators were apparently accurately barking run or pass on most every play, which is obviously an enormous advantage if you know what's coming pre-snap and explains their defensive success.

Coach Golden and Coach Coley will get the offense straightened out and before long they will be one of the most prolific units in the country.

Coach Al Golden is the best college football coach in the country and will soon be adding out 6th, 7th and 8th National Championships.

Go Canes!

Duke should get 250 yds on 15 carries. Then take him out, put Clemens and Crawford. Williams and Dewey should get play time.

If it's true UF knew it would be a run or pass before the ball was snapped, that's a big problem. Morris said something similar in his post game interview. That happens in high school, but never should happen at this level. That's how things were Shannon's first year with that offensive coordinator. I can't remember his name. Really, UM needs to be a lot more sophisticated than that. I'm shocked that this may be true. Coley and the staff have tons of work to do if this is true, and I think it is based on Morris' interview.

What many of the analyst missing is that Miami's offense is the strength of the team, and they now have a bye week, Savannah state and USF to get the offense clicking.

Winning the game against FLA the way we did (ugly, physical, with defense) is the best thing that could have happened to them. The offense will start clicking, and if we stay focused we have a chance to have a great year.

is kevin olsen redshirting or what? it really makes no sense to have him active.

If it's true UF knew it would be a run or pass before the ball was snapped, that's a big problem. Morris said something similar in his post game interview. That happens in high school, but never should happen at this level. That's how things were Shannon's first year with that offensive coordinator. I can't remember his name. Really, UM needs to be a lot more sophisticated than that. I'm shocked that this may be true. Coley and the staff have tons of work to do if this is true, and I think it is based on Morris' interview.

Posted by: rboud



Telegraphing tendencies happens from youth league flag football all the way through the pro ranks. It can be something as simple as offensive linemen splits. I was guilty of doing something on a specific play that each time we set-up to run the play the opposing teams coaches were screaming from the sidelines the precise play we were going to run. I recognized what was happening and changed my tendency and that was the end of giving the play away.

Miami's coaching staff is so good they will study the tape, interview their offensive team players and fix the problem.


5 star post my friend.

Go Canes!

First! Ha ha mh!

Posted by: Five Titles

Damn your ass..

What some of you don't understand is that once a team, individual, entity gets over a hump, in this case winning a big game the mental hurdle is cleared. Once the mental hurdle is cleared sky's the limit.

It's like what MJ siad about that big shot against G-Town his freshman year, once he hit that shot he knew he coudl hit gamne winners all the time

"Winning!" 21-16 (only because we let you score on that drive Gator KluKKS

So if I get to the game early, do I have a chance of playing too?

I can't contain my anger. This team hasn't done much. It beat an overrated UF team. Could this team beat Bridewater's Louisville team? No.

Today, I did some extended driving that allowed me to listen to local sports talk radio.

Previously, I had believed that the sheer stupidity posted on this site (see Cool Cat's recent post for an example) was the exclusive work of Gators.

But, after listening to the utter idiocy by so-called Dolphins fans concerning yesterday’s victory over Cleveland it is clear that many Miami Hurricane and Dolphin fans make up a confederacy of dunces…simply unbelievable.

At the end of one segment a real fan called to say; “And to think I came away from yesterday’s game believing we won, but after listening to these people it is clear that not only did we lose—we were slaughtered.

Sure hope that goldie plays all the third string players, freshmen, sophomores from the start or very early in the game.

Dude it's Golden....Al Golden....not Goldie

Posted by: Ron Zook | September 09, 2013 at 08:15 PM

Well said. And they're always the loudest.

Golden backed his boy Mark all the way and people crucified him for it. Wanted to run him out of town. They were supposed to be over-matched outsiders that could neither recruit nor coach and we would see on Saturday.

Right, now the Gators were overrated. Now everyone is on D'Onofrio's sack. Chick is D-player of the week in ACC, but last week he didn't belong in D1. It's like the reverse of everything from last week. Monday morning QBs just playing the result.

If you all didn't make such outlandish claims prior to wham bam on Saturday, you wouldn't have to swallow the crow or feel the need to justify that un-original bunk with equally baseless excuses now, after-the-fact. Let's stop talking about the coaches. Let's stop talking about the players. Cuz you luv the coaches, and now you luv the players. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

I like Randy Shannon as a man. Rooted for him to get the job and hope he gets another opportunity to be a HC because I know he has learned from his mistakes ('make them small and fast'). Randy is a good ass. coach but not in the same class of leadership as Al Golden. Next subject.

Savanah State is the next opportunity to get better and i'm looking forward to better execution from the O. We obviously need a bruising back and I hope the LB they switched to FB will get some PT along with G. Edwards.

This is a process. Let the man cook the meal without all that yappin.

All these whiners and people that believe they know better than the coaches remind me of a married man who got sex every night by his wife and yet he complained every morning that it was not good enough or his wife did not know what she was doing even though he woke up with a smile.

Stop whining and complaining enjoy the ride.

Cool Cat,

We don't play Louisville.

I understand the bye week but why are we playing savannna st? We couldn't find a better game?

Look, i'm giving dnofrio his ust do for the gaytor game, but by no means am i convinced that he's the right d-co for the job. We'll see what happens when we face a real legit offense. driskell still had a career day agaisnt us. The one thing i noticed about this defense that we're running, if a qb is late on his throw, he won't be able to throw to that side no more, a qb has to be consistently decisive in order to beat this type of defense. I'm starting to understand more and more of the philosophy behind this type of scheme.

This is why when you look at the teams that seem to be able to dismantle a 3-4 team, it's normally the teams that have a decisive qb under-center. I'm still a 4-3 guy myself, no matter if a qb is decisive or not, they have to be more accurate than decisive against the 4-3.

I will say this about the defense too, didn't see to many missed tackles out there, so have become a real good tackling team and guys were blasting the gaytors all game long, at one point it looked like matt jones didn't want the ball no more. I think the rest of the sec is in trouble now, the gaytors will be mad after having to watch game film of that L they took on saturday.

Also, d called it, he's been saying that pat odonell would help us to win a few games and he's been letting us know about figs#2 as well.


that scheme wasn't design to prevent the pass, but shut down the run and it did. I don't like the 3-4 but you can do so much more from it that the 4=3. It gives you an extra man in coverage which also my rush the passer. It's harder to account for standing rushers than 4 down lineman, which states precious seconds for a down man to drop back in coverage versus on standing. With rushers like Muhammed, Gilbert and McCord they can drop back and fool the QB. Hell Shayon Green was back in pass coverage which I think he is to slow for. Had that been Muhammad or McCord a couple of those passes in the flats may have been picks. 3-4 simple you can blitz and cover which is why Florida failed in the red zone. Driskel couldn't account for everyone when he had to pass and worry about the rush at the same time. Basicly the the 3=4 leaves smaller gaps in zone coverage that the 4-3 they both can stop the run. Line man say to them selves do I block the two LB's in the middle or the ones on the outside you have to account for everyone in a 3-4 scheme.









cAlvina if Coach D who you have been running out of town since he got here and comparing every thing the man did to everyone in football; What does this guy have to do to become the "right d-co for the job"?. As you stated.
Your tepid reaction to a very good win by criticizing our D patterns show you still have issues to throw out there.
Enjoy the ride, and stop being irrelevant in thought.

Give the Team and the Coaches the Credit that is due and recognize that this team is entering "Big Time Football" which others have not been able to do.

We didn't rush the passer you lamented, could not read formations, played too much man, and then when Miami played 4-3 and switches to 3-4 for the match up's you complain. You can't have it both ways.
Support the effort of the Team.
Go 'Canes

The CANES jumped a big hurdle on Saturday but the race to an undefeated season is far from over. Even though Coach DeDo has got his unit going in the right direction, there's still lots of work to be done before we are ready to host GT, and thankfully, before we take the field with the ESPN national spotlight on the CANES in Carolina for a Thurs nite game.

The O-Line played much better on Saturday, so I'm not worried in the least about the offense under Coach Coley.

Special Teams is a concern. On Saturday, they let a few golden opportunities slip away and got a punt blocked. Coach will make sure they seize those opportunities from here on out. If they do, this CANES team will be playing for the ACC title in December.

The Carolina game is a Thurs nite ESPN game?
How come we don't get some of those Thurs nighters @ Sun Life?
Get Bloke James to tweet out a return of the ESPN Thurs nite games @ Sun Life
Come on Bloke James what ya afraid of?

UFrauds got wrecked and you're still here running your mouths?

I'm going to the UNC game.. it's an easy drive for me since I live in SC. Who else is planning to come up?

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