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UM AD Blake James says he'll contact UF AD Jeremy Foley to try to resume Canes-Gators series

Al Golden has been saying it for the past week, and Monday night on WQAM's Hurricane Hotline, Hurricanes athletic director Blake James said it too: Resume the rivalry.

James made it clear he'd like for the Canes, who defeated UF 21-16 on Saturday, to play the Gators again.

As it is now, there are no more games scheduled between the two teams. UF AD Jeremy Foley told the Associated Press last week that he'd only consider playing again at a neutral site.

Here's exactly what James said, regarding a possible UM-UF revival:

"I think it's great for college football. I think it's great for the state of Florida. I think it's great for Miami. When you look at, hey we all know Gators; We all live with them -- some of them, they're our family; some of them, they're our neighbors. Whatever it is, the reality is we're going to have Seminoles, Gators and Canes all around the area.

"The rivalry is good for South Florida. If it were something where it made sense for Jeremy and Florida -- and again, I can't speculate what does or doesn't make sense for the University of Florida. I don't know all the ins and outs of what they need to do.

"But I do know from our side, we'd definitely like to play them. But to me it needs to be a game that makes sense. So whether it's a home and home -- you know, if we wanted to look at a neutral site, you have to find a neutral site.

"I said New York City last night.

"Someone said to me, 'Hey Jeremy said he wants to play at a neutral site like Orlando or Tampa or Jacksonville.'  I said, 'That doesn't really sound neutral to me. I would choose.. maybe... Yankee Stadium.'

"Those are conversations that we need to have. I'll reach out to Jeremy again and see what makes sense  to them. We're different programs that have different needs.

"I would say for us, yeah, it would make sense to have them on the schedule on a regular basis. But with that said, understand, there are different challenges that they have. Whatever works I'm sure will end up happening for the two programs.''