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UM AD Blake James says he'll contact UF AD Jeremy Foley to try to resume Canes-Gators series

Al Golden has been saying it for the past week, and Monday night on WQAM's Hurricane Hotline, Hurricanes athletic director Blake James said it too: Resume the rivalry.

James made it clear he'd like for the Canes, who defeated UF 21-16 on Saturday, to play the Gators again.

As it is now, there are no more games scheduled between the two teams. UF AD Jeremy Foley told the Associated Press last week that he'd only consider playing again at a neutral site.

Here's exactly what James said, regarding a possible UM-UF revival:

"I think it's great for college football. I think it's great for the state of Florida. I think it's great for Miami. When you look at, hey we all know Gators; We all live with them -- some of them, they're our family; some of them, they're our neighbors. Whatever it is, the reality is we're going to have Seminoles, Gators and Canes all around the area.

"The rivalry is good for South Florida. If it were something where it made sense for Jeremy and Florida -- and again, I can't speculate what does or doesn't make sense for the University of Florida. I don't know all the ins and outs of what they need to do.

"But I do know from our side, we'd definitely like to play them. But to me it needs to be a game that makes sense. So whether it's a home and home -- you know, if we wanted to look at a neutral site, you have to find a neutral site.

"I said New York City last night.

"Someone said to me, 'Hey Jeremy said he wants to play at a neutral site like Orlando or Tampa or Jacksonville.'  I said, 'That doesn't really sound neutral to me. I would choose.. maybe... Yankee Stadium.'

"Those are conversations that we need to have. I'll reach out to Jeremy again and see what makes sense  to them. We're different programs that have different needs.

"I would say for us, yeah, it would make sense to have them on the schedule on a regular basis. But with that said, understand, there are different challenges that they have. Whatever works I'm sure will end up happening for the two programs.''




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Calvin=Ass clown

LMAO. James is calling them out! Do it in orlando! More canes up here anyway. They will run of course but at least we called them out. One last humiliation.

Gooooooooooooo Blake James!

Today, I did some extended driving that allowed me to listen to local sports talk radio.

Previously, I had believed that the sheer stupidity posted on this site by some was the exclusive work of Gators.

But, after listening to the utter idiocy by so-called Dolphins fans concerning yesterday’s victory over Cleveland it is clear that many Miami Hurricane and Dolphin fans make up a confederacy of dunces…simply unbelievable.

At the end of one segment a real fan called to say; “And to think I came away from yesterday’s game believing we won, but after listening to these people it is clear that not only did we lose—we were slaughtered

Axel Foley is gonna be studdering saying they MAY be playing a 9 game sec schedule and cant afford less than 8-9 home games.lmao at foley

They will only consider playing us at a neutral site!? LOL talk about running scared, Yankee stadium sounds good to me. The notion of Jacksonville or Orlando being neutral sites is absurd.

Blake James should send a written home and home request to UF and copy in all the newspapers in the state.

If they don't respond send a follow up and again cc the newspapers. They won't place us, but good recruiting PR.

Play them home and home or Orlando. Nix jax or Tampa

A true neutral site like Yankee Stadium would be awesome but I think a Home and Home series is probably best for both schools. Going to Orlando or Jacksonville is like playing LSU in Houston... not a neutral site. Home and Home series make the most sense financially as it costs down on travel costs for the universities.

LMAO..it has to make sense..WTF????

Yankee Stadium or NOTHING! That's what I'd give the Gators. We OWN them. Make them play us on OUR terms or not at all!

I travel from north of daytona for games and there are a lot of fans between here and tampa. Otown is a neutral site.lets play!

Our university suits have grown some balls! Take it to the state if we have too. Boy, wouldnt that be great if uf has to play UM and FSU by law? People across the country would be laughing at them.

FAU's new stadium- Howard Built!

UF does not want to play us. We'll see them in a bowl at some point.

Heck, just set up some cones, use broomsticks for yard markers and we'll play those gators in a grocery parking lot!!! ANYWHERE just to see them go down again.

F'them ...back in the day, we would play anyone,anywhere
we need to get back to that mentality

Be better than them, and let them choose where they'd like to lose.

Lot of canes up here around Tampa .... just watch the usf game they est 25,000 cane fans have bought tickets ... there are some canes in da house!!! Got mine

let's go

be a pleSURE TO PLAY u

A real neutral site Tampa,fl Just like the old days.If the gators don't want to play. How about LSU, Georgia or Alabama. We don't need the gators.If Blake James want to make a splash The OutBack bowl should be SEC vs ACC not Big Ten. This will make for great football games. Who knows in state rivalries might meet again on neutral site

Miami has actually won more games in Gainesville against the lizards than in Miami. I don't think Foley is worried as much about losing in Miami as he is of the prospect of losing at home every other year.

From The Article:

"I can't speculate what does or doesn't make sense for the University of Florida."

I'm here to say, nothing makes sense at the University of Florida

Why sound like the Cane's are begging to play them????? They aren't coming here, we shouldn't go there to appease them. Let's wait for a Bowl game where the dollar split is the same and kick them back to Gainesville with their tails between their legs. Of course they will probably try to go to another bowl to play someone else. Their DNA preceeds them.

Orlando- maybe neutral, but closer to gatr country
Um agreed to play ND in a neutral and away series. LOL

Chicago was anything BUT neutral- not only is it geographically in the center of Irish country, South bend being 2 hrs away, but the stadium was decked out in Irissh stuff, at half time there were former Irish players honored with videos and banners etc, there was NOTHING neutral about that game. Furthermore the 50k of the 60000 that showed up were irish fans. Dont fool yourselves with that neutral garbage. Tampa is gator country. Between USF and gator and seminole fans in Hillsborough and surrounding counties there are few remaining canes there. Somehow Orlando has a good number of canes for some reason but I still believe its not a neutral site.


Bring it to Tampa. As long as the tickets are split evenly, it's up to Canes fans to show up. If I can travel from Tampa to watch the Canes play, then surely our Dade and Broward crews can take I-75 for four hours.

Now Jacksonville... you might as well play it in Canesville!

Gaytors gifted u losers. Good thin Driscoll sux or u lose. Duke is a joke. Can't wait.

The can't be good for UF. First we beat their school in football and then we prove that their scared to play us.

Recruits, you watching??

I don't think James is serious about New York. It may make sense for Miami against another opponent, but not Florida. Two teams from the same state traveling up north to play a football game? It is also a slap in the face to the fans and students of both teams who are unable to travel that far to attend the game. The Gators, of course, would never agree anyway.

There is no reason a home and home can't be scheduled every four years. I understand not wanting to give up a home game every other year, but every eight years? Not buying the excuse. I'm not a fan of neutral site games during the regular season, but if it comes down to it Tampa or Orlando make the most sense as long as the tickets are allotted evenly and Miami provides bus transportation to fill its students' section.

Posted by: Garnet & Gold 4 Eva | September 10, 2013 at 08:39 AM


BWWWHAHAH. Just a Gatr Trash Pig, you know which one, making like a Nole fan.

Too transparent you slob.

The road to the national championship always goes through the State of Florida. It is harder to win the State of Florida championship than the National Championship. UM, FSU, UF, USF, FIU, UCF, FAU.

The State of Florida itself is like the Pac 10 or 12 or whatever it is with a lot of equality in Ore, USC, Stanford, etc. OR the SEC with Ala, LSU, GA, UF, etc.

To Ron Zook- You should read the Gainesville Sun sports page if you want idiots. There are idiots everywhere and the fact you don't use your own name shows your lack of stability.

Posted by: CaneFan'72 | September 10, 2013 at 09:02 AM

Wow. Thanks for the keen insight, you bitter maggot. Go have your prostate checked, loser. Or should I say, Gallo green pea, heh, heh, heh,

Odd that the day Gallo disappears this moron shows?


UFraid to schedule us?
I see why: Rings: 5>3. Overall series: MIAMI 29 UFraid 26

Gators were Chickens in the 80's and ran from the U after we won are second National Championship.
They only kept F$U on their schedule due to the fall out of dropping the Canes when we started winning Championship.
Within the next few years they will not only not be playing the Canes they will try to get out of the F$U game.

I was actually stunned that Foley did not back out of the game at the last minute. After all, they broke two other contracts with us, and they have a habit of breaking promises.

Oh well, they are in the rear view mirror with tire tracks on they yellow bellies. I don't think we need to offer them another chance, they will just keep it if we are 5-7 the year before, but back out if we are over .500.

Good riddance to weak sisters.

Post by: CaneFan'72 | September 10, 2013 at 09:02 above
Wow. Thanks for the keen insight, you bitter maggot. Go have your prostate checked, loser.
Posted by: *********SOLDY****** | September 10, 2013 at 09:30 AM
Weren't you doing that when you had your tongue in my ahole???

Posted by: Garnet & Gold 4 Eva | September 10, 2013 at 08:39 AM
BWWWHAHAH. Just a Gatr Trash Pig, you know which one, making like a Nole fan.
Too transparent you slob.
Posted by: *********SOLDY****** | September 10, 2013 at 08:54 AM
Soldy, that post was not only predictable by the racist troll, but predicted by me and others on here weeks ago, that the poor obsessed slob would jump on the Nole bandwagon right after the 9-7 Canes beatdown of the gatrs.

Who cares whether they play us or not, our only focus is working on getting #'s 6 & 7, anything else would be uncivilized. Quiet as kept, 3g is actually having a real good year thus far. Wouldn't be to surprised to see him start to emerge as being a high draft pick as well for someone. He'll need all four years possibly to be able to do that, but he'll be in the chris long mode of a defensive player. For what they're asking him to do and that's to be a technician out there, not a True pass rusher.

"Posted by: CaneFan'72 | September 10, 2013 at 10:25"

A racist, a maggot and a comedian all in one. Wow. Reaching legendary status with the likes of Gallo. Errr...wait. Naw. Couldn't be, could it?

CaneFan'72 wins the maggot award. "Ahole?" Really?


UM and UF could end up playing again this year in a bowl game. Stranger things have happened. UM should not agree to play UF if it's done all on UF's terms. I'm sure UF feels they've helped UM immeasurably this year by 1) playing UM in S. Fla. 2 )losing to UM and greatly helping UM with recruiting. UF has all the cards in their favor and will probably never agree to play UM in S. Fla. again.


Why in the world would I EVER read the Gainesville Sun sports page? Which begs the question, if you really are a Canes fan why in the world are YOU reading the Gainesville Sun sports page that is all about the Gators?

If by using the name Gary is a brave act on your part and you believe we should use our given names on this blog then please list your last name, address and telephone number as that act will then give you the right and credibility to question the screen names of others.

My comments concerning people who claim to be Miami fans, but no matter what complain and whine are factual. To that point, I remember after the National Championship game against Nebraska in the Rose Bowl their was a segment of people who claimed to be Canes fans who were outraged and attacking Larry Coker and the team for not winning the game by a larger margin. This is not fandom, but mental illness!

UM and UF could end up playing again this year in a bowl game. Posted by: rboud | September 10, 2013 at 11:02 AM
I agree. If they both have the same W-L record, it would be a great matchup like in the bucs stadium on New Years Day.


You mean like the time you were blowing everyone in the men's room at bucs stadium?


Ron Zook- Agreed. There a bunch of lunatics who comeon here and many opponents fans think they reflect on the general cane population.

But UF is indeed avoiding us. How do you explain then, UVA GOING to Oregon to play Oregon? Or--- Tennessee is laos travelling over yonder to the upper left corner of the US to play the extremely dangerous ducks. Why cant UF have that same moxy? Truth is, they know they cannot beat the U regularly and we will ruin their season as we have done commonly in the past. Butif its about not having anything to win by playing us- then go play Texas, or Oklahoma, or USC, but noooooooooooooooooooooo, They scrrd.

I'd like some insight on what OC Coley is saying about the struggles of the offense.

Gator fans- I will not talk trash to you punks. 21-16 says it all, and so does the fact that you all are lucky that our Offense is still out of sync, or else this would have been a BLOW OUT.

I do wonder how much more of a beatdown it would have been under Fisch. It only makes me sad that the clock ran out without us getting the ball back on downs. It would have been justice for us to kick and in your face fg on them, just to send them packing with one more wound.

As for the Noles, I think we have to worry about GT and UNC before them. UNC is back from the ncaa kiss on the cheek for much worse than we did, and gt wants revenge for that close call last year. looking too far ahead used to ruin this teams chances, lets not do that this time.

Beating the Gators was nice, but it's done, let's move on.

One down, one to go, that's the professional approach.

UM and UF could end up playing again this year in a bowl game. Stranger things have happened. UM should not agree to play UF if it's done all on UF's terms.

Posted by: rboud | September 10, 2013 at 11:02 AM

First of all, y'all Cane good ol' boys bloody well need to CEASE with all this bowl game chatter. SERIOUSLY!!

Because the ETHICAL, PRESTIGIOUS N.C.A.A. still hasn't rendered a verdict on the case of Miami vs. College Football. hUh

And FWIW.... y'all GULLIBLE Cane fandom still HAVEN'T the foggiest notion about the deep-seated ANIMOSITY, the prestigious, ethical N.C.A.A. has for the Hurricane football program. Eh. What say.

That's one reason y'all Miami fandom need to CHECK all this possible bowl game talk and what not.

A few moons ago I SAGACIOUSLY harped on and on endlessly, that I-F my Hurricanes were to defeat MIGHTY Florida, then Miami would proceed to finish the regular season RANKED in the Top 10. hUh

Yeah, yeah it's all about the process and one game at a time approach for y'all Cane loyalist. So bloody what!

Well, lo and behold INSIDER ESPN has bloody well BACKED my notion of the Cane sort. And here's an excerpt of what ESPN INSIDER has to say on the entire Green nd' Orange matter. duh

By the way, y'all Miami partisans need to be a subscriber to peruse the entire commentary.

Nevertheless, here's what ESPN Insider said...

" Miami could make a BCS run "

" Why Hurricanes' win over Florida wasn't a fluke, could lead to bigger things "

" In 1983 the Miami Hurricanes posted a very rare achievement of going from being unranked at the start of the season to winning a national championship at the end of it.

That feat has been accomplished only twice since then (1984 Brigham Young and 1990 Georgia Tech), but after an impressive 21-16 over the Florida Gators, it is clear this year's Miami squad has a chance not only to win its division but also come close to replicating its predecessors' achievement by earning a berth to a BCS game. This would require the Canes to catch a few breaks, and it's too early to call them national title contenders, but after taking a closer look at the game tape and metrics from their victory over Florida, it's clear that the potential for a BCS run is there.

One of the more impressive elements of the Canes' win Saturday was how Miami's defense won the battle of the line of scrimmage versus the Gators' offense. " ESPN INSIDER GO COM

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