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UM AD Blake James says he'll contact UF AD Jeremy Foley to try to resume Canes-Gators series

Al Golden has been saying it for the past week, and Monday night on WQAM's Hurricane Hotline, Hurricanes athletic director Blake James said it too: Resume the rivalry.

James made it clear he'd like for the Canes, who defeated UF 21-16 on Saturday, to play the Gators again.

As it is now, there are no more games scheduled between the two teams. UF AD Jeremy Foley told the Associated Press last week that he'd only consider playing again at a neutral site.

Here's exactly what James said, regarding a possible UM-UF revival:

"I think it's great for college football. I think it's great for the state of Florida. I think it's great for Miami. When you look at, hey we all know Gators; We all live with them -- some of them, they're our family; some of them, they're our neighbors. Whatever it is, the reality is we're going to have Seminoles, Gators and Canes all around the area.

"The rivalry is good for South Florida. If it were something where it made sense for Jeremy and Florida -- and again, I can't speculate what does or doesn't make sense for the University of Florida. I don't know all the ins and outs of what they need to do.

"But I do know from our side, we'd definitely like to play them. But to me it needs to be a game that makes sense. So whether it's a home and home -- you know, if we wanted to look at a neutral site, you have to find a neutral site.

"I said New York City last night.

"Someone said to me, 'Hey Jeremy said he wants to play at a neutral site like Orlando or Tampa or Jacksonville.'  I said, 'That doesn't really sound neutral to me. I would choose.. maybe... Yankee Stadium.'

"Those are conversations that we need to have. I'll reach out to Jeremy again and see what makes sense  to them. We're different programs that have different needs.

"I would say for us, yeah, it would make sense to have them on the schedule on a regular basis. But with that said, understand, there are different challenges that they have. Whatever works I'm sure will end up happening for the two programs.''




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I agree with 'Five Titles' and 'Seminoles are Next'...

Had our offense been in sync the Gator game would have been a blow-out versus a solid win.

I also agree with 'Mase'...

It is time to focus on our next game and so on, which Coach Golden has made it clear that is exactly what he is demanding of his players.

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!

I'm thinking the reason WHY my Hurricanes won the battle up front, is because M-Y Canes have depth in the FRONT SEVEN this season. dUh

Yeah, yeah I give y'all Cane good ol' boys the STRENGTH and CONDITIONING aspect too. hUh

Nevertheless, I SEE-r possibly 3 A.C.C. opponents whom can cause trouble for Miami. That be Carolina and Beamer Ball and the MIGHTY Seminoles.

However, as long as the team continues to show IMPROVEMENT in all phases of their game, then the possibility of Goldie's squad finishing the REGULAR season in the TOP 10, becomes a bloody REALITY! Get outta' here with that Hocus Pocus, Weirdo!

Oklahoma St is busted by Sports Illustrated for the abuse of paying it's players cash and what not. Go figures'.

By the way, SI's investigative arm has greater CREDIBITY than that Yahoo college sports rag. hUh

Yeah, yeah I understand y'all Cane Hooligans bloody DESPISE Sports Illustrated and what not. So what!

Forget the turds. They don't want to play Miami because the SEC is "too hard." Miami's AD should get on the phone with Tennessee's AD and start scheduling home & homes with them. This will expose the turds for what they are -- chicken gators -- because another SEC team has taken a challenge that they won't. And I'm confident that UT wants to make the turds look like chicken punks as much as Miami does. It will also be attractive to Tennessee because it will give them exposure to S. Fla. high schools and, perhaps, they can pick up a few recruits that the gators would ordinarily get. Win-win.

Miami doesn't need the chicken gators. After losing 7 of the last 8 and 8 of the last 10 to Miami, they aren't even a "blip" on Miami's radar anymore.

I'm a Canes fan and we turned down LSU for next year....so....lets keep it real. I firmly believe 1 difficult OOC game should be played by all the major programs every year to truly get an "idea" of who the real teams are every year and where the "strength" may lie in certain situations, conferences, etc.

The love and respect just keeps coming in from the national college football media-nexus regarding my Miami Hurricanes. dUh

Because SI's Mr. Andrew Staples has your Hurricanes NO. 13 in his latest power poll. Eh. What say.

Also, CBS college football writer Anthony Barnhart bloody has elected Goldie for college football COACH OF THE YEAR! hUh

YOOOOO......Wheres Canetrash been????

You pathetic LOSER!!!!!!

SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP.....at least you don't have to play us anymore!!

Does anyone miss Gallo or the blog PIG?

Anyone? Beuhler??

Yes, the decades of say a Miami or Boomer Sooner or U.S.C. or even the MIGHTY Seminoles is bloody well PASSE! When it comes to scheduling non-conference and what not.

Because these program were NEVER scared of playing at least TWO strong non-conference fee, fi FOES. dUh

I guess y'all Cane loyalist can blame it on the S.E.C. way of scheduling pre-season games. Eh. What say.

When the sports blogs started up in the Miami Herald there was a UM and a UF blog but no FSU blog.

As a result, all of the childish, name changing trolling has been between UM and UF "fans". You won't find a single comment here about the Florida State Seminoles, who are Miami and Florida's rivals in real life.

If this internet nerd nonsense ever had a basis in football that's now over. Miami has beaten Florida and it will be at least 5 years before we play again. UF is irrelevant to UM. UM should be irrelevant to UF.

You internet nerds are now officially engaged in a fake internet rivalry that has absolutely nothing to do with football.

Nothing UM "fans" say about UF or UF "fans" say about UM on this blog will change the fact that you're a bunch of internet nerds who care more about trolling each other on the internet than college football.

Lady Calvin not appearing much after being totally exposed for her nonsense that the D front 7 had gained too much weight (she's weight obsessed) and were too slow. The fact that the front seven is bigger, faster, stronger, better conditioned with lower body fat% is a collection of facts that Calvina managed to ignore. Unfortunately for her, the facts speak for themselves.

Atlanta. So both UF and UM can poach that state's riches.

No "DO OVERS" with the Gators in a bowl game. They had their shot. They've done this several times with FSU.Don't want this to happen.

I have a recommendation, have the game in Tampa to please the Gators. They will probably ask to have the game here in their second home, Jacksonville. I would like to see those Gators agree to the game and stop the ducking act.

Why bother? They don't want to schedule anyone but smaller schools who get paid to lose. That is what the turd AD said, so don't bother. There are a lot of great teams to play, but if we schedule them, don't give in. Make it a neutral site, like the new FAU stadium.
Reality is we will play them in the swamp, then in Orlando for the 2nd game.

The other day D, was writing how lucky the canes were. Now we won. Which is it tomorrow D. This blog is a dumpster fire

Why subscribed to a service that makes constant mistakes. Last year, Notre Dame STARTED the season unranked in the AP poll. (the BCS poll starts game 4 or 5)
So again, ESPN goofed.

DO NOT OVERLOOK GT THIS YEAR. I think NC will be not near the challenge as GT. VT is just like a bad zit that won't go away. But we can win all if the offense gets going. Just a little tidbit, a thought I have not seen or heard, but I was wondering if maybe Golden had the offense very basic last Saturday. Playing not to lose, since we had the lead, the defense played extremely hard, and the turds had a lot of turnovers. With the drops and morris being a little out of sync at times against FAU. just a thought, and it's not meant to be negative. Actually it would explain the play calling, and give hope that we can be far, far better. Enjoy the win, have a great week, and as always, GO CANES

Canetrash is DUMDUM, I think it's a stretch to say the Canes "turned down" a series with LSU. My understanding was that there was no proposal for a home and home series, only "overtures" about opening the 2014 season with one game in Houston (basically, an LSU home game). Miami also plays at Nebraska in 2014. I'm all for trying to get LSU to schedule a home and home series--just thought UT might be more likely to accept.

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