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UM Canes (former) quarterback Preston Dewey makes statement -- he's done with football

Hurricanes quarterback Preston Dewey, who was behind starter Stephen Morris, backup Ryan Williams and third-teamer Gray Crow, is no longer on the Hurricanes football team, as reported yesterday.

Dewey released the following written statement through the University.

"Following consultations with doctors in Miami and in Texas, it was determined that I am no longer able to play football because of my back injury. We have scheduled surgery for December and I am looking forward to getting better.

"I have decided to remain at the University of Miami to complete my education. I would like to thank Coach Golden for the opportunity to be a part of the Hurricanes football program -- the future is bright for this team. Obviously this is a very sad time for me, but I will continue to be a supporter of this team and these coaches; and I will be a Hurricane for life."

Quarterback Kevin Olsen, a true freshman, is the other scholarship QB. He's still learning the system and is expected to be redshirted. 

Preston would be a redshirt freshman this season, which means he's never played in a game. He is from Austin, Texas, and graduated from St. Andrew's Episcopal School.

Preston's dad told our Barry Jackson a while back that Preston had been fighting a back injury. He told Barry last night that he never would have been cleared medically to play because of the injury, but that UM is honoring his scholarship. He also said Preston injured himself during spring practice, but UM never announced it.

UM told me yesterday, and Preston's dad told Barry yesterday, that Preston was still on scholarship -- and that it is in some way connected with his injury. UM said he was not counted among the roster limit of 105.

Preston is a nice young man, and I hope he does well. He will be working as an intern with UM's sports marketing team.




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Sad for him...

We don't need Calvin and Gallo to come bashing Golden for this as if it's his fault the kid got injured.

That would be classless and poor taste

Tough break for Dewey but I'm glad to see he will finish his education at UM and remain connected to the program via the sports marketing team. Best of luck to you, young man.

No one should take the chance of incurring a serious medical problem. Best of luck to Preston.

I wish Preston a speedy recovery... The Diploma from UM is a great start in life, hopefully we hear about him in the future making great strides in whatever career path he chooses!

Best of luck, Preston!

You will be getting a great eduation at the U!

A class act that Goldie is, for giving Dewey an opportunity to earn a undergraduate degree at a Top 50 institution of higher education. Eh. What say.

I SEE-r Hurricane QB Crow getting playing time for the first time in his short Miami tenure. dUh

Speaking of soothsaying and throwing down the bones and what not. I, also, SEE-r Miami's defense getting a rare SHUT OUT this Saturday against a MORIBUND Savannah St. Get outta' here with that Hocus Pocus crapola, Weirdo!!

Shut up D

You will always be a Cane Preston! Sorry about your injury.

Nice kid from a great family, attending a great University, run by class people from the President to the assistant Coaches. I am extremely proud to be part of the Cane family.

Jimbo did the same thing with a player earlier this year. This a great showing by these two coaches

Now up in Bama, injured players are myteriously asked to leave.

I'm glad Mr. Dewey will be able to continue his education and earn his degree. Miami, as usual, does the right thing. All schools should be required to do the same.

I'm not in favor of paying college football players a salary, but some changes need to be made by the NCAA out of fairness. I think giving football players a free education is great. It allows people who would otherwise not get the opportunity a chance to earn a degree and have a career outside of football. The overwhelming majority of college football players will not play in the NFL, and the average NFL career is 3 years. For our society, it is good that education is something many of these players can fall back on if their NFL dreams die. However, more needs to be done:

(1) Scholarships to football players are for 4 years, not 1 year and renewed from year to year.

(2) Schools must honor the scholarships of players who are injured and cannot play football.

(3) Football players receive a stipend for expenses incurred by a typical college student (since they do not have time to hold a job). Maybe $2,000 per year.

(4) Football players are allowed to individually profit off of their likeness (by selling autographs, jerseys, taking pictures), but cannot sign endorsement deals or sign with an agent.

Manziel is cold busted with pictures of him signing over 4000! photos for a for profit memorabilia seller, but claims he was not paid at all for it!!!! YEAH RIGHT. He spent hours signing over 4,000 signatures FOR FREE!?!?!!?

And the NCAA DOES NOTHING. Manziel should have been immediately suspend NCAA qualifications to play football at A&M.

Can you imagine what would happen if this occurred at UM????


All the best to him-

Hope he gets fully healthy and gets his education at Miami.

Nothing would have happened to UM if they would have joined the SEC many years ago

Proud of the U best of luck Preston !

He got hurt and can't play. He had opinions in Miami and Texas. Miami is honoring his scholarship. This is the right thing to do. It shows Miami is taking care of a student who was hurt during a team activity. If he was unhappy he would have left Miami. He is staying and getting his education that Miami is still taking care of. Well done Miami. No one can twist this to make it a negative. If they even tried it just proves they come here to tey and push peoples buttons. Everyone just needs to ignore the 2-3 same people who make the same negative comments non stop. They do it so much its ridiculous. Its obvious what they are trying to do. IGNORE THEM!!

awww... it made me cry a little bit. I don't know who he is, but it had to be tough to make the call on that. best of luck you Cane 4 Life!

Preston just to be part of this and to say that you were there on this rebuild is something no one can take away from you.

Your Dad, Family, Coaches School and fans, wants best for you.

I know from experience that a degree from the 'U' is a terrific calling card and highly respected throughout the world.

Anything you do in life, be sure to use those traits that you learned in football to be the BEST that you can be.

Good Luck and you will always be a 'Cane and part of this team.
Go 'Canes

I really hope he does good after he graduates, unfortunately he was never gonna play at UM

Good luck Preston. Glad to have you in the Hurricane family. Have a few kids when you get married and raise a couple of baller future canes!

Best of luck Preston! You're a Cane, always will be. Stick your nose in our programs, learn, assist coaches where you can, when you have time. "On the job" training is some of the best non class room instruction you can get.
Here's hoping the surgery is a great success.
Rules or not, this is a class move by UM, and glad that Preston is taking advantage of a great education at UM.

Miami did attempt to join SEC many years ago but denied due to the fact they didn't have enough woman's athletics. Class act by the University, I hope all these recruits and parents noticed this and take note. In Bama you would've been Grey Shirted = Scholarship REVOKED!! Good luck to Preston and good things to him and his family...go Canes!!

This is pathetic. Why waist a scholly. He should have to pay tuition like everyone else not in sports. Yesterday, D says this team will hang with UM til the 4th qtr, now it's a shut-out. Eh, what say How many people on this blog have more than one identity? This blog is a dumpster fire!

Wait a minute: Is UM set for the future at QB? Who do we have after SM leaves? Who is on the recruiting radar?

I'm for athletes getting some kind of stipend, but isn't that what a scholarship is? When U start giving college players all that $$$, it's no longer college sports. But it's already passed that stage.

The whole point of college is to learn something and then graduate. I say put more emphasis on that. But the money amounts have gotten out of hand.
There are too many players coming out of major research universities who not only can't read, but can barely articulate a sentence. Fix that.

Sad for the guy.Good to see he ll be able to complete his degree and that he wants to belong to the U regardless.That s tough for a young man to accept.Wish him nothing but success and happiness in whatever he does in life.

I don't care what he says... Preston Dewey is still an Al Golden Casualty and will remain on my Golden Casualties List. He is toeing the company line. Golden is not UM material. You'll see that I am right about this. This is smoke and mirrors by Golden, nothing more than that!

You should be on your own casualties list Gallo , AG has already destroyed all your credibility as if you ever had any . But you know what you can do with your list right? Go Canes

Green pea the stats don't lie...

Shut up gallo the kid was injured pure and simple They kept the injury secret because of hipaa laws. Which state they can't release injury info without players consent. any idiot knows this. Get a life and stop beating off to tebow pictures. And plese give your mom a break im sure sleeping with u has to be the worst thing she ever did other then given birth to u.

Feel for Dewey, hope he finds something that makes him happy.

Casualty list:


Casualty list:
Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 17, 2013 at 11:46 PM

LOL! Seriously.

Just a reminder guys, gallo is on full ignore. Guy is posting lies, waiting for a response, and then ignores the response. So instead, don't even give him the response to begin with. He is a casualty of war, a war with his belt, which lost years ago in that bacon grease walled trailer.

The biggest problem with paying players? Title 9. If we pay football players then you have to pay men's and women's tennis players, field hockey, swimming and diving etc. A lot of schools just don't have that kind of money. The problem with being able to sell your autograph and likeness? A booster would pay 100 grand to a player to get an autograph, make an appearance, etc. and it would dramatically change the rich school/poor school balance. I just don't see how it could work. Preston- Ride On son. All the best and sorry about your injury. Hopefully, you can get it fixed without long term problems. Back injuries are tough cookies.

Kevin Olsen and Brad Kaaya

I now understand why Dewey was out of the QB discussion after spring ball as I felt he had the ability if healthy to start. Gallo as usual is being Shallow as he never actually talks football as he is probably 5'2" and weighs 230 lbs and hides behind a keyboard.

Class organization, class coach and thankfully a class student athlete. You will do well staying at the U and will have more opportunity than you can imagine through the U network. Preston you represent exactly what coach Golden is trying to instill in this program.


Best wished to Dewey.

And for the idiots who think that Dewey is a waste of a scholarship, you don't understand recruiting. If Miami pulled his scholarahip, rival programs would tell recruits that Miami does not take care of its own through abandonment.

Please educate yourself before you post.

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