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VIDEO: Al Golden calls Saturday's win over Gators "almost cathartic.. 26 months unleashed."


Overall thoughts on the victory...
“It’s a good win. We’ve been through so much. It was almost cathartic, to be honest with you. It was 26 months just unleashed there in the last four or five seconds. I’m proud of these guys. You guys watched us grow – we couldn’t handle this setting a year ago. We started to catch on a little bit by the time we got to Florida State, then we played better against Virginia Tech, and obviously because of the intensity, this one is a level higher early in the year. I’m real proud of the way the guys fought. There was nothing easy on that field for either team. It was a good hardnosed football game, physical, and I’m just real proud of our guys’ mental toughness, conditioning and resiliency.”

On the performance of the defense...
“I’ve been saying it since the spring - I think they’ve grown up. We played so many young guys a year ago at places you can’t play young guys. We’re so much stronger, bigger up front. Our linebackers are all 20 pounds heavier. The secondary doesn’t miss rotations anymore like last year, so there are no blown gaps. Florida is good. Their running backs are good. Their line is good. Of course they make a good run in there. They settled down in the red zone, made a short yardage stop, took the ball away a couple of times. It says a lot about Coach D’Onofrio, the game plan that he put together, and really the whole defense. The whole defense got a game ball.”

On postgame emotions and reaction...
“I was excited. You guys know me – I don’t really hide my emotions. I just wanted our guys to celebrate. It really had nothing to do with other than running over there, being classy and courteous. I did want the kids in that endzone because I wanted them to thank all those people that stood by us, all the guys that - no matter what - they’re there. They stood with us. It was a good moment for our guys.”

On Florida’s failed two-point conversion attempt...
“We had a call that we practiced. You got the right guys out there - Jimmy Gaines and Denzel Perryman got us lined up. It didn’t matter because we matched it well, they threw it out there, and we were prepared. We worked on that last year before North Carolina too, but we didn’t get lined up. It’s just a sign of our maturity. Last year at North Carolina, they go in and it ended up being a big play in the game. Today, guys line up and put it to bed. That ended up being a big stop.”

On the performance of Denzel Perryman...
“He is in great condition. He’s 240 [pounds] and he’s in great condition. Our team is in great condition. We’re mentally tough. Was it all perfect down the stretch? No, but there was no one laying around, especially the defense. They did a great job of trying to wear us down. Our defense was in great shape - they played hard and they finished. You can ask Denzel, but the one thing that’s different about Denzel Perryman right now are the habits that he’s forming every day - by how he’s finishing and how he’s practicing, and it’s carrying over to the game. I hope he’s a believer now, I hope he understands that it is important.”

On what went through his mind during the final seconds...
“It’s been such a hard road. We’ve just been battling this thing, and obviously they’re one of the teams we’ve been battling during this thing. I think you guys can figure that out. It was a very cathartic moment, it was a great moment for our guys – all those guys that not only chose the University of Miami during this, but stood there and fought. We have such a long way to go, I can’t say that enough, to be that kind of program. Big win? Yes. Program yet? No. We have to get back to work, get better, be mature, and go about our business every day. I guess that’s what was running through my mind, how proud I was of all the guys that bought in to what we’ve been doing. They deserved to win this one. They deserved victory.”

On Tyriq McCord’s sack-fumble and Tracy Howard’s interception...
“They’re big. They’re all big plays. What did we have today, four turnovers? Five? That’s big. Guys are where they’re supposed to be. Tracy is where he’s supposed to be. Tyriq comes around and he’s free. Then you trust them to go ahead to make the play and finish the play, they’re good enough to do it. A year ago, maybe that would have been a sack, but it wouldn’t have been a sack fumble. Same thing with Tracy - maybe he would have gotten a pass break-up. But he was in great position, he’s mature, and he has been studying the patterns they’ve been getting. He got a good break on it. I’m happy for those guys.”

On performance of the team’s offense...
“It was a war. I’m not going to make any excuses. Our play count was so low at halftime because we didn’t convert on third down. Give them credit – they’re good. That’s a good defense. They didn’t give us anything. Our guys fought, scratched and clawed, and sometimes you have to win like that. They had the guts to win like that, which was important.”

On passing game rhythm and sync...
“We’re going to work on it. I just want them to enjoy this. We did what we had to do to win. We’ll worry about the stats and completions tomorrow. We’ll make a commitment to get that fixed in the bye week. I just want them to enjoy this tonight. That was a tough game. Give [Florida] credit - they were deep on defense, they rotated a lot of guys, they came off the ball and played low, they disrupted a lot of routes. We did have patience, except for the one third-and-long where we could have made a better decision. Other than that, we really displayed patience as an offensive staff and really believed in the defense for the first time in a while. We really were patient with the run.”

On looking like a more mature team in Week Two...
“I knew that. I’ve been saying it all along. We are different - we’re physically different, not just mentally different. We’re more mature. We’re not a finished product. We have to go back to work. There are a lot of things we have to fix. We certainly can’t let them have a quick score here, we can’t do that. We’ll get back to work tomorrow. I’m proud of the guys, and happy that we came out with a hard-fought win.”


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A big win and more importantly a huge step in the right direction for Golden and company. They didn't play a perfect game by any means and the Florida defense had a lot to do with that but Miami's D stepped up big time, big time, big time. They made a decision last year to play the young guys especially on defense and now that is beginning to pay off. Experience counts.

Go 'Canes!

Changing my mind on dumbass of the day. Tubby Harriet the winner after a replay.

To think everyone here could get amnesia at the same time and forget your negative bs and now think you're a real Cane is preposterous. Nice try. And take any and all of your self-proclaimed documentation and stick it where the sun don't shine.

To Calvin, Gallo, and all you pieces of shite who said Golden and coach D are crap, here's a big FU!!!!!!!

On looking like a more mature team in Week Two...
“I knew that. I’ve been saying it all along. We are different - we’re physically different, not just mentally different. We’re more mature. We’re not a finished product. We have to go back to work. There are a lot of things we have to fix. We certainly can’t let them have a quick score here, we can’t do that. We’ll get back to work tomorrow. I’m proud of the guys, and happy that we came out with a hard-fought win.” Al Golden.

Great win and I hate to point this out, but count the use of "we" post game opposed to its usage during pre-game interviews (literally count its usage throughout the interview). This is the EXACT question Joe Rose asked Golden pre-game and this is the EXACT answer he should have given him. Its not boasting, brazen or haughty--its just his feelings and he refused to express them until they won. "Us" & "our" is being used more also. "They", "their", and "them" are still used. The point is that "we", "us" and "our" weren't being used at all. This is a hard fact.

Again y'all Cane good ol' boys, and ye know whom ye be, I NEVER had issues with Goldie, it's his defensive coordinator whom I took umbrage with. hUh

But, Marky Mark and his staff and the Hurricane defensive players have finally ERASED all the bad feelings of being a Cane fandom last season. Well, at least for the time being. Eh. What say.

Go Canes!!! no one can take that from me and morph me into a villain because their only contribution to the board is the "hero" alpha Cane fan.

mahoney, once again I never doubted the Cane players (its more than documented) but have overtly doubted Golden and D'No and have admitted that they showed up today leadership wise. If they weren't good leaders--the Canes wouldn't have shown up today. They believed in their game plan and it showed! I'm a man--I can admit when I am wrong and this is the first time I've ever predicted a loss for the Hurricanes in my life. I've never tasted crow its not bad, but I don't want it again!

No troll talks like this and no troll pretends to be a fan of a team they are not. What would be the point, if U are an antagonist then U want that to known--its part of the spill...right?

mountaincane, continue your conversation on whether to shoot or hang me. What happened? U never answered my question.

Well whoever has been fake posting like they me, they did get 1 post right when they said "we only won this game because of the turn-overs.

But ok, i'll take a large order of crow, cause i thought for sure brent pease vs and i'll call him coach d nofrio today, (he earned that back) would win that match-up. Now i will say this, i have been saying for the longest they need to move coach d nofrio up to the booth, i knew he would at least be able to call better plays cause he couldn't see what he was doing from the side-lines.

Gotta give credit where credit is due, about the only time i saw us get out-schemed today defensively was when we brought in our pass rushers and i knew the gaytors were going to run that draw play, other than that, for most of the game we were in position to make plays for the first time since coach dnofrio has been here, him being in the booth, he might not like it, but it's better for em.

Now grant it, the gaytors offense was perfect for our defense and our defense held up for 4 quarters. When that first fumble popped up in the air, i already knew who had the hit, cause that's what dzp does, he did the same thing to that Unc player 2 years ago. The fact that he's back at his natural position has made a real big difference. rayshawn jenkins is for real out there.

While dzp was the mvp of the defense, the biggest play of the game and oh yeah, this was the 2nd bad defensive call that was obvious, but aj highsmith probably made the tackle/play of the game when he tripped up matt jones. So coach d nofrio, good job, but the gaytors did move up and down the field on us, but that's the design of the 3-4. He did go right back to that pre-prevent defense and we gave up a touchdown in no time flat.

That CANESPACE agent provocateur AKA mountain cane whining is bloody MUCH ADO BOUT' NOTHING!! hUh

Because this mountain cane/Sarasota cane have some MAJOR mental ISSUES!! Eh. What say.

Notice how the same troll is here, just using his cane personas only. How sad.

He did go right back to that pre-prevent defense and we gave up a touchdown in no time flat.

Posted by: Calvin | September 07, 2013 at 05:43 PM

It, also, didn't help Hurricane defensive matters when the kick-off team gave MIGHTY Florida great field position at the 40-yard line.

Why did Miami go for the bloody POUCH kick. Wouldn't it be to the Canes advantage to make the MIGHTY Gators start their possession from inside the 25 yard line.

Oh well, it's all water under the bridge now.


Wow, Wow... Look at all the back tracking. "I meant to say", "what I meant was" get the F out of here you pieces of Gayturds!!

Five Titles u can't complete man to man in a debate, so u continue to fall back on the "discredit the opposition" defense strategy. Its weak as hell. Talk sports or be quiet. U don't have anything to say without the gator troll here. Its OBVIOUS that they are gone and have been silenced by the team. U thought U were smart until 3 weeks ago. And U can't get over that lol!

I SEE-r Miami ranked in the Top 10 at the conclusion of this season.

Because the Hurricanes realistically have an opportunity to be UNDEFEATED going into the month of November.

And that indicates a PRIME TIME national telly game with the MIGHTY Seminoles.

Yeah, yeah it's all about one game at a time and what not. So what.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 07, 2013 at 05:39 PM

Ok, just this one time.

I'm being typical and not talking specifically to you, but if the shoe fits...

BTW...People put your screen-name directly in their posts to call you out, but you respond to my post that doesn't refer to you? If I feel the need to direct something at you I will...

you enjoy that crow now...

Posted by: mahoney-pearson | September 07, 2013 at 05:51 PM

Interesting... Calvin and Harriet used the "they did move up and down the field on us but thats the design of the 3-4 defense" quote in two different posts... but no they aren't the same person.

Again, I NEVER had no issues with the Hurricane defensive players. It was my main man, Marky Mark whom I had displeasure with. dUh

mahoney, Why does it matter who U are talking to? U said that U don't partake in it at all--no matter who its directed to. The Good ole boy always rises out, your education hasn't quelled it like U like to believe lol. Naturally hypocritical. U reposted and replied BOOM! to a post that did mention me, so does that count lol! Why are U toeing the line, U are what U are popeye.

I'm responding to U because i've already manhandled your boys on every topic imaginable, but U are smart enough to let them be the face of the hate, while u cosign and cheerlead in the cut. I want to make sure U get addressed, thats all--we see u too. The shoe fits for a reason. A reason U would rather imply than admit--for some weakness related reason??? U are a snake.

JaxCane, I'm about to call your dad to come get U again. Pretty please...repost where I said that quote from Calvin as well. I haven't made one post about the defense or the game since its been over.

Very proud of Golden, staff and more important, the kids. Awesome.

What Golden is eluding to with his cathartic characterization of the win is, 'this is why you stay home at the []_[] and don't run to UF to ride the band-wagon.'

To all the 4 and 5 star recruits and their nut-hugging fans: this is why you come to []_[]Miami. To put the wham bam on them yamps.

"Talk sports or be quiet." Words to live by..

So let's all move forward...

Posted by: Maria | September 07, 2013 at 06:06 PM

Turns out Dnofrio knows how to coach defense after all. Great job by the defense today. I'm not sure what's up with the offense but I trust Golden will figure it out.

Posted by: Maria | September 07, 2013 at 06:06 PM

Great post, Maria!

Great win by our team, never giving up and playing their hearts out. The offense kinda scares me a little. I hope they can shake the cobwebs off play well because if you combine the defense we had today with last years offense....we will win every game with fsu being the only challenge. But we need that offense back. Anyway congrats! Great day to be a miami hurricane fan! Go canes, all about the U

Posted by: RJ | September 07, 2013 at 06:25 PM


While dzp was the mvp of the defense, the biggest play of the game and oh yeah, this was the 2nd bad defensive call that was obvious, but aj highsmith probably made the tackle/play of the game when he tripped up matt jones.

Posted by: Calvin | September 07, 2013 at 05:43 PM



You nimrod...the play that Highsmith tripped up Matt Jones was called back because the Gators were holding.

For months you've been bellowing bullsheet and today EVERYTHING you predicted was proven wrong just like many of us Canes have been telling you.

Then you are such a cowardly lowlife you nitpick a couple of defensive schemes and claim YOU KNEW D'Onofrio was wrong BEFORE the play was called. YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D'Onofrio organized and coached nothing short of a brilliant game you toad and even then because EVERYTHING you predicted turned out to be wrong you take a shot at the man...COWARD!!! CLOWN!!! MORON!!!

Al Golden brilliantly invited every recruit possible to attend today's game, which is going to be a huge win concerning recruiting.



You phony Gator coward...all your lies were burned up today. The Canes have always owned your cowardly Gators and today was nothing new, only reinforcing the obvious.

We slapped you girls in the mouth all day long and had our offense not been out of sync we would have beat you hillbillies by 4 touchdowns.

You idiotically claimed Coach Golden and Coach D'Onofrio didn't know what they are doing...Will Muschamp and those pee stained pants Gators of yours now know Miami has a fantastic coaching staff...you cowardly fool!

Best of all...you cowards have now quit the series twice, which means us Canes own you hillbillies forevermore...5 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPIONS SOON TO BE 6,7 & 8 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!



Laughing...I love you beatch slapping that phony Harriet...you have owned that clown with your every post!

golden/dnofrio are crap.....UM played horrible.....gators are not a top 10 team to begin with and their OL su..cked

the defense didnt play well...they still gave up over 300 yards with the gator offense having 10 penalties and 6 turnovers.....

florida handed the game to UM.....plain and simple. Duke is overrated and golden didn't even play hagens or clements.......9% 3rd down effecincy and only 10 first downs the whole game , thats 2.5 per quarter....please, wtf is golden talking about....

Tubby is a joke. Now she's masking as a real Cane and citing all kinds of documnetation that only exits in her pea brain..

Somewhat funnier, Calvin knew Dno should move to the booth. know's everything after the fact and can't make a a real prediction. Calnin, you think we should take the Canes and the 3 points?

Delusional mutilple persoanality nits. Have been called out repeatedly based on same word choice, fake black vernacular etc. What a collection of dopes.

Galloinda, you are a moron. As I've been telling you and the Sybil troupe, it is points given up that matter. Turnovers matter. They are taken, not given.

Good thing your beloved sec has ga vs sc going. Looks like they'll get a win/


How 'bout you get on your knees and suck one of those lists of yours out of my dong.

You are too stupid to know that you're done...clown shoes and all!

You are such a Gator coward you play the role of a Cane to post your chicken-sheet lies...we Canes are laughing at you!

And best of all...you cowards quit the series...AGAIN...reinforcing that we Canes have in the past, now and in the future own you toothless hillbillies...now get in your motorized trailer and move your arse out of our championship city.

They're a joke Mountain! And for "D" Bag to have the nerve to come on any blog and call someone else crazy is itself worth the price of admission to this cesspool that they have created over the years!
The reason these fools blog on the Herald is BECAUSE they allow the crazy morons like themselves to post, not in spite of it.
It's special day for me just to sit back and watch these complete fools try to walk back there moronic comments while simultaneously trying to re-brand themselves as Miami Hurricane "Super Fans"!
Blog on morons...blog on...

Go 'canes!!

Gallows you nimrod..

cAlvina you would not be able to EAT all the CROW in front of you. Tubwoman wriggling and backing off by stating that she is really a 'Cane fan, after writing reams of negativity posing as a fan.
Liar just as Shapiro .
Start the crow line and you all get ready because every post will have the retort that you all are a bunch of 'Gaturds trying to be 'Canes.
Get lost and don't let the door hit your A**** on the way out.
No room for you all on here.
The 'U' are winners nimrods.
Go 'Canes

gators beat the Canes.
gators had twice the total yards that the Canes had.
gators had twice the time of possession that the Canes had.
those two stats say that d'o and golden do not know squat about football and especially defense.

Those are cold facts, not emotions, not criticisms.
The gators were in the game and could have easily won it right up to the last second.

What the gators did was make more mistakes than the Canes, 5 turnovers by the gators, two by the Canes counting the blocked punt. That is a net 3 turnovers. The Cane defense had nothing to do with those turnovers by the gators. They were all gifts.

The Canes were/are out of shape, especially the big fat linemen who must be pigging out with golden.

Neither the gators nor the Canes belong in the top 15 teams in the country. And the only reason they might ever get ranked is that all of the other teams in the country have coaches who stink worse than Miami.

When the gators can move the ball at will up and down the field with twice the yardage and stay on the field twice as long as the Canes, no one in their right mind should expect that a quality team is going to have 5 turnovers in one game. Some quality teams don't have that many turnovers in a season.

The Canes have a soft schedule. If they had a DC who knew defense, they should go undefeated. They stick with the 3 down linemen NO defense and zone NO pass coverage, expect a 50-50 record.

exactly, sarasota. Like the fake ghetto calvin saying he knew dno would be ok if he had just gone to the booth. Her personality mate, the faux intellectual Tubby, will clain she has documentation. LOL. Morons all.

Congrats to the Cane players in spite of the lousy defensive coaching.

Take the Win and try to not have a big fat head or break your arm patting yourselves on the back.

And start getting in MUCH better conditioning.

Let's create a list of the blog fools that Al Golden has "gotten rid of"! Put Gallo's name at the top, then follow with Soldy, Hola Arty!, Calvin, D, and Tubman!
Read Gallo's post and tell me he's not typing his post with one hand and drinking pure bourbon with the other!
A lot of you might give him points just for being "man enough" to show up. I say BS, it's not hard for a blackout drunk to wander in here and peck out a post or three before he passes out and chokes to death on his own vomit!

Go 'canes!!

Cane Fan, stop with the fake footbll knowledge. 3-4 is the most frequently used D in modern football. Welcome to this decade and in your case, century. Loser.

Florida was moving the ball at will against UM.....and the OL of florida stinks, so what does that say about the dnofrio defense......

you saw today how UM misses eddie johnson and gioni paul at LB.......perryman did all the work

Hey Gallo

Your done here. Your rhetoric that you spew is falling on deaf ears. You can twist it any way you want but Miami won. You bellowed how we would see you were right about so many things during this game lol. Well when that didn't happen you try and drum up a new twist. Miami held them to 2.8 yards rushing. Caused 6 turnovers I believe. The gators ran up and down the field and had the ball quite a bit longer. Last time I checked it didn't matter how many yards you had its how many times you cross the goal line. The Gators failed in that one important stat. Miami is far from perfect BUT they are improving and that kills you. This game will also help recruiting in a big way as well. You can keep trying to twist your rants to make a point but each time you so this it just shows how pathetic you are in these attempts.
Miami is improving they beat a top 15 team that was given that ranking by people with far more knowledge than you. So your bs about the Gators not realky being a high ranked team is only your sad opinion. Miami fans will see a team improve and yes they will see the same team make mistakes along the way but we see the Canes headed in the right direction. This again drives you crazy which is actually a short drive. Keep talking smack it only proves how you have no clue to whats going on with this team. I for one look forward to your daily comedy blogs. Please keep on so we all can continue to laugh at your nonsense.

Canefan72 is possibly the stupidest being on the planet earth...it is painful to read his world-class stupidity. Reading his bile almost makes me feel sorry for someone so completely intellectually empty. Of course...he's just another wingnut posing as a Canes fan. Run along sonny...you bore me!

You know what the difference between us and them is? After a few days of figuratively flicking boogers on these morons we'll drift off and live normal lives. Meanwhile Calvin, D, Tubman, Gallo, Soldy, Arty, will be busy re-writing history to match their insane narratives. By this time next year someone who doesn't know better will come on here and read their crap and think Tim Tebow came back in the last minute to win the game. Gallo's already started with the UF lost the game nonsense. As if 5 turnovers and two 4th and 1 stops is not part of the game!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota is tough talking on a blog thats 5th down from the current one LOL! Where u been at? U can't talk after the win. Where U been at, if U gonna be out front, then stay out front. Who are U? LMAO! U know me but I never heard of U.

Gator this Gator that but where did u get a name like that?

Shut the fuq up Tubman! Don't you tell me when to come and go around here! I was here from day one! Hundreds of us were. You fuqing tools have polluted this place to the point that no one wants to post ANYTHING here anymore! I'll come here whenever I want, comprende? Eh What say?

Say my name!

Go 'canes!

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