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VIDEO: Coach Golden, D'Onofrio provide progress reports on Canes before USF


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Miami 34, FAU 6.
FAU 28, USF 10.

Please tell me why Miami is ONLY a 20 point favorite to this team?

South Florida has some MAJOR problems at the signal-caller position, which is a MAJOR no, no in major college football. hUh

So, it's possible Miami gets it's a SHUT OUT against the Bulls on Saturday. dUh. Of course, IF the Hurricanes play around 26 players on defense, then the shut out chatter becomes MOOT. Eh. What say.

The Bulls starting QB on Saturday will most likely be a Penn St. transfer. However, the kid was a SCOUT TEAM signal-caller for Penn. St., and that's probably why South Florida is in the quagmire they're in. hUh

Bottom line: South Florida is one of the WORST offenses in major college football. Albeit the Bulls defense is currently ranked NO. 30.

Thanks for the videos, MANUEL.

And by HIGH NOON, Miami will not be a - 20 point road favorite, i.e., the Vegas HIGH ROLLERS will put some heavy MONY down on the Hurricanes.

By the way, Floyd Mayweather wagered $ 200,000.00 on Texas A&M this past weekend and W-O-N.

That's TWO-HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS y'all Cane bUbba's!!

who cares!!!

D, I am guessing you are picking Miami to beat the spread on this one, right?

Posted by: Five Titles | September 23, 2013 at 05:18 PM


Right on, Cane loyalist!!

FWIW... y'all Hurricane degenerates better get your bet in PRONTO, because the line will INCREASE as the week progresses. dUh

Miami's BIG EXAM for the Marky Mark's unit will be the Georgia Tech game.

Yeah, yeah I understand Cane partisans go by the ONE-GAME-AT-A-TIME mantra and what not. So what, because college sports fandom have the liberty to " look ahead. "

By the way, I SEE-r the Miami vs. Bumbling Bee's game as a PRIME TIME nationally televised NIGHT affair on either ESPN/ESPN-2. Get outta' here with that Hocus Pocus, ABBA CADABRA crap, Weirdo!!

The Hurricane D-unit currently lead the country in TURNOVER MARGIN. Eh. What say.

Defense Turnover Margin

1. Miami

Douche bag still trying to put the $ec up on a pedestal....sucka quit ridin Manziels $ack.


Canes also #14 in the country in Total Defense...where is Bama, and the rest of the SEC in defense...nowhere to be found and they have all played patsies as well...Go canes

Miami beat the gayturds and where are the cow-tippers?? LOL..

Who was the female asking the two very awkward questions regarding Chick and Olsen???? Was it a 10th grade journalist?

Yeah, he decommitted. He was noticeably absent on the list of our recruits invited to see the Florida game, I think that was the last sign for him that he might get the Nick Menocal treatment, being asked to change positions at the last minute.

Posted by: Five Titles | September 23, 2013 at 04:29 PM

You're right bro. Thanks for correcting me. Looking forward to the 2 we got.

People know I'm cool because my middle name is ICE.

Menocal isnt even listed in the ga tech depth chart...
There you go.

Dino is a defensive genius.

Not that we look ahead...

GT vs UM could very well could be a big national ABC or ESPN Night Game if GT can beat VT on Thursday.

If that happens it will be one of two game between top 25 teams for week 6. The other game will be Ohio State (Wisconson this week) vs Northwestern (bye this week.

If GT gets by VT they will have a 3 game lead in the Coastal on UM...the Networks will be promoting that game big time as a build up to the UM vs NC and should UM get past that, the UM vs FSU game would be the biggest UM FSU game in over a decade! Should things workout that way...

Wonder how many fan show up for a big time Saturday Night Top 25 Showdown National TV Game GT vs US?

Ok...now back to reality...and the one game at a time mentality!

Focus on USF and getting better...everything else will take care o itself!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

Cane maggot's view of history:

- The Japanese gifted the Pacific theater to the US.
- Napoleon gifted the war to the Russians.
- Axis gifted WW II to the Allies.
- The Confederacy gifted the Civil War to the Union.

What do they all have in common with you, Cane Trash?

You were also gifted
Give thanks maggots


Posted by: Dumb 'necks


Posted by: Duke needs poor competition to show up | September 23, 2013 at 10:52 PM

First off I wouldn't play Stephen Morris. Rest his butt and make sure that he is on board. Ryan Williams is playing way better than Stephen any ways. Just my opinion. I say start Williams and allow him to play the entire game. If Ryan struggles then bring in Stephen Morris. If Stephen starts the game then take him out in the second half.

No need for you to copy and paste your fake internet rivalry here nerd.

We got some canes ova here is what the meth-heads scream when they need another fix.


Posted by: Professor Up-Jorts |

"How do the Gators roll up 400+ yards while MOF could barely log 200 and still lose?"

That's easy. The Cane Trash sucks. From coach to QB to AD.
Enjoy the gift


Ha! Ha! You cane fans suck. And now that my re-hab group meetings scheduled for today have all been canceled, I'll be posting here all day!

Posted by: Aaargh! CANES Aaaargh!

@SidCane sound like your itching for another fix.

Miami will be able prove to America that we are who we are. The way i'm feeling right now I think we could take Clemson down. My main concern is our Offense. I need to know what is going on with SM17? He needs to get it right. I will need for him to understand that this is his last year to play as a hurricane. He should be aware of this. I want to see a lot of Ryan Williams this Saturday. Ryan is growing on me a lot.

Oh to have these big games. I still remember way back when... The New Canes look really good so far,,,,they beat a really good Florida team. They should cover GT and be undefeated going into FSU FSU. Oh those were the big games.. They are again and the young guns are
in control GO CANES

Enough nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry.

850Cane, you might not see any Ryan Williams, USF is not a team that will necessarily be blown out.

Your post seems a bit delusional, Stephen Morris is far more aware of his personal situation than you. No one wants Stephen Morris to succeed and make it to the NFL more than Stephen Morris.

BWWAAAHAHA! You dumb cane fans who work for a living just wish you could keep up with me! My group sessions have been cancelled and that pack of cigs I just snorted down has got me ROLLLLIN'. It's gonna be a long day for you guys!

Hahaha! Wait 'til the Starbucks kicks in!!!!!!!

Posted by: Aaaargh! CANES Aaaargh

Don't call me a nerd, I'm one of you. I have "cane" as part of my name. BWWAAAHAHA!
There be some losers ova here in need for a trashing
Aaargh! CANES Aaaargh!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love typing messages to myself! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't wait to turn this blog into the train wreck that my Cane blog has become! I hope I get kicked out of re-hab! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Posted by: Aaaargh! CANES Aaaargh! |

If by "work" you mean do coke in the office all day then, yes, you cane trash work all day long.


Another missed D prediction.

Canes line is still at 20 points. D seizure linked call for big $ to pore in obviously hasn't happened.

Ugghhhh, just spilled Starbucks on my new pair of True Religion jeans (but my pointy going-out shoes are still good). Need a check from trust fund for a new pair. Wait, hold on,I need to give a man-hug to a buddy I haven't seen since my last group session last night..

Posted by: Aaaargh! CANES Aaaargh!

..OK, I'm good now. BWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! You gaytors really suuuuuuuck!

Posted by: Aaaargh! CANES Aaaargh!


You canes suck trailer trash through a meth straw!!!!!! BWAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAHHHAAA!

I awesomely used all my insult words in one insult post, except jorts. Jorts!


is on full-tilt. BWWWWAHAHAHAHA. Love torturing the cane Trash.


I wonder if Erin Andrews wears jorts?! She's hot like the chick in my morning group-session I've been trying to bang.


Aaaargh! CANES Aaaargh! |

Did the cane Trash puppet major in Instagram, Vine or StarCraft?

Bitter response in 3, 2, 1......

Damn! Just dropped my cig on my new Ed Hardy douche-cape with the low cut neck (the one I shaved my back and shoulders for). At least I got the coffee stain out of my True Religion jeans.

Aaaargh! CANES Aaaargh! |

CORAL GABLES — An attorney for former University of Miami football sports information director Rick Korch said his client is innocent after child pornography was found on his office computer about a month ago.

“Rick Korch was terminated at the University of Miami due to inappropriate pornography on his work computer,” attorney William Barzee said in a statement Wednesday.

“However, he is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing and looks forward to having the opportunity to clear his name in the appropriate forum at the appropriate time. This is a private matter and we wish it to remain so.”

Korch, 52, is under criminal investigation after a technician found child pornography on his office computer. Evidence against him was outlined in a search warrant filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. He hasn’t been charged.

Korch’s university biography said he’s married and has four children. Korch, 52, didn’t return a message on his cell phone.

University officials and Coral Gables police declined to comment.

Craig Handel, Florida Today

Typical cane trash maggot
But what do you expect from thugs

Hush nerd, no one cares about your internet rivalry except you.

Oh ok, i see, so this is how it's done, come out acting hard and than slowly ease em back:

Penn State officials say they are gratified by the NCAA's decision to gradually restore football scholarships taken from the school following the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.
Posted by: Calvin | September 24, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Wow, Curse Piggy is on the warpath today.
- Steal a Canes' fan ID? Check.
- Claim Miami didn't really win? Check.
- Rehash five year old news as if it was new? Check.

Yep, no wonder folks attack the gatr blog, they have been begging for retaliation for over two weeks with their insane lies on here.

For the record folks, the rambling comments posted under SidCane is not him. And for the record, Not our Rival is right, the battle is over.

Curse Piggy, you lost, go home. You are like some skinhead not accepting that your side lost World War Two. No matter what IDs you steal, the stench of your swastika covered trailer seeps through.

Miami will be able prove to America that we are who we are. The way i'm feeling right now I think we could take Clemson down. My main concern is our Offense. I need to know what is going on with SM17? He needs to get it right. I will need for him to understand that this is his last year to play as a hurricane. He should be aware of this. I want to see a lot of Ryan Williams this Saturday. Ryan is growing on me a lot.

Posted by: 850Cane | September 24, 2013 at 10:02 AM

It's simple man, it's not the something is wrong with smo17, we just haven't played against boston college, Georgia the(with al groh at the helm as d-co), we didn't play Virginia and their piss poor defense, the first sad defense we played all year was Savannah St. and that's when smo17 started showing up. against the solid defenses, smo17 continues to play like a borderline 3star and against above average defenses he plays like a 2 star. This is nothing new with smo17, this is why i kept pointing out before the season when people kept trying to annoint this man as the best qb UM has had in a while, he's not better than jacory harris, not even close.

If jacory was around the coaching smo17 has right now along with the same o-line, he'd be balling. smo17 takes to many unecessary hits & sacks and throws a whole lot of errant passes. To sum it all up, whenever smo17 plays all-world, you can best believe that that team has a garbage defense, but whenever we play a team with a solid to above average defense, smo17 will stall on a lot of drives. ryan williams would actually put more points on the board at this stage than smo17 and even young crow is making throws that smo17 doesn't make.

Funny how Calvin/Gallo has switched off our defense and is now attacking Stephen Morris. And once Stephen has his first 475 yard passing day ole Calvin/Gallo will switch gears to someone else on the Canes to try and belittle and lie about.

The wingnut claims that Morris can't play against solid defenses, yet he threw two beautiful touchdown passes against the Gators defense that many are claiming is the best in the country. Also, the Canes offensive players said that the Gators knew the plays being called pre-snap that makes it almost impossible to mount a solid passing and/or running game.

Stephen Morris is going to have a fantastic season and is one of the best QB's in the country.

Stephen Morris is going to have a fantastic season and is one of the best QB's in the country.

Posted by: Ron Zook | September 24, 2013 at 01:32 PM


Your take is FALSE in one sense, because Stevie is NOT one of the best signal-caller's in the nation. At least at this point in the season.

For instance, Morris' gets a PASS in the Florida game. Simply because the Gators have a LEGITIMATE Top 10 defense and what not.

However, he wasn't IMPRESSIVE against lowly F.A.U. and although Stevie got off to an impressive start against Savannah St. It's still MORIBUND Savannah St.

Now, South Florida's defense will be a good test for Miami's offense and Stevie. Yet, it remains to be seen I-F Morris will see any action this Saturday.

So, Penn State gets their punishment reduced, TAMU gets a no-impact punishment, and Miami is still waiting for the NCAA to learn how to write a document over 3 1/2 months later.

Unlike Penn State, Miami cannot have their punishments undone, so this is likely to be one of those deals where they announce weaker punishments on schools, through us under the bus ex post facto, and then say boosters can give meals and boat rides if they are for an SEC school.

Five Titles - Now that the Penn State reductions have been announced, I would expect an announcement on Miami's sanctions soon. I expect minimal scholarship reductions and no bowl.

...no bowl BAN.

Why bring up Jacory Harris Calvin?

What use is that comparison?

Jls is posting as me because i pointed out that murphy fumbled right after he entered the game vs Tennessee. Lol. He made a statment about his mediocre gators and I made him mad when i proved him wrong.

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