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VIDEO: Golden talks Morris, Clements, Georgia Tech


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Thanks for the video Manny!

Corn Elder as a QB on the scout team, that could be something we could use as a changeup on our offense. But only if Coley gets comfortable.

Lots of praise for Dallas Crawford. Has made Asante Cleveland disappear from the field.

Finally a worthwhile game.
I prefer to play a tough schedule and have 2 or 3 losses than creampuffs and go undefeated.
These guys work all year long and to waste even one game on a Savannah State is a shame, specially for the seniors.
They definitely overdid it this year.

Posted by: Marios | September 30, 2013 at 02:04 PM

Spoken like a True Cane! I guess we'll cram all these conference games in at the same time, i could careless who we playing as long as we're not playing cupcakes, that got old, i'm use to us playing some of the so-called best teams in the country and than still putting the 2nd and 3rd stringers in their by halftime, not against cream-puffs. 3 cream puffs and one legit team, we'll see if this actually has gotten the team better.

yep Florida was the main cupcake on our schedule

Its not the 80's,90's or early 2000 Calvin. Let it go. All of Shannon's crap will be gone and then we can move on.Put us so far behind w soft like tissue players.

Its not the 80's,90's or early 2000 Calvin. Let it go. All of Shannon's crap will be gone and then we can move on.Put us so far behind w soft like tissue players.

Posted by: cane crazy | September 30, 2013 at 04:52 PM

Whatever Cane GOOD OL' REDNECK!!

By the way, I believe Stevie is a " soft " Shannon player.

And then there's Walford. Another Shannon " soft " player, which you sagaciously remind Hurricane loyalist and what not.

Oh, what about Linder and Henderson and Bunche and McDermott and Feliciano and naturally Wheeler. ALL " soft " Shannon holdovers.

I could mention a few other Hurricane players whom were Shannon players. But MAYBE you get the point and what not.

Now, WEASEL your way back to that Canespace/eoth!!

Bumbling Bee coaches and players are pointing to the Miami game, as their most IMPORTANT BIG GAME of the season. Even more important than their game with in-state rival Georgia. hUh

D, it may have to do with the fact that this is a conference game. Winning conference games is the most important thing and the path to the BCS.

This definitely is Ga.Tech's biggest game of the season. If they lose to both Va.Tech and Miami it will be virtually impossible for them to win the Coastal Division.

It might also cost Johnson his job. The experiment worked the first year, but like the wildcat, it has been solved and is not a fright for defenses anymore.

Five Titles - I agree. Johnson isn't going to win anything with this offense. Ga.Tech has lost 4 in a row to Va.Tech, Georgia, and Miami.

It's all come together. The athletes are here so thats not an excuse. Miami's got the Florida athletes again. Its starts with Duke. If youve played in dade trust it down south people been knew he was foreal. Deon Bush would light up the camp and all the schools loved his jamming at the line. Same with Tracy. Tracy was always a natural in football. People in the Gables knew about Denzel. That man was a man among boys at 14 and hes a man among men now. Three Big Time south florida players this fr class to watch out for..Stacy,Artie, and Jamal Carter who will be better than Matt Elam they say. Its Time to pile up the wins people. The athletes are here. Also Figgs will be a monster Lb in the future


I hate it that Clements is out again. That guy is the ultimate team player. He deserves better and it's really unfortunate for him. I'm hoping he gets to play again this year. Hamstring injuries can keep you out a long time.

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