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VIDEO: Perryman, Howard, McCord talk about their big defensive plays in UM's win over Florida


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Well whoever has been fake posting like they me, they did get 1 post right when they said "we only won this game because of the turn-overs.

But ok, i'll take a large order of crow, cause i thought for sure brent pease vs and i'll call him coach d nofrio today, (he earned that back) would win that match-up. Now i will say this, i have been saying for the longest they need to move coach d nofrio up to the booth, i knew he would at least be able to call better plays cause he couldn't see what he was doing from the side-lines.

Gotta give credit where credit is due, about the only time i saw us get out-schemed today defensively was when we brought in our pass rushers and i knew the gaytors were going to run that draw play, other than that, for most of the game we were in position to make plays for the first time since coach dnofrio has been here, him being in the booth, he might not like it, but it's better for em.

Now grant it, the gaytors offense was perfect for our defense and our defense held up for 4 quarters. When that first fumble popped up in the air, i already knew who had the hit, cause that's what dzp does, he did the same thing to that Unc player 2 years ago. The fact that he's back at his natural position has made a real big difference. rayshawn jenkins is for real out there.

While dzp was the mvp of the defense, the biggest play of the game and oh yeah, this was the 2nd bad defensive call that was obvious, but aj highsmith probably made the tackle/play of the game when he tripped up matt jones. So coach d nofrio, good job, but the gaytors did move up and down the field on us, but that's the design of the 3-4. He did go right back to that pre-prevent defense and we gave up a touchdown in no time flat.

Our best offense was their offense!

Florida has a top 10 defense. Alot of teams will have issues scoring and moving teh ball on them. I hate to say that but its true. Our defense played great all day. Pressure forced the int's , the run d forced fumble , they stopped one of the best rushing offenses in the sec. yes florida has issues on offense. That said running the ball is there strength and miami shut that down. Give them some credit for a tough win.

Calvin as the voice of reason! Hell hath frozen ova!

Go 'canes!

Gaytords, the U is the best team in florida. haha go canes

Great to hear three mature, well-spoken young Canes speak after a BIG WIN. Gotta love Tyriq's personality, as well.

PROUD AS HELL TO BE A CANES FAN TODAY! Thank you young men, thank you!

Posted by: lloydfarmer | September 07, 2013 at 07:31 PM

He's got that throwback personality

cAlvina listen to what Tyrique McCord said about Coach Golden.
"HE IS ONE OF US"...."He acts like a player on the team, moving from group to group."
How much more can this guy do?..
You have spun your own web, now you are caught in it.
Your comments mean nothing.
What was the score of the Fla. game and who won?..
Answer that.
Go 'Canes

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