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UM Hurricanes depth chart released for Savannah State = same starters (w Artie Burns a co-starter)

Coach Al Golden released his newest depth chart for
Savannah State. It's nearly identical. 
At cornerback, freshman Artie Burns is a co-starter
with Ladarius Gunter.

WEEK 3 DEPTH CHART (as of Sept. 15, 2013)

WR 1 ALLEN HURNS 6-3, 195, Sr.
3 Stacy Coley 6-1, 180, Fr.
15 D’Mauri Jones 6-4, 192, RFr.

LT 74 ERECK FLOWERS 6-6, 315, So.
77 Seantrel Henderson 6-8, 345, Sr.

LG 70 JON FELICIANO 6-5, 318, RJr.
79 Malcolm Bunche 6-7, 327, RJr.

C 62 SHANE MCDERMOTT 6-4, 296, RJr.
75 Jared Wheeler 6-5, 319, Sr.

RG 65 BRANDON LINDER 6-6, 319, Sr.
67 Alex Gall 6-5, 304, Fr.

76 Taylor Gadbois 6-8, 312, RFr.

TE 46 CLIVE WALFORD 6-4, 259, RJr.
82 Asante Cleveland 6-5, 260, Sr.
85 Beau Sandland 6-6, 255, Jr.

FB 33 MAURICE HAGENS 5-11, 250, Sr.
44 Walter Tucker 6-0, 226, Fr.

QB 17 STEPHEN MORRIS 6-2, 218, Sr.
11 Ryan Williams 6-5, 223, Jr.

RB 8 DUKE JOHNSON 5-9, 196, So.
25 Dallas Crawford 5-10, 194, RSo.
23 Eduardo Clements 5-9, 192, Sr.

SLOT 6 HERB WATERS 6-2, 193, So.
3 Stacy Coley 6-1, 180, Fr.

WR 4 PHILLIP DORSETT 5-10, 185, Jr.
6 Herb Waters 6-2, 193, So.
9 Malcolm Lewis 6-0, 187, So.


P 16 PAT O’DONNELL 6-5, 220, Gr.
18 Matt Goudis 6-0, 172, So.

FG 18 MATT GOUDIS 6-0, 172, So.
16 Pat O’Donnell 6-5, 220, Gr.

KO 16 PAT O’DONNELL 6-5, 220, Gr.
18 Matt Goudis 6-0, 172, So.

H 16 PAT O’DONNELL 6-5, 220, Gr.
11 Ryan Williams 6-5, 223, RJr.

LS 57 SEAN MCNALLY 5-10, 200, RJr.
61 Paul Kelly 6-1, 255, RSr.

SS 61 PAUL KELLY 6-1, 255, RSr.
65 Brandon Linder 6-6, 319, Sr.

PR 4 PHILLIP DORSETT 5-10, 185, Jr.
25 Dallas Crawford 5-10, 196, RSo.

KR 4 PHILLIP DORSETT 5-10, 185, So.
8 Duke Johnson 5-9, 196, So.
1 Artie Burns 6-0, 190, Fr.
3 Stacy Coley 6-1, 180, Fr.


90 Ufomba Kamalu –OR– 6-6, 285, Jr.
99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5, 285, So.

DT 96 CURTIS PORTER 6-1, 325, Sr.
78 Justin Renfrow 6-6, 320, Sr.

DT 91 OLSEN PIERRE 6-4, 305, Jr.
93 Luther Robinson 6-3, 296, RSr.

DE 51 SHAYON GREEN 6-3, 264, Sr.
11 David Gilbert 6-4, 256, Sr.
98 Al-Quadin Muhammad 6-3, 240, Fr.

36 ALEX FIGUEROA 6-3, 235, Fr.
17 Tyriq McCord 6-3, 235, So.

MLB 59 JIMMY GAINES 6-3, 240, Sr.
56 Raphael Kirby –OR– 6-0, 235, So.
94 Kelvin Cain 6-3, 250, Sr.

OLB 52 DENZEL PERRYMAN 6-0, 240, Jr.
31 Tyrone Cornileus 6-2, 225, Sr.

CB 3 TRACY HOWARD 5-11, 184, So.
21 Antonio Crawford –OR– 5-11, 187, So.
29 Corn Elder 5-10, 173, Fr.

S 22 KACY RODGERS II 6-2, 212, Sr.
30 AJ Highsmith 6-0, 208, Sr.

S 26 RAYSHAWN JENKINS 6-1, 208, So.
2 Deon Bush 6-1, 203, So.

CB 37 LADARIUS GUNTER –OR– 6-2, 196, Jr.
1 ARTIE BURNS 6-0, 190, Fr.


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I heard the SEC West has asked the SEC LEast to leave the conference immediately. The LEast is killing the SEC's reputations, SOS and prestige.

You know who you are, LEast. Tennessee, VAndy, UK, UGA and, worst of all, UFailure.

Peeeeeeeee Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

yo holmie, yes shannon went left tcu for arkansas at the beginning of this year.

What say Mountain Cane? Been into the "Kool-Aid" daddy keeps in the jug in the barn again? Just as most on these posts, only insults, no real football knowledge. Eh, what say. Is this the weekend for marrying your sister, you just divorced your cousin.

D you're a moronic Sybil member. Come out with all the can't miss picks and then hide.

Let tub o'lard out for a while. You're boring.

Hey fans, I know other schools play cupcakes including one 1AA game (sorry, not into the whole FBS-FCS crud), but there are plenty of teams that do not schedule a 1AA game such as Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, UCLA, and Louisville for example. They have several 1A cupcakes such as Tulsa, Army, Navy, Ohio, etc., but at least they are Div. 1A games. Look, if UM wants 2 home cupcake games then they can play FAU and any CUSA, Sun Belt, Service Academy, MAC or other teams. Play UL Monroe, Army, even freakin' Akron, just anyone but a 1AA team. UM isn't even playing a good 1AA team but one of the worst out there. Let the other teams schedule glorified high school teams, not UM.

richmondCane, don't worry man, you're not alone, waterng down the schedule is part of coach goldie's master plan of following the crowd when we were always the ones who set the trend, it's sickening seeing other people try and justify us playing Savannah st. by saying, "other schools are doing the same thing" who cares what other schools are doing we're a private University, so playing games like Savannah St. at home, yall won't have to worry about boycotting games like these, people are not going to show up to much anyway because of the opponent, this is why it's very important to play solid competition at UM, this will be a break-out the tarp cover up the empty seats type of game right here.

Cmon Calvin, are you really trying to say AG is the one who set the schedule? really? Sometimes I feel what you are saying but other times you need to put down the salvia or whatever it is you're smoking.

I support The Great Golden and his "national championship scheduling", bring on the savannah high type teams. If Richmond and calvin want to boycott so what, no one will show with or without a boycott so it doesn't matter. Our canes need a break from a very tough and grueling ACC slate. Not every team has to face the likes of Wake, Duke, Maryland and our nemesis Virginia. So we need a break with savannah high,
Who wants to play LSU in 2014, except for Wisconsin, and the rest of the SEC, are you nuts.

Cmon Calvin, are you really trying to say AG is the one who set the schedule? really? Sometimes I feel what you are saying but other times you need to put down the salvia or whatever it is you're smoking.

Posted by: MovingZen | September 16, 2013 at 07:17 PM

I'm not sure if people understand how the scheduling aspect goes. Some games on the schedule the current coach has say in on it and some games can't be changed, all games are not set years down the road. For instance, coach goldie could've accepted to play lsu next year to open the season, he rejected that one. This is his 3rd year here, do you really not think coach goldie didn't have a say in some of the scheduling this year in his first year, it's not a coincidence we have as many home games as we have this year, remember, coach goldie is well organized, this guy plans things years in advance. Of course he couldn't change the gaytor game, that was set before he got here, but he definitely help to plan around that game. It's not a knock on goldie that he's trying to do what he think is best for UM, it's just a conflict of what UM was built upon, anybody, anytime, anywhere. Trust me when i tell you though, coach goldie is slowly morphing into what a real UM mindset is, the llnger you're in Miami, you have no choice, to many real people down here.

What we should do is just let BOOKER T. suit up this coming saturday in UM gear and play Savannah St., that way they shouldn't get beat by that much, maybe only 2 touchdowns.

Calvin is proof that the people shown in the movie "Idiocracy" actually do exist.

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