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What UM coach Al Golden said after the Savannah State game

Here is what Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden had to say after Saturday's 77-7 romp over Savannah State.

> On what he learned from the game...

“I think we learned about a lot of individuals. Ryan Williams stepped up. I thought Gus Edwards stepped up. Beau Sandland stepped up. We learned a little bit about Stacy [Coley] and his game. There were a lot of defensive guys that played hard. I think we’re coming out of it healthy, which was my primary concern once it got a little bit lopsided.”

> On any concerns about quarterback Stephen Morris’ health...

“No, I just saw him. He looks good. I think it was 21-0 or around there [when he got hurt]. It was either 14-0, then Ryan [Williams] comes in and we score and it’s 21-0. There’s no need for him to go back in, so we just held him out. The x-rays were negative. We’ll be cautious with it, we’ll get him off his feet in the next 48 hours, but it looks like he’ll be fine.”

> On what he saw from wide receiver Stacy Coley...

“He did a great job on the kick return, made some nice moves on the punt return, he caught a nice little screen out there. We’re trying to get him going. He has had good week, so I’m pleased he carried it into the game. Obviously the jitters are behind him now.”

> On a strong performance from running back Gus Edwards...

“Gus is getting better every week. He’s a big back. I thought he ran hard. I did. I thought he ran hard. It’s going to be a learning opportunity for Gus."

> On the fear of injured players...

“That was my greatest fear from the time it got to 35-0, to be honest with you. We went quickly to second and then quickly to third teams. I had a long talk with coach [Earnest Wilson] before and a long talk with him after. I’ve been there. I was on the other side of those at Temple. I wanted to make sure he knew we were doing everything in our power not to [run up the score], and I know on his end he was trying to teach his team how to keep fighting. I’ve been in his shoes. I just wanted him to know from our standpoint, we were trying to be gracious in victory and not do anything dumb.”

> On the difficulty of playing respectfully late with lopsided score...

“There are going to be guys that see the score and say whatever they want to say. But you that were there, I think you know what we were trying to do, and long before the fourth quarter. Coach [Wilson] was trying to teach his team to fight and compete, they’re throwing an interception here when they’re coming out and those types of things. It is what it is. We’re going to learn a lot about a lot of individual performances, and we needed to. We needed to see what the second- and third-team guys could do.”

> On the conversation with Coach Wilson to shorten fourth quarter to 12 minutes...

“We talked at halftime. He’s trying to teach his team how to fight, so I appreciate that, and I understand that.”

> On his initial reaction to Stephen Morris’ injury...

“Same thought as all you guys. I’m being honest. It’s so difficult because I always get the questions going into a game. ‘Are you going to sit so-and-so?’ The reality is these guys work so hard. Try and go tell Stephen he’s not playing after a bye week. It was an unfortunate circumstance, we’re blessed and grateful that he’s healthy and that he’s going to be okay. And at the same time, we learned a lot about Ryan [Williams]. I thought Gray Crow came in and did a good job too. He has had a good [past] seven to 10 days here, which is good.”

> On what he saw from linebacker Jermaine Grace...

“He’s playing hard. He has got to study the game more, he has to prepare more, he has to learn that process. He doesn’t know it yet. The older guys are trying to mentor him in that realm. He has to be a bigger factor on special teams.”

> On high completion percentages for quarterbacks Ryan Williams and Gray Crow...

“It’s good for our competition. I was proud of Ryan, because it wasn’t like we had the time to say ‘hey, you’re going in next series’ when the defense was out there. He got thrust into it, and he had good poise, good command of everything. I thought he spun the ball well, I thought he had good vision, his reads were good, and he made all the throws. I was happy with Ryan.”

> On his plans to remove first-teamers upon lopsided score...

“I was hoping that it would go well and we would be able to get them out in the first quarter. We started that substitution pattern - obviously we got a lot of the offensive guys out in the first quarter, and then a lot of the guys on defense in the middle of the second and at halftime.”

> On what he specifically learned about backup quarterback Ryan Williams...

“Ryan has been doing great in practice. He doesn’t get that many opportunities, so it was a great opportunity for him. It came at a point in the game when we weren’t pulling the reins back at that point. He had to run the whole offense and he did. I thought he made really good decisions. He has to do what Ryan Williams did – he made the catchand-run throws. He put the ball where it needed to be so that guys could run with the ball. They weren’t turning around, or they weren’t waiting for it. That’s the kind of accuracy Ryan needed to have, so I’m really pleased with the way he conducted the game.”


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Fact: The University of Miami's football program became great when it decided to do exactly the opposite of what everyone else does.

We aren't like everyone else, when we attempt to assimilate our essence becomes watered down and we become mediocre. Thus 3, 4, 5 loss seasons.

We can't play with weak philosophy and behaviors they have greater impacts on our program because our true essence is sincerity and realness. JMO.

As far as, TE's with Jacory--remember Epps and Graham's senior seasons?

When will OSU play anyone, a question the people up here in Ohio are missing EVERY season?? Their bloviating is nauseating. Fool's gold every season--once they reach their bowl games--check their bowl records.

Burns and Grace almost caught the dude that scored, they showed tremendous speed. Elder can play.

OL is still suspect

Coley is fast and his stride is similar to Sammy Watkins.

I like Gus Edwards but please stop with the nicknames like"Gus the Bus"--he hasn't done anything yet.

Dorsett irritates me on special teams, he would rather run with people than block for them. If he peels back Duke score easy. He does block well from WR on runs but he is just a enigma focus wise.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 22, 2013 at 10:46 AM

This man knows what it TAKES, TO BE, A MIAMI HURRICANE! You can tell the young followers/bandwagoners of UM football who are always trying to compare what coach goldie is doing to what bama or some other schools is doing. The ones who do that don't understand and don't know, we are and have always been over the last 30 years the trend setters not followers. When we played cupcake games in the past it was because we had a hard time try to find teams willing to play us.

How many schools out there where not just one but at least 2 major college programs(gaytors & notre shame) have taken us off the schedule or don't want to play us period. Those are not the only schools who don't want to play us either, this is why last year, hearing coach goldie complain about the schedule was and still is sickening to me, we set the standard for how football is to be played and the reason people always look at us as they do is because we give people the same feeling and people have the same high regard for us as they do for the heavyweight boxing champion of the world who takes on all comers and detroys them.

People either want to see is destroy another team or get beat by another team, but we've always been must watch t.v. If you've got a real team, like jimmy johnson, you can't wait to play whoever they're saying is the best out there. This is why it got me hyped up hearing jimmy johnson say that to the team, but he wasn't saying it just to them, he was also saying it to coach goldie and the administration, look, don't try and manufacter a national championship, earn it the real way by beating everybody and leaving no doubt.

Look at all of the chumps Alabama, oklahoma, ohio state play during the season.
FSU played bethune last night
Oklahoma put 70 on savannah state a couple yrs ago
Ga tech beat Elon 70-0

The gators nearly lost to Furman a couple of yrs ago

Point is, every program plays chumps/ FCS or d2 schools at one point or another. Ohio state puts a lot of regional, i.e., MAC schools every yr.

And its bad that UM did it?

What other programs have played with a running clock and a 12 min 4th quarter???.

But stacy coley is the real deal he MUST be our new retrurner period.
Beau sandland needs to share time with walford
The OC needs to figure out how to use our rb stable. I say duke and edwards/clements
Duke cannot be the every down rb. that will risk shortening his carrier. He isnt Gore, mcgahee, portis. Much smaller. Or use him like the seminoles use devonta freeman.

Overall great crowd, lots of kids, good game to watch our 3-0 canes!

Fact HTC post an opinion and calls it a fact.
Fact D had another stroke duh bubba cane eh what say bloody bellows.
Fact Calvin well what can I say that hasn't already been said.

Why do you think I had a stroke? Eh, What say. I ddddon't stutter, you just can't read. So get over it that M-Y Florida Gators will be ranked AHEAD of UM even without a loss. 21 points given, or you lose.

Gentlemen - UM has been scheduling multiple tough OOC games every season and look where they are.

Alabama has been scheduling one tough OOC game a season and they're the top program in the country.

Miami's situation in 2013 in the ACC with a new 4 team playoff is nothing like Miami's situation in 1980 in the Big East with polls.

The one and only reason UM was unique in the 80s was South Florida talent. The one and only thing that can "bring Miami back" is South Florida talent.

Scheduling isn't what made UM great and they don't need it to become great again.

Cuz the gatech vatech game is Thursday and you don't need dtv to watch espn u. What say duh

We have a good team, I don't think we're scared of playing anyone. Golden is handling the media, he doesn't tell them everything on his mind.

Golden handles himself very well, don't doubt that. I wouldn't be surprised if Texas came after Golden to replace Mack Brown.

Not to mention your incoherent ramblings.

I really don't know why I'm responding to this guy but I guess I have to...

Gallo, It is what it is. We got in a scrimmage yesterday.
Did you check out the rest of the top 20 results?

The same applies for 12 or 13 other teams. So what? If it makes you feel any better take away the W. We're 2-0, okay?? Feel better?

I just don't understand how a so called Hurricane fan can be as bitter, miserable, and whiney as you are. Ask your grandpa about each of the previous coaching regimes at Miami and these type games. It doesn't only apply to Golden.

Next week will be pretty much the same, so put together your skewed stats now, like the ones you posted after the uF game, lol! Hey, did you get a chance to compare the uF second half "D" stats to last years KSU/ND "D" stats yet??

There is no question in my mind that you are blog trolling under the guise of a Cane fan. Just be real and not blog as a coward, man!

You got a reaction from me. I fell into the trap. It seems that's what you live for. Sad.


You got me I'm having a mini stroke at this very moment. dUh

Lol at d...if you focus on that stroke therapy instead of UM maybe you can speak better by the end of the season,eh what say? Duh. Typical uf degree at its finest.

Bloody good thought good ol cane bubba, eh what say? Why didn't I think of that first? dUh

Osu played FAMU.
Ssu made $375,000 last nt
By the way, harriets post was nonsense. Wtf is he talking about?
Calvin answered and agreed bc he is the same blogger.

Same stupidity

Go canes

Destroy USF

Ga tech is dangerous

UM is a bad matchup for GT. Too much speed and talent at the ends.

I'm worried about the oline, they still don't look good.

U say stupidity, but don't understand that U just proved to be the fake, pageantry Cane fan Calvin is speaking of. Remember "Its a Canes thing...U wouldn't understand'? Well yeah, the shoe fits.

What does how much Savannah St. made last night have to do with anything?

So FAMU constitutes a worthy opponent for OSU? They beat them 76-0. So U are defending OSU's annually weak schedule now? Anything to disagree with another Cane fan. Even defend one of our most hated foes smh.


UM revolutionized offense in Division 1 football by installing a pro-style pass oriented scheme that was far from the run based norm of the time.

UM recruited the minority, urban neighborhoods of Miami providing opportunities for black, italian, haitian, Cuban, and Jamaican youths to play football for their hometown team and earn scholarships to a private college institution. Not many football programs recruited, let alone targeted these types of demographics or impoverished areas. These kids turned the program around.

UM invented Swagger or playing with a chip on one's shoulder via the struggle, but harnessing that energy to the football field with schemes that complemented them and encouraged its measured aggression.

Aggression + attitude + acceptance of it + an intelligent plan to express it +/= speed = winning = swagger = championships

UM revolutionized the way 4-3 defense was played as well. Man to Man press coverage with 4 down linemen getting up field, had never been so destructive.

So yeah, we have never been follower and thus been successful in doing so. On the contrary, when we have debunked the status quo and blazed our own trail--we became legendary.

Thats why the Miami Hurricane name rings bells, like Calvin said, Ali's does. Many boxers have better records than Ali, but why is he considered the Greatest boxer of all-time world wide (he is the most known person in the world)?

Yall brag about those 5 championships but don't understand or never accepted the methodology and ideology that made them possible.

Good luck with this new corporate approach to winning a chip at UM. Our greatest gift is also our curse. We either keep it true or we're mediocre...sorry to burst yall bubbles. Go listen to Drake and Justin Bieber and pretend its equivalent to Mobb Deep, the Lox, Tupac or DMX.

Tupac sucks

Of course I'm not saying that we should play tough opponents every game nor am I criticizing the choice of Savannah St. as an opponent, even though I don't believe anyone got better last night. Ryan Williams, Stacy Coley, Gus Edwards, Dallas Crawford, Beau Sandland and others play against a better defenses every day in practice with our scout team and 3rd stringers. I do believe that a doormat Division 1 school would have sufficed.

What I'm responding to is the attempts to qualify and justify weak and insecure behaviors/practices by referencing someone else who has supposedly benefitted from it.

We won't! Hold me to it...we won't benefit from weak movements. Weakness aint our cloth--we'll continue to fail if we continue to assimilate to softness.

Tupac sucks

Posted by: 21-16 | September 22, 2013 at 06:11 PM

^^Exhibit A

Go listen to Drake and Justin Bieber and pretend its equivalent to Mobb Deep, the Lox, Tupac or DMX.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 22, 2013 at 06:04 PM
Your right Beebes and Drake have sold way more. Mobb Deep sucks the Game and Nas murdered both of those frauds. Lox lmao. Tupac never saw a dime thanks to suge night. Crackman X wow. You really don't know anything do you herb. Hey the 90 called and want there braided belts back. Fact you watched the 30 for 30 docx and think its fact. The only fact is 83 87 89 91 we won a national championship. So gomlisten to Havoc, Prodigy, Jadakiss, Sheek Styles P and Earl and pretend its equivalent to 3 stacks, Big Boi, The Game, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar you Jake!

Was I supposed to name every rapper or rap group I like? I believe Nas is the best rapper ever. OutKast came out in and are a 90's group so?? The Game is insecure, a fake false flagging blood (well known fact in LA, even backed up by his own brother) he does nothing but name drops the greats--no wonder U love him--U do the same with the Canes.

All of my facts are straight from the horses mouths--I guess JJ, Schell, all of the coaches and players don't know what they were talking about. They're all lying then. U can't change history "You Expert" aka 86Cane/SOUP. Go back to your own blog.

Once again money is everything. An artist is only judged by how much money he makes, not how good his art is?? Huh? That makes MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Soulja Boy, Will Smith, Young MC, Tone Loc, Coolio etc. the best rap acts ever lol!

Another example of that Corporate Cane philosophy. Money over Substance, but they understand our essence. Not. I rest my case.

Mobb Deep I knew you didn't no much but know I'm convinced Fake Cane wanna be

Mobb Deep I knew you didn't no much but know I'm convinced Fake Cane wanna be

Posted by: You Expert | September 22, 2013 at 06:49 PM

Huh?? Its "now" not "know". Its "know, not "no". How much do you "know", considering you can't even spell it?!

Leave the blog "now" 86Cane/SOUP--don't you run your own??

Enough to know your a old wigger

You mad bro?

"You mad bro?" is the classic I lost, but have to much pride and insecurity to go gracefully LOL!

Another Epic FAIL! LMAO!! You picked the wrong one to troll.

Who really still says "wigger"? Yup, couldn't be anyone but one.

HTC aka Zakee is fake. This guy is a clown who has been bullied all his life. FACT. Jock sniffing, hanging on to every word another man says and says its a fact. Your pathetic. FACT all that agree say I.

Put it to your head and squeeze.

Mob Deep? You cannot be taken seriously. No wonder why Tom booted you off Canespace.

Hey...Mobb Deep was crazy good.


This team doesn't habe enough swagger for you? You wanted a george Jefferson after a catch against savannah st?

Never been bullied. Tom LOL! What a lame saying his real name like it gives you credibility. Wait...you must be him using another of his aliases. Myself and over 50 other Cane fans have been booted, most over at EOTH, ask them. AntCane=86Cane/SOUP/You Expert

Whose words am I hanging on? the people who were there? Well whose words should I trust instead? Yours lol! Those facts are common knowledge, you don't need The U documentary to learn about them nor validate them--even though it does.

Canesjunkie, after all the cheering, chest-thumping and bragging about being a Canes fan because of their championships--are you really gonna sit here and summarize their contribution to Cane relevance as dancing and celebrating?

Dancing wasn't the swagger, winning, playing smart and fast was.

Dancing was a by-product of that.

I'm not asking or clamoring for the dancing and showboating to come back (THE BY-PRODUCT DOESN'T HAVE TO RETURN), I want the true ingredients to return. I've listed them above and numerous times before.

I want an administration with true/sincere intentions to provide an adequate coach that can return the U to NC level football success. Not another budget 3 to 4 loss a year hire that can talk the talk and sell orange tie t-shirts.. We are fools gold now. Ever since Coker won that auto-pilot chip, the board has been under the philosophy of budget hires: pay less, expect more. I want a coach that accepts the nature of our recruiting demographic and harnesses their aggression with intelligent schemes that have the ability to adjust and assist the players in using their natural speed.

Tub O'lard is just a member of the Sybil pea brain group. One of many. Hasn't been let out by the others much recently---maybe even they're tired of her drivel.

Blends nonsensical football commentary with meandering yapping about race, corporations, and now, even rap. A master of nothing, except periodic mouth running.

Hope the others lock you back up. Makes people here long for a humorous Gallo list or a D posting made during a seizure.

mountaincane is another of the 6 P.T.S.D rape and Wiilie Lynch experiment victims at the hands of Curse the Pig. He really did a number on them as we all can see. They CANNOT talk Canes football--just insult those who have the ability because they're jealous.

mountaincane is just another 86Cane alias, he's trying to control yet another blog. Sad!

You mad bro? isn't that what Richard Sherman said when he went up to Tom Brady after the game when the Seahawks beat the Patriots?

So Calvin, did you attend UM? (for classes, not just to watch football practices) Or does living in Lib City qualify you as being a real Miami Hurricane?

I see people here complaining about us scheduling Savannah State. You know nothing about college football, all the big schools schedule game like this just go look at all the schedules on Rivals. The small schools want the payday and the exposure and the big schools want the breather. My only complaint is I would like to see us play and instate small school, keep the money in Florida. Even if everyone goes to a nine game conference schedule these games aren't going away, in all likelihood they will be in more demand on both sides of the equation.

Someone PLEASE bench #2 (Busch) He had a lousy game! His body language was awful !!!!

Tub O'lard keeps referencing some slight he must have incurred in the past. I have no idea what she's talking about. I'm sure most others don't either. No one cares.

Yes U do, U just received a blogging ultimatum from your master--what are U gonna do? here or there?

HTC, I agree that the U isn't where expect it to be. I really don't think it is because of coaching though. I'd say lack of talent on both lines. I'd attribute that to the self-impossed scholarship reductions. BTW, I hate the NCAA. 3years? Really?

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