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Al Golden: QB Stephen Morris "seems to be doing great, making a lot of progress.'' However...

  Coach Al Golden spoke on the ACC Teleconference this afternoon, and said his "chief concern'' regarding quarterback Stephen Morris, who has been playing very well the past few games, is getting him healthy for the UNC Tar Heels (1-4, 0-2 ACC) on Oct. 17.

  Morris sustained a deep right-ankle bruise against Savannah State on Sept. 21, and as of Saturday against Georgia Tech it was hurting him pretty badly. Golden said after the victory that Morris always reassured him that he was fine whenever the coach asked leading up to the game, but that he obviously wasn't.

  "We've held him out the last few days,'' Golden said. "We're being more aggressive in the treatment schedule, which we can be because we're not working on North Carolina yet. He seems to be doing great, making a lot of progress.''

   Then, Golden added: "I'm not taking Stephen for his word anymore. I'm going to make sure myself that he's OK. Hopefully we'll get him OK here in the next 48 hours or 72 hours and get him ready for game week. There is no question he's been playing good football for us.''

   *** Wide receiver Rashawn Scott (shoulder/collarbone) is also "doing great,'' Golden said. "He's close. He's running routes full speed and doing all that. Whether he's able to take a hit yet, I don't know. But he's running routes and doing all the non-contact stuff and looks pretty good.''

*** North Carolina coach Larry Fedora said he'd grade the performance of backup quarterback Marquise Williams "a B-, C+ type of situation'' in UNC's loss against Virginia Tech. Usual starter Bryn Renner did not play after sustaining a foot injury Sept. 28 against East Carolina.

   Williams, a third-year sophomore, completed 23 of 35 passes for 277 yards and two touchdowns, with two interceptions. He also ran for 56 yards. Renner has already said he wants to play against Miami.

   "Every rep that you get in a live situation is very important to any player, whatever position, but especially at the quarterback position,'' Fedora said. "He will just get better from that in the future.''

   Golden said he'll prepare for both.

   "I would suspect Renner will be back,'' Golden said. "He's one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and he's had an awesome career. So I'm sure they're happy to get him healthy.

    "But we're going to see both in the game, and we'll have to get ready for both.''

***  UNC tight end Jack Tabb, who started at linebacker last Saturday against Virginia Tech and played both ways, is suspended for the first half of the UM game.

He was ejected with 4 minutes left for throwing a punch during a kickoff return.

"My version of the play was that Jack was retaliating to something that happened on the play, which you can't do,'' Fedora said. "Jack made a bad personal decision, and you have to be able to keep your poise in a situation like that, and he didn't do that, and therefore he was punished by the rule. That's really all there is to it.''

Tabb had just returned from a two-game suspension for violating team rules.




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So the UNC coach is claiming he was retaliating, but that he should keep his poise. Yet he only gives him one half off? That is some Johnny Manzell type weak sauce there.

So it is a race to see which of our two QBs will heal their foot injury faster and better.

Go Canes and Go Morris!

Oh, and getting back to the previous article, sign #6 that we are better: We are ranked 13th. That is a pretty objective sign that we are better than last year's unranked team.

3rd..Thank god we play F$U a week after they play Clemson.

I understand how you come up with that but seems that to think I'm on the wrong side is in no way verifiable must say to keep trying as you may.

October 2013 HHOF inductee: "Hater Hall of Fame"

"Fact Check" spends his day relenetlesy trying to damper the spirt of Canes fans without realizing that Canes fans, have never, will never, and still don't give a you know what about you haters

#hatersgonhate #21-16 #GTFOH #Troll-a-licious

Okay Virgilio/FactCheck, we won't think you are on the wrong side ever again. Will you stop trolling 24/7 then?

Hopefully, Stephen will be ready to go...if he stills seems uncomfortable after the 1st quarter I would put Ryan Williams in. I'm confident in him and we need Stephen healthy for Florida State. Better be safe than sorry.

The brief and nomadic football career of Naim Mustafaa has taken another turn.

Mustafaa, who left Oklahoma State and transferred to Miami last summer before playing a college snap, has left the Hurricanes, a team spokesman said.

The spokesman would not elaborate, other than to say “he’s no longer on the team.”

Mustafaa, a 6-foot-3, 235-pound freshman defensive end from Alpharetta, Ga., was to sit out this season due to NCAA transfer rules. He enrolled early at Oklahoma State and participated in spring practice, but did not return over the summer. OSU coach Mike Gundy said during July’s Big 12 media days Mustafaa had left the team.

Mustafaa, the son of former NFL safety Najee Mustafaa (formerly Reggie Rutland) was a long time Georgia commitment before flipping to the Cowboys. He was rated a four-star recruit.

Above--Courtesy of the Palm Beach Post.

Golden didn't watch Morris practice? It's pretty clesr he's not fine, so not sure why he was surprised.

The Tennessee Volunteers and Virginia Tech Hokies have agreed to play a football game in 2016 at Bristol Motor Speedway, where a record 160,000 fans could be in attendance, according to a source.
SEC and ACC teams willing to play out of conference opponents...30 years and counting as the cowardly Gators hide under their beds from such a game and have now quit the Miami series twice! 160,000 fans...Wow!

Agree with five rings. In fact, I'd start Ryan vs UNC. Morris proved vs FSU last year he can't beat a good D gimpy. We need him for VaTech, FSU, etc, so let him rest and recover

Everybody is checking this game as a win. Things get crazy on Thursday night. Could be a 3 game losing streak coming up. They might beat vt fsu lucky if its close.

Good point about Thursday night. The last time we did Thursday at unc we lost, no?

Like Al Golden said, "we haven't achieved anything yet." The ACC is down this year, and Miami is loaded with the most talent possessed in over ten years. A top notch coach can go undefeated, until a top notch BCS bowl game. A hat filler of a coach, could win the conference championship with one loss. Anything less than 13 wins, including the conference championship, would be a result of a lacking coach.

I believe UNC tight end sitting out first half is an ACC and/or NCAA rule. It was not a decision by the school or Fedora.

Just saying

AnonymousCane, the ACC says that a suspension must happen, but the coach sets the length. Fedora just went with the new minimum possible.

For example, Micanor Regis was suspended by the Canes a whole game for a punch that was not even penalized during the game.
Isiah Battle was suspended a whole game by Clemson after a punch.
Even Chris Paul (yep, that Chris Paul) was suspended a whole game by GT for a basketball punch.

But I understand why it seems like the ACC set the length since all the media reports say something like

"On Monday, team spokesman Kevin Best announced the suspension required by NCAA rules after the school had conferred with the Atlantic Coast Conference."

So, the "conferring" seems to be a factor, and not a set length. I think teams after seeing that one half is a valid punishment (thanks Johnny Sharpie) will start going to one-half suspensions.

A brave new world until they get to one-quarter suspensions. Meanwhile Miami still suspends players full games for far less.

The dumb Gator Trash say:

"Only inferior teams play neutral site OOC games."

"Pssst, dumb Gomer, you are the only SEC team in the past decade who hasn't."

"Duuuuhhhhhh, disregard. Trailerville is where it's at."

LOL! So Curse Piggy is saying Notre Dame is an inferior team, Oregon is an inferior team, Alabama is an inferior team, etc. but then rips us for not accepting a horrible last minute agreement from LSU while we are already on the road against Nebraska. Sicko is a real hypocrite.

ACC three undefeated teams, yet only four ranked.

SEC only two undefeated teams, yet seven are ranked, many higher than their unbeaten ACC counterparts.

Yep, five teams, with losses, including OOC losses, are ranked so high only because they have that SEC bias working for them.

Look at TAMU. Rice, Arkansas, Sam Houston and SMU and a LOSS is ranked better than an unbeaten team beating Florida? Nah.

Look at South Carolina. North Carolina, Vanderbilt, UCF, and Kentucky wins, and a LOSS is ranked better than an unbeaten team beating Notre Dame? Nah.

Would Missouri, whose biggest win is against Indiana and has a current SOS of 91, be ranked if they were still in the Big 12? Nah.

Like Al Golden said, "we haven't achieved anything yet." The ACC is down this year, and Miami is loaded with the most talent possessed in over ten years. A top notch coach can go undefeated, until a top notch BCS bowl game. A hat filler of a coach, could win the conference championship with one loss. Anything less than 13 wins, including the conference championship, would be a result of a lacking coach.

Posted by: ChampCane


When posting your crap at least have the balls to use just one screen name. Speaking of hat filler coaches--it is being said that Muscahmp is going to bug-out to Texas, of course you folks are use to that as who will ever forget that Urban is a Gator for life...LOL!!

Also, with the Gator's weak schedule they should be a shoe-in to win their division and the SEC Championship and then a BCS bowl...anything less will be yet another failing Gator season. By the way--when was your last undefeated season and regular season out of conference, out of state game? Believe it or not some claim it was 30 years ago concerning you girls playing a regular season out of conference, out of state game...now, that can't be right--or is it?

Oh well, at least we can look forward to next year's Canes/Gators game. No...wait...that's not right...you girls quit the Miami series again...LOL!

You yellow pant stained Gators proved wrong the old saying... "you can run, but you can't hide!" Because when it comes to the Canes you Gator girls can hide better then bin Laden, of course you see what happens when we finally corner you...21 - 16!!

LOL, gatrs = Bin Laden, Miami = Seal Team Six!

I just hope we come out ready against North Carolina Thursday night put the foot on the gas don't let up and come out with a Victory nobody hurt. we cannot take North Carolina lightly they have beat us....

Of course, the sicko claimed after my post about North Carolina that they are a doormat. Yes, they are 1-4, but that was not their expected result. They held VT to 1.8 yards per rush, 48 yards on 34 attempts. That is not the mark of a doormat. And their losses include
South Carolina, where they won time of possession, first downs, and total yards, but had terrible luck in the first quarter before holding even with USCe.
the Georgia Tech comeback.
Virginia Tech, who UNC scored on in a runback but the refs took that away on one penalty, and then Vt got a muffed punt on another kick, giving them their breathing room.

So, UNC is not a doormat, they were co-champs last year and were expected to compete for the ACC title this year. Beating them on a Thursday night game on the road shows Miami has improved, especially since they beat us at home last year.

FSU is playing its typical brand of brutal, hit-man football. That hit the two 'Noles defenders put on the Maryland quarterback should've got both defenders ejected from the game.

I'm currently doing research on football injuries, and I know: those two defenders putting their helmets on that quarterback at the same time could've been fatal: at least career-ending. But they did it anyway, and why?

That's how the 'Noles have always played: dirty. And their fans love that stuff: seeing their team beating the crap out of undermatched opponents, even when it's not necessary to win (as if FSU really had to score 63 points against Maryland and knock the Terps' QB out of the game).

So, yeah, it's good Miami gets FSU after it plays Clemson. Hopefully Clemson's D--or for that matter, any team--will give FSU a taste of its own medicine and send players in to injure 'Noles players, just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Having watched the 'Noles play that brand of football for decades now, I'd be hard-pressed, if I was a head coach, to not send players into the game specifically for the purpose of injuring 'Noles players, and threatening their careers, just like the 'Noles do to their opponents. (Spurrier threatened to do just that after 'Noles players said they'd knock the Gator quarterback out of a game. Sports writer Tony Barnhart wrote a story about the "hitlists" 'Noles players tacked up up their locker room; that's 'Noles football, and it looks like it hasn't change since Mickey Andrews and Bobby Bowden left.)

But Miami has to play VA Tech after playing FSU, so it's good and bad the way the schedule plays out.

Great points, Five Titles. 'Canes have to prepare for one game at a time. UNC has been unlucky in their losses and they are far from a weak team. We cannot over look anyone because everyone is going to bring their A game for us and we cannot give them any opening. We don't know who their QB is going to be. Hope our D is ready to take away edge and perimeter rushes and maintain their strength in the middle. I did notice some missed tackles in the GT game. Hope they fix that.

Champ Cane,

Jimbo and FSU won the conference last year with one loss. Jimbo is a hat-filler? Dabo Sweeney too?

Clemson and FSU are good teams. Virgina Tech has a great defense. Georgia Tech scored more points on us than Florida.

We haven't done anything for our ACC opponents to fear. We lost to Virginia last year...Virginia. This conference isn't a gimmie.

This conference doesn't fear Miami.

Thanks Football. And with UNC holding VT, a good running team, to 48 yards like that, I hope that We can get Duke in open space. Might be a good game to really push the short passing game for the TE and RB and FB.

Great point LakeWorthCane! THose hits didn't even get a penalty, but a shot to the solar plexus like that can stop the heart.

And the FACT that the ref was just standing there watching it, but did nothing, shows that there are still some favored teams out there in the ACC. Maryland, a school leaving the ACC, or FSU, a team expected to help the ACC get back to title contention? Yep, the FSU hitters are going to get the pass.

Canesjunkie, that was my point too. That this team is not yet the feared team that we wre in the Big East, where we could get 200 yards in penalties and STILL humiliate a loudmouth overrated team in front of their loudmouth overrated fans like we did to Texas in the Cotton Bowl. Look at it this way: Would that 1988 team be afraid of this 2013 team? Nope. But they would sure work hard if they had to face our 2001 team.

We have to get to the point where ACC Atlantic teams are breathing a sigh of relief the year they don't face us.


Agreed. We just aren't theren yet. Like Golden said earlier in the week, The U is rebuilding. What we are seeing now is potential that's all.

This rebuilding ACC team still beat that 'mighty' team from up north...lol.

We cannot take any games for granted, we are a young team so inconsistency is the enemy. We have to get up for every game and the young bucks have to be in the zone or we can lose to anybody.

Why hasn't Walter Tucker gotten any carries are we redshirting him? What happened to "free WT"?

NC has been tough on us the past few years and Thursday night in Chapel Hill will be wild. We need to keep focused as AG preaches. FSU has a history of late hits and cheap shots. I thought it might change under Fisher but it looks like it is still being coached the same. If a player can get a solid late hit on a key opponent's player and get out of it with only 15 yards, or in this case on a late hit, no call at all, then take it with a vengeance. That DL wasn't even in the picture when the ball was released. He took a full 3 steps after the ball was gone before he hit him. A hard shot to the chest is a clean hit ordinarily, but not 3 seconds late on the QB. Think about how many times a player has been taken out and injured by FSU after going 4 yds out of bounds before contact. Louisville QB Brian Brohm had his career ended on a play just like that when FSU broke his leg 5 yds out of bounds. You maybe can tell I'm not a big Nole fan.

Look what I posted the other day about Morris making a liar out of Golden, I told everyone Morris should have not started against USF, After the game Al told the media that Morris did not hurt his leg anymore then what it was....LIE....Morris lied to Golden and was not a team player, he was scared that Williams would get in their and run this offense with ball control and using all weapons, which Morris started to do after Williams showed him this team had a TE. >>>>FACT On the site scouts.com CANES TIME ( FORUMS )I was kicked off the site because I said Morris had lied to Golden and got into it with people..GO GET ON CANES TIME AND LOOK FOR HURRICANESGOLDEN THATS MY NAME AND TELL THEM IDIOTS TO READ THIS ARTICLE TODAY..... SOME IDIOTS ON THAT SITE

At this rate by the time this year's true freshman are juniors we'll "be back." Golden's camps will become legend as kids from all across the country will fight to attend. Teh family atmosphere wil continue. Chick, Morris, and other guys who will one day be on NFL rosters will continue to come bak to train "U Tough" style.

I'll be teh first to admit that I had my doubts going into this season, serious doubts, but now, I believe, "U" believe...."U" Better

Plus with the good things that Jimbo is doing at that other school up north (it hurt to type that...lol), we could be looking at another decade of legendary Canes-Noles games

Hey Calvin

D'Onofrio has you backpedalling on your year-long venom faster than his cornerbacks.

After all the crap you spewed about our "D" and how the CBs from the hood should be playing man, now you didn't say it?
Now you change the conversation to Jacory like we're gonna give you a pass bro?
Are you a UM fan or what?
Just this past signing day you were burying Golden for not going to Booket T and shining that Kirkland kid's shoes and kissing his ass, and that Golden didn't have the hood behind him. Makes you sound pretty dumb now.
We're doing it with the kids from the hood who have heart and want to pay the price, not the tweeters that want things given to them.

Posted by: Marios | October 09, 2013 at 04:34 PM

Are you an imbecile or something, we've been talking about j70 for the longest. Who's back pedaling, unless you can't read i already let it be known i still don't agreewith our defensive philosophy and it still hasn't been tested by a True balance offensive attack yet this whole year. I just gave coach donofrio credit for how we played against the gaytors, other than that, the other teams we've played, that defensive ranking we're sitting on means nothing, it's manufactured in alot of categories, now no matter who you play, or who we play, i do think we'll still force a turnover or two for sure.

But i'm not foolish enuff to think we've actually faced some real qb's, apparently you've already overlooked one obvious fact, jeff driskell had a career day against us passing the ball, so has something really changed, we're getting ready to see, i could care less what North Carolina's record is, they bring a balanced offensive attack to the game, something we haven't Truly faced yet this year and when we have faced a good/solid running team, they ran on us, and the one team that passed on us, the qb had a career day in jeff driskell. Do not be deceived by North Carolina's record, they've played a way more tougher schedule that we have thus far this year.

Losing to South Carolina the #6 team in the nation at that time is not that bad. Losing to Georgia tech and Virginia tech is nothing to shake a stick at either, an even losing to East Carolina is not to bad though cause they're normally strong.

we are more explosive than the teams NC has faced thus far...from the ground and specifically thru the air...we are going to need every ounce of dynomite we have to get thru NC on THURS...my opinion. For some reason, they really have give us fits over the yrs...it is Thurs night, ESPN...usually spells good things for Canes...but we are not near the point of "chalking" any opponenet up as a win, yet....keep rotating D linemen, WRs, RBs, etc...keep them fresh Jimmy Johnson style...never let them see that you are tired...just keep hitting them them with SPEED, SPEED, SPEED......GOD BLESS ALL OF YA!

one other note....I LOVE THIS TYRIQ MCCORD fella coming around the end...DUDE knows how to get to the QB...

Rick, you should be a coach at the collegiate level at least. Maybe even NFL. Instead, you make use of your time by posting here and on other sites.

Hmmm. Wonder why,

Calvin, they did face a tougher schedule. The part I disagree with is this idea that GT was tough for them, but easy for us.

We both faced the same team, and there was a 23 point difference in the results, but even that is tempered by our gift TD at the end. The result should not decide which team was easy or tough.

I don't think any fans are sleeping on a team that beat us last year at home. We are just confident that this offense, this defense, and this special teams are all better than last year, while UNC has met a bit of a decline.

Posted by: Rick

It's up to Golden and staff to decide whether or not Morris plays, not Morris.

If the staff can't see that Morris is barely able to hand the ball to Duke then they need to have their eyes checked. Any true player wants to stay on the field, that's why it's the coaches decision.

Tarheels are going to be the toughest test of the year to date for the Canes because it looks to be a must-win for us if we want to be the ACC Coastal champions. The Heels are much better than a 1-4 team.

Va Tech got lucky, not having to face Renner. Both of us play Pitt, Duke and Virginia, but we face the Noles in Tally and they play Maryland at home and are at BC. The Hokies will be favored in all their games, except the one against the Canes at SunLife. Even if the Canes win that game, we may not be able to win the Conference if we have two losses (lose those road games to to the Heels and the Noles).

All of the pressure is on our Canes to win in Chapel Hill and they will do it. I'm looking for the Canes to produce an all-out spectacular game on-the-road on a Thursday night for ESPN, but I'll be happy with a win, anyway, anyhow.

Rick, Morris did not make a liar out of Golden, and Morris did what any player at any position who is a competitor do. He has the job and he ain't giving it up to anybody for any sore ankle. It's not that Morris is not a team player, it is more that he is tough and is going to tough it out one way or another. I personally applaud Stephen for showing the kind of toughness both mentally and physically that this team has lacked in years past. I'll take that kind of player any day over a Clowney type of player any day of the week.

While I want our team to take one game at a time, they have to be confident in themselves. We are better than UNC on paper and our guys need to play with confidence and put them away very early. East Carolina scored 55 on them and we should score early and often.

Preparation is key. Even with the different look of GT's offense, I think we gave up too many fourth down conversions by not tackling well. The tackling has to be sharp as it was in the FL game.

I would arugue that UF is a stronger team than South Carolina. We will find out on Nov 16.

Campbellville, I guess we will have to hope they encounter the good BC that made FSU sweat a bit. Otherwise, you are right, they get a free ride in to the title game while we have to make sure we don't slip up once.

Now we must put up with 7 more days of the same ibis manure:
UNC is a very good team
they only have 4 close losses
coulda won all those
they have such a good defense
it's soooooooooo scary playing there at night
what if it rains
they are very good against the run
their uniforms are baby blue
they beat us last year
their coach is named Fedora after a hat
blah, blah, blah
how pathetic do you all sound
UNC suuuuuuuuccckkkkkkkkkssssss
you should destroy them, like everybody else is doing
enough with the preventive excuses

You guys Al Golden is talking about after the USF game, when Al went to the media and SAID MORRIS DID NOT HURT HIS LEG ANYMORE THEN WHAT IS WAS, ( LIE )Morris lied to him, Morris should have not been playing the USF game, Morris got tackled once in the USF game and went off limping, HE SHOULD HAVE NOT STARTED AND AL KNOWS IT, AND THAT IS WHY HE IS ON HIM...ANOTHER THING MORRIS ALSO LIED WHEN HE SAID THEY TWISTED HIS ANKLE, MORRIS SAID 2 DAYS LATTER IT WAS THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT>>>>>LIE. He played USF when Williams could have got some playing time to help the back up QB and let Morris heal>>>>>THAT IS NOT A TEAM PLAYER....I BET IF MORRIS LIMPS ONE TIME NEXT WEEK HE IS OUT....Williams playing did show Morris that this team does have a TE, WE STARTED USING THE TE MORE AFTER WILLIAMS SHOWED WHAT TO DO >>>> FACT....LAST YEAR AL WAS SAYING EVERY GAME WE HAVE TO FIND THE TE MORE>>>>>NEVER HAPPENED

Remember Morris is one of Randy's kids....SELFISH And Al is the perfect coach to straighten his ass up....AL SAID HE LIED NOT A TEAM PLAYER, PUT TEAM AT RISK FOR FUTURE GAMES..

Calvin the monkey still speewing bull shat..stfu banana boy


Take a 50 pound anti-psychotic and get back to us in a couple of days.

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