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College football rankings out: UM Canes rise to No. 7 in AP and jump five spots to No. 6 in coaches' poll

Last week the news was Miami reaching the Top-10 in the Associated Press poll for the first time since 2009.

Today it's even juicier: the Canes are No. 7 in the AP -- and have jumped five spots to No. 6 among the coaches.

Miami is undefeated at 6-0 (and 2-0 in the Atlantic Coast Conference) since a harrowing, end-of-game drive culminated in a touchdown with 16 seconds left Thursday at North Carolina.

 The No. 7 AP ranking is the highest since Nov. 13, 2005, when the Canes were ranked third after defeating Wake Forest 47-17.

   Regarding the USA Today coaches' poll, Miami's No. 6 ranking is the highest also since Nov. 13, 2005, after defeating Wake Forest 47-17.

   So, who do the Canes play this Saturday? 

   Wake Forest.

   You know that coach Al Golden will be intensely focusing his players on that Wake Forest game at noon Saturday at Sun Life Stadium -- because let's face it, everyone else is thinking about Florida State on Nov. 2 in Tallahassee.

Can you say ESPN College GameDay? It hasn't been announced, but presuming everything goes as expected... And come to think of it, what week recently have things gone as expected?

So, what are your thoughts? Are you in any way wary of Wake Forest, which is 4-3 overall and won its past two games against North Carolina State (28-13 score) and Maryland (34-10 score)?

Or are you totally zoned in on the Seminoles?

From what we've all witnessed, FSU is an amazingly good team with a downright amazing quarterback.

The Hurricanes need to heal quickly and take care of business against the Demon Deacons.


1. Alabama 7-0

2. Oregon 7-0

3. FSU 6-0

4. Ohio State 7-0

5. Missouri 7-0

6. Baylor 6-0

7. Miami 6-0

8. Stanford 6-1

9. Clemson 6-1

10. Texas Tech 7-0

11. Auburn 6-1

12. UCLA 5-1

13. LSU 6-2

14. Texas A&M 5-2

15. Fresno State 6-0

16. Virginia Tech 6-1

17. Oklahoma 6-1

18. Louisville 6-1

19. Oklahoma State 5-1

20. South Carolina 5-2

21. UCF 5-1

22. Wisconsin 5-2

23. Northern Illinois 7-0

24. MIchigan 6-1

25. Nebraska 5-1


1. Alabama 7-0

2. Oregon 7-0

3. FSU 6-0

4. Ohio State 7-0

5. Baylor 6-0

6. Miami 6-0

7. Missouri 7-0

8. Stanford 6-1

9. Texas Tech 7-0

10. Clemson 6-1

11. UCLA 5-1

12. Oklahoma 6-1

13. (tie) Oklahoma State 5-1

13. (tie) LSU 6-2

15. Texas A&M 5-2

16. Louisville 6-1

17. Auburn 6-1

18. Fresno State 6-0

19. Virginia Tech 6-1

20. South Carolina 5-2

21. Nebraska 5-1

22. Northern Illinois 7-0

23. Michigan 6-1

24. Wisconsin 5-2

25. UCF 5-1 





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Clemson almost lost to BC...........there only win is a 3pt win over 3 loss Georgia.

2. BAYLOR has Played Division 3 schedule. go look, Wofford, Buffalo.
3. Mizzou beat 3 loss Georgia and 3 loss Florida missing starters. they will fall.


NUFF bashing the canes schedule. .........

You're not too bright Gallo. UM can lose to FSU and win their Division by beating V Tech and the rest of their ACC opponents. They'll win the Division by the tiebreaker formula by virtue of a win over V Tech.

I know voters love sec, but to jump mizzou in 1 poll over us, fine. BUT BAYLOR???? Honestly, go on espn and pull up their schedule............Baylor #5? WHAT a JOKE..............

look...low probability that vt loses the rest of its games.....UM WILL lose to fsu.....VT will have better conference and will win coastal....UM will get shut out of division playoff.....
I have no idea what you koolaid drinkers are looking at?
The only way UM can advance to any type of a title is to beat fsu....and that aint gonna happen
bye-bye golden/dnofrio

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 20, 2013 at 04:06 PM


Your Gators sure put on a show in Missouri--the big question--will they even win one more game this season.

As for all your most recent lame brain predictions--listen stupid, nobody believes anything you post. The sheer idiocy of your comments underscores a single digit IQ.

Laughing--before the season you predicted the Canes would only win 3 games--now you are predicting they will lose 3 games. You predicted that Florida was going to annihilate the Canes. You predicted that due to the muscle the Canes gained during the off-season, courtesy of Al Golden's U-Tough program, the players would be slow and uncoordinated. Well, your idiotic predictions go on and on and on, but please tell me that even you with your pea brain can see a trend here.

Ladies and Gentlemen--I hereby nominate Gallo (and his numerous aliases) as the QB for the dumbest all troll team ever assembled.

You mad bruh?!?!

1. Polls don't mean anything. Winning NC is all that matters.
2. WF is a well-coached team with a vet QB that is a 22-point dog on Sat against UM. UM will be lucky to win by 10....Unless....
3. Stephen Morris cuts down on INT's. Canes' last drive against Heels was mostly on the ground, which is how they will play in the future until SM stops impersonating Jacory Harris.

Yeah I was around during the so called Golden years of Hurricane football and I remember several games where the opponent was outclassed and yet the Canes played badly, as good as they were and had many nervous fans praying they would hold on. Thinking those teams won in a blowout every time out is pure, fantasy! Just one game in point, 2001 against BC, 4 picks thrown by Dorsey, BC driving inside UM's 20 but for an interception that bounced off the foot of a defensive player and Reed taking it back for the difference, the U loses! Fantasy about those years is nice but some of you need a big dose of reality about those teams!

Go look at ohio states soft schedule, Oregon, Baylor(div 3) , they all have beat NO ONE. Miami's win should have been bigger over UF than Mizzou's, as UF is missing 6 starters, their qb, best D player, Miami played UF Fully healthy.

But we still move up,,,,,,,Baylor has OU/TEXAS/someone else. Mizzou will fall 2-3 times.

Anything can happen Vs FSU,,,,,,,,Winston Is a fresh, AND CLEMSON IS OVERRATED(Down at home to Boston college in 4th qtr last week)

Cane 7, aka Calvin or Gallo,
Posted by: Cane in London
It is something I am looking forward to in
order to see what is on the other side and
to visit other galaxies.
However, in the meantime, kiss my bum.

Canes have to beat FSU and maybe twice.
Canes have to beat VT as well as the other
teams they play who will be like UNC all thinking
that is their bowl game.

Cane players are as good as any team UM has

But they are not as in as good of cardiovascular
conditioning as past UM NC contenders.

And D'O is a hinder, not a help to the Cane defense.

Who was the player to deflect the ball away on the last play of the game

they will lose to vt after being destroyed by fsu......

vt vs fsu for championship......vt is starting to peak....Um is barely recovering from nc let alone getting embarrassed by fsu.....

UM will not go to any title games....

Who was the player that deflected the ball away from the NC player on the last play of the game.

VA Tech has #97 offense, and we will spank them.

We had 4 picks, other wise we won by 30 @UNC.......

Win and move on--UF has same athletes as UF,,,,,UF's actually had better classes

I meant as FSU, Both have had top 4 classes multiple times in last few years.

bs...under Erickson in his first year 1989 implementing the 1 back offense UM was winning: by a margin per game ok 36-9 average score.....

399 points scored and 99 against.....thats more than a 3 TD average.....

craig erickson was not better than morris.....leonard conley was not better than duke....and randel hill was not better than dorsett.....

but erickson was miles better than golden.....see what I mean green pea?


Erickson inherited a team from Jimmy Johnson.

Golden inherited a team from Randy Shannon.

Big difference green pea.

PS...Gallo, your gators suck.


And Ericsson lost to FSU. Did you demand he be fired for that? I doubt it, since it didn't impact your gatrs either way.

Dolphins once again lose with tannehill at QB and strung is at kicker. Morris was horrible Thursday, but at least he didn't throw a pick 6. And the kicker doinks one off the post, giving the bills the chance to win it with a fg.

Morris drove down the field for the win, tannehill in the same situation choked.

Gallos pattern.
1. Canes will lose next week.
2. Oops, they won?
3. Canes should have won by more.
4. Return to step 1.

Cane 7, aka Calvin or Gallo,
Posted by: Cane in London
It is something I am looking forward to in
order to see what is on the other side and
to visit other galaxies.
However, in the meantime, kiss my bum.

Posted by: Cane7 | October 20, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Gallo aka Cane7:

We Canes fan know who is already on the other side waiting for us...Al Golden, because after all he is a God!

Unfortunately for you your next step will not be an ascension, but rather a descension where Muschamp and Urbie Meyers will be waiting for you with pitch forks in hand surrounded by all those Gators felons with Calvin telling everyone that God doesn't know what he's doing.

Wow, there's a lot of good conversation. Just focus on Wake forget the point spread, only "W"'s is what matters for the rest of the year. One game at a time! Baylor ahead of us is a joke let's see how we end up in the BCS tonight Go Canes!

Before the game, I said I hope they have learned how not to give up the late Td. Looks like they did. Ron, you were right, they did learn from their mistakes!

sonny lubick was a master dc then.....donfrio is an idiot.....

this team is just OK...thats all, despite what the record is.....

on 11 games Um averaged 39-9 score....current average score is 42-27 and that includes a ridiculous 77-7 ss win....give me a f...cking break, what a joke.

Glad everyone is hyped about rankings....unfortunately FSU is on another level then us. We will beat Wake this week....have fun with the hype and "possibility" of beating FSU.....but....at the end of the day....Gallo & Co. will finally get their chance to spout off about us after that loss.

Wait a second, there are three florida teams ranked.

FSU, Miami, and UCF.

Sounds like the pollsters know that the other team was overrated.

Fourth in the state, sounds like maybe they might drop to fifth.

Wake is a tough ACC opponent, look at how they handled the once-ranked Maryland team. No reason to be looking ahead when we struggled the week before. Looking forward to 7-0.

yea fsu was ONLY #9 in the country then....and erickson was injuered and Um had to start toretta, who never took a snap....be real

No excuses, worst part is that they will try to claim the coaching staff should be fired for 7-1. Yet no other 7-1 teams are firing their staffs.

I am glad we are being realistic that it will take a lot of good fortune to beat a dominant FSU team, but the joy at delaying those trollgasms for another week will be wonderful.

1. Why y'all Cane zealots continuing MOANING nd' GROANING bout' the A.P. poll!! Chit, that REGIONAL bias A.P. poll absolutely doesn't have a say so in determining which team plays in the final B.C.S. national championship game. dUh

2. Y'all Hurricane partisans should collectively get down on your knees and thank bUddha that the S.E.CORRUPT conference is BALANCED this season. hUh Because all those OVER RANKED s.e.CORRUPT conference squads fell like TAINTED dominoes yesterday. Eh. What say. Which enabled M-Y Miami, Florida Hurricanes to RISE in the major polls which matter most of all, i.e. ESPN Coaches and Harris polls.

With Dorsett out vs Fsu, could we see both Crawford and Duke in backfield at same time ? Maybe use Duke as a short range receiver option. Canes will need the best playmakers as possible on field.

Wake people, Wake. Plenty of time to discuss FSU.

Seriously people, who cares about the rankings. Its a stupid system run by espn.

Maybe we win against FSU and maybe we don't. Either way it's not the end of the world. FSU looked good last night its true but this is a rivalry game and each of the past two years we have played them the games have been closer than what they should have been considering FSU has had Fisher there longer than Golden has been here at the U, so they should be ahead of us in the process. No matter what happens the fact is Golden has us far ahead of where we should be in the rebuilding process in comparison to where Butch had us and where anybody else would have us. Fact is we are ranked higher than we have been in eight years and unlike 2005 we are trending upward instead of downward as we were with Coker. Either way we are much better off now than we ever were with the two previous HC's.

3. And yapping about the ESPN Coaches Poll and Harris polls. The Hurricanes are well positioned in both polls on the eve of the initial, final B.C.S. poll.

For instance, Goldie's squad is ranked...


No. 6


No. 7

Then, according to the computer polls the Canes have a computer AVERAGE of... No. 11.

Thus, Goldie's squad should be RANKED No.8/No.7 in the first B.C.S. poll. I say No.7 because of the UNCERTAINTY factor.

FWIW... absolutely NO team which wasn't ranked in the Top 6 of the " first " B.C.S. poll has ever played for the sacrosanct, N.C. Get outta' here with that crap, Outsider!!!

Nevertheless, there's always a FIRST PRECEDENCE and what not regarding the two squads playing in the N.C. game.

1. Why do y'all Hurricane loyalist continue to MOAN nd' GROAN bout' the REGIONAL bias A.P. poll. Because that poll has NO SAY SO in the B.C.S. championship game.

TYPO above, as usual. hUh

By the way, the N.C.A.A. suits FINALLY decided to CHIT-CAN the A.P. poll at the conclusion of the 2001 season.

For instance, that Go BIGot REDneck team absolutely didn't deserve to face Miami in the Rose Bowl and the Hurricanes sent the message to the major college football realm, that that Go BIGot REDneck squad was given a FREE PASS by the A.P. poll.

In other words, the Oregon Ducks should have played the Hurricanes.

Nevertheless, it's all moot and what not. And Miami would've BYTCHED SLAPPED the Ducks akin to the bloody MOLESTATION job the Canes did on Herbie Cornhusker!!

Miami has Wake Forest on their minds and what not!! Bloody believe it, y'all Hurricane zealots.

Matter of fact, Wake Forest is your CLASSICAL " trap game " and what not. dUh And a lame arse effort by Goldie's squad will keep the Deacons in the game. Albeit I still SEE-r my Canes winning.

My long-winded point is, give FSU their props--they earned it last night. But, we haven't played a complete game were we execute in all phases yet. If we do, can we beat FSU? Yes. We could also play like we did against UNC and lose to a Wake Forest a Virginia or anybody else who brings it. And, everyone will bring it because we now have a number 7 next to our name.

Focus on Wake. FOcus on one game at a time, and if there is one we can lose this year and be ok, it's against Florida State. It won't kill us in the rankings , and we can still when the Coastal (and play them neutral site) in the Championship game. Hard to beat a team twice.

Posted by: lloydfarmer | October 20, 2013 at 03:45 PM


V-O-I-L-A lloydfarmer.

I was just mumbling to no one in particular, that Goldie's squad HASN'T played a total game this season, i.e. B+ and above effort on offense, defense and special teams.

And as U mentioned lloydfarmer, that's what it will take to defeat a MIGHTY Seminole squad at Talla-TRASH-que. hUh


Right, because if the team finishes 10-2 or even 9-3 that would be a reason to get rid of Golden and D'Onofrio. No, that would be an improvement that anyone would have been happy with at the beginning of the year. This team is obviously so much better than last year's squad that it is silly to think there isn't improvement. And don't even try to tell me that a Randy Shannon led team would have won that game on Thursday.

Apparently being excited about a team that is actually winning games is drinking the Kool-Aid. Don't we watch sports to be excited about our teams?
Go Canes!

We still have work to do but a wins a win. Stephen morris needs to study film and get on that field and practise his throws more...he has the arm but now needs the accuracy to be a great qb...the way fsu qb play is how you should approach and play the game..be a leader morris be consistent and keep the turnovers down....thats his major flaw folks..but all and all i believe the cloud thats been over this program for the past decade is clearing up...you can be on the bottom for so long until you rise again

All this bashing. Look, this is a re-bilding year and we are 6-0 and ranked 7th in the country. If you would have said that when the season started, everyone of you would have taken that record and ranking. Have we looked bad in some games, yeah. But I think we are in a good place going into FSU. Take care of Wake first, then we will be huge underodgs in the FSU game. The Canes will have nothing to lose, as we were not supposed to be in this position anyway. Everyone gets all worked up when the see Baylor and Mizzou jump us, but we played terrible on Thursday and still got a W. For any of you Cane fans in 2001, remember the BC game away, when Ed Reed took one back to save the National Championship. Quite honestly, I think the re-building is ahead of schedule. Golden and team are doing all of this with the NCAA looming over their heads. Take that into consideration, and the Canes are getting close to where they need to be! Go Canes!

FWIW... absolutely NO team which wasn't ranked in the Top 6 of the " first " B.C.S. poll has ever played for the sacrosanct, N.C.

Posted by: D | October 20, 2013 at 05:36 PM

You are right D...and that is precisely why for the last several weeks I have been offering posts concerning the Canes ranking.

Jumping Missouri 9 spots for getting by a clearly beat-up Florida team is not only absurd--it's criminal! What was Florida ranked 23rd? Do you think if the Canes beat a 23rd ranked team the pollsters would walk our team up the rankings ladder 9 rungs? Not in a million years!

Jumping Missouri over the Canes for beating the same team Miami beat when they were at full strength defies any logic or reason, but hey, this bias crap has been going on for over 30 years.

Finally, the SEC BS is now officially out of control. As I also have been pointing out for several weeks--when one bad SEC team beats another bad ridiculously high ranked SEC team the pollsters simply trade positions with the teams...again, Missouri...are you kidding me?

ANYONE ELSE HERE THINK GALLO is the most pathetically bitter and sad old man they've ever seen on a blog?

LIKE GOLDEN IGNORED GALLO at the autograph line last year and he cab't get over this butt-hurt...

Nice to see us win though.....we still have work to do but somehow i think the dark cloud has cleared over our beloved program...no more disappointment game after game...one day we will have a flawless outcome we look like the old canes...

Jim Gallo, you'd have to be a very sad person to keep following this team if you were this negative about them.

It's just college football kid, get a hobby, learn to fish, pick up Italian.

Stop following the Miami Hurricanes if they make you this miserable, Al Golden will be coach AT LEAST through the 2014 season.

Gallo, not many teams (anywhere-any school)will ever be as good as some of those special Canes teams.

So, what you are telling us is that you've been the same, miserable whiner for 17 of the last 20 years? Or 29 of the last 40 years???

LOOKING AT WAKE'S NUMBERS... Looking very beatable if we play a solid B+ game.

LAST WEEK AT UNC-- offense was a D+ and defense was B+

Yes they are starting a little run, but not beating any powerhouses and were DESTROYED by Clemson.


They only played 2 legit competitors... BC and CLEMSON.

BC put up points on them... that should be a very interesting game for Coach Coley..

CLEMSON: frankly i think they were over-rated, but also had their "off-night" yesterday. Their QB had a Steven Morris passing day...

The DANGER IS WINSTON is a hella good QB and LEADER.. watch his locker room speech pre-game. You wish he was playing for your school...

HE CAN SCRAMBLE and throws the ball with touch or speed or deep... Something MORRIS is lacking...

OUR DEFENSE NEEDS TO PLAY THEIR BEST GAME OF THE YEAR to hold down the FSU offense from getting too far ahead.

IF MORRIS PLAYS HIS BEST GAME and the running game is clicking, we should be able to keep up and win... IF THE D can be heroes at FSU...

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