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College football rankings out: UM Canes rise to No. 7 in AP and jump five spots to No. 6 in coaches' poll

Last week the news was Miami reaching the Top-10 in the Associated Press poll for the first time since 2009.

Today it's even juicier: the Canes are No. 7 in the AP -- and have jumped five spots to No. 6 among the coaches.

Miami is undefeated at 6-0 (and 2-0 in the Atlantic Coast Conference) since a harrowing, end-of-game drive culminated in a touchdown with 16 seconds left Thursday at North Carolina.

 The No. 7 AP ranking is the highest since Nov. 13, 2005, when the Canes were ranked third after defeating Wake Forest 47-17.

   Regarding the USA Today coaches' poll, Miami's No. 6 ranking is the highest also since Nov. 13, 2005, after defeating Wake Forest 47-17.

   So, who do the Canes play this Saturday? 

   Wake Forest.

   You know that coach Al Golden will be intensely focusing his players on that Wake Forest game at noon Saturday at Sun Life Stadium -- because let's face it, everyone else is thinking about Florida State on Nov. 2 in Tallahassee.

Can you say ESPN College GameDay? It hasn't been announced, but presuming everything goes as expected... And come to think of it, what week recently have things gone as expected?

So, what are your thoughts? Are you in any way wary of Wake Forest, which is 4-3 overall and won its past two games against North Carolina State (28-13 score) and Maryland (34-10 score)?

Or are you totally zoned in on the Seminoles?

From what we've all witnessed, FSU is an amazingly good team with a downright amazing quarterback.

The Hurricanes need to heal quickly and take care of business against the Demon Deacons.


1. Alabama 7-0

2. Oregon 7-0

3. FSU 6-0

4. Ohio State 7-0

5. Missouri 7-0

6. Baylor 6-0

7. Miami 6-0

8. Stanford 6-1

9. Clemson 6-1

10. Texas Tech 7-0

11. Auburn 6-1

12. UCLA 5-1

13. LSU 6-2

14. Texas A&M 5-2

15. Fresno State 6-0

16. Virginia Tech 6-1

17. Oklahoma 6-1

18. Louisville 6-1

19. Oklahoma State 5-1

20. South Carolina 5-2

21. UCF 5-1

22. Wisconsin 5-2

23. Northern Illinois 7-0

24. MIchigan 6-1

25. Nebraska 5-1


1. Alabama 7-0

2. Oregon 7-0

3. FSU 6-0

4. Ohio State 7-0

5. Baylor 6-0

6. Miami 6-0

7. Missouri 7-0

8. Stanford 6-1

9. Texas Tech 7-0

10. Clemson 6-1

11. UCLA 5-1

12. Oklahoma 6-1

13. (tie) Oklahoma State 5-1

13. (tie) LSU 6-2

15. Texas A&M 5-2

16. Louisville 6-1

17. Auburn 6-1

18. Fresno State 6-0

19. Virginia Tech 6-1

20. South Carolina 5-2

21. Nebraska 5-1

22. Northern Illinois 7-0

23. Michigan 6-1

24. Wisconsin 5-2

25. UCF 5-1 





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If last night game of fsu over clemson didnt wake our players and especially coaches on how you should look dominate over a team then i dont know what will....fsu looked like how the canes used to shine..no more playing pitty pat with teams just punishing them...Clemson looked like cubs against them. Practise down in coral gables should be serious more then ever...ATTENTION TO DETAIL is a must... Play to our strengths which is run the ball and deep long throws...we can achieve a lot this year but the coaches as long as sm 17 has to step up big.

FSU has a QB. Miami doesn't it. Concentrate on Wake Forest and winning as many games as possible. Not possible for us to beat FSU with Morris. I'll be surprised if we can beat VT. Certainly we will have no easy games the rest of the way, especially with Wake next week.

ss 1-6
fau 2-5
fla 4-3
sfa 2-4
gt 4-3
nc 1-5

what a joke.....#6 in bcs?

14-26....thats funny, and defense still gives up 500 yards to last place team in the worst division in the whole ncaa.....keep drinking coolaid

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 20, 2013 at 03:59 PM

Hey, if they want to give it to us, why not?
What I don't understand is that you're actually pissed about us having this ranking. Deservedly or not.

Short lived? Maybe.

Are we as good as that ranking? We'll see in 13 days.

But to go on and scream about our upcoming losses???

So far, this Defense's biggest stat on the year is giving up 2.8 yards per rush, forcing 5 turnovers, and giving up 16 points to the Gator. A healthy Gator team that was considered the 4th or 5th best team in the nations best conference.

Let the chips fall where they may in the next 3 weeks.

I'm not "drinking the cool-aid, just thinking positive and supporting the team I've supported since my Freshman year in '78.

Stick around kiddo, I'll teach you how not to be a negative-dwelling, miserable whiner!

To Jim Gallo

Your posts are right on the money. Great observation.

FSU certainly looked good last night, but Clemson was a nightmare and seemed clueless from the opening kick-off.

I've watched FSU play numerous times this year and last night was their best performance, yet after watching Clemson stumble around for 4 quarters I can't help but wonder if the Tigers made FSU look much, much better than they truly are.

Good to see Gallo back, lol. Love seeing the loser squirm, LMAO

ban the all caps / caps on 10 yo

Jim Gallo, Cane7, must be killing you that Miami is winning, but doesn't stop the negativity. You could screw up a wet dream...glad I don't have to hear you every day.

I'm a Canes fan and I think #7 in the polls is a gift. We're still rebuilding and we're not THAT good. Those guys we're playing Nov 2nd haven't had a close game this year. We struggled against UNC. People saying we're not getting respect haven't watched with objectivity. Go Canes.

Manny, here's what I say!
Can you see FSU snatching Cinderella's glass slippers right off her feet? UM and that terrible defense will get shredded by FSU at Doak Campbell and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what's coming. Golden has shown too much loyalty to his buddy D'Onofrio who is often overmatched in big games and looks as if he knows very little about attacking defense. Smart UM fans will keep their mouths closed and hope FSU does not lay 50 points on UM and blow them out.
Rabblerouser knows truth!

Posted by: RJ | October 20, 2013 at 01:43 PM

Other than QB and continuity in OC in what way is FSU way ahead of Miami?

We are still building but anything can happen this year. Just focus on beating the next opponent. Rankings today don't matter. If we are lucky to win out the rankings will take care of itself.

billb said: "FSU has a QB. Miami doesn't it."


That is complete nonsense!

'Some' Miami fans have become to be known as nit wits for making those kind of comments. Yes, all schools have those that claim to be fans that shyt all over the coaches and players at the first sight of trouble. Yet, the Canes biggest legacy is how we stick together. Take a hint from the Ray Lewis's of Canes lore who come to the aid of their brothers--they don't attack them. If my comments don't resonate with you then...it's a Cane thing baby--you wouldn't understand. Don't be a Gallo!!

Ranks don't matter. Just show up and be your best. Just play for each other. Just be []_[].

Polls are Polls...yes they are good to make you feel good about your team...but the reality is at this point, they only count for Recruiting...and that is a very good thing right now with the kids that we want who are consiering and committed to UF...we are not going to turn any FSU kids...hope we turn a few UF kids and the dont jump on the FSU Bandwagon...

Fact FSU is a very good team...they execute pretty much like we would want UM to do...have to give them props!

This is a one game Season...Wake Forest...nothing else matters but Wake Forest...

It is an early game but the Ranking and the Winning should pull some Fans for the Wake game...

We need to start to peak in the second half of the Season, or it could be trouble...

Here is a list for Gallow...If UM gets past this...with only one loss, they might get a BCS Game pending both FSU Games...but Va Tech is going to be a challenge!

WF 4-3
FSU 7-0
VT 6-1
Duke 5-2
UVA 2-5
Pitt 4-2

28-13 Combined...

If we can navigate that with only one loss...you can not ask for more than that...If we get hit with 2 losses...that is still 10-2...if you told me at the start of the season we would have a great shot at 10-2..I would have told you that was pie in the sky thinking...

We all know we just took a big hit with UNC and survived...we survived because we are improved...

If we keep improving...and we should and we should be more focused with the second have of the season...due to who we face...all should work out...

If we are improved & I feel we are!

Beat Wake...One Game At A Time!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

It's A Cane Thing...You Just Don't Understand!

"Smart UM fans will keep their mouths closed and hope FSU does not lay 50 points on UM and blow them out."

UF was supposed to be our reckoning, per (insert hater/not-knowing poster here). Our defense will keep us in every game this year. Even with 4 TO and 80 plays.

Why talk about Nat Championships. This team has a long way to go. When the NCAA stops holding UM hostage, things will progress quickly. I must give Golden credit, with all that's been wrong, he has the team headed in the right direction. But after Thurs game, no one should overlook Wake. We need a QB for sure. Morris has some skill, but he is not the complete QB needed to challenge for Nat titles.

The real joke in the polls. Va tech loss to bama. Have won out since ranked higher than auburn and now auburn jumps from 24 to eleven. Bcs sucks

Styles make fights. BC put up 34 on FSU but only 14 on Clemson. You can't look at a previous match-up and predict the outcome with another team. Miami has versatility. Physical or finesse.. We have a chance to win every week and that's all you can ask for. .

Look. Clemson was losing to Boston College AT CLEMSON in the 4th qtr last week, and have only beaten a 3 loss Georgia team by 3 pts the 1st game of the year. Other than Boyd and Watkins, they ARE OVERRATED and got exposed last night..........

If we don't turn the ball over, it should be a game like that UF/Miami game. Close going into the 4th qtr. So Morris needs to correct the issues.

Coley DOES KNOW FSU defense, so he should put some wrinkles in...........Stacey coley is needed now, Duke, and our playmakers...........

Looks like, if we beat va tech, we are playing FSU 2 times this season

GAllo shoot yourself in the head with a low cal pistol- that we you will survive

I am anxious to see what the computers say about Baylor, because Wofford, Buffalo, east Hawaii state(Joke), Mizzou also beat 3 loss UGA and 3 loss UF missing a ton of starters......... lets not get carried away..........
I say we are #5 or #6 in BCS

Jim Gallo...you're an idiot. Canes of old would beat everyone by 21 points...ha ha...2001 was the the best team ever and they struggled with BC and Rutgers. Everyone comes to play the Canes tough. Anything can happen in conference play. If you're not gonna' support the canes, then bet it!

Glad to see the Canes rising but it s clear they re still not back yet.They are improving and have learned patience.They have not yet learned to come out and JUMP on teams like the Canes of old.They don t know yet how to go for the KILL and have also to learn how to HOLD a team there.They have a few more traits or facets they need to perfect as a fabric of their team.

There is one Big Positive all of you are overlooking, and I can not belive no one has brought this up...

This is one of the biggest positives of Improving and Championship Teams...

Down on the Road with 4 turnovers...4+ min on the clock and you have to go 90 yards to tie or win!

Your University Of Miami Hurricanes did that...That is Big...That is Huge...That is Character Building...

We can Win a tight game on the Road after a rough 56 min of play...we proved it...

Maybe...maybe...that one drive makes the differance later in the Season that gives us a Big Win...

If that plays out...

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

It's A Cane Thing...You Just Don't Understand!

From ESPN...

1. Keep an eye on No. 10 Miami. Any team that loses its top rusher (Duke Johnson) and top receiver (Phillip Dorsett) to injury, commits four turnovers, and comes back from a 10-point, fourth-quarter deficit on the road to beat North Carolina, 27-23, has the makeup that every coach wants. And keep an eye on the Tar Heels, 1-5 with losses to three ranked teams (No. 11 South Carolina and No. 19 Virginia Tech are the others). If North Carolina stops making mental errors -- noticeably a turnover and consecutive penalties that killed fourth quarter drives -- the Tar Heels will bounce back.

That is what I have been saying!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

It's A Cane Thing...You Just Don't Understand!

Nevertheless, there's always a FIRST PRECEDENCE and what not regarding the two squads playing in the N.C. game.

Posted by: D | October 20, 2013 at 05:36 PM

When we win out convincingly, this first BCS ranking of 7 would not matter.

But, remember, this season is supposed to be a rebuilding one for us. In addition to not going to post season last year, I don't think we are at the full scholarship level (some self sanctioned punishment I believe, although I don't remember exactly what it was).

Again, as Coach Golden said, rankings will take care of themselves by the end of the season. 'Canes need to convincingly beat WF Saturday and then focus on FSU. The WF DL #50 made MD's OL look really bad last Saturday. It was not clear to me whether he played against Louisiana Monroe in WF's loss. He was practically in MD's backfield all day. MD's OL may indeed be bad.

We are not consistent enough to overlook anyone. However, we could have put a number of more TDs on the board when we played USF if we wanted to compete with the likes of Baylor on points scored.

Hopefully some here KNOW I love UM, my alma mater nearly more than life itself, That said, we are seriously NOT a top 5 team , if you compare us to the teams that have annihilated the opponents they SHOULD destroy.
Wake is 4-3, but who have THEY beaten?
If UM doesn't win at home by at least 14-17 points, it will further show we are not at that vintage UM level.
That said, I just love to see UM winning games they used to lose under our former coach, and even a few with Al last year were disappointing.

The defense is a whole lot more active and disrupting, but the schemes often employed by our DC are at times puzzling, and at times downright dangerous.

If we play like we did Thursday night, the FSU game will be over by halftime, if not sooner.

Forget rankings IMO it would an upset of monumental proportions if UM defeats FSU in Tallahassee, or in Joe Robbie for that matter.
Do I hold out hope? ALWAYS. If we lose, but keep it close, that will be a sign that the U is back for real.

But has been said here already dozens of times, we had better not lose track of Wake. Winning the Coastal MUST be the focus presently.

"Is it pretty? Do you want to walk out of here with 500 yards or whatever? No," Golden said. "[But] think of it in terms of possessions because of the turnovers. To end up holding them to 23 [points] says a lot about red zone defense and our stamina and conditioning. To hang in there, not let them in. Look, we'll fix a lot of things when we get back to Coral Gables. But make no mistake this is a big win for the Miami Hurricanes."

Bottom line, you gotta find a way to win games that don't go according to plan. Survive and advance. We will be a better team as a result of this win. This was an uncharacteristic performance from our star QB and he's unlikely to play this poorly again.

Posted by: Dom | October 20, 2013 at 04:19 PM
Dom, Oregon destroyed Tennessee, which just beat South Carolina.
I believe they would beat Alabama, but not FSU. It's my opinion that FSU MUST be the #1 team, considering their schedule, who they beat ON THE ROAD, and how badly they've beaten the good teams.
Alabama has not been impressive in several games. If not UM, I'd love to see FSU destroy Saban. Prolly the ONLY time I'd ever pull for FSU. LOL

I meant Oregon would be Alabama, but not FSU.

Posted by: IMAWriter | October 20, 2013 at 09:03 PM

I agree that we are not a top 5 team outside of the antiquated AP, Coaches, and BCS ranking system, but within that horseshyt "next-man-up" system that they use to pick the order we are right where we are supposed to be. This year it's a benefit, in 1999 when FSU leaped us to play OK State it killed us.
I tell you this though, if UM ran the table to include the ACC CG then UM would likely jump all but Alabama just like FSU did today. That's just a theoretical observation, not anything I would consider coming true.

Go 'canes!

The defense is so bad its unfortunately gonna come home to roost very soon, unfortunately. Get behind Coach Golden and let him continue to build. We've got a good class coming next season. Something is missing on defense and its not only the coaches. The playmakers do not exist on that side of the ball other than, Perryman.

Styles make fights. BC put up 34 on FSU but only 14 on Clemson. You can't look at a previous match-up and predict the outcome with another team. Miami has versatility. Physical or finesse.. We have a chance to win every week and that's all you can ask for. .

Best blog point of the night.


Ty McCord??
Deon Bush??

Dude, your ignorance about the CANES is showing.



Defensive rankings:

The improvement, in chart form:

Through five games in 2013:

* 1st in opposing QB rating (83.1)

* 1st in passing yards allowed per game (141.1)

* T-1st in passing TDs allowed (2)

* 4th in yards per pass attempt (5.2)

*7th in opposing completion percentage (47.8)

*T-17th in interceptions (9)









LOT AT OUR STATS ON D... We deserve to be talked about how well our D is playing. That lights fires in the heart of Defensive players..

They are embarrassed about having 500yrds put on them...

They will punish WAKE next week for that....

And they will look forward to take Winston down hard on sacks.

i seriously love my canes but this team should not be ranked where it is, in a way they (voters) had no choice because every team ahead of them has lost so its just right that you move up the undefeated teams. We have beat no one, I guess we can brag about beating florida cause its a big name team, but GT sucks and we barely got by a 1 win North Carolina. Stephen Morris needs to start playing like a senior, forget about playing like a heisman contender or an NFL draft pick, he needs to play like a senior, and he has not been doing that. Stephen Morris is only effective if the receiver who the play is designed for is open, if he is not open then all hell breaks lose.

Not accurate Johnny. SM17 did check down a few times in the UNC game when primary target was covered. But he didn't do it enough. And the gameplan from the OC must make greater use of crossing routes, wheel routes and the TE.

Coach Golden definitely has the kids tougher but now we need the staff to get them smarter and more crisp at executing simple plays that work. Bama is the benchmark. And I saw something in that last drive against UNC that was very similar to what Bama did to UGA in the SEC champ game last year. They ran the ball 8 or 9 times on their next possession right after Georgia scored to take the lead. Bama pounded their lineman and the DBs that came up to support the run. They scored on that drive with only 2 passes. After that the tone was set and UGA couldn't keep up.

We don't always have to score quick. It does not have to be a deep ball. Get physical early with WF and their defense will start watching the clock.

1. Clemson was way over-rated.
2. UNC is better than their record.
3. FSU has only played Clemson so far...
4. Nov. 2 will tell it all...

CANES have not played a complete game this season, yet they are still undefeated. Enough already. It's time for this team to play up to potential, not just good-enough. Charity begins at home: take the ball away, don't give it back. Coach Kehoe's O-Line is looking like him: that's scary.

Folks seem to forget the reason FSU played OU for the title that year is because Dorsey struggled vs La Tech(4 Ints) & they jumped us in the polls, even though we beat them that year.. No one team blows out every single opponent. If anything, I am more impressed for having to come back on the opponents own turf!

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