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Golden expects Morris to "close chapter" on ankle injury, "play kind of game he wants to play" Saturday at FSU

UM coach Al Golden made his weekly appearance on the ACC teleconference after Wednesday morning's practice. Among the noteworthy topics discussed:

> Asked for an update on quarterback Stephen Morris and his ankle, Golden said: "I think he looks great. I think he'll be able to close this chapter [on his ankle injury] and go out and play the kind of game he wants to play."

> With the Hurricanes playing it low-key this week and staying free of any bulletin board material, Golden was asked to contrast his team's perceived buttoned-down persona compared to Florida State's attitude: "I've never heard button-downed mentioned with our team before," he said.

"I think our guys play with a lot of passion. We got a couple celebration penalties that I'd like to button them down for those. I don't see how we're a button down team. I think we play with a lot of energy. I think we celebrate each other's big plays on offense and defense. I don't see how we're button-downed or that makes us button-downed. "

> Receiver Rashawn Scott was cleared to play last week versus Wake Forest, but didn't see any action. Where is Scott after Wednesday's practice?

"He's got to continue to prepare, work really hard here in the next 72 hours to prepare and eliminate any mental aspects of the game," Golden said. "He has to play fast. I think he's in good condition. He should be ready for this opportunity. It's good to get him back.

> Golden said when it comes to leadership every position group leader needs to step up this week. "Stephen [Morris] can't do it by himself," Golden said. "But certainly he's made a big difference. We're certainly going to need a lot of our position group leaders, Allen Hurns, Brandon Linder, Shayon Green, Anthony Chickillo, Denzel, Jimmy Gaines, all those guys are going to need to step up and lead. We're going to need that maturity. We're going to need that poise because obviously it's an elite team that's executing well right now, playing in a tough environment. We're going to have to draw on our leadership and certainly our unity." 

> What will UM have to do better than some of FSU's previous opponents?

"We don't have enough time to cover it all, but we have to defend the deep ball," Golden said. "We have to tackle really well. We can't let them be a three-headed monster in terms of the perimeter pass game and then obviously the run game. We have to find a way to get pressure on them. That's the challenge, no question about it. We have to do a lot of things better than we did last Saturday. Hopefully our guys will continue to improve as the week goes on. No question that's the challenge in our building because we have to stop a lot of different things."

> With UM a 22-point underdog does Golden still see this Top 10 matchup as a clash of titans or does he feel like an underdog?

"I don't worry about any of that and I don't mean to be short with you," Golden said. "I just think I didn't really answer questions about being the favorite last week and I don't really want to talk about being the underdog this week. It's really a function of us preparing our young people for the type of game we want to play in terms of our game plan is, how we prepare and how we focus on the process everyday. It's certainly been a challenge for a better part of two years. Hopefully we've learned a lot from the adversity that can help us in this spot and get us focused on what we need to be focused on."

> What does it mean for UM to be playing in a matchup of two Top 10 teams again this late in the season considering the program has dealt with an NCAA investigation for the last 2-plus years?

"We're excited about moving forward," Golden said. "Last Tuesday was a rebirth or a renewal if you will. It really gave us the platform to move forward. So we're excited about that part of it. In terms of everything else you mentioned, look Florida State has so many weapons and is such a good team they're going to need every ounce of our focus and energy. Hopefully that is where our minds will be here in the next three days. That's where it has to be."

> What is Golden's favorite UM-FSU memory?

"All of them," he said. "The passion. The tradition. How much the games meant in terms of the national spotlight, repercussions of the post-season. It's exciting to have that opportunity and we want to continue to grow the type of team that expects to be in these type of games year in and year out. We're trying to build."

> After being torched by North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron two weeks ago how does Golden plan on defending FSU's Nick O'Leary?

"When Coach D'Onofrio says I spy 85 all week and we let 85 go for 200 yards clearly we didn't execute the game plan the way we needed to," Golden said. "We weren't specific enough. We weren't precise enough in the execution. Because of that the young man had a great game. We did not tackle well. We better tackle O'Leary really well. We better account for him in the red zone because he's always been a touchdown maker for them in the low red. Hopefully we learned a lot. Hopefully we applied that to Campanaro. Although he's going to get his catches we didn't allow to have as many as he normally does or the sheer number in terms of yards per catch. It wasn't perfect, but it was better. Obviously we have the same challenge here with Nick O'Leary, Rashad Greene or [Kelvin] Benjamin.



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always going back to sanctions ("what we went thru the last 2 years")

golden is defensive and worried..... "button down" and "3 headed monster"

the fraud ends Saturday....

Of course he doesn't know why we're considered button down, he's from Penn St. Nothing about the big 10 ever said swagger. No where he's been has ever won a championship. Not even Red Catholic high school.

Only people with low football IQ's can't appreciate the job Golden has done with this Program since he arrived. The people that understand college football understand what Golden has accomplished up till this point. This team will probably lose at least 2 games this year, and these folks will be calling for his head. Let the know it all's continue to rip Golden. It only reinforces their continuing lack of knowledge.

Gallo, the fraud is you telling people you like women. That is worse than what went on on Wall Street in 2007.

YOu are a coward and a slimy maggot. When the Canes win, you will disappear for weeks.

Typical. Gatr. Trash.


No where he has been has ever won a championship. Not even Red Catholic high school - Fact

Golden does not call reporters together to hear himself yap. It is part of the job, to answer their questions so they can fill out their required newspaper inches. It is also part of the brand. It was the previous coach's biggest failure.

Look at a transcript of any coach's press conference answers and you'll see repetitive answers and boring answers designed to encourage your team and not inflame the opposition.

Only a fool doesn't know that, for which Gallinda is well qualified.


the fraud ends Saturday....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 30, 2013 at 01:08 PM

what fraud? FSU is a good team. they blew out the #3 team in the country. there's no fraud if FSU wins.

And Randy had 2 rings. Erickson, when he took the job, had none. So much for that reasoning.

Oh, yeah:

Heh, heh, green pea.

I see the spread and I can understand it, being that Miami hasnt executed well as of late. That being said I think Miami will win both lines of scrimmage. I would give them a heavy dose of Duke and Dallas, short passes to TE's and take shots downfield. If D'onofrio is aggressive and the kids tackle it will be a damn good ballgame.

Judge the words, not the ID.

As you can see above, the murder-joking ID stealing troll has gone after me again. In my time here, I have not posted First as if it was an award. But it does show that the sicko is on here far more than on his own dead blog.

His foul language, lies, claims of being an FBI agent, a navy seal, or any other of his disgusting comments also show that Miami versus FSU is more important to him than whoever his weak team is playing. I guess that his game is irrelevant, again.

No Canes fans are saying FSU is an easy win, so claiming that is just another lie, attempting to justify his obsessive sickness on here.

WestCoastCane, you saw that I tried, ignored his attacks, and stayed classy while he spewed his profanities on here. Stealing your ID and mine is just one step in his lame internet rivalry. Notice that when offered to meet up, the coward changes IDs and rides off in his double wide to the next wifi IP address.

7-0, Top 25 on offense and defense, ranked 7th.

Far better than you, weak 4-3 troll, move along.

Yes, it's a FAIT ACCOMPLI that Miami, Florida's entire coaching staff has focused in on the Boston College vs. MIGHTY Seminole game film.

And yes, Hurricane TE Walford and Cleveland have to be ready, and they will, and what not. Because, I think F.S.U. will take away Miami's LONG PASSING GAME and FORCE Stevie into the short-passing game. And Cane fan-dom knows Morris' is skittish with the intermediate/short passing strikes.

AAYCE, we really don't do short passes to the TE, because lately Morris has not been able to throw short with touch. Even the big catch by Clive Walford was about 12 yards downfield and overthrown.

But we agree that we have to have clock-eating touchdown drives with Duke and Crawford, like we did to UNC and Wake, to keep the FSU offense off the field.

Over 3 picks probably in the first half. Bench morris now and get Williams a chance to see what he has for next year.

AAYCE, we really don't do short passes to the TE, because lately Morris has not been able to throw short with touch


lately??? LMAO When did he ever?


Yes you are correct. Steven's ankle is taking away from his touch.

good post.

Posted by: Five Titles | October 30, 2013 at 01:58 PM@@@@@@@@@@@@

5 Titles, let it go!! All these bUbba's wanna' do is mess with U. And when you react to these BUMS, they feed off your positive vibes and what not.

In other words, these GOONS are nothing but base, primitive, energy vampires, whom have NO CHARACTER!

FWIW... I was EXCOMMUNICATED from that good ol' boy canespace forum, because I reacted in an UNKINDLY sort of way to more than a handful of punks in that canespace.

Thankfully, U don't have a GANG of canespace goons, in this Cane forum, attacking and ganging up on you.

Stevie absolutely needs to connect with the short/intermediate passing game. Because I guarantee that F.S.U. has game planned to TAKE AWAY Miami's deep passing game.

That's why both Walford and Cleveland need to MAN UP and what not. And I'm absolutely confident that both will be ready on Saturday nite.

I seriously hope Goldie isn't coming on with a SMOKE SCREEN regarding Stevie Morris' ankle and what not. Because Goldie said that Stevie was ready prior to the Carolina Blue game and look what happened.

RE: the Sin City line is currently sitting at - 21 1/2 points.

Personally, I don't envision a drastic line movement in either direction ( up/down ) . This is the perfect game to wager on, only I-F you have an excellent grasp of the game and what not.

Going to the edge of the precipice and looking down into the cold, cold, murky, grey and dark. I absolutely don't believe Goldie's squad will get MASSACRED on national telly. Akin to the Clemson game.

In other words, I SEE-r this game going into the fourth quarter. Then it's whichever team doesn't FOLD UNDER PRESSURE will in be in prime position to come away with a victory!!

Five, WTF are you talking about dude? You have one big time persecution complex. I have seen no " murder-joking "

no "claims of being an FBI agent, a navy seal,"

Where to you come up with all this stuff?

As far as lies, name stealing, foul language
and other disgusting comments. There are plenty of those all over the place by all kinds of posters, so what.

Do you two have a private blog where these wild claims and conversations happen? Maybe you should have one and spare the rest of us.

It's like in the Godfather, " WestCoastCane I'm trying to get out...........but they keep pulling me in......."
Give it a rest bro.

Lol ...talking to a drunk gator across the bar where i am eating lunch and he said UM will get schallacked thos weekend and i asked what do U think they are gonna do to the gators this year and he asked, do we play them too? Typical drunk at 2 pm gator fan!

LOL..I've seen the navy seal claim...do u really think people make this stuff up..stfu Gallo and ur numerous id's. So blog police aka Gallo/Calvin/dumb shag,get a life. Truly pathetic individual,kinda feel sry for ya!!





They don't need you to agree with them. They just like attention and getting under your skin.




Steven's brain has been taking away from his touch. that was then, this is now. He'll be ready for FSU. The TE's on this team are going to give the Noles' secondary a headache. Duke and Crawford may be getting some space. 22 point underdog....not when we play them in Charlotte.

cane crazy
You have seen the "navy seal" claim right. I haven't.
You post and spell just like the fellow before you did Mr 21 - 16. Talk about stealing IDs and changing names.
Again just spare the rest of us this baloney.

Blog police, im 21-16....no name changing....by the way U misspelled bologna not baloney

And the police just removed the drunk gator fan....lol they comped my meal for having to listen to him. He was ok until i said we beat the gators then he got irate!

Nobody will be calling for Golden's head if UM loses. Smart fans and those who put their money behind the program understand the tremendous challenge that awaits UM on the road at FSU this week. What's on the line here for Golden, and in particular his coaching staff--is the way the team performs, how they handle the certain adversity and hostile environment. Does UM get blown out? Do they play with passion? Do they look unprepared? The game will tell a story about our program win or lose.

Sicko changes IDs, again, claims he never wrote and never even saw the FBI and navy seal comments. Claims he never joked about the deaths of Pata, Brown, and Taylor. Others have seen them. Many of them have been deleted by the Herald after they reviewed them. But that doesn't mean you never wrote them, sicko.

You excuse your multiple disgusting actions on one ID by claiming "others" do it too. Yet you seem to be the only one changing IDs hourly.

Now you claim you work for the Blog Police, when you are obviously just a blog terrorist, acting those that cannot defend themselves from your disgusting comments, offending the friends and family of Canes players, coaches, and fans.

Meet face to face, coward. Otherwise, stop acting tough, coward.

You were offered the chance to be left alone, if you would just stop attacking me and other Canes fans personally. You chose to ignore the offer of truce, again. So don't complain when we retaliate on your disgusting, cowardly, and obviously belligerent behavior. You don't like it, you have been given two options on how to deal with it, sicko. Take on the challenge or leave, coward troll.

Nobody will be calling for Golden's head if UM loses. Posted by: Rabblerouser | October 30, 2013 at 03:02 PM

Really? Have you not SEEN the comments from Gallo demanding the removal of the entire staff even as they are 7-0? It will happen, because that is what he does.

please only a complete idiot would think that UM will keep it close in doak campbell stadium

last 104 home games there fsu is 96-7-1

UM has no chance of winning there...the fraud will finally be exposed that golden /dnofrio are just mediocre coaches.....

fsu has a younger team - lost OC/DC and top QB plus 7 top defensive guys...UM should be the favorite given that those guys have had 3 years to be better...


great post.

Cane Nation Rocks

remember all those bloggers calling Morris the next Heisman winner?

why is Morris struggling if coley was so good....fsu has a freshman with beef stew in his pants...how can that be?....ankle my a''s,I watched him against WF, there is NOTHING wrong with him....jacory harris played with broken thumb on his throwing hand....give me a break

"It's certainly been a challenge for a better part of two years. Hopefully we've learned a lot from the adversity that can help us in this spot and get us focused on what we need to be focused on."

wtf is he talking about...those kids didn't have any challenges the last 2 years.....all they had to do is go to class, practice and win games.....the coaches have been their biggest challenge since they are weak.....

please tell me coach what adversity did stephen morris face the last 2 years? Please tell me what exactly happened outside of practice that kept your team back...what was it?

LOL. Before there were seals (or you), I was. Moron
children who know less about football and getting in shape than they do about fornicating.
Posted by: Canes72 | October 15, 2013 at 09:06 PM

Took less than two minutes. Googled "eye on the u" seals and found it. Just because you CLAIM to have not seen it, does not mean it did not happen.

And then we see him on Caneswatch, with the same sick behavior.
1. Attacking a Canes fan while changing his name.
2. Bragging about the sick behavior he has participated in multiple times, CHALLENGING the blog admins to ban him, but then jumping to a new IP to get around the ban.
3. Joking about a murder victim, just to rile up fans on a football blog.
January 13th, 2012 at 1:48 pm
Hell fool i myself posted that this guy Pata had to be a drug dealer and his mother’can’t speak no good english’….do you see me banned ?????Who is getting banned in here?
This sicko destroyed the Sun Sentinel blog getting Shandel to ban Canes fans that reacted to him. Then he made it so poisonous on the Post blog that nobody posts there anymore. He is now trying to do the same here, and I recommend we not allow that to happen again.

Coward has stalked Canes fans for five years now, and does not deserve to be given free reign to destroy another blog.

goldie says we have to put pressure on the FSU offense.

How in the world can the Canes put pressure on the FSU offense with only three down line against 5 offensive linemen blockers and a blocking back and a running back???? Is golden a friggin joke???

How can any number of Cane defensive players put any kind of pressure on the FSU passer when d'o is forcing the D to play zone, guard empty pasture land and let FSU complete passes for large gains????

How can a small corner back stop an end run with a big offensive lineman blocking him instead of a DE like chickillo mirroring the offensive ball carrier until help shows up??????

Why doesn't golden tell the truth that d'o is his boyfriend like golden used to be for sandusky at penn state and that d'o is a train wreck for the Canes?????


Let's just say for the sake of conversation that the guy that posted those comments aren't the same troll posting here now. You seemed obsessed with that guy. Do you know for a fact that's the same person? I mean wow, let it go. Do that poster give you nightmares or something. Now you are destroying the blogs. Even Jim Gallo with his wild silly list and lies aren't as bad as you and your conspiracy theories.

this game is easy to figure out if you are um, first we have to run the ball on first down and not average 2 or 3 yard per carry as we can not be in 3rd and long, also if you watch the clemson tape sweeney made no attempt to turn on the heat with pressure and winston sat back and fired darts, if we are going to lose lets do it by letting tyriq and quan tee off and see if he handles the pressure easier said then done as their o line has kept him clean all year,but i want heat all night long

I mean you are actually proposing a faceoff with a total stranger. Are you going to beat him/her up and put them in their place? Wow

Hey d'o, I have a clue for you.

If you face a star like Campanaro or winston, you put MORE players on him, not play off him in a zone and let him play pitch and catch all day long.

where in hell did d'o get his coaching credentials, in a cereal box along with his magic decoder ring?????

d'o, you are doing your best to kill this team like NO pressure on UNC and letting them drive 75 yards in 16 seconds to win the game with the winning score in the receiver's hands and he dropped it.

You have forced Morris and the OC and the offense to save your worthless butt the last two games because you do not know defense.

Man up and resign.

You do not know your butt from first base, and all you do is talk in bs with no facts such as we have to tackle better, players are freelancing (they have to rather than guard empty parts of the field you have told them to guard), players need to get better, all the BS in the world except to take the blame for your screwed up No rush, NO stopping runs up the middle or around the ends, NO tight coverage to buy time for pass rushers to get to the QBs.

Hi Manny and Susan!

Have you given any thought to turning off the comment section of this blog or requiring a log in? It's pretty brutal for fans of UM sports to have to sift through the horrible nonsense that gets posted here. Thanks!

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.
These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.

For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website. We have used several different commenting systems over the years in an attempt to create a safe space for readers to engage. We also aggressively monitor the posts to weed out the spoilers. However, those intent on using that space like a blank wall for verbal graffiti continue to outpace our ability to clean up in their wake. They create another alias. On Facebook, most people use their true identities and many of our readers already have existing accounts. Already, a quarter of our commenters use Facebook to log in. Readers who don’t have an account can create one for free."

Posted by: Letter to the editor / Five Titles

And then, that idiot golden saying players playing with passion. WTF is that? The players should be playing with focus and with intensity!!!!!!!

a program we are trying to build. WTF?!?!?

The day is near. The time is NOW. This is the biggest game of the decade against FSU and you are talking about passion and emotions instead of cold hard intensity and focus on getting to the ball carrier and focus on Cane receivers running their routes perfectly.

If Cane players go to Tall and start jumping and a jiving all emotional, they will burn out in the first quarter. Then what genius golden. There goes your passion. There goes your chance to make something of this team that has been missing for decades.

Cold hardness, intensity, focus, conditioning, pro style passing game and pro style defense with four down linemen, jail break into the FSU backfield.

Time to grow up golden and Cane players and lose the diapers. Time to be men instead of high school boys.

21-16, the tic tacs aren't working. Try wiping Ur mouf with toilet paper.

this will be a VERY TALL TASK for the Canes...I have not seen it this yr...or since he came back...BUT I believe, if we have a chance against FSU...KEHOE needs to be showcased as why we brought him back to the U! OL, OL, OL.....We have to win that battle and make FSU bring more than 4 DL...Hopefully that opens up some of the TE passes you guys speak of...D-Squared needs to put up over 150yds, and some swing passes to loosen FSUs D.....
NOW - when FSU has the ball...WOW...an even TALLER TASK...It's time to make the secondary EARN their schollies...DL got to get some pressure...Winston can play, all facets of the QB...WE Really got our hands full...but this yrs bunch is a collective group of fighters...last couple yrs teams...UNC game, they fold it up and go home losing by 14-21 points....last week vs Wake...same thing, last yrs group...loses that game...we are fighters, we are CANES...and no one is giving us a chance...what else is new...that is perfect for us to go show we are there for 10 rounds...not the KNOCKOUT.

I can not understand why Golden is not demanding better QB play from a SR, I am shocked how bad Morris is. Been a Cane over 30 yrs and Miami fans wonder why we are 22 pts underdogs, we are 104 in the nation in time of possession, our QB play has been awful, are schedule has been very easy. A good way of looking at the FSU game,if we get hammered Al Golden will then know he has to be tougher and demand more in the future....THE WAY I SEE IT TO MANY EXCUSES FOR A SR QB (PAMPERING HIM)

For Calvin, Gallo, Cane72 and the other geniuses calling for a 4-3 defense and slamming coaches Golden and D'Onofrio for employing the 3-4:

"And incidentally, the Miami Dolphins defense is clearly worse since Joe Philbin and coordinator Kevin Coyle arrived and...wait for it...switched them to a 4-3 from the 3-4 scheme."

~Barry Jackson

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