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Golden expects Morris to "close chapter" on ankle injury, "play kind of game he wants to play" Saturday at FSU

UM coach Al Golden made his weekly appearance on the ACC teleconference after Wednesday morning's practice. Among the noteworthy topics discussed:

> Asked for an update on quarterback Stephen Morris and his ankle, Golden said: "I think he looks great. I think he'll be able to close this chapter [on his ankle injury] and go out and play the kind of game he wants to play."

> With the Hurricanes playing it low-key this week and staying free of any bulletin board material, Golden was asked to contrast his team's perceived buttoned-down persona compared to Florida State's attitude: "I've never heard button-downed mentioned with our team before," he said.

"I think our guys play with a lot of passion. We got a couple celebration penalties that I'd like to button them down for those. I don't see how we're a button down team. I think we play with a lot of energy. I think we celebrate each other's big plays on offense and defense. I don't see how we're button-downed or that makes us button-downed. "

> Receiver Rashawn Scott was cleared to play last week versus Wake Forest, but didn't see any action. Where is Scott after Wednesday's practice?

"He's got to continue to prepare, work really hard here in the next 72 hours to prepare and eliminate any mental aspects of the game," Golden said. "He has to play fast. I think he's in good condition. He should be ready for this opportunity. It's good to get him back.

> Golden said when it comes to leadership every position group leader needs to step up this week. "Stephen [Morris] can't do it by himself," Golden said. "But certainly he's made a big difference. We're certainly going to need a lot of our position group leaders, Allen Hurns, Brandon Linder, Shayon Green, Anthony Chickillo, Denzel, Jimmy Gaines, all those guys are going to need to step up and lead. We're going to need that maturity. We're going to need that poise because obviously it's an elite team that's executing well right now, playing in a tough environment. We're going to have to draw on our leadership and certainly our unity." 

> What will UM have to do better than some of FSU's previous opponents?

"We don't have enough time to cover it all, but we have to defend the deep ball," Golden said. "We have to tackle really well. We can't let them be a three-headed monster in terms of the perimeter pass game and then obviously the run game. We have to find a way to get pressure on them. That's the challenge, no question about it. We have to do a lot of things better than we did last Saturday. Hopefully our guys will continue to improve as the week goes on. No question that's the challenge in our building because we have to stop a lot of different things."

> With UM a 22-point underdog does Golden still see this Top 10 matchup as a clash of titans or does he feel like an underdog?

"I don't worry about any of that and I don't mean to be short with you," Golden said. "I just think I didn't really answer questions about being the favorite last week and I don't really want to talk about being the underdog this week. It's really a function of us preparing our young people for the type of game we want to play in terms of our game plan is, how we prepare and how we focus on the process everyday. It's certainly been a challenge for a better part of two years. Hopefully we've learned a lot from the adversity that can help us in this spot and get us focused on what we need to be focused on."

> What does it mean for UM to be playing in a matchup of two Top 10 teams again this late in the season considering the program has dealt with an NCAA investigation for the last 2-plus years?

"We're excited about moving forward," Golden said. "Last Tuesday was a rebirth or a renewal if you will. It really gave us the platform to move forward. So we're excited about that part of it. In terms of everything else you mentioned, look Florida State has so many weapons and is such a good team they're going to need every ounce of our focus and energy. Hopefully that is where our minds will be here in the next three days. That's where it has to be."

> What is Golden's favorite UM-FSU memory?

"All of them," he said. "The passion. The tradition. How much the games meant in terms of the national spotlight, repercussions of the post-season. It's exciting to have that opportunity and we want to continue to grow the type of team that expects to be in these type of games year in and year out. We're trying to build."

> After being torched by North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron two weeks ago how does Golden plan on defending FSU's Nick O'Leary?

"When Coach D'Onofrio says I spy 85 all week and we let 85 go for 200 yards clearly we didn't execute the game plan the way we needed to," Golden said. "We weren't specific enough. We weren't precise enough in the execution. Because of that the young man had a great game. We did not tackle well. We better tackle O'Leary really well. We better account for him in the red zone because he's always been a touchdown maker for them in the low red. Hopefully we learned a lot. Hopefully we applied that to Campanaro. Although he's going to get his catches we didn't allow to have as many as he normally does or the sheer number in terms of yards per catch. It wasn't perfect, but it was better. Obviously we have the same challenge here with Nick O'Leary, Rashad Greene or [Kelvin] Benjamin.



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There is no way a true Canes fan would concede victory to an opposing team prior to game!!!


No where he has been has ever won a championship. Not even Red Catholic high school - Fact

Posted by: so obvious | October 30, 2013 at 01:40 PM
Red Bank Catholic HS

There is no way a true Canes fan would concede victory to an opposing team prior to game!!!

Posted by: Cane88 | October 30, 2013 at 10:12 PM

Tell it

West Coast Cane,
You are about as dumb as me. At least my complaints are legit. You just clog the blog with those dumb post.

always going back to sanctions ("what we went thru the last 2 years")

golden is defensive and worried..... "button down" and "3 headed monster"

the fraud ends Saturday....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 30, 2013 at 01:08 PM


Help the Canes out, whiner. I want a prediction. A score.
You had Florida winning 31-10 with the Gators running all over us.
What do you have for Saturday???

If you listened to all of D'Nofrio's interviews, the guys sounds sharp.

You have to impersonating Ron Zook. Making a dumb comment like that.
What's sharp about blaming the kids for everything that goes wrong. Give me one link where he took the blame for calling a bad defensive call. And I will go jump off a bridge.
That's to all the Homers here.

That was not me, westcoastcane. ID thefts and insults continuing despite being asked to stop.

I hope someone in charge notices the ID thefts, and removes the problem, permanently.

Sure, you will jump off a bridge over a two foot ditch, sicko. But a coward like you doesn't even have the guts to do that much, as seen by all your other lies and broken promises.

WestCoastCane and others. Keep calling each other trolls and posting irrelevant topics will get you banned from these forums. Let's keep it civil. You all don't have to agree with each other. Respect!

I hope a certain person takes those words above to heart. Don't test the limits.

This will be the game that Steven Morris put it all together. This game will show that the hurricanes are a major player for the BCS championship. Not every game is won pretty. Sometimes you have to survive the day and move on. Yes FSU look unbeatable and so did Mike Tyson. Any given day a Buster Douglas or the Miami Hurricanes can rise to the occasion and pull out a victory against all odds. This is why you suit up and go at it for 60 mins or till you have a winner. FSU has won the beauty contest, won the stat sheet contest and best looking player personnel contest. Best coaching contest. Here is the real deal FSU has not beaten the hurricanes, Definitely don't have the heart and the drive of these canes. This team has seen it all, been thru it all . Guess what ? Still standing, still undefeated. After Saturday night . Still standing, still undefeated. Don't be shocked if FSU loose 2 in a row. Wake Forest is next. Go Canes

Good point Canesallnight, once Tyson lost, his claim to invincibility disappeared. Once Miami beat Nebraska, that whole style of offense was solved for a generation. And once Miami solves FSU, that Wake team that gave us trouble will turn around and give FSU trouble, too.

Cane88, I am sure that the ones "conceding" victory are not actual Canes fans, but a certain guy with multiple IDs that pretends to be a Canes fan as a straw man to later use against other Canes fans.

See, I called him "guy", I hope he doesn't cry about that, too. As advertised, he had Canes fan comments removed once someone reacted to him as WCC did.

Go Canes!

The biggest differences between these teams has been that Winston has been hands down better than Morris and Canes turn the ball over way more than FSU. If Canes can not turn the ball over and Morris can play a solid game then they have a chance. One other thing that FSU has over Miami is a home field advantage. 65,000 cheering you on at home goes a long way towards keeping team pumped up and definatley makes it harder for the visiting team.

Ray, I think that the home field for FSU in this case is not as much of a benefit. Not saying it isn't a benefit, just that we can handle it.

We survived the Thursday night blackout at UNC even when they had a big lead late. So our players can deal with that noise.

Their fans are aware that we have a history of comeback wins in their stadium, so they are more likely to be quiet and nervous compared to other teams they face.

This is the first tough team they face at home, so when things go wrong, they might even boo their own team instead of cheer them on. Last year facing their other state rival, they booed when their team struggled late.

But I agree the turnovers will have to switch around to help Miami get the win. Not conceding defeat, but predicting we will lose if we lose the turnover margin.

FSU has not trailed in the second half, and had been 14+ in each final score. The 21 point spread is not an insult, it is just ignorance of what the Canes have overcome this year.

Sad that after all the far worse words that guy has used on Canes fans, he ran off to complain about the one factual word people called him in return. So, the T word is now illegal to describe him. Poor guy can't handle the truth about himself I guess.

Morris, without a miracle Saturday, will not be a Miami great. Up to now he has been an overhyped non producer. How much sooner would he have healed if he had sat for 2-3 weeks? Golden is coaching scared. X's and O's ain"t his strong point.

The Gallo douche will be gone from the blog after Saturday...look i was out there last Saturday watching Morris,it pissed me off as well, no excuses. Eventually it will come out and its obvious the kid has been playing hurt. The way the ball sails on him etc., etc. Watch what happens now!!! Canezzzzzzz

Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins are going in different directions on the field, but they are still working together for a common cause.

The Dolphin Cycling Challenge is local Miami people working to gain funds for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

This group of UM employees works to not only cure cancer in general, they are the best source in the state for cancer care in individual cases.

Unlike some cancers that are fought unsuccessfully, these cancers being brought to the SCCC can be destroyed by helping those in this fundraiser.

Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes, working together for a cure for all cancers.

Careful bosscane, he will report you. I know he uses language like that, but he gets upset if anyone calls him something negative in response.

it's football season! wrote:
let's assume for arguments sake that D'No runs a bend but don't break dfense because he doesn't believe he has the horses to run an attacking style defense. How long do you give him to recruit said horses?
If dumb'o does not believe he has the horses to run a four man defensive attacking front, then, logically he needs five defensive linemen, not three. Geeeezzz.
Coach Bud Wilkinson, a great coach at Oklahoma ran a five down def. lineman defense. It was so great, it was called the Oklahoma defense for decades.

it's football season! wrote:
I myself would like to see more of Ty McCord and the freshman from Jersey on the field to supply the rush, with big Portis and Rentrow holding down teh middle.
Get the 2 biggest, toughest mobile, agile, and hostile interior def. tackles that Miami has and turn them loose straight up to the QB every play of the game that Miami is on defense.

it's football season! wrote:
It's killing me that we're getting burned on the perimeter runs.
To stop the run, Chickillo and his opposite DE needs to be on the outside shoulder of the TE or tackle to be able to get free to mirror the running back heading to turn the corner. Just mirror him until help catches up. Have to turn the RB back into pursuit.

Yawn. Not going to give you the pleasure of getting me banned. Nice try though.

One IP change and ID change later, after we were in remission, the cancer has flared back up. Chemo didn't work, I guess, and instead a Canes fan was lost. And now it wants a link for a promise it won't keep. Not going to waste time on that.


Good points about the talent disparity between FSU and Miami. I think Miami has slightly better receivers overall than FSU. FSU right now clearly has the better QB. Offensive lines are even. Miami has the better running backs.

Defensively FSU has better linebackers and a better secondary. Surprisingly, I don't think their D-Line is that much better than the Canes. I am not saying Miami's D-Line is great, but FSU lost a lot of players on the D-Line and have had trouble against the run this year.

Overall, FSU has better talent but it's not miles better than UM like many believe. Miami has a chance to win this game if they focus on running the ball first and get out to an early lead. They need to knock Winston to the ground as much as possible, even if they give up some big plays. I am hoping they have some new looks in their defensive playbook that they have been saving for FSU. If they play the same bend don't break defense they will get picked apart and lose big. They need to play aggressive on defensive like they did against Florida. Force bad throws and put a hat on the ball. Offense must sustain drives and get points when the defense forces a three and out. Too many times over the last couple of games the offense returned the favor after the defense held the opposing offense in check. If Morris struggles, take him out. Williams is capable of leading this offense. Let's go Canes.

FSU getting a ton of praise for their ten interceptions. That's fine.

Miami has twelve.

Sunny Dee, you mean you want them to do this to Winston?


"Fyi: posting that a statement is dumb isn't the same as saying the poster is dumb. Just go back and read the blog and see who is doing the name calling."
Challenge accepted. Here are personal attacks on Canes fans just within a three hour period yesterday:

Posted by: Delusional Dom | October 30, 2013 at 06:54 PM (using an ID attacking the person, not the comment)
"That dude lives inside Ur empty head." (attacking the person, not the comment, again)
"West Coast Cane, You are about as dumb as me." (attacking the person, not the comment, and in a post where you stole my ID)
"21-16, the tic tacs aren't working. Try wiping Ur mouf with toilet paper." (attacking the person, not the comment, again)

You personally attacked Dom, who did nothing to you to deserve it.
You personally attacked me, who did nothing to you to deserve it.
You personally attacked WestCoastCane, using your habit of stealing Canes fan IDs, who did nothing to you to deserve it.
You personally attacked 21-16, who did nothing to you to deserve it.

FYI: Another lie of yours proven wrong, civilly. I know, I know, you didn't do that, you are an innocent lamb. Suurrrreee....

"the Canefan72" says "Coach Bud Wilkinson, a great coach at Oklahoma ran a five down def. lineman defense. It was so great, it was called the Oklahoma defense for decades."

Are you suggesting that we go to that type of defense? I civilly disagree. It was destroyed by a passing offense from Miami, to the point that even Oklahoma no longer runs it. That 5 lineman defense worked against no-pass option teams like Nebraska, back when JFK was alive. It was obsolete once the Pro Style Miami offense wiped it out. It would be torn to shreds by a 21st century spread offense run at alot of college programs today.

I'm still waiting on that link on Coach No D.

It's sad that you continue to run folks off the blog with that garbage. You see how many bloggers are responding to your non-sense? You better use a few of your alias to comment on your own post.

Wassup Cal!

"The Randy Shannon Effect" and "The Cloud"????? I see some dudes still on these BS excuses, selective memory, selective exaggeration, selective support, selective loyalty, and selective patience. Dudes preaching patience for who they choose to be patient with. Golden didn't preach patience when he took the job. He said after the bowl loss to ND that Stoutland coached that the team was better than expected and he'd this shipped righted quicker than expected.

In my opinion, some dudes are digging their own graves with this incessant disrespect for RS, because next season there will be no more Shannon players and these weak excuse will be front and center for proof of validity. Next year will be the total exposure of this new selective excuse movement and philosophy.

Now Ryan Williams is suffering from similar hype after decent mop-up duty against horrible opponents. All he had to do was perform "good", to now be considered spectacular. Remember when SteMo left the game against FSU last year, and how Williams performed against real competition?

In other words, this sentiment that we have a QB next season that will pick up where Morris left off is wishful thinking. Ryan Williams is not all that IMO. He is decent.

Coley needs to grab FSU's back-up QB Coker who is about to sit his entire career behind Winston. I know he has a relationship with him because he recruited him to FSU when he was there himself.

The QB Kaaya recruitment is not over, we'll have to close on him hard. His hometown USC Trojans are in desperate need of a QB and Kaaya can start over who they currently have easily. RS SO QB Mariota is in his 3rd year of college, so he can leave Oregon if i'm not mistaken this year. So Oregon's offense could have a vacancy at QB as well. Thats stiff competition. QB Hundley at UCLA could leave as well (if I'm understanding the rules correctly).

"The Cloud" that never rained or produced any inclement weather aside from the water we doused ourselves. The NCAA had trumped up, BS, jailhouse hearsay and parlayed it into a bluff.

Big FSU game bringing out all the screen names of the Sybil group. Surprised they let Harriet out----Calvin probably just got too tired of being the only Shannon cheerleader.

We now have a coach who can manage all aspects of the job, including speaking. He may need to jettison his longtime friend DNo to achieve ultimate success.


I don't think anyone has said Williams is spectacular. I think most people agree with you that he is decent. At this point, I would take a decent QB who does not make mistakes over a QB who occasionally looks brilliant but at other times throws inexplicable interceptions. That's why I want Williams to replace Morris if Morris struggles early again.

Where and WHO said for that matter did 'Williams is spectacular' come from? I've only seen people write that he's decent or adequate, which he is. I mean if Winston gets knocked out of a game FSU is in trouble, and I feel much better about our backup then there's. Ryan has more time under his belt, so of course he's better than last year, and when he took over for Morris in that game, he was thrown to the wolves, what did you expect from him?

Oh, and the duh list of IDs is growing for duh sybils.

We need to look at and take a step back from the Clemson game.

People are intrigued by how well FlaState played, but Clemson lost that game with their non response in the first 10 minutes.

Memories of a decent team laying the wood cloud the comparative for our game in Tally.

If we come out and play competitively, it will be a different game.
BC showed that they could hang for the first half with these guys then with our game plan we should be right there in the mix .

I agree that Morris has to play lights out, his best game this year, but the D has to step up also and meet their O actions.

I feel that we have a chance to shock the Football world. No one, and I mean no analyst, even gives the 'U' a chance of being even close. Forget Vegas!!!

This position is totally unexpected this season, in fact this year. We are in the mix and on the scene.
Most fans are proud of the accomplishment of our 'Canes, starting the season unranked, and now in the biggest game in years. Yeah it is a surprise.

Congratulations to our 'Canes, and play hard, leave everything on the field.
A HURRICANE is brewing and it is in Tally. Batten the hatches!!!!
Go 'Canes

Point taken Sunny Dee. I just believe we have a better shot at beating great competition like FSU with a gunslinger like Morris. FSU's defense has and will chew Ryan Williams up and spit him out. He can't move to garner that much needed extra few seconds we'll need to hit Walford, and WRs Waters and Coley in this game.

Its official that GatorCaneKiller is MountainCane--he has messed up and used his signature Sybil group PTSD moniker in GCK's posts as well lol!

I'm telling 86 on U!!

"Shannon cheerleader" or defender??? According to the sequence of events--I'm the latter. I didn't bring Shannon up, someone else did while throwing him under the bus in true bigot fashion. And U choose to defend that.

Five Titles, don't forget to add GatorCaneKiller to your list of attackers please.

If U have a good defense and DC--U should be thrown to the wolves everyday in practice. Thats what Kosar, Erickson, Walsh, Toretta, Dorsey etc.. were exposed to. Practice should be harder than games--isn't that an integral part of our UM dominance philosophy?

Excuses, doesn't build men. Accountability does.

Check the posts after his garbage time performances versus Savannah St. and FAU or USF. You'll find what U need there--I remember the hype.

But regardless, lets see how he performs next season at the helm--and when Shannon's "garbage" is gone lol.

Been a Cane over 30 yrs and Miami fans wonder why we are 22 pts underdogs, we are 104 in the nation in time of possession,

A good way of looking at the FSU game,if we get hammered Al Golden will then know he has to be tougher and demand more in the future....THE WAY I SEE IT TO MANY EXCUSES FOR A SR QB (PAMPERING HIM)

Posted by: Rick | October 30, 2013 at 04:32 PM

When you bring up we're 104th in the nation in time of possession, just remember, somebody said, they don't care about yards given up, all they care about is points scored.

So instead of focusing in on smo17, you should be asking that coach goldie demands more from his boy the 500 club to get more 3 & outs. We're playing defense with a big 10 mentality, never understood, what's the purpose of getting a team in 3rd and long and than play prevent defense, that's that stupid old big 10 philosophy of defense.

And now it wants a link for a promise it won't keep. Not going to waste time on that.
Posted by: Five Titles | October 31, 2013 at 09:39 AM
Already answered that.

Oh and HTC, I think you know that wasn't me attacking you or GTC. Just another namechanger attack.

I have enjoyed your posts lately HTC.

Yeah Sunny dee, i'm not seeing this talent gap that people keep talking about. I see an excuse gap, but not a talent gap. It's funny how on one hand people wanted to sing the same chorus as coach goldie & the 500 club basically saying they got left with nothing on defense by shannon, but of course that's the side of the ball they got rid of a lot of players when they came in. Than, the defense(at least stat wise) has improved, with guess what, several of the players left by shannon.

curtis porter, shayon green, kacy rodgers, tyrone corneilius, jimmy gaines, luther robinson and the likes.

PS: As for adding someone to a list of attackers, when I have already shown that IDs get stolen here, including my own and WestCoastCane, I won't place a person at blame for the actions of an ID thief. A bunch of the comments under my ID yesterday were not me, so with someone that obsessed, there is no reason to believe he would not do that to other IDs as well.

I will place the person that wrote the attack at blame though, whoever it was. I have a guess who it is, but I am avoiding calling him what he is, since after all the foul language he used here, the one word that got banned is the one that best describes his actions.

I said yesterday, judge the words, not the ID, and still stand by that comment. Sorry that someone went after you, sincerely. And welcome back, also sincerely.

Thanks Five, but keep it 100--U know GKC is mountaincane in drag. If U gonna expose trolls, expose all of them lol!

Good enough Five--its kool-aid. No beef.

New blog up

I'm having a grand ole time watching you girls fight amongst yourselves.
Just like Winston will have a grand ole time running up the score this Saturday at The Doak.
Bum ankle, Morris or Williams, poor tackling, no pass rush, que up the excuses. None of it will matter. For the first time this year you will play a good team, you are not ready for that. You struggle against mediocre teams. Just hope and pray your players don't get so beat up that you lose the next game too.

Now on a personal note, Five Titles you need to get some psychological help my man.
It is obvious that the person in those ancient posts you dug up from this and other sites is not any of the ones currently posting. Yet you continue to say it is the same guy. It was funny at first but now it is becoming pathological. Hope you seek professional help.

I will leave it to him to admit it or deny it.

I was on here asking the guys going onto gatr clause to back off, I dislike the behavior no matter who the team they cheer for is.

IMO, it gives Canes fans a bad name to see them copying the behavior of this "guy" over there. We won, it's over, let them stew in it in peace. In fact, if not for folks going there, I bet the gatr fans there would admit to the same things being told to them by 21-16 on their own.

Damn Cal--U just killed it! Excuse gap LOL!

Damn they did purge the defense and then complained about numbers--never put that together. Now its "Shannon's garbage" that's pay the most dividends.

Next season will be utterly hilarious.

I have no sympathy for the knuckleheads saying that Golden is doing a bad job. The glory days are a long time ago, I think Springsteen expresses it better than I can. If Miami loses badly, it is not a reflection of Miami. I just don't think many of you realize how good FSU is. If there is a weakness in any area on FSU, let me know. The only question about FSU is whether their kicker will ever miss. It is a given that Winston will be the first player taken in the draft whenever he chooses to come out, that should give you pause since he is only a freshman with a little over a half a season under his belt. If you respond, please do so using good grammar, it is sad to see such gibberish, pleas write something your mother could be proud of, not something a thug would say. I would hope the thuggery had left the 'U', but it seems to be alive and well.

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