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Before NCAA sanctions news broke, Canes were already trying to block out distractions

Before the news broke concerning the announcement of the impending NCAA sanctions, Al Golden's Miami Hurricanes began preparing for their next game against Wake Forest by trying to block out the outside noise of being ranked seventh in the BCS as well as the mega-matchup with No. 2 Florida State a week from Saturday.

"I wouldn't say [there has been] slippage, but it's a challenge," Golden said of blocking out the distractions.

"There is cheese all around them. Don't take the cheese. Don't take the trap. You have a guy here or there that all of a sudden they're seduced by it. They want to hear about it. They want to talk about it. It has nothing to do with the outcome. Doing your job, preparing, asking questions, being engaged, doing your role -- all those little things that's what we need to focus on. That's what we need leadership for."

Golden said he completely ignored the movement up the polls this weekend, went out to dinner with his wife Saturday night and didn't watch any of Florida State's blowout win at Clemson.

"We're going to continue to ignore it," Golden said of the polls and hype surrounding the team. "I need the coaches to do that. I need the players to do that. I need anybody that touches a Miami Hurricane to do that. Families, academic support, strength and conditioning, training room, it doesn't matter. We got to make sure we're all on the same page and keeping the guys focused on what we need to do because the rest of it doesn't matter. The rest of it will take care of itself if we take care of our business and do our job everyday."

That challenge figures to get harder Tuesday. Two hours after the NCAA makes its sanctions public to the media at 10 a.m., Golden and his players are scheduled to meet with reporters again around noon.


Starting safety Kacy Rodgers was the only player injured last week at North Carolina aside from receiver Phillip Dorsett (expected to miss 4-6 weeks with a slight tear of his MCL) to not practice on Monday.

"Kacy is probable right now," Golden said. "We're being careful with him early in the week because he's still in the recovery phase if you will. Once they take him from taking it slow in recovery to the rehabilitation phase we'll know more, which will probably be Wednesday. I'm hopeful for Kacy."

Quarterback Stephen Morris (ankle), running back Duke Johnson (head), safeties Deon Bush (leg), Rayshawn Jenkins (leg), receiver Rashawn Scott (shoulder) and running back Walter Tucker "were all fine [Monday]." Golden said.

> Offensive guard Danny Isidora (foot) went to see a doctor Monday to get cleared to play, Golden said.


Johnson, who suffers from migraine headaches and has been tested for concussions on the sidelines in previous games, confirmed he was injured last Thursday when he took a knee to the head trying to make a block.

“I came back the next drive and kind of felt a headache coming on," Johnson said. "Because I suffer from headaches I wasn’t trying to [play] after that."

Johnson said he's been working with the training staff to eat the right foods so it doesn't trigger his migraines. Johnson said his mother also battles migraines.

> Offensive coordinator James Coley said Morris' ankle is still tender and his four interceptions last week were a combination of that and receivers not always running routes the way they should have.

"The common thread is he's out there competing and he wants to make a play," Coley said. "Sometimes making the play when something breaks down is do the next best thing and get the ball out of your hands and throw it away and have your coach call another play."

> Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onfrio said the breakdowns in coverage UM had against North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron (199 yards) were the result of too much freelancing. He said members of the secondary in zone coverage didn't have their eyes on the quarterback enough either.

“We were trying a lot of different things, I know it didn’t appear that way,” D’Onofrio said. “We had a lot of different things to try and combat him, but he’s a great player, he made some plays. We had some unforced errors, we hit a couple 10 rows deep over the net. We helped him move up in his ranking. I hope he appreciates it."


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Well it's about time the NCAA got it's head out of it's proverbial arse. Kinda figured they would do so once we climbed up in the polls. I am surprised they chose to come out with this week as opposed to next week however. Either way just like Golden said, control the things we can control and let the other crap work itself out.

OK. This is why "Goldy is here: To get UM through the Shapiro mess. I'll be glad when whatever sanctions come down, because then it's a moment in time when "Goldy and crew, er, DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustWon'tEverKnow are out the door...

Cool Cat...

And just when I thought you couldn't post anything dumber...congratulations!!

Just unbelievable, the Gallo guy and now uncool cat. Perhaps someone keeps p'ing in their cereal, that they want to attack our good coaches.

fsu will man up on UM WR's....cant go short passes and joyner is back there if UM goes vertical (which wont happen since qb/wr are totally out of sync)

kelvin Benjamin is unstoppable.....Um will not be able to cover green and him then you add O'leary and UM gets crushed......

prepare for a bloodbath and golden/dnofrio exposure....finally the truth comes out about these 2.......

jimbo fisher.....38 running plays and 35 passing plays....same game plan as with clemson....fsu defense is way too strong for UM.....morris is too incosistant at this point in the season.....put ryan in and will blow it all up....

duke will have a bad games as he always has had against ANY team with a winning record....will be held to under 100 yards....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 21, 2013 at 09:53 AM

As long as you're talking like this the better it is for us, lol. duke might not be that effective in a game like this because of his style of running, but dallas crawford can definitely do work because his style of running, it's hard for 1 man to bring him down because he has more wiggle than duke in compact areas which will probably be more effective.

Remember, the one thing that has surprised me about coach goldie and oach OH-NO is, in their first 2 yeaars that soft defensive scheme we run couldn't stop nobody, but for some reason, it somehow continued to slow down Fsu for 2 years straight. dzp is going to have a good chance at getting a pick this week. It's going to be fun watching t3 & gunther go up against kelvin benjamin and greene this week. Also, as long as jenkins is healthy and here's to deon bush rounding back into form quicker than expected, this probably should've been his redshirt year, but he'll be amped up for this game as well. it's ll be good to see him round back into form come this game. Here's to kacy rodgers getting healthy to, he's solid.

By the way, dzp, hurt somebody from the other team. Fsu's offense doesn't bother me, it's our offensive philosophy that bothers me, we need stop trying to be a quick strike offense before learning how to run the ball, i hated when butch davis took over, for about 3 years, all he did was run right run left, run up the middle for 3 downs straight and than punt the ball, but by that 3rd year, we were basically running at will on people because the guys were already conditioned to be able to pound the ball with the running game, so once we got the passing game going, it was a wrap. What coach goldie hasn't done is establish what kind of team we're going to be.

We would demolish most teams is we play a more physical style of offense. We need to lean on this o-line not with finess runs but with a power running game down hill, force them to respect us and than that'll open up the passign game like it did on that last drive against Unc, that's the type of offense we need to be this year. It's easy to point out the short comings, but the coaches should know them and than call a game plan accordingly, i'm looking forward to this Fsu game, because it's one of those games that's going to expose you one way or another, either you got it, or you don't.

Calvin coming around on the Canes finally. Good to see we converted you back into aCanes fan boy!

well , 3 post seas bans already counting acc title game, 3 yrs negative pub, suspended players, I mean, lying by the ncaa, illegal tactics. give us 5 schollys for next 2 yrs and move on

2. Good thing is Al has the team loaded, and if he keeps this class together, even if we lose 10 schollies, we have enuff depth to withstand it

Well Put Calvin..


Just listen to Coach AL on WQAM. According to him we will always get positive results if the players do what they are taught. Artie's fg block, Tracy's int etc....

Can someone tell him he already has the job he's not interviewing anymore(just kidding) But seriously since when did it become that simple? Isn't it possible the other coach outscheme our coaches? So what happens if the players on the other team "do exactly what they're taught as well?" No one would win that battle? What happen to our guys using instincts? Is that what he call freelancing?
I understand technique and once it's ptoperly taught you can rely on that much more then not. But this attitude that when the kid is successful it's because he did what he was coached to do and when he's not it's because he freelanced don't quite cut it.

Posted by: True Cane | October 21, 2013 at 02:42 PM

lol, since that boston college game last year, he's made it a point to try and highlight anything the players do that's a positive, it's a direct reflectiong of the coaching, as soon as dzp housed that one touchdown, coach goldie couldn't wait to put a plus in for his boy when said in reference to dzp "he did exactly what he was coached to do" all i could say in my head is, WTF was that, give dzp credit. But as soon as the defense gets lit up, between him and oach 500, they want to start name calling and start calling guys "freelancers" as i said before, WTH they think a zone defense is, it's based on freelancing.

Notice how this word is only used after we play a team with a balanced offensive attack. Than they always want to start citing unecessary stats as a sign after the game, well we were this percentage on 3rd down, we only gave up this many points in the 2nd half, we were such & such percentage in the redzone, the way coach goldie and his boy talk about defense, i keep waiting for one of them to say "but i did sleep at a holiday Inn last night".

Pathetic, the funny thing is, the wins are hiding alot of major deficiencies that are still prevalent with the scheme. If we wanted to be "multiple" we'd surprise alot of teams by playing True press-man from a zone look and revert back and forth with that, but trying to out guess the opposing qb, that's asking to get torched.

True Cane,

It's funny that you say this here's some quotes from D'No's presser to day.

"We didn't have good vision on the quarterback," D'Onofrio said. "We got turned too much. You have to see the quarterback in zone coverage or else you can't play zone coverage."

Looking back , D'Onofrio said he blames freelancing for some of the big plays on Thursday night.

"We can't have that," D'onofrio said. "The sudden change defense was tremendous, red zone was awesome, third down was really good, 33 percent. ... There were a lot of positives. Our guys fought. But it didn't have to get to that situation if we executed better on first and second down and guys did what they were supposed to do."

So what he's trying to imply is that what we saw happened to pur defense Thursday night had nothing to do with our scheme/play calls? We gave up 500 yards because guys didn't do what they were supposed to do?This is not championship mentality. Someone needs to let him know that.

Posted by: J'Ville Cane | October 21, 2013 at 04:02 P

LOL, see, there it is right there. The one thing that can't be denied, after playing all those cupcake teams, the parties about to be over, let's see where our defense ranks after these next 3 weeks. We already gave up 500 yards to Unc, here comes wake forest, i've been waiting for this matchup since coach goldie took over, jim grobe vs "own the process".

I've said it a few times, fedora at Unc is a better headcoach than coach goldie and it proved so last thursday night, we just have better overall skill position players, how long will the talent continue to cover up for coach goldie & oach 500.

There's no way UM can be confident about sanctions coming from the NCAA. The way they handled the investigation shows just how bad they went out of their way to hang the Canes. They engaged in all kinds of unethical conduct, but there is nobody to judge and sanction their actions. They get a free pass. I'm prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. The loss of another bowl game would be preferable to heavy scholarship losses. Look how bad USC is being hurt by scholarship limits. Golden held back some scholarships this past year and that may lighten the blow. Clint Hurt will be coaching high school football next year. The NCAA needs to follow their stated policy of punishing the individual coaches more than the team.

well, we picked the wrong week to quit drinking(Airplane movie)

Calvin man...

You been wrong on Golden ALL year. 7-0 proves that.

Now of course FSU is favored to win.

They've had 7+ years of of top 5 recruiting classes without NCAA and coaching changes to deal with. If anything i would ask WHY DONT THEY HAVE ANOTHER NC WITH ALL THAT TALENT???

Would like to hear your breakdown of FSU's failures at coaching for once.

Golden came in to clean up Shannon's mess and be met with NCAA accusations right after he signs his contract and you dogging him from day one.

This is a "black/white" thing for you and everyone knows it.

Sorry man, black or white, Shannon wasn't good enough as a head-coach. Brother was here 1yr longer than he should've been.

And Shannon's incredible Defensive skills at Arkansas was on full display in that Alabama game Saturday....48-0?? Yeah Shannon showed the world about how good a D coach he is alright...

I do have a question, last year, coach goldie said after the Fsu lost these words right here @6:41sec mark "http://youtu.be/kzjmjGsa3PA, he's right they were only up 3 points on us for a while, so i take this year, what's he going to say this time, better be "It's GREAT, TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!

calvin all games like these the outcome is directly related to the QB performance......

morris is failing and wont recover in time......the vertical play calling by coley as promised hasn't shown any progress.....fsu defense is exceptional.....they will man up on everyone of our receivers...

winston will be sky high with emotion and confidence at home....I have NEVER seen a freshman or any QB come into an environment like death valley and massacre the opposition.....

jimbo fisher is a master play caller.....golden is not in his league nor is coley.....it has always been fisher not coley and the proof was last night.....

UM will get knocked out by the 3rd quarter....fsu wins by 5 TD's....

this fsu team is an old time canes team.....everything about them reminds me of the 1986 and 1989 teams......

"we aint leaving without a victory, we aint leaving without a victory (smiling)....so yo my brothers, put a smile on your face, put a smile on your face....cuz we are florida state, if we gonna do it again, we gonna do it again...lets go baby....WERE FLORIDA STATE"


8pn ESPN national audience
death valley
80K Clemson fans
the run down the hill
71.86% win ratio
dabo swinney
tajh boyd
#3 bcs

that aint staged....

Canes win 27 24 over FSU. Clemson was losing in the 4th qtr AT DEATH VALLEY to boston college last week.......

has anyone looked at FSU's schedule. Ok. they beat Clemson, we beat UF. But, Clemson is overrated. and FSU;s only test, was tied with BC until a late flurry 48-34. see the patsies on their schedule

Oh FSU plays the fabulous u of IDAHO b4 UF game. Not Boise St, but Idaho

500 yards against a 1-5 team now.....last place in the of all places....THE FEARSOME COASTAL DIVISION.....

how pathetic can you get.....7-0 against low life high school teams.....

Morris 19/35 322 with 4 INT's and a nobody nc QB goes 28/36 297 and 1 passing TD....

this is a top 10 QB?....impossible. Morris better get his sh...t together quick or he will embarrass himself, the brand and his family.....STOP BEING A P...SY

Baylor has played High School teams. UF was loaded and Healthy, same talent as FSU has if not better, when they played in week2. And Morris played it safe.

I would go by the UF game and assume that its going to b close.

Winston is due for a Freshman 3-4 pick game......

Clemson down 14-10 at Death valley the week b4 FSU game at HOme to Weak Boston College.........enuff of Clemson.

they beat a 3 loss(already) UGA team. UGA is on pace to have 5-6 losses. OVERRATED. Boyd and Watkins but THATS IT..........

Rivalry game vs FSU,,,,,, We always win when its top 10 teams. Sorry nole fans, Even those 1988 pre season #1 FSU team that was supposed to b best ever, got spanked 31-0 by U

strnght of schedual NCAA as of 10-19-2013

#12 fsu
#32 clemson
#78 UM


2000 season, #1 FSU played the revived U team coming off a 4 loss 1999 season, Butch's last year, #1 FSU lost to mIami 27-24 that Jeremy shockey TD Game.

Fsu won the bcs vote over the U if U recall./

that 2000 fsu team was supposed to be like Alabama and Miami wasn't ""back yet"" .

Miami wins

The gators lost 2 more games so miamis schedule dropped.......(FSU PLAYS NO RANKED TEAMS AFTER MIAMI) and IDAHO

by by noles SOS......Miamis will soar. Va tech, FSU

strnght of schedual NCAA as of 10-19-2013
#12 fsu
#32 clemson
#78 UM


Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 21, 2013 at 08:33 PM


Gallo spelling!


based on history, 2000 FSU #1 team vs upstart canes, other seasons 1991 #1 fsu, 1988 #1 fsu

Miami always wins when their underdogs vs FSU

wasn't FSU top 5 when Jacory went into Tally and spankd them on the road? when we were supposed to get blown out by 20? in 2009?

Oh that's another

Miami in 08, with that freshman team and freshman marve and jacory went into Gainesville and was only down 9-3 to #1 UF until late in 4th qtr with a super young team

I EXPECT A BIG WIN VS WAKE, and FSU's in for a rude awakening.

12-0 PRESS ON 2013 CANES

UM gets crushed.....jimbo fisher releases lamarcus joyner on morris all night with his "injury"

Benjamin at 6'5" 242 goes vertical with o'leary covering the fsu short game....fsu receivers are great and the defensive line is the best and deep.....

plan on seeing denver kirkland and matthew thomas when fisher starts to pull his players....

I base it on Trends and history, FSu played in 99 bcs title game and was supposed to blow our young 2000 canes out in 2000, the Dorsey shockey game.......the 2002 game 28-27 17-16 1991, , 2009 games vs young jacory, Miami always pulls it out

FSU CHOKES>>>>>>>>>> ALWAYSS. they only won their NC's the years we had [probation when our Miami players went up to tally. THATS IT

FSU is our little brother, and you always have to beat your little brother up once in awhile . U of Miami wannabe's

Matthew Thomas cried to momma in august about being released from his schoolly but Dumbo wouldn't release him. That's Matthew Thomas

Time to open up a can of whoop arse on you trailer folk in tally

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYH0NtB1DTg THE U N FSU


I am very confident that UM will beat FSU. Mike Tyson once said everybody has a game plan till they get hit.If the canes come out and hit the QB every play and harass the receivers. Just play Miami Football the Seminoles will wither faster than fire to plastic. Miami wins by 10 the majic season continues. Don't worry about the NCAA. Public opinion will take care of them.

Nebraska was supposed to win by 30 in 84 orange bowl , our 1st title.


thanks coach golden and staff! Great job last 3 seasons under very tough odds not any fault of your own go canes!!

your gonna hear crickets on here besides us around 1130 pm on Nov 2.......When We beat the heck out of Winston and FSU.....in tally. Freshman gonna not know what hit him (SOFT SCHEDULE), ,,,,,,don't know what happened coach

I've said it a few times, fedora at Unc is a better headcoach than coach goldie and it proved so last thursday night, we just have better overall skill position players, how long will the talent continue to cover up for coach goldie & oach 500.

Posted by: Calvin | October 21, 2013 at 07:43 PM

Really Cal? They guy's team is 1-5. He couldn't get his team up for East Carolina and he is supposed to be a better coach than Coach Golden whos is 6-0 this season? Don't know what you're eating/ drinking. Blind hatred for our coach is killing you. Talent means nothing without coaching and coach Golden has put this team in a position to believe in themselves and win. Who cares about yards? End of the day it all comes down the score when the clock hits 00:00

You are not really a fan of the U.


Miami Football #11 wash vs #2 Miami http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM7wD7L5iFw&list=PLCB5CA660D146EFD5

• Offensive coordinator James Coley said Morris’ ankle is still tender, and his four interceptions last week were a combination of that and receivers not always running routes the way they should have.

“The common thread is he’s out there competing, and he wants to make a play,” Coley said. “Sometimes, making the play when something breaks down is do the next best thing and get the ball out of your hands and throw it away and have your coach call another play.”

Somebody needs to tell Gallober that Kirkland plays for Arkansas. What a freakin dope.

Posted by: Calvin | October 21, 2013 at 07:22 PM

They have it, it's just a matter of firing on all cylinders and like you say committing to an identity. It's difficult because Morris is our motor and taking the ball out of his hands is a difficult decision for a brand new coordinator. I believe they will figure it out. There are smart dudes that want to win more than anyone who posts on this blog and I feel confident they will prepare these young men to be successful. The rest we'll have to let play out on the field. This []_[]Hurricane team can beat any team in college football.

as a true cane fan i will take a 6-0 record any day. I still haven't heard anyone ask either golden or dun-o with :16 seconds left in the game you let a team drive the length of the field and have a reasonable chance at throwing into the end zone. I understand putting a couple guys deep but putting 3 down lineman and giving the other team a chance to pick you apart drives me crazy. why rush only 3 men what a joke. again will take 6-0 any day of the week. It's good to see the team playing with confidence again and pulling some of these close games out but damn do they have to cut it so close.

Kirkland is one of the well coached Arkansas defenders getting trampled weekly.

Arkansas plays a 4-3 right??

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 21, 2013 at 10:06 PM

Did Arkansas switch him to the DL? I thought he was being recruited as an OT.

He is an O lineman

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