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Before NCAA sanctions news broke, Canes were already trying to block out distractions

Before the news broke concerning the announcement of the impending NCAA sanctions, Al Golden's Miami Hurricanes began preparing for their next game against Wake Forest by trying to block out the outside noise of being ranked seventh in the BCS as well as the mega-matchup with No. 2 Florida State a week from Saturday.

"I wouldn't say [there has been] slippage, but it's a challenge," Golden said of blocking out the distractions.

"There is cheese all around them. Don't take the cheese. Don't take the trap. You have a guy here or there that all of a sudden they're seduced by it. They want to hear about it. They want to talk about it. It has nothing to do with the outcome. Doing your job, preparing, asking questions, being engaged, doing your role -- all those little things that's what we need to focus on. That's what we need leadership for."

Golden said he completely ignored the movement up the polls this weekend, went out to dinner with his wife Saturday night and didn't watch any of Florida State's blowout win at Clemson.

"We're going to continue to ignore it," Golden said of the polls and hype surrounding the team. "I need the coaches to do that. I need the players to do that. I need anybody that touches a Miami Hurricane to do that. Families, academic support, strength and conditioning, training room, it doesn't matter. We got to make sure we're all on the same page and keeping the guys focused on what we need to do because the rest of it doesn't matter. The rest of it will take care of itself if we take care of our business and do our job everyday."

That challenge figures to get harder Tuesday. Two hours after the NCAA makes its sanctions public to the media at 10 a.m., Golden and his players are scheduled to meet with reporters again around noon.


Starting safety Kacy Rodgers was the only player injured last week at North Carolina aside from receiver Phillip Dorsett (expected to miss 4-6 weeks with a slight tear of his MCL) to not practice on Monday.

"Kacy is probable right now," Golden said. "We're being careful with him early in the week because he's still in the recovery phase if you will. Once they take him from taking it slow in recovery to the rehabilitation phase we'll know more, which will probably be Wednesday. I'm hopeful for Kacy."

Quarterback Stephen Morris (ankle), running back Duke Johnson (head), safeties Deon Bush (leg), Rayshawn Jenkins (leg), receiver Rashawn Scott (shoulder) and running back Walter Tucker "were all fine [Monday]." Golden said.

> Offensive guard Danny Isidora (foot) went to see a doctor Monday to get cleared to play, Golden said.


Johnson, who suffers from migraine headaches and has been tested for concussions on the sidelines in previous games, confirmed he was injured last Thursday when he took a knee to the head trying to make a block.

“I came back the next drive and kind of felt a headache coming on," Johnson said. "Because I suffer from headaches I wasn’t trying to [play] after that."

Johnson said he's been working with the training staff to eat the right foods so it doesn't trigger his migraines. Johnson said his mother also battles migraines.

> Offensive coordinator James Coley said Morris' ankle is still tender and his four interceptions last week were a combination of that and receivers not always running routes the way they should have.

"The common thread is he's out there competing and he wants to make a play," Coley said. "Sometimes making the play when something breaks down is do the next best thing and get the ball out of your hands and throw it away and have your coach call another play."

> Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onfrio said the breakdowns in coverage UM had against North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron (199 yards) were the result of too much freelancing. He said members of the secondary in zone coverage didn't have their eyes on the quarterback enough either.

“We were trying a lot of different things, I know it didn’t appear that way,” D’Onofrio said. “We had a lot of different things to try and combat him, but he’s a great player, he made some plays. We had some unforced errors, we hit a couple 10 rows deep over the net. We helped him move up in his ranking. I hope he appreciates it."


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We need to rush the ball at least 35-40 times to win. I have always said let Crawford get the bulk of the carries and then let duke finish you. Clements came in and gave us some pop as well. Keep Winston off the field and whenever he is try and smack him in the mouth. That might be easier said than done but hey that's what football is. If we go in with the same mentality that we did against fla we will have an opportunity to win. Remember coley knows that fsu offense. He might not call plays but he knows their tendencies. We have to play the game like the last drive at unc. Let's beat these Creminoles.

has anyone looked at FSU's schedule. Ok. they beat Clemson, we beat UF. But, Clemson is overrated. and FSU;s only test, was tied with BC until a late flurry 48-34. see the patsies on their schedule

Oh FSU plays the fabulous u of IDAHO b4 UF game. Not Boise St, but Idaho

Posted by: Dom | October 21, 2013 at 08:25 PM

Really Dom? Will you just STFU about schedules. Here's a newsflash for you.. Clemson is way better than UF and probably better than UM as well so why are you still talking about soft schedules? We have a soft schedule too so cry about that the next time you feel the urge to complain about other school's schedules.

based on history, 2000 FSU #1 team vs upstart canes, other seasons 1991 #1 fsu, 1988 #1 fsu

Miami always wins when their underdogs vs FSU

Posted by: Dom | October 21, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Always? Wasn't Miami an underdog last year to FSU? There goes your credibility right down the homer drain

typo....kieth bryant is who I meant.....not kirkland

both bryant and thomas will see action when fisher pulls guys after blowout....

UM stands no chance of winning......you will not get to winston.....front line is too big

fisher is a better play caller than dnofrio who is clueless.....

fsu wins by 5 TD's

Dom, thanks for bringing the passion, links, and facts to this board. As you can see, there is a namechanging sicko troll that attacks any new posters here, trying to scare them off. Ignore him, or he will tell you about his connections to the FBI and how he will hunt you down like he threatened to hunt down Sarasota Cane and other Canes fans on here.

Sicko is obsessed and HATES seeing Canes discussion on here. He killed the Post and Sun Sentinel blogs, but don't let him do the same here.

Oh, and as for the other guy that claims to be a Canes fan, Gallo, he is actually a gatr troll, just ignore him. Each week, he predicts a Canes loss, and so far he is 0 for 6.

Yeah Gallo your Gators SUKKKKK, lol. Love reading all these armchair coaches talking about a game that is two weeks away. What IF we lose to Wake? What IF FSU loses to NC ST as it has in the recent past? We have Wake and ONLY Wake to worry about right now. Calvin STILL stating the OBVIOUS with his 'in depth' after game comments, reminds me of Lou Holtz and his stupid commentary, " yeah if that team scores more, they'll win the game'. Duhhhh really?? Beat Wake and keep Morris on the bench to heal.

Not for nothing but Dom's would have, could have, should have won by 50 points type posts after almost every game doesn't constitute "facts". That's like me saying that IF I had played the lottery and IF I had picked the winning numbers for that week, I would have been a millionaire.

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