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Canes biggest underdog in Top 10 matchup history Vegas insider says

Even though they say they're bunkered down and not paying attention to the outside world, it's bound to creep under their skin at some point before kickoff Saturday night.

According to ESPN radio host and Vegas insider RJ Bell, the seventh-ranked Miami Hurricanes (7-0, 3-0 ACC) are the biggest underdog in history when it comes to two undefeated teams meeting this late in the season. Third-ranked FSU opened as a 21-point favorite this week and at last check was favored to beat UM by 22 points.

According to Bell, there have been only two other instances of a double digit favorite when two undefeated Top 10 teams play this late in the season:

> Texas favored by 12 hosting Oklahoma State (Oct. 25, 2008)

> Miami favored by 11 vs. Ohio State (2002 BCS Title Game)

The database goes all the way back to 1980 according to Bell.

Texas beat Oklahoma State 28-24 and you all remember what happened between UM and Ohio State in 2002. If you don't, ask Terry Porter.

Canes running back Duke Johnson was asked Monday if this game was an opportunity for Miami to make a statement to the nation.

"When it comes to that, it's out of our control," Johnson said. "Whether an underdog by how many points, the only thing we can do is go out and play the game the way coaches want us to play it and everything else will take care of itself."

Is UM not getting enough respect?

"It doesn't matter whether someone respects us or not," Johnson said. "We don't care. We're here to play football and do it the way we're being taught to."


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Solid and mature answer by Duke Johnson.

shock the world baby

We haven't looked good lately and they look great...

But that ALL goes out the window Saturday. FSU should be careful not to buy into the hype...



I'm putting my money on my boys.

any thoughts on getting greg schiano back once he's fired from tampa bay to run our defense?

whether it creeps in or not...Goldie, JJ, Ray Lewis, Portis, ....Somebody should give a pep talk before they take the field and fire these boys up!...FSU is a beast...but BC gave them a fight...so we should be able to hang in there...FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT...do not stop until the final whistle blows...then look at your body of work, and ask..."Did I leave it all out there?"
we got to run, run, and make them stop D-Squared...Morris looks awfully shaky lately...he is the "X-Factor", must take care of the ball...GOD Bless all of ya'!

I feel that this will be a good game and that Miami can stay with the semiholes if UM starts fast and plays solid defense. All of the posturing and tongue wagging is a waste of time. Lets watch the game!

who dusted off the real don soldy moniker? Desperate times for a desperate UFraud fanbase.

I've been busy and haven't read much here and just caught up. If you're in the same boat, let me summarize for you and save you some time:

1. The people who you knew as morons, are still morons.

Gallo couldn't predict which hand he'd wipe his own butt with. He is off the list schtick apparently, as it was more a list of rejects who can't cut it at D3 than Golden fails. Calvina still obsessed with men's weights and thinks an unmodified 1980s defense would beat 2013 offenses. If you listened to D, you bet the ranch on Alabama early in the year, so you are now homeless and probably without internet access, so you won't be reading this.

2. The ID changing gator scum are still with us, but more pathetic as time goes on. Hard to get much passion when your team of big RIVAL starts can barely line up. Muncher probably on his way out.

So, in a nut shell, all is the same.

Pregame, I pointed him out as a top WR, and this site and many others had Michael Campanaro already as a first round pick, long before his great performance this year and before his play against the Canes.

Ignorance of your opponent is no reason to then turn around and complain when that opponent does well.

Posted by: Five Titles | October 29, 2013 at 08:36 AM


Are U channeling ur inner Jeff Ireland again U all Canes thang blowhard? That lil #3 Wake whiteboy is at best a 4th-5th rounder if that. Miami's "New Improved 'efense aginst FAU-Savannah St.-USF-Ga. Tech-UNC and Wake" just made him look like a World beater. Like Vir.-Va,Tech-and Duke will too. FSU ? The Canes "New and Improved" 'efense better wear Firesuits, because just like last year and the year before... U know what's coming again. But then again, Ur the tool that shouted from the Mountaintops all Summer and touted Morris and Duke the best Q.B. and R.B. in ALL of College Football and BOTH would be Top-5 Heisman finalists and go to New York in December. How's that working out? Better to keep Ur mouth shut boy, than to continually open it and remove all doubt that U are a nonknowing Football moron.

2013 ESPN Top Heisman Watch List

1.) Marcus Mariota QB Oregon

2.) Jameis Winston QB FSU

3.) Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M

4.) Bryce Petty QB Baylor

5.) Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin

6.) AJ McCarron QB Alabama

7.) Ka'Deem Carey RB Arizona

8.) Sean Mannion QB Oregon State

9.) Lache Seastrunk RB Baylor

10.) Tajh Boyd QB Clemson

11.) Mike Evans WR Texas A&M

12.) Connor Shaw QB S. Carolina

And if there were another 12 on the list, Morris and Duke wouldn't even be a blip on the radar. But keep doing what U do best, sling tons of sheet outta your mouf and hope something finally sticks.

Unlike D who thinks he is leading some beating parade, I'm just in for myself. I've got the Canes and I'm up 21 and 1/2 to nothing.

Hope it is rainy and crappy and not a lot of points scored.

GatorKillerCane um I meant Mountain Cane,

How does it feel to be forced to change your name or not post on the MH? The blog misses Mountain Cane. Calvina as you call him also misses his favorite stalker.

"Mountain Cane either you no longer post here are you are no longer welcome to Canespace"

"yes ma'am"


2013 Outside Looking In Awards

Worst Offense:


Worst Coach:


Fewest wins per average star rating of current players


Biggest drop from pre-season rank:


Biggest attendance drop off in a town even with nothing else to do within 100 miles


I agree the Canes need to pound the ball against FSU. BC rushed for over 200 yards against the FSU defense. There is no reason why the Canes can't do the same. Canes cannot get behind early.

Dee, don't get behind early or late and we'll be fine.

On thing not mentioned is we have to put pressure on winston. He stands in the pocket for 5 - 6 seconds and then moves out of thepocket for more time and his recivers aleways seem to have 3 or 4 yards of seperarion. If he is sacked,hurried, chased, and hit it is not likley to be as good nor will his recievers have as much time to free up. I think our DBs will match up well..

we got this canes for life lets see what they gonna say when we win this game um ijs tho.

Sunny Dee, i agree 100 percent!!! Lets pound that FSU defense, and of course take a few shots deep. Gotta keep Winston and the gang on the sidelines to keep em out of rhythym.

What does Vegas know about setting odds? Is not like they are pros or anything like that. Like my buddy Five says the Noles haven't played anyone good and have not been tested. Did you see how over rated Clemson was? Anybody can beat Clemson at their place duh.
Look at us we have been tested by such great teams as UNC, GaTech and Wake. And we beat UF, with that great offense of theirs they could only muster 16 points against us. That should count for some respect.
No matter, Dom has predicted we will beat the Noles. Hope every one remembers all the predictions Dom made during NSD when he called for Alex Collins, Denver Kirkland and Matthew Thomas all would be Canes. With a record like that it is comforting he predicts a Cane victory.

OK we will go with that.

The biggest underdog Spread in Vegas means that when the 'U' pulls the upset the payoff for the right bet will be phenomenal....

"We have always been the underdog. Been there, so that is nothing new"- Al Golden.

Well said and that is something more to prove.

Shock the world.
That is what we used to get our SWAG.

Our "Bunker Mentality" should be adapted by our FANS so that we can have the ultimate US against THEM scenario.

This is the perfect set up for our 'Canes.
Canes win let the party begin.
Go 'Canes

WestCoastCane, as you can see, the science experiment has failed. Sicko cannot even back off during a rivalry week to let Canes fans discuss the game in peace.

Best part, namechanging troll then turns around and accuses me and GatorKillerCane of being other people. After all his years of changing IDs, sicko thinks everyone else does that, too.

In the meantime, his rants can't change that he is a murder-joking sicko, and 21 beats 16 every time, in blackjack, in football, and in life.


you've said that before as your other alias Five.
LMAO, almost exactly like you said it this time.

One blog earlier, remember when you were having the conversation with yourself.

BTW, racist sicko, there is a big big difference between canesrule and myself. He enjoys going back and forth with you, proving you to be a fool, like the batting practice slow pitch loser you are.

I and the Canes fans on here would just want you to leave, never come back, and keep your promise of a truce for once in your life.

What's next, going to accuse me of being Sunny Dee? How about getting lost instead?

LOL! While I was typing that you would claim I was Sunny Dee, you went with dirtyred instead.

So I was right about your sick depseration, but wrong about which target you would pick.

Ins't it time for you to go testify at the Taylor trial, sicko?

And sicko is bringing all his aliases in at once, as delusional, soldy, and of course his 12 word IDs to drag the timestamp to the next row.

Time for the ignore on all his old and his new unknown IDs, folks. Save yourself the stress of dealing with this loser any longer..

dirtyred, don't worry, even the sicko doesn't think you are the same person as me. He just tries this trick weekly, but continually fails.

Keep reading and writing, just don't let that sicko get to you. He will likely threaten you next, ask your color, religion, politics, and then take the opposite position, and then brag about being involved in killing canes players and coaches. Just warning you in advance, but just ignore him. The FSU game is more important than anything the sicko has to say.

No, everyone knows who Mountain Cane is/was that was too easy. You can't change the spots on a leopard. LOL


When you post at least change up your word usage, it gives you away.


You are right these trolls are unbearable. Do you think we can somehow reverse that 21 and beat FSU by that number? I have a feeling we will.

UGoCane, did you notice that the two games that had those big pointspreads had something else in common?

1. Vegas was wrong.

That is a good sign for Miami.

Change Ur Name Back To CANESFOOL And Remove All Doubt,

Didn't notice a Gator in the top 50 Heisman Trophy list...how do you explain that?

Also, how do you explain your current rankings in the polls?

Finally, why did you quit the Miami series again?

PS: 21 - 16, undefeated, ranked 7th in the country...scoreboard baby!!

Did anyone else notice that the two biggest stories last week were Miami getting the big comeback win over Wake in a comeback and Miami got the win over the NCAA in their four year long investigation?

Yep, NCAA had a big lead against Miami and lost in the end, just like GT, UNC, and Wake.

FWIW... the MIGHTY Seminoles are currently a ... - 21 1/2 point home favorite. Ouch!

And speaking of college football underdog's in games of major significance. I do believe Miami, Florida was a
- 13 1/2 point underdog to that Go BIGot REDeck team back in the day. hUh

Upset's do happen dog. That's why they're called upset's. dUh

Nevertheless, I don't see the Hurricanes coming away with a win on Saturday nite and what not. Albeit I don't believe Goldie's squad will get SHAMED and or BYTCHED SLAPPED on national telly.

I want the Canes to win. And they could if d'o put in a four down lineman defense and kept them in all game, moved LBs up to within 3 yards of the los instead of giving up 5 yards on run plays.

ANNNNNDD IFFFFF d'o demanded man to man pass coverage for a lousy 3 seconds so that Cane def. linemen and a blitzer could get to winston.

But d'o and goldie are too arrogant and too stupid to realize that against any decent passer, you have to rush more than four, not less than four, defensive linemen/LBs. And they have to not overrun the QB and take themselves out of the play but instead, collapse the pocket. Refs should watch for FSU linemen holding, too.

Morris and the Cane OC are a great combination. And Duke and the rest of the Cane offense could have a great game and win the game for Miami just like they have done in the last two games, particularly if Morris throws to his tight ends over the middle for ten to fifteen yard pass patterns. Make the friggin first downs. Control the ball and the clock.

Having played ball and had a 90% win record over 5 years, yes, not only do I know football, but I have forgotten more about football and especially good defense than goldie and d'o will ever learn.

Every time d'o calls three down linemen defense and zone NO pass coverage, he GIVES FSU and other teams the first in ten and breaks the morale of the entire Cane team.

Watch the game, count the number of defensive linemen with their hands on the ground in a track starter stance.

Four down Cane linemen with a blitzedr, man to man pass coverage, Canes WIN,

Three down Cane linemen, no blitz, zone NO pass coverage, Canes lose.

I agree the Canes need to pound the ball against FSU. BC rushed for over 200 yards against the FSU defense. There is no reason why the Canes can't do the same. Canes cannot get behind early.

Posted by: Sunny Dee | October 29, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Voila... running the pigskin will make Mark Mark's job alot easier. Albeit not that easier.

Goldie and Coley need to MILK CLOCK and sustain drives and that's where the running game comes into action.

The Hurricanes absolutely CANNOT risk going " 3 nd' out " on a steady basis. Otherwise the game could be a REMAKE of the Clemson vs. Seminole affair. Bloody ouch.

Nevertheless, I don't believe Coley has a handle on calling plays and formations, which will help Miami's running game.

Maybe that's why REDNECK jimbo called the offensive plays the past two seasons. hUh

Soldy giving me Miami and 26, put your money where your tootless mouth is BOY!

The success of the Canes in this game is going to be up to the OLine. If they give Morris enough time to look for his options and open holes for Duke we will be in the game.
The Defense needs to blitz and put more pressure on Winston. If you give any half talented QB time to throw they will eat you up. That's what happened in the last 2 games. Lack of pressure made B type QBs look like A+ QBs

D - the thing about Coley is that he called two masterful final drives in each of the last two games when the pressure was at its highest. Why can't he call plays like that the entire game? I understand they can't run the ball like that the entire game, but they should be taking advantage of what the defense gives them. Pick up 5 yards on first down (via short pass or run) and you put yourself in great position.

Man yall are crazy on this blog. Lol. First time I ever been accused of having a conversation with myself under an alias. Lol.

In regards to Coley, I think his play calling is limited by his lack of faith in Morris. Like someone noted to me in another post, Morris is having a problem with the short passes sailing on him, so I think thats why we havent seen many drag routes or quick hitches.

What Coley better be doing right now is sitting in Coach D'No's office giving him all the insider information he can tho!!!

Does anyone remember the point spread in 1988 when the Noles where #1 and had the team of the century before being humbled 31-0 by the big bad Canes in the OB?

This is a rivalry, the Team with the least mistakes on Saturday will win.

Go Canes!

Though they don't want to admit it, the reason Morris's throws are sailing on him, is due to his ankle injury. He can't plant the back foot properly and he can't follow threw as he should. Let's hope it's better by Saturday. Bottom line, his success rests on the protection that the Oline will give him.

'72, no one cares about your alleged pee wee won/loss record.

I guess your just another football genius, somehow overlooked, and relegated to internet strategy posting with the other members of your small brain.

The "U" has cost FSU more chances at a National Championship than FSU has played in.

Bobby Bowden said, "I wan't my head stone to read but I had to play Miami."

A true FSU fan is realy worried about this game because they know that FSU always finds a way to choke against Miami when the games count.

I do not know if it will be this game or the ACC champ game but Miami will cost FSU a chance to play for the NC.

Book it and remember who said it.

Simple: If we only rush 3 on defense, we are toast. Have to pressure #5 into making mistakes. Defense must be aggressive. Otherwise it's a Clemson replay.
Keep it close into the 4th, and anything is possible.

RedCane - Is he not planting his back foot because the ankle is too painful or is it because of a risk of further injury? If it's just pain, can't they inject the ankle with cortisone?

Sunny Dee, I think they use Toridol now. Cortisone causes damage, and with the number of weeks a bone bruise stays with you, it woiuld mess with his future too much.

I've spent a reasonable part of my life/career studying the law of averages. Given that, I will offer two questions:
1) Do you think UM can play much worse than it has at various times this season , specifically the last two games?
2) Do you think FSU can play any better than it has so far this season, specifically again the last two games?

Now I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I would answer "no" to both of the questions I've proposed and take UM +21 as the quoted odds today. In fact, I'd "bet the house"....

I don't know why Five is so angry and threw my name there with those others. Friend there is only one delUsionacane do not confuse me with those others.
I am the most delUsional of the bunch, and that is saying a lot!
I like Sunny too, I like you more though. But my favorite is Dom he is almost as delUsional as I am.
Shout out to Zook, we both agree Golden One is the best coach in the history of the Universe.
We all agree the Canes are the best team in the land and they have the record, and the SOS to prove it.

We will play F$U twice. Sat and the ACC play-off

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