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Canes listed as 25-1 shot of winning BCS championship

The road to a sixth national championship is as long as it used to be anymore. In fact, even Vegas is giving the Hurricanes a good shot.

After cracking the Top 10 this week, UM is listed with a 25-1 shot to win it all this season. At the beginning of the year, UM had 33-1 odds to win it all.

Truth is the only game UM probably won't be favored in the rest of the way is at Florida State on Nov. 2, and potentially the ACC championship game. So maybe the odds should be even better.

Here's a look at the latest lines from Bovada:

                Last week Current odds
Alabama      19/10      7/4
Oregon          7/2      11/5
Ohio State      6/1      6/1
Baylor          10/1      12/1
Clemson      14/1      12/1
Florida St.   12/1      12/1
LSU             25/1      14/1
Louisville     25/1      25/1
Miami         25/1       25/1
Texas A&M 50/1        25/1
UCLA         40/1        40/1
Missouri     100/1      100/1
S. Carolina 200/1      100/1
Stanford      14/1      100/1
Florida      150/1      Off the Board
Georgia      25/1      Off the Board
Oklahoma   25/1      Off the Board
Michigan     33/1      Off the Board
Okla. St.   250/1      Off the Board

Odds to win the 2013-2014 Heisman Trophy:
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon) 8/5 7/5

Johnny Manziel (QB Texas A&M) 6/1 5/1
Jameis Winston (QB Florida St.) 9/1 11/2
Tajh Boyd (QB Clemson) 6/1 7/1
Teddy Bridgewater (QB Louisville) 13/2 10/1
A.J. McCarron (QB Alabama) 10/1 14/1
Brett Hundley (QB UCLA) 25/1 14/1
Bryce Petty (QB Baylor) 33/1 25/1
Lache Seastrunk (RB Baylor) 20/1 33/1
T.J. Yeldon (RB Alabama) 33/1 40/1
Duke Johnson (RB Miami) 50/1 50/1
Sammy Watkins (WR Clemson) 75/1 100/1
Aaron Murray (QB Georgia) 12/1 Off the Board
Blake Bell (QB Oklahoma) 33/1 Off the Board
Braxton Miller (QB Ohio State) 33/1 Off the Board
De'Anthony Thomas (RB Oregon) 33/1 Off the Board
Kevin Hogan (QB Stanford) 50/1 Off the Board
Todd Gurley (RB Georgia) 50/1 Off the Board


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Not sure if anyone saw these tweets by Susan.

Susan Miller Degnan @smillerdegnan
If you haven't seen, from Bovada in LV: #UM #Canes 25/1 odds of winning BCS National Championship this season.

Susan Miller Degnan @smillerdegnan
#FSU 12/1 odds of winning BCS title this season -- #Gators 150/1 odds (NOT).

Now, before the season, our odds were much worse than that, and the gatrs odds were much better. Sure looks like one team is on the rise and the other is in freefall. I wonder what those 150-1 odds will be on Sunday. LOL!
Posted by: Five Titles | October 10, 2013 at 05:04 PM

Six days later, my impressions were right, and Miami is still in the hunt, FSU is still in the hunt, and the fools that bet 150 to 1 odds have ALREADY lost their money.

Thanks for the information Manny!

what garbage the preseason polls are. Gatr Trash top 1-?


The Golden Express is on the tracks and Moving.

Great job.

Now win and beat Fla. State and we will be RECKONED WITH...

The IBIS is in flight and we are in the conversation.

Now if only the NCAA sits up and take notice that they will be an afterthought...

Go 'Canes

This is very nice to hear but I think as "U" fans we need to slow down just a bit. The "U" does have talent but they are not dominant just yet. Let's be honest, past Cane teams that won the NC's would beat this current team by at least two touchdowns. Those teams were dominant. Once the "U" gets the NCAA dumb fu..s off their back, domination could make it's way back to Coral Gables. Go Canes.

Just waiting for Canes'72...errrr....Jim Gallo to pipe in about his days as a Navy Seal.

BWWWAAHA. That is great comedy. The closest that maggot has been to seals is at the zoo.


UM has a long way to go to win a Nat'l Championship. Let's be realistic here. How about a win over Carolina - that's all this team needs right now. Gimmicky Ga. Tech can be difficult to defend, but UM has not faced another team with a good offense this year. This team still has a lot to prove. The jury is still out on this team. I'm cautiously optimistic. UM will face some adversity against Carolina, and we'll see how they handle it.

If I'm picking the Heisman winner, I give it to:

1) The FSU QB

2) A tie between Manziel and Mariota.

Former RS recruit ad superstar standout NW product simply won'y win.

And the UM to win the NC a lot of peripheral stuff has to happen: Those are BIG odds. And I don't see Alabama, Ohio State, FSU, Oregon or for that matter, Louisville, dropping out of sight.

Bridgewater won't win. Clowney won't win. Watkins won't win and Boyd won't win.

JRA: JJ's teams would beat this team. So would the teams of Coker and Erickson. The difference maker: Coaching and utilization of players and strategy on D and O.

What a way to put the cart before the horse Manny. We have not even been to the ACC CG and you are talking about National Championship? Phew.

One game at a time fellas. Go 'Canes, beat the 'Heels

Just win this Thursday and don't think about any of this crap yet.

The odds makers see it, the ACC is down this year. Plus Miami is as talented as any team in the conference. Will this very well paid staff show the results that this talented team possesses? This year will be a complete failure if this team does not win, at least, 13 games.

Calvin thinks Randy Shannon should win the Heisman.

Duke johnson is going to have monster game. Bet that. He will be forworded to the top of the list. I know this already. Miami is a serious contender. Havent even been close to their best game yet... Thats scary good.

Posted by: ChampCane | October 16, 2013 at 04:49 PM

The team may be talented, but they have not played up to their potential yet and they have not been very consistent. Also have a turnover problem in the past two games.

So, this team needs to take care of one game at a time.
Let's just say your other remarks are beyond idiotic.

The coaches are considered great when they can have their teams reach their full potential. Will Al Golden finally show the skills that a great coach possesses? Or will he fail by not winning, at least, 13 games this year?

Guys U all really need to calm down. We still havent accomplished anything! Two notable wins isnt impressive! We have a weak schedule and still havent played the likes of virginia tech, florida state and yes even north carolina & virginia often gives us trouble! Lets take this one game at a time!! And as a previous post says i dont see alabama, oregon, ohio state going anywhere!!

Oh state plays NO ONE. IF Alabama ends up 13-0 and just say ohio state is 13-0, if the Canes go undefeated, that means we have beaten FSU 2 times, or FSU 1 and Clemson 1, plus UF will be a top 15 team most likely. So Miami would jump ohio state.

Problem is Oregon plays a weak sister schedule too, so, ,,,let it play out

Canes win big tomorrow. By 14-17 or more. Lay the points, STATEMENT GAME

We have a top 10 Offense and top 10 in D per ESPN now. Where are the bashers? When we all said we were playing young guys???? Did I see #1 pass D also?

Posted by: bad boy cane | October 16, 2013 at 08:14 PM

This is a different team than in years past and the enthusiasm you read is acknowledgement of that. I agree focus should be on the next game, but as fans I suppose you have the liberty to say and think things the players won't.

For example:

1. We are undefeated and in the top 10, which has not happened in years.
2. We are building a good team and there's no reason to think we will not continue to gradually improve through recent set-backs.
3. We have been tested physically by the second best defense in the country and left points on the field in a very physical a win.
4. We are loaded with talent.

While we have not faced a QB like Bryn Renner this season, we can clearly pressure the pocket better this year than last, which can lead to TOs. I look forward to seeing the d-line and secondary respond to this challenge. It's tough to play aggressively in the secondary if you can't apply pressure, which was the problem last year. I expect D'Onofrio to be more aggressive in his game plan and I expect some of the youngsters to announce themselves to the country.

I'm psyched. If Morris and crew figure things out in the next two games it's going to be interesting. Ride the Duke.

We have a top 10 Offense and top 10 in D per ESPN now. Where are the bashers? When we all said we were playing young guys???? Did I see #1 pass D also?

Posted by: Dom | October 16, 2013 at 08:34 PM

Don't confuse "scoring offense" and "scoring defense" with "total offense" and "total defense". Our Total offense is currently ranked 21st and our total defense is currently ranked 12th. Our pass defense is currently ranked 1st (thanks to GT) and our run defense is currently ranked 70th (no thanks to GT).


I agree that the players and coaches need to keep on doing what they are doing which is taking things one game at a time, but we as fans also need to do that as well unless we want to be let down. Now I agree that this team is different than in years past but we are still a young team and although we are better we are still not good enough as a team to look past any team no matter their record and think the game will be a give me. We aren't the Canes of the 80's or the 01 team, where we could just show up and have a so so game and win by twenty. UNC will be pumped at home for the game and they have players who can make the plays needed to win, so until that clock hits triple zero's and we have the lead, I as a fan am not looking at any other team or title.

Huge improvement over last year's defense. The UTough strength and conditioning program has transformed this program starting at the line of scrimmage and especially on defensive side of the ball. I read somewhere that the total gain for our defense was 155 pounds of added muscle mass. That's an amazing number when you take into account that these kids are high end athletes and not scrawny book worms who avoided gym class like the plague.

enjoy the ride folks

Just win baby

The Marlins stadium is sitting empty after the inept Marlins closed out the regular season but it will host a football bowl game this season if i'm not mistaken. While I find it shameful another football team will open play on that hallowed ground, I believe it will pave the road for []_[]s to return to our rightful place in little Havana. That stadium has the []_[] written all over it.

My middle name is "ICE".

1 week at a time..I would'nt mind a little help from Clemson.

I'm thinking about nothing but the Tar Heels, but on a side note I was watching VT playing Pitt, VT is 1 dimensional, and thier Qb blows. If we can stop GT offense we can def stop VT. Remember last year...we beat them.

I'm really worried about this game against the heels, feels like an upset game. Expect the worst and hope for the best i guess.

Didn't UM sign a 25 year lease with Sun Life Stadium before the 2008 season?

I wish UM could build a stadium near its campus and use it hold high school state championship games as well as for track & field but that's never going to happen at a small private university.

I have been to several Dolphins games at Sun Life and you just sit back too far from the field so that Stadium will never have a college football atmosphere where the fans seem to be sitting right on top of the players.

I have been to several Dolphins games at Sun Life and you just sit back too far from the field so that Stadium will never have a college football atmosphere where the fans seem to be sitting right on top of the players.

Posted by: Jim | October 16, 2013 at 10:53 PM

One of the stadium renovations that Ross wants to do now that the baseball team is gone is to lower the field and add more seating right on top of the benches. The problem is he wants the taxpayers to pay for it!
If you or I had 4.8 billion we would "just do it", but in his "club" they derive more satisfaction making someone else pay whether they can afford it or not.

Go 'canes!

So you are telling me we have a chance!!!

People in S. Florida a DUMB ENOUGH to help Ross pay for stadium upgrades, and we have CROOKED ENOUGH politicians who will help sucker voters into voting "YES PLEASE TAKE OUR TAXPAYER MONEY TO HELP A BILLIONAIRE GET RICHER".

Been watching this crap since the 90's....First Miami Heat arena, Joe Robbie, Marlin's, Second heat arena.....on and on...


ditto west coast. The coorrupt politicians are the same ones who foiught against UM ever having a stadium during the glory years. Partcularly corrupt Coral Gables people. Seriously back between 1983- 1995 think abouthow much revenue the UM brand name brought to M-D. Not to mention the pride etc. The Dolphins were fun to watch bc of Marino, but they never won nything worth mentioning, while Miami played for 8 national championships and won 4 during that time span

Posted by: Jersey Cane | October 16, 2013 at 10:39 PM

I am glad you are not the one who will be on the field.

We have better talent and we will need to show it on the field tonight. Play confident without fear, score early and often. D needs to come out on fire like it did against UF.

Been watching this crap since the 90's....First Miami Heat arena, Joe Robbie, Marlin's, Second heat arena.....on and on...


Posted by: WestCoastCane | October 17, 2013 at 02:27 AM

I agree with all of this, except for one item.

Joe Robbie was different. He built the stadium with his own money. ZERO taxpayer help. But then he had the bad luck to die, leaving it to his wife, who before she could get her taxes paid off, also died. Government then swept in and took from his heirs so much that they had to sell the team to the vulture Huizinga. The same guy that ran Shula out of town, dismantled the first Marlins title team, moved the Panthers to Broward, and actually went to the State and demanded the 20 million and tax incentives that the Robbie's chose not to get. Once he milked the team dry, he ruined the football team, sold off the hockey and baseball teams, and then sold the stadium and team to Ross.

You cannot blame Joe Robbie for all that, the guy just ended up getting cheated out of enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Speaking of gullible taxpayers, anyone else getting MULTIPLE phone calls from some folks trying to jack up the taxes for Jackson Memorial, again?

Just a reminder. State tax is 6%. We pay another cent, because the voters passed a TEMPORARY 1/2 cent tax for Jackson that looks like it will be permanent, and another 1/2 cent to help public transit, with the promise that the 836 and 874 would lose their tolls. They actually ADDED tolls afterward. And the promise as well was that they would get a fleet of new buses and have Metrorail go to Joe Robbie and the airport and the beaches. 10 years later, none of the promises kept, lies swallowed by the gullible populace, and MILLIONS have gone into their pockets in new tolls and taxes, and now they are coming out hat in hand for MORE.

Sales tax used to be 4 cents, and all our government services ran fine. Don't fall for it, the beggars are just trolling for more of our money.

Kirk Herbstreit was on this morning telling folks that if Miami wins this one big, he will lighten up on his doubts about them. Says they have had a bad habit of losing these winnable games, and he is right. Lets see if this new group has broken that habit. Losing to FSU in their house a year after we lost by 13 at home is not a terrble thing as we continue to rebuild. But losing to a 1-4 UNC that we owe a loss to would be a rotten step back.

THAT is why I keep saying this and every game is important, because any loss hurts, but a loss when we are favored would hurt far worse, for next year's preseason poll, this year's recruiting, and even the confidence that it would give the Wake, Virginia, Duke, Pittsburgh, and even Virginia Tech teams in the following weeks.

Win, win big, and win without remorse or that late gift TD like we did for weaker teams like UF, Savannah State, USF, and GT.

If you or I had 4.8 billion we would "just do it", but in his "club" they derive more satisfaction making someone else pay whether they can afford it or not.
Go 'Canes!
Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 17, 2013 at 12:17 AM

Agreed. In addition, he would just use that extra money to give to some OTHER college, like Michigan, rather than to the local schools that need it more. Michigan doesn't need his money, Miami, FIU, and even St Thomas, Booker T, Northwestern, Central, nearby Norland, and even non-powerhouse schools like North Miami Beach would and could use that money better.

Think about it, it would be like the Detroit Lions giving US that money. Local fans, Local tax dollars, local profits, going to this guy's whims in Michigan. Just like Loria taking money that could go to Cabrera and the other former Marlins to give to Yale.

Ross and Loria, a pox on both their houses.

I read somewhere that the total gain for our defense was 155 pounds of added muscle mass. That's an amazing number when you take into account that these kids are high end athletes and not scrawny book worms who avoided gym class like the plague.
Posted by: Jim | October 16, 2013 at 09:59 PM

That is expected in part just from them getting older. But it should be easy enough to check.

71 Anthony Chickillo 6-4 265 2012
71 Anthony Chickillo 6-4 277 2013 12
39 Antonio Crawford 5-11 188 2012
21 Antonio Crawford 5-11 187 2013 -1
67 Corey King 6-1 292 2012
67 Corey King 6-1 296 2013 4
96 Curtis Porter 6-1 308 2012
96 Curtis Porter 6-1 325 2013 17
52 Denzel Perryman 6-0 230 2012
52 Denzel Perryman 6-0 240 2013 10
2 Deon Bush 6-1 195 2012
2 Deon Bush 6-1 203 2013 8
97 Dwayne Hoilett 6-3 247 2012
97 Dwayne Hoilett 6-3 245 2013 -2
72 Earl Moore 6-1 300 2012
72 Earl Moore 6-1 302 2013 2
54 JaWand Blue 6-0 210 2012
54 JaWand Blue 6-0 232 2013 22
99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5 271 2012
99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5 285 2013 14
59 Jimmy Gaines 6-3 232 2012
59 Jimmy Gaines 6-3 240 2013 8
38 Jordan Tolson 6-1 192 2012
38 Jordan Tolson 6-1 195 2013 3
22 Kacy Rodgers II 6-2 212 2012
22 Kacy Rodgers II 6-2 208 2013 -4
94 Kelvin Cain 6-3 245 2012
94 Kelvin Cain 6-3 250 2013 5
37 Ladarius Gunter 6-2 196 2012
37 Ladarius Gunter 6-2 196 2013 0
11 Larry Hope 6-0 183 2012
24 Larry Hope 6-0 183 2013 0
93 Luther Robinson 6-3 290 2012
93 Luther Robinson 6-3 296 2013 6
57 Nantambu-Akil Fentress 5-9 205 2012
28 Nantambu-Akil Fentress 5-9 198 2013 -7
35 Nate Dortch 5-11 175 2012
35 Nate Dortch 5-11 173 2013 -2
91 Olsen Pierre 6-4 296 2012
91 Olsen Pierre 6-5 305 2013 9
56 Raphael Kirby 6-0 223 2012
56 Raphael Kirby 6-1 235 2013 12
29 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1 203 2012
26 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1 208 2013 5
51 Shayon Green 6-3 260 2012
51 Shayon Green 6-3 264 2013 4
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3 222 2012
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3 233 2013 11
3 Tracy Howard 5-11 185 2012
3 Tracy Howard 5-11 184 2013 -1
17 Tyriq McCord 6-3 236 2012
17 Tyriq McCord 6-3 235 2013 -1
31 Tyrone Cornileus 6-2 215 2012
31 Tyrone Cornileus 6-2 225 2013 10

144 total added pounds, note that there were seven players that lost 188 total pounds. If we consider that each of these 27 players lost 1 pound of fat, that would put us at 171 total muscle mass added by returning defensive players, or about six pounds each.

We opened the year at 25-1 geez. Titanic hits iceberg

Great feel good - make believe - day dream - type of worthless story.
Bottom line the canes have no shot at winning the NC. Too many much better teams ranked ahead, what's so hard to understand?
Some one said past cane teams would beat this one by 2 TDs. Not only that but ALL the teams in the current top 15 would destroy these canes.
Now back to the same deal about how tough this Carolina game will be.
Next week the same manure about how tough Wake will be.
In reality the whole world knows you have played a crap schedule, only Louisville has a weaker one.
Condi Rice said the playoff selection commitee will value SOS very much. Guess you shouldn't have ran away from playing LSU next year.
No NC this season and none next year. About time you schedule some good competition.
Bur North Carolina looms tonite, the horror.

NC...the horror, lol please.....another team that any high school in Florida could beat.....

NC / 1-4 and 0-2 conference.....how much weaker does a team have to get?...the bottom of the division....

golden has embarrassed this team beyond recognition....offense still struggling against garbage teams......

fsu is gonna crush us......you will all see,then the truth will come out that golden/dnofrio have to go.....

how do you have 4 turnovers and barely win against a weak team like GT?

Fact Check:



You girls quit the series...AGAIN!!

this team should be crushing its opponents by wide margins.....it should be well oil given the experience and size but is STRUGGLING.....miscues and mistakes all over the place.....that's coaching, plain and simple.

No way is this team a top 10 team.....cane teams of the past would have won every game so far by 21 points at least against win/loss records these canes have faced...

Thoughs of you who think Shannon was a good HC is insane. I guess its only Calvin, just look at what his recruits have done after the left UM.

Joke Harris: CFL??
Marcus Forston: Practice Squad
Robert Marve: WOrking at 7/11
Tommy Streeter: Out the NFL
Sean Spence: Has he played one snap in the NFL yet?

The list goes on and on, these guys didnt have dicipline and never improved since there freshman years. The list goes on and all, Golden has done a much better job, let just all hope he doesnt bolt but Im sure like all great coaches he will at some point

al goldens NFL record:

zero in the NFL....

randy shannnon - 1 yr as HC
Al golden - 7 yrs as HC

Spence is rehabing a typically career ending injury. Back to work this week.


Hope Spence can get back...good luck!

We're debating winning the bcs?

How about we wimn the acc first.

Bottom line is that in a game against any team out there, I think we win. How long has it been since we felt that way? Progress is being made.

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