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Canes listed as 25-1 shot of winning BCS championship

The road to a sixth national championship is as long as it used to be anymore. In fact, even Vegas is giving the Hurricanes a good shot.

After cracking the Top 10 this week, UM is listed with a 25-1 shot to win it all this season. At the beginning of the year, UM had 33-1 odds to win it all.

Truth is the only game UM probably won't be favored in the rest of the way is at Florida State on Nov. 2, and potentially the ACC championship game. So maybe the odds should be even better.

Here's a look at the latest lines from Bovada:

                Last week Current odds
Alabama      19/10      7/4
Oregon          7/2      11/5
Ohio State      6/1      6/1
Baylor          10/1      12/1
Clemson      14/1      12/1
Florida St.   12/1      12/1
LSU             25/1      14/1
Louisville     25/1      25/1
Miami         25/1       25/1
Texas A&M 50/1        25/1
UCLA         40/1        40/1
Missouri     100/1      100/1
S. Carolina 200/1      100/1
Stanford      14/1      100/1
Florida      150/1      Off the Board
Georgia      25/1      Off the Board
Oklahoma   25/1      Off the Board
Michigan     33/1      Off the Board
Okla. St.   250/1      Off the Board

Odds to win the 2013-2014 Heisman Trophy:
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon) 8/5 7/5

Johnny Manziel (QB Texas A&M) 6/1 5/1
Jameis Winston (QB Florida St.) 9/1 11/2
Tajh Boyd (QB Clemson) 6/1 7/1
Teddy Bridgewater (QB Louisville) 13/2 10/1
A.J. McCarron (QB Alabama) 10/1 14/1
Brett Hundley (QB UCLA) 25/1 14/1
Bryce Petty (QB Baylor) 33/1 25/1
Lache Seastrunk (RB Baylor) 20/1 33/1
T.J. Yeldon (RB Alabama) 33/1 40/1
Duke Johnson (RB Miami) 50/1 50/1
Sammy Watkins (WR Clemson) 75/1 100/1
Aaron Murray (QB Georgia) 12/1 Off the Board
Blake Bell (QB Oklahoma) 33/1 Off the Board
Braxton Miller (QB Ohio State) 33/1 Off the Board
De'Anthony Thomas (RB Oregon) 33/1 Off the Board
Kevin Hogan (QB Stanford) 50/1 Off the Board
Todd Gurley (RB Georgia) 50/1 Off the Board


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I b don't blame uf for quitting the series, they can't hamg with us. The loss od street cred would be too much to handle.

FactDouche, how much worse can the schedule get? Well, we could play the UFraud schedule which includes Arky. You remember Arky, right. They lost to Rutgers.

Whooooo, that SEC is real tough. When you say SEC, you really mean SEC West, more specifically, just LSU and Bama. The rest, Big East South.

BWWWWHAAAHAHAHA. But you'll be watching tonight, won't you, gatr maggot. You will watch the way champions play tonight.

Posted by: Five Titles | October 16, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Absolutely well said. All the people who think DS railroaded RS have no clue. You simple exposé yourselves to be ignorant on this particular subject. If you want to say the board or boosters didn't have a tremendous amount of faith in RS then fine, but don't dare try to hang this on Donna's head.

Posted by: One finger []_[]p | October 16, 2013 at 12:18 PM

I'm not sure where you got the "troll/shalala railroaded shannon" statement but you should give credit where credit is due, that distinction belongs to locutt, nipple & the snitch. But you certainly are not saying troll/shalala gave randy just as much support in 3 years than they gave coach goldie in barely 1 year, it's not even close. shannon went 3 & 1 against real teams and all division 1 opponents, this record we have now, while 5 & 0 is a good thing, 2 of those teams would have problems with BOOKER T., and usF is in the Great rebuild phase. But shannon have to scratch and claw in his 3rd year just to get a raise from 800K to over a million, what did coach goldie do in year one that he deserved to get that much of a pay raise and extension.

Fact Check and Gallo both arrive at the same time? what a coincidence!

It was a great few days without the sicko in his many aliases here to threaten our coaches, players, and fans.

Florida 150/1 Off the Board
Georgia 25/1 Off the Board
Oklahoma 25/1 Off the Board
Michigan 33/1 Off the Board
Okla. St. 250/1 Off the Board

I wish I could also see:

Fact Check Off the Board
Jim Gallo Off the Board

But we know the sicko will be back to taunt with every news report of the Sean Taylor murder trial. Still haven't seen you apologize for the lie that you were working with the cops on a drug dealer angle, sicko.

Five Titles douche bag always looking for some conspiracy.
Five tiles douche boy playing detective Sherlock Holmes jock handler always accusing others of make believe threats.
Five Titles douche sack how come you did not dig up a post from the 1980s and attribute it to me or Gallo, or Calvin, or
Cane72, or canetrash, or yo mama.
Five Titles douche girl face the truth, all I'm saying is Carolina sucks, Wake sucks, every team in your schedule, except for 2, suck.

While I have also cringed with the late, cheap touchdowns, it is important to remember that other than the Florida game those scores came against our 2nd and 3 string players.

Here's my point...those cheap touchdowns were worth the price as they came while giving many of next years starters or contributors badly needed game experience.

I've seen a couple people use the phrase will be reckoned with when referring to
UM this season .The correct terminology is actually a force to be reckoned with which means a problem you have to deal with .If we have been reckoned with that means we have been dealt with.Not tryin to be a stickler about it just don't want any bad juju for the U

"a force to be reckoned with which means a problem you have to deal with ."
Correct terminology, incorrectly applied to a farce like UM football that keeps racking victories over hapless teams that any decent top 15 team would destroy without any problems.

"will be reckoned with "
Correct terminology regarding the farce of the #10 over ranked team since that is what will happen when they play FSU AND any top 15 team they happen to face in a minor bowl game.

Thoughs of you who think Shannon was a good HC is insane. I guess its only Calvin, just look at what his recruits have done after the left UM.

Joke Harris: CFL??
Marcus Forston: Practice Squad
Robert Marve: WOrking at 7/11
Tommy Streeter: Out the NFL
Sean Spence: Has he played one snap in the NFL yet?

The list goes on and on, these guys didnt have dicipline and never improved since there freshman years. The list goes on and all, Golden has done a much better job, let just all hope he doesnt bolt but Im sure like all great coaches he will at some point

Posted by: Truth | October 17, 2013 at 10:16 AM

For a first time headcoach shannon did a solid job when you factor in the lack of real support he got from the troll & her minions.

I notice your weak list of really 4 guys you tried to post that didn't do so well in the nfl yet, but when you put sean spence on your list, a guy that got a real serious possible career ending injury, your buffoonery really shows.

How about these guys in the nfl:
jimmy graham
orlando franklin
travis benjamin
sam shields(who switched him to defense)
damien berry
brandon washington
allen bailey

There are more, but i'll stop there since once again, your inability to use logic once again allowed your emotions to win out, get your facts straight!

Great feel good - make believe - day dream - type of worthless story.
Well, you DON'T have to read it, sicko. And you DON'T have to comment on it, troll. It is about an update to what folks around the country feel are the odds for us, and the other contenders. Notice that your team is NOT a contender, thanks to Miami. 21-16, sicko.

Bottom line the canes have no shot at winning the NC. Too many much better teams ranked ahead, what's so hard to understand?
No, the GATORS have no shot at winning the NC, nor any shot at the state title, nor any shot at an undefeated season. As for what's hard to understand, is WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE, sicko. Your lies about the team were exposed. Your lies about Sean Taylor were exposed, and your lies about the Gators beating the Canes were exposed. In fact, YOU were exposed, as the fraud and troll that you are. Now go away.

Some one said past cane teams would beat this one by 2 TDs.
Yes, contrary to YOUR preseason predictions, troll, we are merely saying we have a chance. Nobody is claiming this is the 1987 or 2001 Canes.

Not only that but ALL the teams in the current top 15 would destroy these canes.
False. We already beat a team that was in the Top 15, exposed them, and showed other teams their weaknesses. We could do the same for many of the others on that list. Just accept that this team is better than the one a year ago, and move on.

Now back to the same deal about how tough this Carolina game will be.
You don't like to read that, you can leave. Multiple folks have predicted a double digit win, said the spread is too low, etc. Used to be you would attack them as delusional, now you jump on the other side and say they are being too conservative? Get a life, sicko. Fact, for "Fact Check", when a team beats you at home, and has a winning sereis record against you, and is a rival, you have to respect that. You chose not to when facing the Canes, but we have more class than that, and we can accept that UNC will give us trouble based on past history, recent history, and the switch from home venue to road venue.

Next week the same manure about how tough Wake will be.
You are right. You know how to avoid reading that? You can LEAVE, sicko. As has been pointed out to you by "not our rival" many many times, we don't PLAY you anymore, your team's choice, so there is no reason to troll here with your sick lies.

In reality the whole world knows you have played a crap schedule, only Louisville has a weaker one.
Only because Florida turned out weaker than expected. Have they scored a touchdown against a real defense without the help of the refs or a late prvent defense yet? Funny how when UF doesn't go outside the state of Florida for the first half of the season, you call it championship scheduling. When Miami does that, JUST ONCE, you are all bitter and up in arms and ranting and profane about how bad that scheduling move is. What a hypocrite troll you are.

Condi Rice said the playoff selection commitee will value SOS very much.
She also said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. How did that turn out? They will take the top four ranked teams unless someone stands out at number 5, and you know it.

Guess you shouldn't have ran away from playing LSU next year.
Guess you wish you could have ran away from playing LSU THIS year, huh curse piggy.

No NC this season and none next year.
That will be true for about 124 teams, including UF. Why are you even here pointing that out then?

About time you schedule some good competition.
You mean like Florida? Took us five years and multiple attempts, and then they turned out to be a dud. How about you let our people worry about our scehdule, and you go call the Citadel to see if you can get them to step in for Missouri, troll.

Bur North Carolina looms tonite, the horror.
Yep, we are only worrying about this game, one at a time, not about some sicko that is obsessed with these Canes, day after day after day. Must have eaten at your soul to be without internet access for one day, huh sicko?

Posted by: Curse Piggy | October 17, 2013 at 09:39 AM

Calvin u suck morris had a bad game and the score was 18-14. Our d was no where compared to now. Dude find something other than the caneso to ride.

Posted by: cane4ever | October 16, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Had nothing to do with smo17 having a bad game, that's just how he plays against even competition. Go and check his stats, they mostly came only against poor defenses, as soon as we play a team with a solid defense, he doesn't elevate his game to the next level and goes right back to being a bottle the offense up type of qb.


Shannon sucked how many times were the Canes favored only to lose against against a inferior team. Remember the VA game in the Orange Bowl??

D Berry sucks
Brandon W was cut
Allen Baily isnt special
Ojomo exactly where is he?
C Mac WHo the he ll is this?

Ok Jimmy G good, Orlando F, Good, Travis B just ok

You proved my point with you weak list bro

Reality Check (Fact Check with another ID change), why are you even here? You are attacking a guy that did nothing to you. Leave him, and the rest of us, alone. The series is over, your rivalry is over, you can leave.

Had nothing to do with smo17 having a bad game, that's just how he plays against even competition. Go and check his stats, they mostly came only against poor defenses, as soon as we play a team with a solid defense, he doesn't elevate his game to the next level and goes right back to being a bottle the offense up type of qb.
Posted by: Calvin | October 17, 2013 at 11:29 AM

Calvin, just pointing out that the same could be said about Bridgewater, Jacory, or even Marino. ALL good QBs end up padding their stats against weaker competition, not just Morris. Not trying to stir up trouble, just saying that you can't hold that against Morris when it happens to all QBs.

gotta temper all this hype talk please...can we just talk about tonight's matchup? beating UNC is 10 times more important than speculation....how about our running game vs the d-line? or our WRs vs their secondary?...etc...I am worried about this game...shouldn't be...we have a good team, that seems to be focused, poised for greater things...but, please...WIN this game...win each game..one play at a time 'til the clock reads...0:00...
I as a long time CANES fan am very happy to see the turnaround, and fight in this group of players...but focus should be on UNC...not 25-1 ODDS....GOD Bless all my Cane brothers and sisters!

NC...the horror, lol please.....another team that any high school in Florida could beat.....
I understand, the Mushchamp Gators were not the team you promised us they would be. Get over it. You do know that nott all Florida high schools are Booker T, they get to face 1-4 teams as well. Are you on their blog ripping their schedule? I doubt it.

NC / 1-4 and 0-2 conference.....how much weaker does a team have to get?...the bottom of the division....
That "weak" team beat us last year. They are a conference opponent, division rival, and tied us for the division lead last year. You had predicted they would beat us just four weeks ago, and now we should not even play them? Pick a side and stick with it.

golden has embarrassed this team beyond recognition....offense still struggling against garbage teams......
5-0 and beating a state rival in their last game against us and getting us back to the Top 10 is embarrassing? Top 10 recruiting class even with the negative recruiting that Mushchamp and his minions do down here is embarrassing? I think your claims would be embarrassing, if you actually had any shame left.

fsu is gonna crush us......you will all see,then the truth will come out that golden/dnofrio have to go.....
You also said GT and UF were going to crush us, how did that turn out for you? Let's worry about FSU later on, right now we have UNC and Wake to worry about first.

how do you have 4 turnovers and barely win against a weak team like GT?
15 point win is barely winning, when we gift them a late TD to drop it from 22? Okay, when the NCAA comes up with a 15 point play in football, I will start to worry about that.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 17, 2013 at 09:55 AM

Well said MARK.

UNC for 60 game minutes, then worry about Wake.

Ron, I agree that they can be used as learning experiences, just like that late Crow INT for a TD can be used to teach him a few things. But these pollsters look at the final score without looking at the details, and it ends up leaving us underrated compared to those teams that leave their starters in all through the game.

Not a big deal, it will all work out by the end of the season, but it is a bad trend I hope does not repeat tonight.

At least the sicko admits that FSU and Virginia Tech are the top two opponents on our schedule, and that the rest, like UNC, Savannah State, and UF, are not real contenders.

Truth, you missed Sam Shields on your list. Would you say that he has improved and been an NFL caliber player on defense after RS moved him to defense?

We get it that Randy was not Jimmy Johnson, or even Butch Davis. But he at least took what he had and put them in the right positions. Jimmy Graham and Sam Sheilds and many others owe their NFL careers to RS, that is true no matter which side of the love/hate Randy divide we fall under.

Five Tiles,

Are you kidding me owe it to Randy Shannon, some of you have horrible memories. Jimmy G had butter fingers as a TE at the U, he got wayyy better as a NFL player and Sam Sheilds couldnt find a posisition as a UM player, flip between WR and CB thanks to Shannon.

Both of these players got better as NFL players than they were at UM under Shannon.

Shannon sucked guys, hes prob a nice guy but never made any adjustments as a head coach and the team was rarely prepared

This is a totally different team for the 'U'.

1) Much more at stake than last year ( 10th Ranking )
2) Bigger lines with more football IQ.
3) Playing positions and strategy DURING the game.
4) Less free lance playing and ad libbing in positions especially on D.
5) Better diet and preparation.
6) More mature in approach, especially on the road.
7) Confident O line with quick strikes to come back in a game.
8) O has more weapons to use. Run, cross patterns, receivers, tight ends, can switch up and opponents do not know what to key on.
9) Better conditioning to withstand play for a full game without sucking wind on D.
10) Maturity which means players are more Coachable and can adjust to changes applied as the game is in progress (e.g. GT and the D).

This team has more at stake than any 'Cane teams in the last 4-5 years. Win and the showdown with Fla. State will be huge.
Lose and we play for a decent bowl and VT becomes a key.

The players and Coaches know what is at stake. We as fans do, but this team is very low key with the process of 1 game at a time.

The 'U' 28- 'Heels -10
Go 'Canes

The only thing Randy did worth any praise at all was recruit well in his home town ..he didn't develop any of that talent and was the worst gameday coach we have ever seen at Miami

Hell, our focus shouldn't only be one game at a time, but one play at a time!!

I am so pumped bout our must win game tonight. Very tough conference game against our rivals. Scary they will be donning all black unis tonite.
What if the lights go out and we won't be able to see them in the dark, with the black unis and all that, you know. How can we stop them if we can't see 'em.
I hope The Great Golden has a plan for that possible eventuality in his 300 page book.
Anyways we will be tested by a top team this week and again next week when we face the Terrible Demons of The Forest.
Not fair we have to face the all black uniformed heels and the forest demons back to back.
But we can handle it cause we have The Great Golden as our skipper and he has a 300 page guide.

Hell, our focus shouldn't only be one game at a time, but one play at a time!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | October 17, 2013 at 12:57 PM

That is exactly right. It is the fundamental premise that is at the heart of Coach G's philosophy.

Each play lives on the other!!. No play stands alone.

It is the body of work on the field that wins or lose.

Our 'Canes will do it..1 play at a time.
Picasso painted all those masterpieces one brushstroke at a time.

We will take their Blackout and make it become misery for them, one play at a time.
One thing more on the dart board to aim for.
Go 'Canes

Before the season a lot of people were pegging this game as a L in the column, now, not so much.

Visitor has played horribly in this series but is on a two game win streak.

I'm just hoping that Golden gets to steal Spurrier's black out line at the post game conference about how it was easier to see the football against the background as they threw it over their heads for multiple long yardage touchdowns.

UNC can't run ball, but UM gave up big yards on the ground to an option team that is struggling mightily running the option this year so that might not hold up tonight. Golden hasn't gotten to a half game over .500 for his career just yet . . .

UNC defense is giving up over 200 yards rushing per game, to less talented backs than Duke Johnson. He had 184 yards rushing last game, should see similar results this game.

Unless of course we build up such a big lead that the backups come in before he meets his averages.

Funny how three very different trolls, all disappeared at the same time when only one got IP banned, all returned at the same time. Do they live together in the same trailer? Nahh, unless you count living within one skull as living together. Maybe that is why he doesn't think of himself as obese, each of his four personalities weigh 100 pounds. As he gains weight, he gains another obsessed ID.

Last year, Duke as a backup only gained 3.4 yards per carry against UNC. But this year, he is double that average at 6.8. If he can continue that pace, against a team that is allowing only 4.14 yards per rush, Miami wins this game easily.

And last year, Morris had just about his worst game against the Tarheels. Not only 12-26 and 2 INTs, but that was his first big injury, also to his ankle. If he plays up to his usual level, and avoids injury this time, Miami wins this game easily.

Ron and UGoCane, I thought you would like this quote from the preview:

Golden knows his team hasn't accomplished anything yet and wants to keep them focused on the task at hand.

"At the end of the season we'll count them up and see where we're at. We're 0-0 going into this game. All that matters right now is going to Chapel Hill, being a mature team, having poise, playing with poise, communicating, executing. The rest of it doesn't really matter. It's all about North Carolina right now, and we have to continue to have that bunker mentality for the rest of the year."

0-0 for today, lets end the day 1-0.

Great quote Five titles!

What I actually want to see improve in this game, and I know others have brought it up, is our short passing game. With UNC keying on the run, and it being years since we used the bubble screen so it is not in their scouting report anymore, it would be great to put it in there a few times to get Duke out in the open with the ball, where he can make others miss and gain better than 6.8 yards per play.

If Duke has five catches in this game, that will be 50 yards of offense at least right there.

Just win baby
...that is all

Gatr Garbage played Arkansas. A tough SEC opponent, you ask? Well, they lost to Rutgers so it is your average SEC team. Other than LSU or Alabama, that conference is puke.

Five titles, you and your alternative ID's conversing with yourself can't count. Time to throw in the commenting towel like the right wing did the repeal the ACA movement and let real individuals on this blog have a conversation with each other as opposed to your monolog under a different ID every three minutes which results in unreadable blog clutter. Go troll the gator blogs instead of bringing them up here every fifth comment nimrod.

Huh? Someone with a new ID, who has NEVER talked sports here, is pulling out the tirfecta of troll actions?

1. Bring up politics to see if he can get Canes fans to argue politics.

2. Attack a Canes fan, claiming that the mess that he is cleaning up is actually his fault.

3. Bring up the gatrs, and then complain if someone responds about how pathetic the gatrs are.

And then as a bonus, AGAIN demanding that I troll the gatr blogs to try to build up a rivalry that is OVAH! Let's try to make this clear even for your newest ID to handle. I have ZERO desire to go to the gatr blogs, fool. You see, unlike you, I have moved on and was discussing UNC before you attacked me, sicko. That would be like asking me to go to visit the Colorado or South Carolina blogs, they are no longer on our schedule, and no longer matter to Canes fans. Give up, yoou are now irrelevant to us other than as a running joke, piggy.

So now you think I am Mark, Ron, UGoCane, Truth, Calvin, and even NiNi? No, you actually don't think that, you just like to attack with anything you can, hoiping to see something stick. Another fail for the failure troll.

There you go Five Douches, some one else complains about you and you say it's the same guy.
Did you find any 1960s posts that you want to contribute to this new guy?
You are some big time douche bag.

Ahh, so you change from ID to ID, then when someone accuses you of it, you pretend you have been one ID all along for the past five years? You have changed IDs so often, I bet you don't even remember who you originally were on here, the Sun Sentinel, and the Palm Beach Post.

Look, I have no idea what I did to you to make you start off each day attacking me, and I don't care. Whatever it was, it does not deserve the foul language, personal abuse, lies, and general attacks you post here on Canes players, Canes coaches, Canes fans, and Canes posters on here. If you would like to meet in person to discuss this great misunderstanding, I am sure myself or many of the other Canes fans on here would be happy to oblige.

After all, it isn't like you really work for the FBI and local police to solve murders of drug dealing Canes players, as you claimed, so it should not be a situation where you would have a taser and gun with you. Then we can sit down, have a cool drink, and figure out if you truly have an issue with me, or you just have an issue with anyone posting on here worthy of your bitterness and hatred.

I look forward to you accepting the offer. After all, the game finished, 21-16, but you never did meet me in the parking lot like you promised.

You really like that word I see. Did you get beaten by one as a child? Or were you caught licking the nozzle because it was the only way you could get near a woman's natural scent? Either way, it is your favorite word and favorite device, either for the joy or the fear it brought you. Come on, meet with me and we can discuss it, get you the help you really need.

Back to the game:

Last year, despite having a horrible defense, and UNC having a great QB and RB, we were able to hold them to 18 points. Since we held all the other teams we faced to two TDs or less, other than GT getting some early and late gifts, I would expect that we should again keep UNC under three TDs.

So all we need from our offense is three or four TDs, which they have been able to give us in all our games this year. I feel confident that we should win this game despite UNC beating us last year. We are that much better.

Fact check.....Louisville is the only team in the top 15 that has a weaker schedule than UM?.... bama has the 64 th weakest schedule in the country. U should post as antifact check

Good point 21-16. Guy changes to an ID of "Fact Check", but doesn't check his facts. Same as when he would post as if he was Art Kehoe or Don Soldinger, but was never actually either of them.

And then he begs me to go to the gatr blogs to start trouble, just so he can justify his daily attacks on here.

I smell a UNC victory. Go Heels.

Canehater...i didnt know UNC was playing the gators!

Factcheck is jls14234 from the gator blog. Also canetrash,curse,gallo,72, harriet, plus a few more

Oh yea, delusionalcane too.

GatorAlum though, he has been making racist comments on these pages before there was even a blog, back when it was just in response to herald articles. Once they blocked him using facebook logins, he came over here. notice how unlike jls, he actually incites attacks on the gatr blogs.

Again, JMO.

Again, it behooves Cane partisan to bloody well CEASE with all his WORRY WORT concerns about tonight's game with a L-A-M-E Carolina Blue squad!!

Because Goldie's squad " got this one, " aU contraire to what MOST, but not all, Hurricane zealots feel about tonight's synthetic-turf affaire in the Research Triangle. No not the Bermuda Triangle. hUh

Miami will pound the ball against Carolina Blue tonight and the nation will witness a stellar performance from THE DUKE and his Hurricane offensive BEHEMOUTH'S.

FWIW... the Tar Heels bloody haven't been able to stop an opposing squads rushing attack this season.

And on the flip-side, the Tar Heels CAN'T run the pigskin on a consistent basis.

Miami 34

Lame Heels 17

Oh, I also expect to see Carolina employ their DUAL-THREAT quarterback tonight. Because I and the Sin City Hard Guy's have a " sneaky suspicion, " that Renner's ankle ISN'T 110% healed and what not.

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