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Canes listed as 25-1 shot of winning BCS championship

The road to a sixth national championship is as long as it used to be anymore. In fact, even Vegas is giving the Hurricanes a good shot.

After cracking the Top 10 this week, UM is listed with a 25-1 shot to win it all this season. At the beginning of the year, UM had 33-1 odds to win it all.

Truth is the only game UM probably won't be favored in the rest of the way is at Florida State on Nov. 2, and potentially the ACC championship game. So maybe the odds should be even better.

Here's a look at the latest lines from Bovada:

                Last week Current odds
Alabama      19/10      7/4
Oregon          7/2      11/5
Ohio State      6/1      6/1
Baylor          10/1      12/1
Clemson      14/1      12/1
Florida St.   12/1      12/1
LSU             25/1      14/1
Louisville     25/1      25/1
Miami         25/1       25/1
Texas A&M 50/1        25/1
UCLA         40/1        40/1
Missouri     100/1      100/1
S. Carolina 200/1      100/1
Stanford      14/1      100/1
Florida      150/1      Off the Board
Georgia      25/1      Off the Board
Oklahoma   25/1      Off the Board
Michigan     33/1      Off the Board
Okla. St.   250/1      Off the Board

Odds to win the 2013-2014 Heisman Trophy:
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon) 8/5 7/5

Johnny Manziel (QB Texas A&M) 6/1 5/1
Jameis Winston (QB Florida St.) 9/1 11/2
Tajh Boyd (QB Clemson) 6/1 7/1
Teddy Bridgewater (QB Louisville) 13/2 10/1
A.J. McCarron (QB Alabama) 10/1 14/1
Brett Hundley (QB UCLA) 25/1 14/1
Bryce Petty (QB Baylor) 33/1 25/1
Lache Seastrunk (RB Baylor) 20/1 33/1
T.J. Yeldon (RB Alabama) 33/1 40/1
Duke Johnson (RB Miami) 50/1 50/1
Sammy Watkins (WR Clemson) 75/1 100/1
Aaron Murray (QB Georgia) 12/1 Off the Board
Blake Bell (QB Oklahoma) 33/1 Off the Board
Braxton Miller (QB Ohio State) 33/1 Off the Board
De'Anthony Thomas (RB Oregon) 33/1 Off the Board
Kevin Hogan (QB Stanford) 50/1 Off the Board
Todd Gurley (RB Georgia) 50/1 Off the Board


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If y'all Miami partisans want something to WORRY about. Then be concerned with the Cane's offense. Because Miami has had too many turnover's the past two games against both South Florida and the Bumbling Bee's. Eh. What say.

In other words, if Miami WINS the turnover margin battle, then the Hurricanes will COMFORTABLY win by a DOUBLE-DIGIT margin.

BTW 21-16, there was a first comment was that I doubt it is jls, because he is just trying to be left alone. He isn't inciting attacks over there, so I doubt he is asking us here to comment there.

And I was wrong about HTC, he is a bit strident, but he at least is not the sicko. Same with Calvin and D. They might disagree, but at least they don't threaten death the way the sicko does. Notice that over time, Calvin and D have even had the ability to change their minds and write positives about the Canes, too. This other guy is obviously not capable of doing that.

That is why I believe it is GatorAlum. The guy begs for attacks, trying to turn both blogs to mud. I might disagree with jls, but at least he leaves us to this blog. But in the end, it doesn't matter who it is, that person is disgusting and should not have access to a computer where he can taunt the families of those mourning a death like he has done.

D, I had wondered why the spread had shifted so suddenly. Happy that it moved in our favor, that means the inside information is good news for us.

And not worried about UNC, just worried about a letdown from UM. If they play at the level they have played all season, they win easily.

factcheck is jls14234 from the gator blog. Also canetrash,curse,gallo,72, harriet, plus a few more

Posted by: 21-16 | October 17, 2013 at 03:35 PM

Oh yea, delusionalcane too.

Posted by: 21-16 | October 17, 2013 at 03:39 PM

and GatorAlum

also D

and Calvin

and dUmblogic

and CutlerRidge Laz

and Randy Shannon

and anybody else that disagrees with you

Wow, brand new ID (to hide his previous lies and attacks), but knows the IDs of people on this and about three other blogs, including those that he is not allowed to post in. Yet when challenged, he just changes IDs again and hides. But his love of that word shines through. You are a coward, curse piggy, and you prove it every day that you are here, taunting those families and fans in mourning, but hiding from them when they call you out.

Coward. You know that word to describe you is worse than the one you use to describe Canes fans on here, because at least yours has a use, sicko, while a coward like yourself has no use, to anyone, at any time.

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