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Canes-Seminoles an 8 p.m. kickoff on ABC

The game times for the week of Nov. 2 have been announced and your 7th-ranked Miami Hurricanes are headed for a primetime showdown with the No. 2 BCS-ranked Florida State Seminoles.

The game, scheduled for an 8 p.m. kickoff, will be televised on ABC. That means Tallahassee is the likely destination for ESPN's Gameday Crew. 

More later.


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Ahh, just like the old days, near halloween, we would put a scare into the Noles every year.

Do I think we will win? Not going to predict this early. But we have a better chance than ANY of the rest of their schedule, including that pushover SEC team they play later on.

Don't mind me. I am a stupid moron.

I was booted from the Navy Seals for trolling the latrines.

Ain't looking ahead but it is on my calendar. Don't tell wake and NC State.

This game won't be close. FSU, as much as it hurts me to say it wins in a rout.

Miami is going to get killed worse than Clemson with d'o and goldie using their NO defense of 3 linemen, LBs 5 yards off the line and giving up five yards on every run, no Cane DE to stop or mirror the end run for no gain, zone NO pass coverage and giving up 75 yards in 16 seconds like cane coaches gave up at the end of the UNC game.

The closest Miami will be to FSU in the score will be the beginning of the game unless goldie and d'o grow a brain between now and the FSU game.

I was a navy seal, dammit. At least that is what my boyfriends told me at the "gatherings" at the local Y.

Most people gave us zero chance against UF, now no one is giving us a chance against FSU. I love it. Us against the world. It feels like college football is back in harmony when every is hating on Miami. It will be a close game if we play up to our abilities. We have the talent. Even if we loss, we still run the table and get a second shot at FSU. Just gotta focus on WF right now. Go Canes!!!!

David vs. Goliath game on the 2nd, can we take down the giant. No one believes we can, but I will never give up on my CANES. Let go to Tallahassee on the 2nd and burn Doak Campbell stadium down! Burn it!

ok, can we just talk about Wake? they decimated Maryland...yes, MD who was a "darling", just before they got smoked by FSU.....Polls, and NOLES...can we wait 'til next week please?...overlook someone, and I do not care whom we are playing...they have the same shot we do...50/50....please do not overlook Wake...how about some details on how the manhandled MD...A team, we have also struggled with...oh yeah, Wake has give us fits every time we play them as well....i am excited to see if we stand up to the NOLES...but we have another game this week...anybody remember Thurs nite...?...that was too close to be talking about FSU, polls, etc...do the job in front of you and the rest will handle itself. God belss all of ya!

Hard to not get excited about the FSU match, but Mark is right we need to be focused on Wake Forrest. They are hoping we overlook them and we simply can't.

Wake first!

Mark I wouldnt worry, no one on the Canes is on here wondering what Calvin or Jim Gallo thinks.

Golden has shown he can keep his players focused on the task at hand.

They'll be ready for Wake on Saturday, then the Cane fans on here can jump off a bridge before the following game because they obviously believe we are going to lose by 60-70.

Canes need to prepare for Wake Forest. FSU talk is premature. They're not on the schedule this week. All the FSU talk is unproductive. UM has more than its share of shortcomings for a team ranked #6 in the polls. Somehow, Morris has to transform himself into a player who stops makings some wreckless throws. I've heard him say over and over that he needs to take what the defense gives him and make more check down throws that are safer. I've yet to see him do this. Change now or headaches are coming for the Canes. UM's defense is not good enough to cover for Morris' poor decisions. Go Canes!

The N. C. game was a test to see if we could dig deep and "Play to win when the odds are against us".

This Wake game ( as Mark and Ken above )indicated is another test. This time it is the concerted effort of sustained focus to use the process on the opponent at Hand.....In this instance Wake Forest.
Listen to Coach G. Each game, each play....

The Wake game plan this week is the key.
The Coaches and players have IDEAS re Fl. State, but all the patterns, plays, counters, schemes, and trap plays have to be focused on Wake this week.
Mark you called it.
Go 'Canes


WE need a conservative game plan to hide the REAL GAME PLAN we'll be using against FSU..



WIN THE GAME... EVEN if it's a low score win...



WE NEED to pray to the Football Gods for that one

Yep stay focused Canes, Wake and ONLY Wake is next. The Noles better NOT overlook NC St either.

You can read ESPN 2 ways. One, they are sweating bullets UM beats Wake to set up a ratings bonanza. If so, count on UM actually getting the benefit of officials calls.
Scenario #2 is the Haters at ESPN secretly hope UM falls on their face against Wake, so Corso, and ex FSU assistant can gloat even more. In THAT case, count on FSU getting EVFERY call against UM, including some not even in the rule books.

BTW, I thought the NC game was officiated fairly, if not always competently.

YOU KNOW coach Coley is working hard on a winning plan against FSU...

MORRIS just needs to find his focus...

I SUSPECT it's been drilled into his head now...


IF we start throwing more to TE's, and IF we rely more on our short to intermediate passing game, Morris will be fine, and it will set up the deep ball better. Also IF our D will play more man to man and attack at the line of scrimmage, it'll improve our pass D, and lastly IF they will mix up some blitz packages to put more pressure on the QB we'll force errant throws, or turnovers. A lot of IF's, but hey that's what football is, a lot of IF's.

The matchups favor the Miami Hurricanes, in this game. Jumping ahead to this one for a moment. The strength of the 'Noles is their defensive line. Miami has a great offensive line, edge Miami. The receivers at Miami are more than jump ball players, edge Miami. Those are a couple of matchups that the edge goes to Miami. There should be absolutely no way Miami should have a loss before or after this game. I do not see this talent losing more than one game this year. Anything more is completely a result of the coaches on this staff of Al Golden.

lol.....yea fsu should not overlook a 1-5 last place team....

heres something to think about as I am watching the fsu/clemson game......

8:00 national televised game, 80K plus in "death Valley", Clemson running down the hill with a 71.89% winning record there......

"we aint leaving without a victory, we aint leaving without a victory (smiling)....so yo my brothers, put a smile on your face, put a smile on your face....cuz we are florida state, if we gonna do it again, we gonna do it again...lets go baby....WERE FLORIDA STATE"

morris is not better than boyd....no way

4th quarter, 48-7 with 10:08 and jimbo fisher is still blitzing boyd......

fsu 35 UM 0, and that will be a gift....

how can you not love fsu.....reminds me of old time cane teams....

Reggie Wayne--torn ACL and Meniscus--done for season after playing 188 straight games.

you will never get that with golden/dnofrio....NEVER

What is this Gallo dude talking about, and who is he talking to, lol??? Senility must be settling in on him, lol. Somebody get him a popsicle and bib, lol.

thats winston ....the best qb in ncaa....before the game.....you must be dead, lol

go back to smoking your bong in your dorm room....

after fsu takes UM out early....fisher will probably put in keith bryant and matthew thomas to rub it in golden/coleys face......

I am sure winston will be nervous at doak campbell. lol....


21-16 MIAMI

3-3 GATORS.... Soon to be 6-6

Nuff said...

GALLO's an FSU fan now...

The flip-flopping Navy Seal...ahahahhaa

why are U so gay ?

Boys we are gonna go and play hard...anything is possible.. even good teams have bad days.... with a little luck on our side we win this 35-28...

Mr. Darwin...

Takes a GAY to think about GAY...

You gay bro?

Mr. Darwin...

We don't do toilet glory holes here...

Got check the Gators locker room for that...

"we aint leaving without a victory, we aint leaving without a victory (smiling)....so yo my brothers, put a smile on your face, put a smile on your face....cuz we are florida state, if we gonna do it again, we gonna do it again...lets go baby....WERE FLORIDA STATE".....Jameis winston

"I don't know man. When your down under [the pile] and everybody is on top they're going to try and go for your ankles and everything. We were already up three, four touchdowns so I was like there ain't no point for me to try to mess with these guys. They're dirty".....stephen morris

there is the answer right there.....that's coaching via al golden

Ignore the troll.


IT'S GOOD LUCK FOR THE CANES when you predict them losing...

Like every other team this season you predicted would beat us...

Keep it up.. makes me feel better about our chances..

Considering you are 0-7 on predictions so far...

You're like the Anti-VEGAS picker...

Galloinda doesn't even know what the question is, much less the answer.

If anyone cared what you and your sisters Calvina cane7 etc thought, you'd be a coach somewhere, or at least have a job and be out of your Mother's basement.

start throwing more to TE's,
rely more on our short to intermediate passing game, Morris will be fine,

D will play more man to man and attack at the line of scrimmage,
mix up some blitz packages to put more pressure on the QB we'll force errant throws, or turnovers.
Posted by: ColaCane
Brilliant. I wish you and I were coaching Miami.

Unfortunately the FSU game may be a HUGE letdown should Jacory Morris show up to play. 7 turnovers the last two games.....eghhhhhhhhh.....it will be AN EPIC game for sure....Miami & FSU back in the BIG TIME spotlight....I think that is something Gallo can appreciate at least.

Taylor, just 24 when he was killed, was a hard-hitting defensive star with the Redskins. The team selected him with the fifth overall pick in 2004; he became a starter by his third game.

At the University of Miami, he led the nation with 10 interceptions in 2003 and was named first-team All-American. His murder shocked the nation and the world of pro football.

The guy that killed him confessed to the crime, then spent six years firing lawyers and causing other delays, trying to avoid justice.

I am sure all real Canes fans want this man to face that justice. The defense is trying to make him out to be dumb and weak, but he was strong enough to pull the trigger, smart enough to toss it into the swamp, and dangerous enough that we would have gotten away with it if not for the fact that his victim was an NFL and college star.

GatorKillerCane, I know both Gallo and Calvin piss you off, but by now you have to be able to see that Gallo is a different breed from Calvin, and they should not be lumped together.


The minor difference isn't worth the distinction you make. Both are incredibly repetitive. Calvina takes 3 or 4 items and just regurgitates them over and over again.

Both live in the past. yapping about harris and Shannon. Probably the same person.

I don't like betting big point spread games, because the outcome often has more to do with coaching decisions on how much to play the back-ups. If I had to, I think I'd take the points and Wake because I think we are going to be very run heavy and burn a lot of clock.

November 2nd, Judgment Day!

Money Line!

Go Canes!

All I want to say is Thank you Tyronne Corneleus for winning the game and saving the season for us. Very similiar to an Ed Reed interception against BC in 01.
The UNC Receiver caught the ball on the hail mary and Tyrone knocked it out. Doesnt get much pub as everybody was too drunk with happiness and otherwise, but if you watch the replay you will see it clear as day. A saving tackle, and for that we are #7 in BCS.

Thanks Tyronne!!

Posted by: JJ | October 21, 2013 at 08:44 AM

I was actually going to bring this up after the game but i got off tangent talking about the 3 other biggest plays of that game that would've cost us to lose, and that was #1 the delay of game penalty when it was 3rd & 1 for unc, #2 the false start penalty right after that & than #3 the sack by tyriq. If those 3 things don't happen, we wouldn't have won that game because we would've had to have put the ball in smo17's hands to win and even the haters have to agree with this statement, he ain't no jacory harris. Because no matter what, when jacory had the ball, he brought this team back to victory in the crunch every year since he's been here so people always had faith we'd win games with drives led by j70.

I'm not sure i can remember but 1 game where before this Unc game where smo17 helpd lead a comeback and that was with that pass to leonard hankerson against the turtles.

Before the season, I predicted that the gatr troll would turn into a "holes" troll once we beat them. I was right.

Of course, we recall when an overconfident FSU team faced Miami while undefeated. They even made this pathetic bit of rap, but in the end were destroyed by the Canes.


Overconfidence kills the holes. It could happen again. But first, Wake must be put to sleep.

I know it is not Canes, but GKC, one line that you can bet heavy on is Patriots versus Dolphins.

6 1/2 favorites at home? Against a team that cannot run block, cannot pass block, and cannot scramble?

Patriots will double digit the Dolphins.

FSU is crazy good. They made a very good Clemson team look like a bunch of chumps at home. The "U's" biggest test, in my opinion, will be how they come out of the FSU game.

The very next week after FSU the "U" will have a showdown versus a good V-Tech team for what could be the ACC Coastal Division. That game scares me more than the FSU game. Remember what took place last year when the "U" got beat up by ND and then had to play North Carolina the very next week. The "U" came out flat, Morris got hurt and they lost. The FSU game is therefore much bigger than just winning and losing. That game could have major implications for the rest of the season. Go Canes.

jra, you are right, the VT game is more important, because it is for the Coastal crown. We will need to beat them because the rest of these two and three loss teams will roll over for them.

But it is great that we hold our own destiny in our hands. We will then face FSU a second time, and ask Alabama how much better a team plays on the second round of a rematch.

Just get us to the title game, and let fate work out the rest.

Five Titles...I agree Calvin and Gallow do not deserve the same treatment.

Calvin has passion...still for Shannon, but he will come around...

Gallow will never come around...he will always complain about the same thing and say the same thing over and over again...because he has nothing else...

I do believe anything is possible...UM must prepare for Wake...get past Wake...and play up to potential...

Based on how we played on D all season till UNC...I thought our D was playing lights out...

They did not have the same disposition vs UNC...they looked flat...maybe that was due to the bye week...

I dont know...but they have to play with that edge they were playing with...they have to get that back...they have to find the edge...

Wake...FSU...Va Tech...Duke...UVA...Pitt...UM must bring that edge!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

It's A Cane Thing...You Just Don't Understand!

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