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Canes want to see improvement in short-yardage, goalline offense

As potent as the Hurricanes offense has been this season (UM ranks ninth in scoring with 45.3 points per game), coaches would like to see improvement in short yardage and goal line situations.

Aside from Duke Johnson’s two fumbles inside the five last week at USF, freshman running back Gus Edwards was stuffed four times inside the five against FAU and then was stuffed three times by USF before Dallas Crawford came in and scored on fourth and goal. The 12 times Miami has had a third down and three yards or less to go this season they’ve only converted five of those for first downs.

What needs to improve? “Pad level and they’ve got to make a commitment trying to get to the next level -- the linebacker level -- before they raise up,” offensive line coach Art Kehoe said.

“Everybody wants to peek and get to that linebacker. I don't care about them. I want to block down the linemen. We've got to take care of them -- especially in those critical situations. In short yardage and goal line it’s all about playing low. You can talk about it, but you've got to be about it.”

Kehoe and UM coach Al Golden both said this week the blocking for Edwards wasn’t very good on his three attempts inside the five against USF. But the blocking wasn’t very good for Crawford either. Crawford just did a better job finding the pylon.

“That last one he scored on USF it was just all him,” Kehoe said. “He just got the ball and said ‘I'm getting in.’ Sometimes you got to have BYOB -- Bring Your Own blocker. He did that. He said 'Well, it looks kind of bad here and just put his head down and rammed it in. He's a pretty tough guy.'”

Crawford (5-11, 195) is obviously nowhere near as big as Edwards (6-2, 225) and has been given less chances (2) in short-yardage situations than any of Miami’s other running backs.

On Miami’s 12 third down and three yards or less plays this season, quarterback Stephen Morris has thrown the ball five times, converting just once – a 33-yard completion to Herb Waters against FAU. The other seven times Miami has run it in those situations, Johnson has picked up three first downs (12-yard, 16-, and 7-yard dashes against FAU) in addition to his fumble at USF. Crawford and Clements were stopped short on their lone carries, and Edwards converted a 3rd-and-3 with a six-yard run.

In goal-to-go situations from inside the five, Miami has handed the ball off 16 times. Edwards has gotten the ball nine times (he scored twice against Savannah State). Duke Johnson has gotten it five times (he scored twice) and Crawford has handled the ball twice (he scored once).

“Gus is a big guy so he thinks he can run over everybody. He's just got to follow his path, trust his reads,” offensive coordinator James Coley said. “He did a great job in the game when he did that, broke out with some explosive runs for 15 yards here and there.

“Don't get me wrong, I love the fact he tries to run over guys. He just has to follow his keys, know the run’s design and the blocking scheme behind it.”

Crawford said his mentality near the goal line is: “Just hold onto the ball and don't be stopped. When you're that close you have to mentality that nobody in front of you can stop you. The biggest thing is to hold onto the ball and keep your legs moving."

Said Coley: “[Dallas] trusts his reads. He understands the mentality of playing in the red zone. You have to be a torpedo. If there's a crease, you got to take that crease. If you got to make a guy miss, you make a guy miss. Everybody is going to go for the football because they don't have to worry about you scrambling and going 80 yards. So people are going to lower their pads and try to get the ball out. Dallas has played with the understanding of knowing where he is on the field and the situation.”


> Coley said the Hurricanes’ blockers did a good job against USF getting to the second level and blocking downfield.

“There were a lot of guys dodging offensive linemen on Saturday,” Coley said. “Now our younger guys need to contribute. It's time for them to grow up and step up and contribute and help the veteran guys. I'm very pleased with how they took the challenge of last week. Every week is that challenge. We got to step up this week and take the challenge this week and the problems the Georgia Tech defense brings up when we're down in the goal line.”

> What does Coley like most about what freshman receiver Stacy Coley has been doing lately?

“Being exact, focusing in on the moment,” Coley said. “I think you saw that on that touchdown catch in the back of the end zone. He was exact with that route. If you watch that route that's exactly how we teach it. That's exactly how it's drawn up. And then finishing the play. I think that's the biggest thing he's done. A lot of guys can't finish the way he finished. And he has to dial that up every time he has an opportunity with the football.”

> Despite the fact Johnson was wearing a second team jersey this week in practice and Crawford was running with the first team, Dallas said he didn’t think anything was going to change on game day against Georgia Tech.

“I'm expecting the same thing,” he said. “We haven't talked about any particular person starting. Everything is the same right now. Duke's not dwelling and the coaches are not dwelling on the fumbles. We've already moved past that.”


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With Mo and Bus, split backfield misdirections and leads would kill on the goal line. Must teach Bus to get Low to maximize his power and strength to explode through would be defenders inside the five.

I was a 5'7" 160 pound running back that ran through 225 plus pound linebackers.


keep teaching Gus and things are going to get better as the season progresses..
the offense of line needs to get nasty hell put Keo in there and just put a jersey on him... just hope our defense is ready to handle that damn Georgia Tech offense.

we're going to have to put about 40 points on the board to win this one

we've beaten GT the last few years and mostly because our defense was fast enough to contain sideline to sideline and our offense put up the numbers. Speed has always been the reason we have success against them. You add experience and a much improved IQ on defense to that speed and we shouldn't have a problem winning. I say we win by at least 17 pts

I don't k know. ..gt put up plenty of points last year. They have to be thinking they can play a little defense and have a shot.

Coach Golden once again impresses with how he handled Duke.

And Duke once again impresses with how he responded to Coach Golden's tough love.

Look for Duke to have a record breaking day on Saturday.

Stop using Duke on short yardage plays. It's like watching Sammie Smith (Dolphins) all over again! You have to know your personnel!

From the memory lane:


Agree with tampa cane
Ridiculous that duke is still being run up the middle on short yardage situations esp ith Hagens, Edwards, or tucker. Come on seriously? Duke is 180 tops no way he is 190.

Plus i am yet to see duke getting a bubble screen, or a pass in the flats.

The University of Miami football team is walking around with a bit more swagger and pride these days, and not just because the 14th-ranked Hurricanes are 4-0 heading into Saturday's game against Georgia Tech. The coaches and players have the look of new homeowners, proud of their swank, new $14.7 million digs, eager to show it off to recruits and visitors.

Opulence sells in this day of the $68 million Nike sports palace at the University of Oregon and the $40 million Oklahoma State athletic complex. UM never had the shiny facilities to match its postcard scenery, sunny weather and storied football tradition. The Canes still don't have the biggest house on the block. Not even close. But they have a glorious home that should impress even the most-demanding high school stars.

The 34,000-square-foot Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence opened in phases over the past few months and will be dedicated Friday. It includes the 10,800-square-foot Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Locker Room and the Jonathan Vilma Players' Lounge that is a cross between a swoopy South Beach hotel lobby and an electronics store - oversized leather chairs with the "U" on every chair back, flat screen TVs in every direction, video games, cellphone charging stations in each locker and a nutrition bar with fruit, power drinks, and other nutritious snacks for athletes on the go.

Miami's modernized training center - which services some 400 athletes - quadrupled in size to 12,000 square feet and now includes a dental chair for emergency mouth injuries, private physician's examining room, and state-of-the-art rehab center that rivals most NFL facilities.

Hydraulic pools? Check. Three of them. OK, so they don't have waterfalls, like the ones at the University of Alabama, but they do have underwater cameras so trainers can see how injured legs are progressing.

A $70,000 anti-gravity treadmill that allows athletes to run at adjustable body weights to lessen stress on knees? Miami has that, too.

UM's academic and compliance department moved from cramped dark quarters to a spacious bright area with dozens of computer desks, study rooms, counselors' offices and an auditorium

The showcase of the building is the airy high-ceilinged DiMare Gallery of Champions - a glitzy lobby centered on a collection of UM memorabilia that includes five crystal national championship football trophies, two Heisman trophies, five baseball national championship trophies and lots of ACC championship hardware.

"We were looking for the 'Wow' factor, that initial pop when you bring a kid through the door for the first time, and now we have it," said UM athletic director Blake James. "Times have changed. Kids are impressionable and make decisions differently from kids of the past. We had to raise the bar because the reality is, in college athletics, if you're standing still everyone else is passing you by. This is a great step for us and gives us a grand entrance, a top-notch academic center, fabulous training room, spacious locker room. It addresses a lot of the challenges we had and allows us to service our athletes at the highest level."

Last year, an ESPN.com writer rated the athletic facilities in the ACC. Miami finished 11th of the 12 teams. Surely, the Hurricanes would finish higher than that now.

Said Jesse Marks, associate athletic director for development: "Kids buy with their eyes now. The internet changed recruiting. Kids can go online and see waterfalls at some schools, hydrotherapy pools and Miami didn't have those sorts of things. Now, our facilities are up to par, and combined with all of the other great plusses here, it makes a huge difference."

The new facility was made possible because of a $5 million donation by Theodore Schwartz and his son, Todd, neither of whom attended UM, but both of whom fell in love with the Hurricanes from Chicago. Their affiliation with UM began in 1999, when Todd was a college senior and took a campus visit. He wound up going to Tulane, but his mother, Christine, a nurse, was captivated by the struggling UM nursing school, so she made a generous donation.

Her husband had been a Canes fan since 1964, when he saw a televised UM game.

"I was 10 years old, and I saw the old Orange Bowl, with the palm trees, and I thought, 'How can they play football in a climate like that?' Where I came from, it was snow and cold. So, I started following them that day."

"I grew up in a sea of Notre Dame fans, and I always rooted for UM," said Todd Schwartz, who now owns a home in Aventura. "UM has always been kind of an underdog, so it means a lot for us to be able to help the program and change the landscape for the U."

James realizes there is more work to be done. UM is a small private school and doesn't generate the kind of alumni dollars as giant state institutions. But now, he says, UM can at least compete.

"We were behind with our facilities, and this doesn't put us ahead of the competition, but on par with most schools," James said. "It is a smart investment. It isn't lavish or excessive, but it's a great step."

The new facility, located just north of the Isidore Hecht Athletic Center, has already impressed recruits, said football coach Al Golden.

"It gives us something to hang our hat on," Golden said. "It makes such a difference from a recruiting standpoint and a morale standpoint. It's been an arms race for the past 10 to 12 years. We were lagging in that department. Obviously, this gives us a real boost."

Walking by those national championship trophies is inspiring, say the Hurricane players.

"It is a constant reminder every day of what we want to accomplish," said senior offensive lineman Jared Wheeler.

Senior defensive back A.J. Highsmith knows how far UM facilities have come. His father, Alonzo, was a star running back in the mid-1980s, when the Hurricanes won national titles despite a dumpy locker room, cramped gym, and a practice field that is a fraction of what it is now.

"I hear stories from my dad, and I visited here over the years as a kid, so I know how it used to be," the younger Highsmith said. "Kids today care more about how things look, but the main thing we want is to achieve, and walking by that Gallery of Champions every day lets you know what kind of standards you have to hold yourself to because you know what came before you."

Said Golden: "Those trophies are the standard at the end of the day. We have a long way to go as a program. But we know where the bar is and what we're chasing and we're reminded of it as we walk around our new home."

I had that thing bleeding last night,dint I Harriet? Don't believe me......Just ask D or maybe not......He was having a mini-stroke before I finished but He did wipe the foam off of his mouth with the same towel me and Harriet used.

Good news on facilities. Definitely need that to compete in the new landscape.

Just finished riding the Harriet Tubman Cane highway with D Rosa Parking it the whole way before I got off. As if he was gonna be riding shotgun. This turf cutters mine son. Eh, what say? Huh? Duh? All of the above.

My middle name is ICE.

Not to put a damper on this very nice article but I'd like to correct something Navarro wrote (yes, I a m doing the editor's job): Miami baseball should have 4 NC trophies not 5.

I'd like to remind people everywhere that this U won 5 footbal ships with "inferior" facilities. You begin to get coosh and fat and you start getting complacent. Players would run in the makeshift sand pit in the backof the Hecht (the pit) to stregthen their legs nd conditioning. This is the U we are talking about. Urban. City. The underdog. THis is our U.

Subtract three games from 17 and add them to 11. So easy even a name changing troll from sarasota can do it.
Apparently not, MORON. EVERYBODY uses the phrase n games over .500 by subtracting the losses from the win. Except for an obsessed fat trailer troll that wishes he could move UP to a town like Sarasota instead of that dump in Gainesville.

Three games over .500, but you just proved you're an idiot even more than normal by posting [edited].
Actually, I proved that YOU are an idiot, yet again. You have NO CLUE about sports, sports terminology, and about reality. But you sure know how to hide behind a keyboard and curse like a 12 year old boy once your mommy leaves the trailer to get to her job mopping floors at Hooters. Apparently the manager stopped having her serving food after the customers would get sick seeing her face.

Another Lie Posted by: Three games over .500 at UM | October 02, 2013 at 07:32 PM, disproven.

Oh look, when the Tigers were 55-44, they were ELEVEN games over .500


You want football? Oh look! Tom Brady, at 139-39, is 100 games over .500, NOT 50 like the sicko would try to claim.


Next time you try to lie and insult and attack, you MIGHT just want to have a CLUE first, loser.

You were wrong, wrong, wrong yet again, and instead of ACCEPTING IT and MOVING ON, you chose to try to bluster your way through the lie. You failed, just like your team failed on 9-7. Go away, trailer trash. Or just change IDs yet again and pretend you didn't just get ruined on here yet again.

The undefeated season continues. Georgia Tech will be nothing more than a scrimmage. Canes by 40 pts. Don't keep this team in the game with turnovers. Run the score up take your starters out. Try to stay injury free. Don't forget to get on refs about krack back blocks..2013 National Champions

I agree with the first poster that Hagens needs to be used more in short yardage and goal line situations. Several times v. USF they were in a single back set in such situations. He needs to be in there as a lead blocker at the least.

I would put Seantrel at FB and Hagen or Tucker at RB.....I would guarantee we would score 99% of the time.

I remember when Erickson would stubbornly stick with the one back offense at the goal line and it cost us against FSU. The good news was that we still won the National Championship that year. But yes, we should have a jumbo package for the close yardage situations.

I don't think we need a jumbo package. The offensive line just needs to take care of business. Duke is a tough runner and Golden needs to make him a complete back.

Gus Edwards should get more carries, not necessarily goaline.

Haggens should get the ball anyway. Everyone should be a weapon for smo17. That's the way Chud used to do it.

How good is Chud as a pro coach. Nice to see.


I hear what you're saying about identity and toughness. The only problem is that kids have a different mentality than kids 20 years ago. Kids these days are entitled and soft. They don't want to struggle they way kids 20 years ago did. It's rare today's kids go opposite the herd.

We need to have these facilities in order to keep up appearances. Sad, I know.

Canesjunkie and 9>5>2

I agree up to a point "that kids these days feel entitled and soft".

However, the mentality of the people, players, Coaches, and environment of the school or team, can make a complacent soft kid become a warrior.

No doubt the outside influences have an effect, but when your buddy "who you are hang with" is a Hurricane it LIFTS your standards to meet those of your team mates and friends. Then it is not you but the group.

Facilities are just window dressing that we need to have.
The core is the attitude, deportment, and mind set created by the Coaches, and those posters watching and monitoring your every move to uphold the Legacy.

That is the 'Cane philosophy.
Win Learn Win again.
Go 'Canes

(17-x) / (11+x) = 1

Solve for X you stupid troll that obviously can't count. Thanks for linking to two places that can't do middle school math either, just like your non-college educated testosterone deficient carcass. Stick to trolling the gator blog, it's about your mental speed these days decrepit carcass posing as a man.

Show a link that does it YOUR way, fool. Calling a Canes fan on a Canes blog that proved a troll wrong a troll just shows you are desperate. And telling me to troll the Gator blog while you troll the Canes blog? You seem to not understand English as well as math, hygiene, or logic. Your rivalry is over, you chickened out, I have no reason to go there and taunt you. But since you asked, the final score was 21-16. Sad that you forgot that, again.

Oh, and ESPN laughs at you, too. Title of an article about the 43-28 Cincinnati Reds.

"Reds club 4 HRs to move season-high 15 games above .500"


They did NOT write 7 1/2 games over .500, and NOBODY would except for you. Which is why you only write under multiple IDs in the comments section of a former rivals blog that has a 7-1 (6 games over .500) advantage over you. Of course, MOST of HUMANITY has an advantage over you.

Saying the same lie three times does not make it true, troll. Learn how to count, wash, and breathe through your nose, your life will be much better.


I agree. Once we get the kid, it's all about teaching the old school mentality. We can't lose the things that made this program great.

Man, you hand the ball to a back, and he's either made up his mind he's going to get the yards, or he hasn't.

Blocking helps, of course. Blocking always helps. But the running back has to make up his mind what he's going to do: go down or get the yards?

These are all talented guys. Nobody should be stuffing them like that.

Moreover, the O line is supposed to be a strength this year. With a dominant O line, the 'Canes can win every game.

The same is true for the receivers; when they go out for a pass, they got to make up their minds what they're going to do: catch it or miss it?

Again: these are talented guys. They shouldn't be dropped passes and missing catches. They're either in it, in their minds, or they're not.

Receivers catch passes. I'm a 57-year-old geezer. I can go out and miss the catch or drop the ball. But a three-, four- or five-star receiver goes out and just catches the freakin' pass, for cryin' out loud.

I've seen them do it. I know that's how it goes.

If my fading memory serves me---I think "The Bus was victim of two bogus calls about crossing the goal line..

If my fading memory serves me---I think "The Bus was victim of two bogus calls about crossing the goal line..

Posted by: dennis preslar

I believe you're right D. One of em for sure. And we had a KO return for a TD by Duke that was nullified by a BS call. Another long return was brought back because of a namby-pamby call. ACC Refs. Most of em still hate us. I hope we get our due later on today @ 3:30 PM. Go Canes. COH Rules!

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