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Coach Al Golden on Sunday: "I plan on being here for a long time and facing a lot of these games.''

Al Golden was Al Golden on Sunday (just like Stephen Morris always says "Duke was Duke"), as the Hurricanes head into Florida State week and the biggest game of Golden's UM coaching career.

He said  he doesn't pay attention to the rankings. (Note: He often says the only ones he'll notice are at the end of the season.) He said trying to take care of FSU with all those weapons will be difficult. He said the stakes are getting higher as the Canes keep winning. He said he worries every day about his players falling prey to the outside noise (about, for example, rankings or how good or otherwise they might think they are or about how they're going to be in a bowl) instead of concentrating on one opponent at a time. 

And he did offer up on his own, without being prodded, that he intends to stay at Miami for a long time. I'm sure all the reporters' ears perked up when they heard that quote. In the long run it doesn't ensure anything, but it was refreshing to hear that from a guy who has brought this program to new (recent) heights.

In terms of what a win against Florida State would do for your program, is this the biggest game since you've been here?

Golden's reply: "They're all big now. When you're winning, all the games are significant. The stakes gets higher as you climb the ladder for sure. There's not much margin for error now certainly as we're closing in on November. We have to trust the process, take our training to the game and everybody do their job and block everything else out, block all the other crowd noise out and focus on what we've got to do six seconds every play. 

"I know it sounds cliche, but we have to use our maturity and experience and be able to do that and be able to hold each other accountable all week to invest in it. That's the biggest thing.

"I'm not worried about the magnitude of games or anything like that. I plan on being here for a long time and facing a lot of these games.''

 With a No. 7 ranking in the AP poll and No. 6 among the coaches, the Canes have maintained despite pulling out wins in the last minute the past two games. Even though teams have jumped them, if Miami beats FSU it will be in excellent shape. Then again, can you imagine beating FSU and having to play the Seminoles again in the ACC title game? (Or the other way around?)

Either way, just winning the ACC this season would be an amazing (if not next to impossible) achievement.

Briefly, Golden said WR Allen Hurns (hip pointer) is doing well, and he is hoping he gets back S Kacy Rodgers (ankle) for FSU. He said WR Rashawn Scott (collarbone/shoulder), as has already been reported, was cleared for Wake Forest. But Golden didn't say why Scott didn't play. That extra week of healing has to be beneficial.

The BCS standings will be released tonight.

Oh, yes, if you don't know already, FSU has opened as a 21-point favorite over the Hurricanes.











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I saw FSU destroy NC State in person-- sitting on the 50 yard line. Winston has no pressure- and wide open receivers that are great. They were pass heavy but when they ran the ball they were deadly. They will score points-- we gotta pressure the QB, knock him down hard a few times to get them out of rythem. Our offense is supposed to be our strength-- we need to score a bunch of points to beat these guys. They put their foot on NC States throat and did not let up. We cant let that happen-- go canes. I was also sittin in a Frat hours surrounded by 50 Noles giving me beers and screaming for the canes--- it was nuts.

I like man coverage and if we ran it more maybe the corners would be better at it. Our safeties have been making critical errors showing they cannot protect the corners correctly. In both man/zone corners have been making too many critcal errors also. My opinion, our dbacks have a lot of upside, but if u put them on some of our old teams they would be fighting for a spot on nickle and dime packages.

Cane72-7-2, u understand that even a bad OC would basically get u in a 10-1 and torch ur @zz, right?

You people are crazy. You really, really think UM is even close to where FSU is? 21 points is being kind to UM. It will be 42-0 by half. UM has zero offense, except Duke breaking a run now and then. But remember, Morris is scared, and FSU will key on the run forcing Morris to step up. Then come the picks, and the scores, and the game. Easy as can be, UM is toast, burnt toast. The talent level is as far apart as the point spread. FSU is in better shape, better coached, better all the way around, get over yourselves. Talk smack if you want, but UM has ZERO chance. Be glad id you get 10 points FSU 56-UM 10

College football this year is full of surprises!!.

If you told me the SEC teams in one weekend would lose so many games, making the pundits look like fools, I would have said you are crazy.

Here is the fact:

Miami has played to win games, and I believe they play down to their opponents level.

In the case of the Gaytors they up'ed their game, and surprised everyone.
Now it is said lightning does not strike twice, but here is the twist:

We have plays that Fla. State have not seen.
We have defense that Fla. State has not seen.
We have cross patterns and routes they did not prepare for.
We have our OC Coach Coley (who is a smart Coach) but who may not know their plays that would be using and during the game, but is familiar with what they have done on O in the past, so it gives D'No a chance to plan our D around it.

Our Coaches have analyzed that game with Clemson and can specify, break down and critique every play that was made. We will be prepared, and that preparation has been ongoing for 3-4 weeks. Don't get fooled that it takes us a week to get ready.

The other card that we have and that is they are expecting Steven to play at a certain level. When he gets those passes lower and is shooting out of the shotgun reading plays with two and three looks if he is on target we have a good shot for our O to be playing right along with them.
Don't forget rivalry games take on an aura of their own.
Ask Bobby Bowden.

Now it is time to open that type of surprise with Bubba and shock all the analysts who give us no chance of even competing.
I saw on commentator infer why even play this game?.

This is the stage we need and I am convinced we will step up and play intense, hard, and show what 'Canes football is all about.
Miami wins in a squeaker by guess what? A field goal.
Go 'Canes

The Golden Era is here to stay!!

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