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Counting stars: A breakdown of UM-FSU on offense by talent, recruiting hype

Florida State and Miami has always been a huge game not only because of the rivalry, but because of the recruiting stakes involved in the game.

Nowadays, recruits pick schools for a lot of different reasons (playing time, relationship with the coach recruiting him, etc.). Still, to the winner usually go the spoils because perception is whoever wins this game and looks better playing in it is closer to the ultimate prize: a national championship. And that always has ripple effects in recruiting -- usually with high school underclassmen and not seniors (many of which have already made their minds up by now).

That being said, this isn't a breakdown of which recruits are on the fence for UM and FSU heading into February's National Signing Day. That on the fence deal doesn't really exist anymore since players commit so early and classes are usually filled by now.

Rather, this is a breakdown of the perceived talent versus talent in Saturday's game. Who has more stud recruits and where are they on the field? Making recruiting evaluations is hardly a perfect science. But when you watch the game Saturday night take note of some of the items in this blog so you can keep count of who was supposed to be the better recruit in head-to-head battles.


> Miami: Stephen Morris (6-2, 218, Sr., 3-star, No. 26 Dual-Threat QB in 2010 by Rivals)

> FSU: Jameis Winston (6-4, 228, R-Fr., 5-star, No. 1 Dual-Threat QB in 2012 by Rivals)

> What's happened: Winston (69.9 comp. pct, 2,177 yards, 23 TDs, 4 iNTs) has obviously lived up to all the hype with a stellar first season as the starter after being recruited to FSU by former recruiting coordinator Dameyune Craig (now at Auburn). Winston is already among the favorites in the Heisman race and projected to be a first rounder in the NFL.

Although an ankle injury has slowed the preseason hype down around Morris (he won MVP honors at the Manning Passing Camp and is now ranked 7th among draft eligible QBs by ESPN), people forget how much Morris (59.9 comp. pct., 1,463 yards, 10 TDs, 8 INTs in 2013) has grown during his time at Miami. When he chose to play for Mark Whipple the summer before his senior season his other top two offers were Virginia and Purdue. Where would UM be without Morris today? Probably not in the Top 25 rankings.

> Recruiting edge: FSU. In case someone gets hurt, backup Jacob Coker (3-stars, No. 18 pro-style QB in 2012 by Rivals) is considered a better talent than UM backup and Memphis transfer Ryan Williams (6-5, 223, Jr., 2-stars, unranked among QBs). Although Williams has played better this season in spot duty.

> Real edge: FSU. Hard to argue with what Winston is doing right now even with what the ankle injury has done to Morris.


> Miami: Duke Johnson (5-9, 196, So., 5-star, No. 1 all-purpose running back by Rivals in 2012); Dallas Crawford (5-10, 194, R-So., 3-star, No. 27 cornerback in 2011 by Rivals); Maurice Hagens (5-11, 250, Sr., 3-star, No. 8 fullback in 2011 by Rivals).

> FSU: Devonta Freeman (5-9, 203, Jr., 4-star, No. 10 running back by Rivals in 2012); James Wilder (6-2, 229, Jr., 5-star, No. 2 running back in 2012 by Rivals); Karlos Williams (6-1, 223, Jr., 5-star, No. 2 safety in 2011 by Rivals.com).

> What's happened: Johnson, who committed to Randy Shannon before news of pending NCAA sanctions broke, has been an instant superstar upon his arrival. He's averaged nearly 7 yards a carry in his career and been a nightmare to stop on kickoff returns while proving to be one of the country's best all-purpose threats. Crawford, who switched over from defensive back, led UM to a come-from-behind win at North Carolina with Johnson out and has proven to be better than your average backup (65 carries, 295 yards, team-leading 9 TDs rushes).

Freeman, whom UM made a very late push for once coach Al Golden took over the program, has broken out this season (87 carries, 561 yards, 6 TDs) with a career-best 6.4 yards per carry average. A linebacker and running back in high school, Miami never really pushed for Wilder. Despite a mediocre college career (41 att., 226 yards, 2 TDs, 5.5 average in 2013) is the only FSU draft-eligible running back on ESPN's big board (he ranks 14th). Williams, who made the switch to running back this season after starting for the first time in the ACC championship gmae at linebacker, leads FSU with 7.9 yards a carry (44 carries, 349 yards, 7 TDs).

> Recruiting edge: FSU by the numbers. A pair of 5-star talents and a 4-star running back who lead your team in rushing compared to one 5-star running back and a converted three-star defensive back.

> Real edge: UM. Sure, FSU has more depth. But tell me someone who wouldn't take Johnson over any of FSU's running backs.


> Miami: WRs Allen Hurns (6-3, 195, Sr., 3-star, No. 60 WR in 2010 by Rivals); Herb Waters (6-2, 193, So. 3-star, No. 50 WR in 2012 by Rivals); Stacy Coley (6-1, 180, Fr., 4-star, No. 13 in 2013 by Rivals); Malcolm Lewis (6-0, 187, So., 4-star, No. 28 WR in 2012 by Rivals); Rashawn Scott (6-2, 199, Jr., 3-star, unranked in 2011 by Rivals); TEs: Clive Walford (6-4, 259, R-Jr., 3-star, unranked in 2010 by Rivals); Asante Cleveland (6-5, 260, Sr., 2-star, unranked in 2010 by Rivals).

> FSU: WRs Kelvin Benjamin (6-5, 234, r-So., 4-star, No. 8 WR in 2011 by Rivals); Kenny Shaw (6-0, 170, Sr., 4-star, No. 14 WR in 2010 by Rivals), Rashad Greene (6-0, 180, Jr., 4-star, No. 29 WR in 2011 by Rivals); Christian Green (6-2, 200, r-Jr., 4-star, No. 7 ATH in 2010 by Rivals); TEs Nick O'Leary (6-3, 248, Jr. , 4-star, No. 1 TE in 2011 by Rivals).

> Recruiting edge: FSU. This is a case where FSU went out and recruited well, developed players and they've lived up to the hype. UM went hard after Benjamin (23 catches, 430 yards, 5 TDs), O'Leary (17-307, 6 TDs) and got Greene (39-690, 8 TDs) to take an official visit in January, but FSU won the recruiting war.

> What's happened: With Winston throwing them the football, FSU's top four receivers are all averaging at or near 18 yards a catch. Outside of the much-hyped Coley (who picked UM over FSU), the Hurricanes have taken mid-level recruiting talent and developed it nicely. Hurns (28 catches, 506 yards, 2 TDs to lead the team) has become Morris' favorite target on third downs along with Walford (17-244, 2 TDs). Coley (17-278, 3 TDs) is just beginning to hit his stride now. Although the loss of Phillip Dorsett (3-star, No. 38 WR in 2011 by Rivals) hurts the Canes, Lewis and Scott returning to full health should help them down the stretch this season.

> Real edge: FSU. More players catch passes for Miami, but the foursome FSU has at the top is nightmarish.

> Future: Of all the draft-eligible receivers in this game, FSU's Rashad Greene rates the highest according to NFL scouts. He's currently ranked 19th by NFLDraftScout.com. Hurns is UM's highest-ranked draft-eligible receiver at 38 by NFLDraftScout.com. Coley could ultimately be the biggest star down the road in the NFL.


> Miami: LT Ereck Flowers (6-6, 315, So., 4-star, No. 20 OT in 2012 by Rivals); LG Jon Feliciano (6-5, 318, rJr., 3-star, No. 55 OT in 2010 by Rivals); C Shane McDermott (6-4, 296, Jr., 3-star, No. 31 OC in 2010 by Rivals); RG Jared Wheeler (6-5, 319, Sr., 3-star, No. 43 OG in 2009 by Rivals); RT Brandon Linder (6-6, 319, Sr., 4-star, No. 3 OC in 2010 by Rivals); RT Seantrel Henderson (6-8, 345, Sr. 5-star, No. 1 OT in 2010 by Rivals); OL Malcolm Bunche (6-7, 327, rJr., 4-star, unranked in 2010 after prep school).

> FSU: LT Cameron Erving (6-6, 320, rJr., 3-star, unranked DT in 2010 by Rivals); LG Josue Matias (6-6, 322, Jr., 4-star, No. 25 OT in 2011 by Rivals); C Bryan Stork (6-4, 300, rSr., 3-star, No. 26 TE in 2010 by Rivals); RG Tre' Jackson (6-4, 330, Jr., 3-star, No. 60 DT in 2011 by Rivals); RT Bobby Hart (6-4, 315, Jr., 4-star, No. 8 OT in 2011 by Rivals); OG Ruben Carter (6-4, 309, R-So., 3-star, No. 29 OG in 2011 by Rivals).

> Recruiting edge: Miami. Henderson, who lost his spot in the starting rotation after another suspension (something he's battled throughout his career) recently, was no doubt the most highly-touted offensive lineman any of these teams signed. But the Hurricanes earn the edge here not because of him, but overall depth and natural ability. FSU had to convert some players into offensive linemen including Irving, who now the clear-cut NFL top prospect in the group. CBS Sports currently has Irving to projected to go 10th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. 

> Real edge: Miami slightly. The Hurricanes have put up better numbers this season in pass protection allowing only six sacks compared to FSU's 15 (Winston has been sacked 12 times, preferring to eat it than throw it up). But when it comes to running the football UM (214.71 yards per game, 19 TDs) and FSU (212.29 yards per game, 22 TDs) are about dead even.

> Future: Stork ranks 4th among draft-eligible linemen at center by ESPN. Henderson (8th among OTs by ESPN) is the highest-rated draft eligible tackle in this game. Linder ranks 11th at guard according to ESPN.



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Nice writeup.

I disagree on the Williams versus Coker comparison, and also on the recruiting advantage in getting QBs. We have an opportunity for QBs here, while FSU has their spot locked up for a bit longer (I doubt Winston is leaving after this year the way Morris is).

Very nice, Manny.

Calvin, you mentioned that there was not a talent gap between FSU and Miami.

Manny's article appears to disagree with you, at least on the offensive side of the ball.

Just wanted to get your viewpoint on that.

Nice write up Manny!!

Damn Cal--U just killed it! Excuse gap LOL!

Damn they did purge the defense and then complained about numbers--never put that together. Now its "Shannon's garbage" that's pay the most dividends.

Next season will be utterly hilarious.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | October 31, 2013 at 11:49 AM

What up dawg, yeah man, every year, coach goldie kept getting rid of guys on defense than turn around and complain about depth issues. The sad part was, they kept claiming we didnt' have enuff d-tackles/d-linemen on the team, all the while trying to move luther robinson to the o-line, they got jeremy lewis to do it, than they moved jacoby briscoe & the o'donnel to the offensive side of the ball too as well. Those sissy's got mad at luther robinson for getting up field and forcing a fumble, the next game he got benched, than that's when his Father called in on the radio show.

Anyway man, it's comical when you break it down, i could go on & on about the hypocrisy that's taking place since these mac minions have gotten here. but i'm just glad all thee excuse making is over, you either can coach at a high level or you can't.

Than when you start talking about our talent vs Fsu's talent, there really is not that much of a talent guys like it's being portrayed, it's an execution & excuse gap that exsist.

While kelvin benjaminis a real solid receiver, he's not megatron who can blow past you or out jump you. greene is better overall and what i like, which is a key stats for this game, i think the top 3 receivers are averaging around 18 yards a catch, if that's the case, this is the main reason why the 500 club's defense has been effective againt them, their route combinations have been to long. It's going to be an interesting game, that 1st quarter is going to tell alot about the game.

We do know we're a 2nd half team as well.

Manny excellent review.

My take is that the 'U' has done well with the talent that we have. Developing our WR's and O line to the point where we can rotate without too much drop off.

More emphasis should be made however, that Coach G and his staff in their timeframe recruiting, had the NCAA mess hanging on every recruit visit since starting at Miami.
FSU had none of that and clear sailing re recruits.

That cloud has cost us at least 8 or 9 Blue Chip prospects at least.

We have done well in developing our players, and with 1 or 2 more good Classes we should be able to go toe to toe all the way.
Great Job Manny
Go 'Canes

I agree that Coker is better than Williams and Coley needs to talk to him after this game about transferring. Winston can't leave after this season because he is a RS freshman.

Interesting note by Manny, that Duke Johnson is another part of the "Shannon Effect" or piece of the "garbage" he left Us.

Every "Real Edge" was extremely close, so lets not be so literal. The talent gap is so close its a coin flip.

Please please please rate the coaches Manny--I would also like your opinion.

The Canes should jam the ball down the throats of the criminoles! They lost 6 of their front seven off-of their Defense.

The criminoles lost 6 of their top 7 players off of their front seven on the defense.

Everett Dawkins-DT, Anthony McCloud-DT, Cornellius Carradine-DE, Nick Moody-LB, Vince Williams-LB, Bjoern Werner-DE (NFL)

Our Offense should be student-body right, student-body left...all night long. Win!

Dream on if you think Miami's offensive line is better than the FSU starters.

"The Cloud" LMAO!!!!!

So this isn't the year we break through and compete for a NC? When can we fans expect toe to toe competitiveness from our team? Another 2-3 years...maybe?

Why do you clowns STILL inject RS into convo's? I mean REALLY!!! What is your deal with him? He's been gone for 3 YEARS. The players that we still have when he was here, are BETTER then they were when he was. Jeez can you people let it go. He's GONE, been GONE, and always WILL be GONE. He's NOT a HC, and that's just a fact, so GROW up and LIVE with it. Either root a 7-0 team, or root for Arkansas, your choice.

Lets be real cane bubba's, FSU is loaded, Miami is not. UM has scrap left over, FSU is loaded from top to bottom. Can UM compete, doubt it. UM is so overmatched it's ridiculous. Game over by half, you read it here first.

It wasn't injected by Us Colacane. We are responding to its injection by WestCoastCane. Why didn't U rant when he brought Shannon up? Why do U choose to rant those who responded instead? When someone is disparaging RS is cool, but when someone defends him its heresy and needs to STOP!! LOL!

But when you watch football long enough to KNOW SOMETHING... it takes time. IN GOLDEN'S CASE... you give the man time to recover from the RANDY SHANNON EFFECT and NCAA SCREW-JOB....


PLAY OUT 2013 and see how it falls out.


Posted by: WestCoastCane | October 30, 2013 at 09:52 PM

There is no way a true Canes fan would concede victory to an opposing team prior to game!!!

Now rant on that.

Lets be real cane bubba's, FSU is loaded, Miami is not. UM has scrap left over, FSU is loaded from top to bottom. Can UM compete, doubt it. UM is so overmatched it's ridiculous. Game over by half, you read it here first.

Posted by: D | October 31, 2013 at 12:22 PM

You read it here first?? ARE YOU KIDDING??? We've been reading it everyday all over the place, so where you've been, IDIOT!!!!!

True Cane--I definitely agree!

Quan and Mccord need to play more this game and not just on 3rd down. Mix it up D'No!

I'd like to see: McCord, Chickillo, Porter, and Muhammad the majority of this game!

Cola, duh, your so smart. Wow, eh what say, idiot? Typical chump who mouths off when they know they can't be face to face. Sissy duh, Prbably watching barney holdin' mommy's hand right now, eh, what say.

Yes, they lost seven defenders that were drafted into the NFL. But, not so fast my friend, they have merely reloaded. I think you will find it very hard to block Jernigan, Edwards, Goldman etc. You'll learn more when the defense is posted. Morris is going to be picked off multiple times by the best secondary in the nation. By halftime, you Miami fans will be crying in your beer, it could get ugly.

Great idea for a blogpost Manny! Well done, keep them coming!

You need only one guy to catch the ball and Coley is a star in the making. He'll be the best receiver on the field on Saturday night.

When you want to run the ball, who do you call? DUKE. He's a galaxy in the making. The Noles got some decent backs, they even have a #8, but he is no Randy Johnson.

Morris can play much better than he has shown in recent games. I expect his mental game will be sharp on Saturday night right from the opening drive. When the game is on the line, Morris has shown he can get the job done. That's good enough for me. The Noles can have Jameis (who is a beast).

Who knows how this game will unfold, but if our Canes can hang with the Noles until halftime, I like our chances. I'll take Seantrel in the 4th. Go Canes.

D'No leaving too many bullets in the chamber and clip.

We need the Tommy Gun for the Noles

It wasn't injected by Us Colacane. We are responding to its injection by WestCoastCane. Why didn't U rant when he brought Shannon up? Why do U choose to rant those who responded instead? When someone is disparaging RS is cool, but when someone defends him its heresy and needs to STOP!! LOL!


Apparently you don't read my posts very often, I've RANTED about Shannon being brought for MONTHS, and simply because it sounds so ridiculous, ( well when RS was here, he did this, and when RS was here, he did that), I mean let it go for crying out loud. It's not like he left last week, it's BEEN THREE YEARS. So yeah I'm RANTING...

Cola, duh, your so smart. Wow, eh what say, idiot? Typical chump who mouths off when they know they can't be face to face. Sissy duh, Prbably watching barney holdin' mommy's hand right now, eh, what say.

Posted by: D | October 31, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Wow what a comeback, what're you 10?? Eh what say?? I don't need to be smart to call you an IDIOT!!!

It is nuts to discuss individual player comparisons
B/C football is first, a team sport, and second, it is a chess game to have the firstest with the mostest at the point of attack.

FSU's Jimbo is playing great chess just like Saban and other great college coaches.

But Canes' Dumb'o is playing tiddlywinks with checkers and does not have a clue about defense allowing 6 FSU offensive blockers and ball carriers to run over his three down linemen and FSU receivers to catch passes in dumbo's zone no coverage pass no defense.

The point is that U are intentionally ranting at those who defend him and not addressing those who still inject him while disparaging him.

New category: Selective ranting lol!

Paste/repost where you've ranted at someone who brought RS up as a Golden crutch (complained about or blamed RS for our predicament) while also dogging him?

Manny you said where would UM be without Stephen Morris? I'd say they'd be a lot better cause teddy bridgewater would have ended up at miami. Bridgewater? Morris? I think the answer is obvious

Excellent write up... so it seems the talent gap is at QB. Every other position we are equal. The WRs for FSU get the nob over Miami based on the QB throwing them the ball, not in their actually being better. The different is at QB. OLINE, WR and Running back there really isn't a talent gap. In fact Miami takes the Oline and Running back positions. WRs are basically a wash, except the QB throwing the ball pushes FSU over the top there and then at QB FSU has the better QB. I'll be interested to see the defensive write up.

Tubs, I'm not going to scroll back through months of blogs to pacify your request. Most on here know what I've said, and most know you and Calvin and some others are just plain full of it, so stop trying to act like your the calm mild mannered voice of reason on here. That's why your fake. I NEVER blame Randy for anything, my beef is always on those who try and say we were better off with him, which CLEARLY isn't true. So don't try and drag me into your circular logic web with your pal Calvin.

Sorry Manny the chance at a NC aint close. Only 6-7 schools ever have a chance even. Out of 115 schools.
Playing time, and shot at NFL top list period

I've always been me and known for having my own opinion and being my own man. Now U on the other hand are a "D" level dude around here, yes man status, groupthink certified cheerleader/soldier status.

How someone "drag" U in, when u clearly jumped in using the insult "clowns" and pressing the caps lock button for the emphasis your words or thoughts can't provide.

Circular wouldn't exist without a cause: if they don't bring him up, he doesn't get mentioned. No matter how much U attempt to distract from that--its still the solution to your problem with Shannon being brought up.

I guess the avoidance of confronting those who truly cause your rants--makes U "real".

good job Manny!
i live in ATL, born and raised in S FL...The Herald is my Canes connection...thanks!
We really got our hands full this Sat @ FSU...they are VERY GOOD....at times we have been very good; but I would honestly say we are good...getting to great...which games like Sat nite will tell us..Are we the team last yr. that played ND, KSU, and VA (Orange Bowl finale)...or are we the GT (last yr), UNC & WAKE this yr?...time will tell...OL, OL, OL....When does KEHOE put his fingerprint on this line...in front of a national audience?...PLEASE..If we have 3rd and 1, 2...PLEASE PLEASE RUN IT down their throat...NO MORE 6 YD, DELAYED HAND-OFFS...LETTING GOD AND EVERYBODY KNOW IT IS THE tb...6 yrds DEEP?????...OL does their job...WE ARE RESPECTED...if not...we are who "they thought we were"...God Bless all my Cane bretheren!

Well Ivan Intellect I never said you weren't you, if your reading skills were as good as your vernacular, you'd be dangerous. I simply said YOU and Calvin are full of it. You're one of the ones who cause the rants as you say, and so is Calvin, and I go after his old azzz too, so don't feel shorthanded. I'm far from being a yes man, as I always berate our D for giving up huge plays and our OC for not implementing short passing more often and using our TE's more. By the same token realize we haven't done squat in 10 years and now we're getting better.

Wow! The Curse is on full tilt today and has broken out his HarrietTubmanCane screen name.

Curse, babe, down the Prozac and take a long, long nap.


Gee Curse (HarrietTubmanCane) I forgot to mention...

21-16 scoreboard baby!!!

Another 2-3 years...maybe?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | October 31, 2013 at 12:17 PM

1-2 from a recruiting standpoint to get back with the best of the best.

Miami must keep fsu in front of them and hit whomever catches or touches the ball. We are not faster than them but I believe we are tougher. We have to impose our will on them on offense by running the bal at least 35-45 times in the game. On defense we have to get pressure and turn this into the fla game we do that we will win.

U clearly said that I'm trying to be someone that I'm not. I just proved without a question that we didn't bring up Shannon and West CoastCane did, but I guess you're still gonna uphold the falsehood and "stay the course", typical bigoted philosophy.

Thanks for the backhanded compliments about intellect and vernacular though--another exhibition/characteristic of the bigot.

And right on cue, here comes the #1 bigot on the blog. The epitome of contradiction himself...the one who hates the "Turds" the most, but named himself after one...Ron Zook!

Everyone that the bigots don't agree with gets labeled a "troll" or "The Curse".

I see that the P.T. S. D. still hasn't subsided. I'll put in a new prescription.

Mark - good post. One thing I'll say is that I doubt Kehoe approves of some of the play calling in short yardage situations. I think he's done a very good job with this offensive line. They were dominating at the end of the last two games. Morris also seems to have plenty of time to throw.

Sarasota, who are the best of the best? Aren't we ranked right up there with them?

This will be Golden's 4th recruiting cycle and we're at #7 in the country, but need two more to compete for a NC?

Another 2-3 years...maybe?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | October 31, 2013 at 12:17 PM

1-2 from a recruiting standpoint to get back with the best of the best.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 31, 2013 at 01:44 PM

But then those players need to be juniors or seniors to be of any help on a team with depth.

Either way, this team was not expected to do this well this year, so we are at least heading in the right direction.

On to the defense and special teams page.

We've done nothing but improve in EVERY category, and that includes wins and losses and people are bummed??? I mean it's a process, and many still feel like we're entitled or something. We have to re-EARN our place in the upper echelon, and we're well on our way.

BLITZ Winston, until he hurts us, and let him have that in the back of his head. I know he's good, but he hasn't played in primetime, EVERYONE watching, Game Day there, and this much of a BIG game, plus all the accolades he's receiving. He knows he has to perform, and this may hurt him, (I hope). If he handles it well, then hats off to him.

HTC defensively the bama's, and the UF's, and the LSU's of the world. You know as well as I do that UM isn't a NC contender this season regardless of their ranking unless they should happen to luck into the game.
I'm not suggesting that UM cannot win on Saturday, but it will certainly take their best effort to be in a position to win at the end of the game. FSU will get their's, can we stay close is the question. I think the UF defense that we played was A LOT better than the defense that FSU will throw at us.

UM is better across the board over last years team. They also have a great recruiting class on tap. Given how far that they had fallen I cannot fathom how anyone would have them competing for a NC at this point in Golden's tenure.

The comments read so much better today, discussing the game without being attacked. Ron, can Isuggest you give HTC a break as well, when both sides get their anger up, it prevents clear discussion.

Remeber in 2002 when we was a 16 point favorite against FSU on homecoming, and we was loaded with the likes of A. Johnson, W. McGahee, K.Dorsey, K. Winslow, DJ. Williams, the late great S.Taylor and they almost beat us. Understand this is a revelry game. No 22 point here trust me. The U will b ready.

Five Titles your last comment is 100% correct. Its good to actually come to this site and just talk Miami football without all the extra b.s. today people are giving great input and others will agree or give thier input as to why they do not agree. Difference today is fans are here to talk Miami football and not getting into the name calling or responding to trolls from other sites.

I heard Golden just called cola-cane to coach the defense. But cola wants to coach both, she says she is the best there is and won't settle for one side. She will ALLOW Golden at sp teams. duh This dufus is an egg head that got scrambled. A definite liberal, you notice how he always calls someone a name.

We've done nothing but improve in EVERY category, and that includes wins and losses and people are bummed??? I mean it's a process, and many still feel like we're entitled or something. We have to re-EARN our place in the upper echelon, and we're well on our way.

Posted by: ColaCane | October 31, 2013 at 02:11 PM

It's pretty hard to "re-earn" your way back to the top when you play a very weak schedule and then go right to the wire against unranked and bottom of the conference foes. Just saying...

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