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Dorsett will miss 4-6 weeks with partial MCL tear; Duke, Rodgers injuries not serious

First the bad news: Hurricanes coach Al Golden said receiver Phillip Dorsett has a slight or partial tear of his MCL and it's a 4-6 week injury.

The good news? He could be back for the end of the season and none of the other injuries sustained in Thursday night's win -- running back Duke Johnson or safety Kacy Rodgers -- appears to be serious. In fact, both could be back by the Wake Forest game.

"Last night it did not look good," Golden said of Dorsett's injury. "We're all relieved and I know he is. We're all disappointed, but he'll go through the adversity and be back. Certainly it could have been far worse."

Rodgers, who injured his ankle in the first quarter, is going to be monitored in the next 72 hours. But Golden said it looks like Rodgers will be okay. "I think the nine days off will help," Golden said.

Golden said Johnson was taken out of the game by doctors after taking a knee to the helmet and because of his history with migraines.

"He looked very good today, very positive today watching film," Golden said. "We're still evaluating him whether it was a blow that triggered a migraine reaction or a level 1 concussion. We're evalauting that. Because of the time that we have and the way our doctors reacted, it was great and did not cause any additional injury."

> Golden said safeties Rayshawn Jenkins and Deon Bush "both had deep thigh contusions, but they're both good today."

> Golden also said receiver Rashawn Scott (shoulder) has been cleared and fullback Walter Tucker (ankle) will be fine to go for the Wake Forest game.

"I think he's going to give us a huge, huge lift here," Golden said of Scott. "I'm excited about what Rashawn can give us. He had a great spring for us."

> Asked if he gave any thought to pulling a struggling Stephen Morris on Thursday night Golden emphatically answered me: "No. No."

Did Morris convince him to stay in the game?

"He didn't need to convince me," Golden said. "I saw him in the huddle there at the end, those last couple drives. I saw that look going into that last huddle. He had command of that huddle. I actually left the huddle because of it. He was talking to those guys. I knew James did a great job settling him down, saying okay these are the 3 or 4 routes we're going to run. He felt comfortable with it. They were doing some things that obviously caused him some difficulty in addition to what he was battling physically. James got him settled down, which I thought was awesome He threw those last three or four balls with great confidence and rhythm and timing. Obviously, it was the difference in the game. You have to trust your gut in those [instances]. There's no question Ryan Williams can win games for us and is really improved and we're excited about Ryan. But this was Stephen's time and I just felt he was going to lead us to victory certainly at that point, given that environment and where we were, 91 yards away. Stephen was the guy who was going to give us a chance to win."



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Like i said before the game, brent veneables is overrated and has brought nothing to the table to justify him being paid that much money, i didn't expect them to get beat down like that but i tell you what, you can see the difference between a Miami born & raised player cause lamarcus joyner(Liberty City) single handedly took clemson's heart. That man forced 3 turn-overs & got a pick all in the first half, lol. That sack/fumble he got on boyd was the play that took clemson out the game once the defense scored.

3 forced fumbles in the first half, lol and a pick, this is what smo17 doesn't do, elevate his game when we play a better team. In fact he can't do it, no knock on him but this is what this coaching staff doesn't understand, we need to play ball control offense in the first half and stop trying to put the game in smo17's hands, he's not going to win it for you and we're not playing against all those scrub defenses like we did at the end of last year.

tk swann, that's what pissed miss off last year when coach goldie told the team after the Fsu "it's ok, they're a lil bit ahead of us right now" i was like WTH, unless he meant a lil bit ahead when it comes to they're coaching staff vs our coaching staff, than he was right, but when it came to talent, we had enuff talent to beat them last year, but when you go in a game calling 3 fade routes to a receiver in robert lockhart and a qb in smo17 who has no touch, you're wasting time. When you got 4 and less than2 yards at your goaline and you're already up 7 points, you don't kick the fieldgoal, you go for it in these type of games.

But you come out at halftime only down by 3 and call for an on-side kick, comical. This 2nd half of the year is once again going to be all on caoching, the talent is in place, "NO EXCUSES" i could careless what Fsu did to overrated clemson and also once tajh boyd got hurt, it was over anyway.

I can't wait to play them, the one thing i notice about winston before the game last night though is he does a few things real well, one, he understands what kind of passes to throw and puts the ball on the money. Doesn't take long to make up his mind where to go with the football, but he's definitely not a real running threat and if he meets dzp he's going to be in for a world of hurt. He knows where to throw the ball to give benjamin a chance to go up and get it, this is goign to be a fun game.

I don't know how, but for some reason for 2 years straight oach OH-NO bottled up Fsu's offense, i think it had more to do with ej manuel. Just in case though, winston is a redshirt freshman, makes a big difference at the qb position, but he's lights ahead of ej manuel.

Also, gumbo fisher is going to want to punish coach goldie and james coley for sure, he'll definitely try his best to run up the score and rightfully so, i don't like gumbo fisher but he understands what it means to step on a teams throat for sure.

We defintiely need to play with more emotion out there on that field though, if not, Fsu will definitely run over us. Here's to malcom lewis starting to round back into form as well and it'll be good to see rashawn scott.

UM defense gave up 500 yards against a last place coastal division team.....what do you think that will be against fsu at doak campbell stadium?

Morris/duke are p...sys......man up and shake off these minor injuries off....this team is so weak, its pathetic all because of the coaching.....


how can you not be in your stride right now with this sceduale that a high school team can beat?

I watched the tape of last nights game this morning...fsu is incredible....their receivers are excellent.....green is nfl material already....he is Micheal Irving....o'leary (te)is mark bravaro.....loves to hit....how is UM gonna stop those 2.....

they aint....

calvin...your are right...fisher is gonna embarrass golden/coley for sure...payback time.....

he will run the score up if he can to also position fsu to be #1 in the polls......fisher has to put UM/Fla down in a big way to leapfrog over ala/oregon.....

What we saw yesterday around the country in college football was parity..those of you complaining about and ugly win on the road to a division rival to stay undefeated need to realize that this isn't the 80's and 90's where the talent level was in overwhelming favor of 10 or 15 schools ...Football is THE sport in our country and kids are learning the game as young as 6 years old and it's showing up in FBS schools with talent everywhere...27-23 on the road to a division rival and having to overcome 4 turnovers with key injuries ...I'll take it everytime...and whatever ranking the U is Givin this week will be well deserved


parity?...what BS....

heres the bottom line....there is NO CHANCE UM beats FSU.....count it as a loss already....and there is a good chance UM wont even win the coastal if it cant get by VT......then 2013 graduates and UM will be emptied out...

golden/dnofrio should be gone by then....

Its funny how the naysayers were saying UM will have two losses by now (to UF and UNC). Now that we are 6-0, its VT and FSU.

Right now, all we need to focus is on WF for next Saturday. Who cares about FSU at this point? One game at a time and as the astute coach Golden observed, rankings only matter by the end of the season.

Gallo and Lady Calvina still pulling each other's pudd I see. Nothing new here.

Canes 6-0 and improving. The long list of Galloinda deadbeats, thieves and idiots are gone. Recruiting pipeline full of top notch players, with character. Add them in to the mix and we'll be back at the top.

No sensible person thought we'd be on top this year. Calvin thought we'd be terrible and still lives in 1988 with his defensive scheme preferences. The game left him by decades ago.

We are heading in the right direction in an era with a lot more parity, due to broader recruiting by all teams. As the $ has gotten enormous all schools are spending $ on coaching, recruiting and facilities to get a bigger slice.

We'll be fine under Golden. Modern college football, requires a HC who can coach, recruit, hire, motivate, sell and conduct a press conference.

He's the first guy since Butch who can check those boxes.

FSU is the better team. They might be the best team in the country. But that hasn't stopped us from ruining their perfect season before!

Gallo is praying FSU beats the Canes. As a poster said earlier we are back to the 'Dumb Ones' Gator predictions where he prayed they would destroy the Canes.

Gallo is back to whining that Golden and D'Onofrio have no clue what they are doing. Yet, the Canes are soon to be 7 and 0...undefeated...and possibly ranked in the top 5 in the nation. Those Gallo claims have now reached a level of stupidity not often witnessed.

With the Randy Shannon disaster and still ongoing NCAA debacle no one in their right mind can look at what Al Golden has accomplished and not stand in total awe.

The biggest worry the Canes have is not FSU or the NCAA or next year's recruiting, but a program with deep pockets hires Al Golden away...and that could very well happen.

Gallo knows the greatness of Al Golden and being a Gator troll that is why he's always trying to belittle Coach Golden.

Hey Gallo...you should be worried about Muschamp and that program of yours that is going down the toilet.


An ugly win like this tells a lot about the team. They have character and focus. They have overcome adversity. All athletes have slumps. SM seems to be in one but this a team sport and the team won despite injuries and interceptions. Don't discount UNC. They had hyped this game for months. Their players were as up for that game as any team could be. Despite all that we WON! Go Canes.

Yeah, everybody knew that the UNC game would be tough before the season. We didn't know that their season would start off so rocky. But they are better than their record shows and you had to know it'd be a dogfight. UNC always plays Miami tough. That's only the second time we've won in chapel hill. On to Wake.


After YEARS of TOP 5 recruiting classes...they can't win with the 1st teasers, and now that they've lost some 1s stringers, the backups are performing HORRIBLY.... We are talking about 4 and 5 star kids.





Until then, we've got the BEST YOUNG COACH IN CFB...


1) Prove you DESERVE victory by what you do during the week
3) THERE ARE NO BACK-UPS. Everyone must compete and be ready to be THE MAN
4) U-TOUGH.. no one will outwork you and you WILL DOMINATE when it is required of you (4th Quarter vs UNC showed that)
5) ACCOUNTABILITY: he let's Seantrel stand in the hotseat he created for himself-- "Seantral is a grown man, i'll let him explain it to you..." DUKE FUMBLING-- he gets the green jersey-- no favoring the stars on the team...Everyone can be replaced
6) PATIENCE and CALM: Golden's got ice running in his blood, no signs of panic in the last 2 minutes of the UNC game. MUSCHUMP would have been cursing and jumping like a monkey...

AL GOLDEN is the MVP of the CANES football team. I SURE HOPE HE LOVES UM and MIAMI enough to stick around for a CHAMPIONSHIP win.... BECAUSE IT IS COMING...


I'm glad now that MORRIS played probably the WORST GAME i've seen him play in 4 years...

Our D also seemed tired and weak in that 1st half...

I'd rather we nearly lost to UNC now, then to blow them out and have an overblown confidence heading into FSU...

This close call against UNC should re-ignited the WHOLE TEAM's focus and intensity. THEY WATCHED THE FSU game like the rest of us and know what they will be facing...


There must be no issues with his ankle left as an excuse to not be 100% for the game.

WILLIAMS must be ready to be plugged in if Morris starts throwing duds and has too many 3 & OUTs.

IN FACT, it would be good motivation to START WILLIAMS in the first Quarter and let MORRIS watch from the sideline to get his fire burring...

MORRIS HAS ONE PEDIGREE from the JACORY HARRIS DAYS... he came in as a freshmen and won when the pressure was really on him. Or came damn close on some games to winning....

MORRIS SEEMS to perform best when the game seems lost...

HE SEEMS to be reckless and too nonchalant at the beginning of games and when the competition is poorly ranked...

AND FOR GOD'S SAKES.. WE NEED A RELIABLE SHORT PASSING GAME AND SOME RANDOM NO-HUDDLE/HURRY-UP OFFENSE to keep the other team unbalanced and unable to rotate in fresh defensive players... ESPECIALLY with FSU.

AND FOR GOD'S SAKES.. WE NEED A RELIABLE SHORT PASSING GAME AND SOME RANDOM NO-HUDDLE/HURRY-UP OFFENSE to keep the other team unbalanced and unable to rotate in fresh defensive players... ESPECIALLY with FSU.

Posted by: WestCoastCane | October 20, 2013 at 01:40 PM

Like a TE maybe? The thing that I don't get about the U's TE position is that they seem to haul in enough clutch catches to warrant more looks. I only remember two or three times that we utilized the TE against UNC. Is it because they can't block? We better figure it out quick!!

Go 'canes!

too much talk about FSU and V Tech -- , Wake is the team to beat - they took care of Maryland and have a head of steam -- all these teams peak for the U and must be taken seriously , GO CANES !

I am very happy with the Canes winning streak but its hard to believe that with a Senior QB is making some bad decisions. The interceptions are not all the WRs fault or his decision to scramble when he doesn't need to. The defense is playing great and in most cases on the field more than they should be. Win against Wake Forest and better have a great game plan against FSU. Rattle the young QB and cover his wideouts. That game will determine a lot for Miami.

Dumbest post of the week! Seriously, did you even watch the game?

On the final drive Stephen completed a pass to Allen Hurns for a first down. Later he completed a pass to Herb Waters for another first down. And finally, Stephen completed yet another pass to Allen Hurns down to the Carolina 3 yard line that set-up Dallas Crawford's game winning touchdown run.

You are flat-out clueless and simply have no idea what you are talking about. Either you are painfully stupid or a pathological liar or both!

Posted by: Ron Zook | October 19, 2013 at 10:20 PM

Do you have a hard time comprehending things that you read? What did I say that wasn't the truth? Check yourself with those ridiculous comments/observations of yours. Throwing darts, composed and cold blooded killer... LMFAO!

Like I said, Miami ran the ball 10 times on that last (Stephen Morris directed epic drive..paraphrasing your own words there) drive and ONLY threw it THREE times with only ONE pass going for more than 10 yards. Even with your homer glasses on, you can't change what actually happened on that drive. So for your benefit, here's the play by play breakdown of that last drive. I took the liberty of putting a "*" in front of the THREE passes that Morris threw to help you with your A.D.D. issue.

1st and 10 at MIA 10Dallas Crawford rush for 6 yards to the MiaFl 16
2nd and 4 at MIA 16Dallas Crawford rush for 6 yards to the MiaFl 22 for a 1ST down.  
1st and 10 at MIA 22Eduardo Clements rush for 13 yards to the MiaFl 35 for a 1ST down.  
1st and 10 at MIA 35Eduardo Clements rush for 14 yards to the MiaFl 49 for a 1ST down.  
1st and 10 at MIA 49Dallas Crawford rush for 2 yards to the NCaro 49.  
*2nd and 8 at UNC 49Stephen Morris pass complete to Allen Hurns for 8 yards to the NCaro 41 for a 1ST down.
1st and 10 at UNC 41Dallas Crawford rush for 5 yards to the NCaro 36.  
2nd and 5 at UNC 36Dallas Crawford rush for 3 yards to the NCaro 33.  
3rd and 2 at UNC 33Timeout NORTH CAROLINA, clock 0:53
3rd and 2 at UNC 33Dallas Crawford rush for 5 yards to the NCaro 28 for a 1ST down.
*1st and 10 at UNC 28Stephen Morris pass complete to Herb Waters for 17 yards to the NCaro 11 for a 1ST down.  
1st and 10 at UNC 11Dallas Crawford rush for a loss of 1 yard to the NCaro 12
2nd and 11 at UNC 12Timeout MIAMI FLORIDA, clock 0:25.  
*2nd and 11 at UNC 12Stephen Morris pass complete to Allen Hurns for 9 yards to the NCaro 3. 
3rd and 2 at UNC 3Dallas Crawford rush for 3 yards for a TOUCHDOWN
Matt Goudis extra point GOOD.

Yeah I'm watching the FSU/Clemson game too and FSU is mixing it up and keeping Clemson off balance. They run it inside, run it outside, throw it long, throw it short and move the pocket. All with a true freshman QB. If he throws a few picks, I wonder if the Noles homers will start making excuses about him being a freshmen learning a new offense and Clemson blitzing?
Posted by: Sit on it and rotate October 19, 2013 at 09:13 PM
You make my point. College QBs don't call games, coodinators/HCs do. Players look to the sideline and execute. The games this season are being called by a first-timer. The kid had a bad game, but i'll stand behind my ID and say when the time comes he'll carry us.

Posted by: One finger []_[]p | October 19, 2013 at 10:55 PM

You missed the point... when Morris was flushed at the pocket, instead of checking down when the deep routes weren't open, he simply tried to force the ball in there when at worst, he should have threw the ball away.

That FSU QB is wise beyond his years with his reads, progressions, and decision making. His success isn't all because of his offensive coordinator's play calling. I hate to say it but he has the makings of being a very special QB if he continues to work on his craft and not rest on this years laurels.

Gee Calvin it's been a few blogs since you mentioned your loser "bro" RS. 2 losers you and him!!!!

on to the next one...

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