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ESPN's Rece Davis and Jesse Palmer talk UM football -- are the Canes really a Top-10 team?

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.. -- We had availability this afternoon with ESPN personalities Rece Davis and Jesse Palmer, who will be on the broadcast tonight for the UM at UNC game. Both don't think we'll really see just how good Miami is until two weeks from now at Florida State -- but both are high on Al Golden (So, who isn't?) and it seemed to me that Rece Davis is pretty high on UM in general.


Jesse Palmer: "Really, the big weeks are going to be I think in early November, when they play against Florida State on the road and then against Virginia Tech, who I think is a really good team -- a team that has won six games since they lost to Alabama.

"From a subjective standpoint, you try to compare them to a Florida State or a Clemson -- it is hard. There's no doubt Miami is so explosive, and they have that ability. At the same time, to me they've been a little more inconsistent then those other two offenses. They've turned the football over a lot this year, already 10 times. They're averaging two a game.

"It's hard to know how good their defense really is because they just haven't yet played a maruqee offense this season. they're going to have that opportunity when they finally play Florida State. But tonight against North Carolina [and] their next game agaisnt Wake Forest, I don't know if that really provides the opportunity you need to see them play before you can say with conviction they're a top 10 or top 5 team."


Rece Davis: "I think it's a real thing. It's an intangible and you can't quantify it. But what you have is a team that, frankly, across the board is not very good. But they have a really good quarterback, they have an NFL tight end, and they have some young talent here and there and one really good defensive lineman and a couple pretty good defensive backs. So, they've got pieces, and they're desperate and they're embarrassed and they want to atone. All of those things are intangibles that you can't quantify that will probably have them playing their best game of the season.

"If Miami is what it wants to be, they'll be able to handle that because they're the better team. They will be the better team no matter what the score is at the end of the game. Miami will still be better. But it's like Holtz tells me every Saturday, the best team doesn't always win, the team that plays the best inside the stadium that night does. So it's real, I think there's an opportunity, but I do think Miami is significantly better."


Rece Davis: "I have them ranked --they're in the power rankings based on what I think they deserve. Realistically I would probably view them around 15 to 18, somewhere in that neighborhood, and that's no slight. They're good, they're building and I think all the arrows are pointing up.

"I think what Al [Golden] has done is remarkable. I was just saying in our meeting earlier, you want to talk about a guy that won't take a shortcut -- a guy who takes the Temple job and a guy who stays at Miami through what the NCAA has put them through? That's a guy who won't take a shortcut and I think he's doing a tremendous job. I think he's one of the brightest young coaches in all of college football. Because of that, I think Miami is close to being [back]. ..

"I'm not sure I look at them and say, 'Boy, they're overwhelming -- this is a juggernaut.' Somebody asked me if they were back to [being] the old U. I was like, 'I don't see Sapp and Vilma and Irvin and people like that running around out there.' They've got good players, but I don't know if they have that good level of player yet.'' 



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"but both are high on Al Golden (So, who isn't?) and it seemed to me that Rece Davis is pretty high on UM in general."

LOL, there does seem to be a couple IDs on here that are not that high on Al Golden. Not counting you-know-who, who hates everything about the Canes, even after 21-16 put him in his place.

But Jim "the Douche" Gallo and his alias, Canes'72 the Navy Seal, seem to know more than Palmer and Davis who, you know, are paid for their opinion.

LOL..u seen that conversation I had w him,claiming to be a Navy Seal...too funny.

I think it was a fair description of Miami! I disagree that we don't have star players..Stacy Coley is one that jumps out at ya. Were headed in the right direction for sure

And Duke and Morris and Hurns are all star players just on offense.

Now we need to have a bit less of this 72 Dolphins no-name defense, and turn guys like Chickillo into stars as well. We have been distributing the hits, caused fumbles, INTs, and even tackles pretty evenly so far, team ball, but now that we have the pattern down, we can have more players stand out.

Duke johnson lol. He is the most explosive player we have ever had. Watch tonight

Reece is always stuck with really bad partners on game broadcasts and studio shows. It's really very annoying and never his fault, I'd almost feel bad for the guy, almost.

Then I have to slog through the same math deficient loser talking to himself with four different names on two different paper blogs and suddenly, David and Jesse aren't so bad for a redneck misogynist and a Canadian club QB who cant' hold a candle to Jacory Harris' college career by comparison!

So that makes Calvin, Zakkee and D the Reece Davis' of this blog by analogy.

Can't wait for 7:45 GO CANES !

Ha ha haaaa so true !

I hope to here these guys y the end of the night admitting they were wrong and that Miami is actually a Top 10 team.

Between having a top ten offense and a top ten defense and being #1 in kickoff returns, they might want to reconsider.

both those guys do not know what they are talking about.......not 1 decommit said the reason for not coming to UM was because of sanctions and to this day there are none....

plus golden is getting 2 million plus so he wasn't going anywhere anyways.....despite the rumor of sanctions....if shalala called his bluff he was staying.....in his own words this was his "dream" job....

the success he is getting is on the efforts of randy shannon....take those guys away and he is winless....

how can golden be so great at 45-45 and 8 years as a head coach.....that is pathetic...

jim mora of ucla take a team that was devastated at 21-30 and goes 14-5 and ranked #9 bcs in just 2 years....

palmer and davis have no idea what real talent is.....also look what urban meyer has done at OH...al golden is not in the leugue of either of those 2....

please....fire these guys, both goldn/dnofrio suck as UM future....watch what FSU does to us....then the light will go on

I think Denzel Perryman is also a stud. He was the unsung hero on D of the UFraud game.

It is clear that in this state, two teams are on their way up, and one (cough..cough..UFraud) is going down. Records, rankings, recruiting, you name it.

Only thing increasing at that trash skewwwl is the number of felons.

the 1999 roster had a ton of talent that was unknown to the national media because the canes were recovering from the probation yrs ....those guys went on to beat Florida in the 2000 sugar bowl and then played in back back national title games.I think we are Headin in the same direction with golden and this team....they will know their names here shortly

Miami is a top 10 team for sure. The huge difference in this team is the amount of talent. ESPN has not had an impact on providing valid coverage of sports for decades.

National press, local press, and the fans all very happy with Al Golden. Jim Gallo, anonymous troll, is not.

Hmm, whose judgement has more value......

DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner, and it isn't Gallo, the same guy that promised we would lose to that unnamed school up north in blue and orange that we played and beat in the second game of this year and to UNC when the season started, and now is claiming we play nobody tough. SMH....

Go canes

Randy who is my friend destroyed this team and he knows it. If he was here the doors would be shut by now Gallo. death Penalty

Five Titles, I believe Jim "the DoucheBag I-was-a-Navy-Seal-"No Really, I was" Gallo's exact quote was:

"We will lose to Florida by double-digits. You watch. I guarantee it then send those jersey-boys, blah, blah, blah."

Then, like the coward he is, he disappeared for a month.

YOu suck, Gallo. Choke on your dinner tonight and die a horrible death. Maggot.

UM did loose to Florida......diskel handed the win the UM

UM was holding hands prying that the clock was gonna run out.....then goes on the beat teams that any high school in Florida can beat like last place unc at 1-4....

lets just what till fsu....watch how fsu crushed at that time a Maryland 4-0 team 63-0......UM at 5-0 is an embarrassment to the brand and legacy.....

the fans at Maryland were blogging just like you until they got crushed.......

GO Canes..Beat NC..1 game at a time..

UM did loose to Florida......diskel handed the win the UM
Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 17, 2013 at 04:38 PM

hmm, I recall another ID of yours has a habit of misspelling lose, as well. Did you slip up and use the wrong ID this time, "gallo"?

Miami never trailed, so your claim is false. The final score says your claim is false.

And now he is an expert on what the Maryland blogs were saying? How does he have time to troll more than one ACC site? Geez it must be a real obsession to do that.

Gallo, if I courier you some batter acid, do you promise to drink it? Wouldn't any former Navy Seal like yourself do the honorable thing and just end it?

"UM was holding hands prying that the clock was gonna run out."

Were they praying before or after McCord smashed Driskel from behind then recovered the fumble? Just checking.

Still on the same Gatr Trash angle that they gave the game away. That is loser talk and spoken like a typical Gatr Trash Trailer Donkey.

UFraud will end up 7-5. All the alleged 5 stars, facilities, money, fans, "we sell out our stadium" (which BTW is not really true), all for what? 7 - 5?

UFraud has truly earned its status as the flagship skeewwwl of this white trash state. No better fit.

Gallo the Gatr maggot.

UM did loose to Florida......diskel handed the win the UM
Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 17, 2013 at 04:38 PM

the success he is getting is on the efforts of randy shannon....take those guys away and he is winless....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 17, 2013 at 04:20 PM
So what your saying is Randy's guys didn't beat Florida, Florida handed them the win.

So basically if Miami is winning its because of Randy, but if they lose its because of Golden.. interesting..

cant wait till the fsu game.....then the truth will come out.....UM will get crushed.....then it will be official...golden/dnofrio will have to go.....

there will no more excuses or powder puff teams to play.....there will no where for golden to hide all this fake and embarrassing bravado.....

a freshman QB going up against a senior.....lets see who is the better coach.....and when fsu beats clemson...all these bloggers will be sweating.....since UM at doak campbell stadium will be shaking in their shoes.......

with a win over clemson...UM could be easily shut out....

So Gallo, after Maryland lost to FSU 63-0, did they fire their coach? No? Well then it looks like you will be wrong YET AGAIN, troll.

Miami might lose to FSU. They might lose to UNC. But that doesn't mean your trolling had any impact on that. Why are you here, anyway? The gatr series is over.

Like Ed Reed had once said, "No one likes us, but EVERYBODY wants to be like us"

I would have been gallos daddy but the line was waaaay too long

cant wait till the fsu game.....then the truth will come out.....UM will get crushed.....then it will be official...golden/dnofrio will have to go.....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 17, 2013 at 05:00 PM

Didn't you say that about the UF game too? How'd that go for you?

Gallo, the Navy Seal who was dishonorably discharged for lurking in the latrines. He would spend a lot of time checking out his former seals.

Gallo, I do know basic math and you can talk all kinds of statistics, percentages and all that other crap you spew out on here about the Canes...so here is a little math lesson for you.
5>2 Miami VS FSU
5>3 Miami VS Gayturds
National Champions is where it matters the most in my book!

This will be a tough game, but the decisive part is what UM does on D.

DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno. It's funny: I can't wait until FSU shows the DC what he doesn't know. And we're talking a redshirt QB who is just having funn.

Heisman watch: FSU QB

2) Manziel and Moriota.

In the conversation: Former NW standout QB and RS superstar (T. Bridgewater) recruit who was set to put the UM program back on the map, until....

clemson fired the DC immediately after a bowl blowout....those are my standards....I'm old school cane.....this is all BS....UM is winning outside of what old canes have done and who they played.....

this staff is afraid of competition, that's why we play teams that high schools can beat....

If it aint ohio state rece hates, he'll find a way to throw them in tonights game somehow. Miami will probably get upset with the better team tonight though,
last week just started the chaos that's to ensue.

all i know is seven top 25 teams lost last weekend and wins are all that matters at this stage as it is win and advance, the schedule is what it is , look at louisville and ohio state embarrassing beyond belief in strength of schedule, every year it is the same, nd michigan oklahoma texas nebraska and the rest all have the same dream and end up losing 2 or three games , there is more and more parity and teams are going to find out it does not pay to schedule easy games as the polls indicate with 1 and 2 loss sec schools still ranked high

Posted by: ohiocane | October 17, 2013 at 05:44 PM

So, you are ohiocane huh? "Miami will probably get upset with the better team" Do you see the idiocy of your statement? Read the following slowly. A 1-4 team is not a better team than a 5-0 team and a win by the better team is not an upset.

clemson fired the DC immediately after a bowl blowout....those are my standards....I'm old school cane.....this is all BS....UM is winning outside of what old canes have done and who they played.....

So Miami should have fired Randy after the 48-0 loss to Virginia in the last game at the OB?

I would have been gallos daddy but the line was waaaay too long

Posted by: GaCane | October 17, 2013 at 05:14 PM

Instant classic!!!!

Lol at gallo...according to U 45-45 is nowhere as good as mora's 35-35? Do u even think before U type jlo....i mean gallo. Oh yea! Where is that casualty list with the gators at the bottom?.

Gallo...read another one of your silly posts....
First of all morris goes against fsu defense
Second ,jameis goes against the #1 pass defense in the country
third, we want fsu to beat clemson for our soc...
Get a life before U look any dumber jlo!

Posted by: Football | October 17, 2013 at 06:07 PM

You lack reading comprehension, troll or not the statement says UM has the better team and will be upset despite having it. Steroids ruin your mind and make you jumpy, so what's your excuse for the bad math to boot?

I'm starting to think Gallo is randy... weird he would hold on like this. anyways Perryman is a stud! no respect, he's going to be a starter in the NFL. possibly pro bowl material! go canes


Very fair and honest comments .....please canes sound football 4qtrs worth

We just can't get rid of Gallo; freaking amazing how insecure he is. What a loser!

HATE to say I saw this coming this looks like last years team all over again morris is horrible.

"We have two safeties down and we can't leave them one on one", lol we playing 97% zone Goldie, nothing one on one about that. He's running free because our only pass rushers are waiting for 3rd and long before they can sub in the game. Lol

After halftime coach D's defense held that UNC tight-end Ebron to two catches and one was in the last desperation drive when they were playing prevent! After half-time the U's defense held UNC to six points! That's called making adjustments. On offense at crunch time in the 4th qtr the U started to roll and scored two touchdowns, dominated the defensive line and won the game with a gut check 90 yard drive to win the game! I'll take it!

In conference on the road, against a Boston College team that should never have been in the game, the best team to ever play college football(2001 Hurricanes) had to have a last minute interception off the leg of a defensive player and late TD by ED Reed to win the game. It happens to the best of teams. Haters gonna hate no matter what.

And to gallo, I have been watching football for 60 years and I have never seen a team who scored the fewest points at the end of the game, declared the winner of the game! LOL

Now it's time for you to go clean the urinals at the Detention Center and to get your baloney sandwich and water for lunch.

See you after yet another UM win vs Wake Forest and how about those high schools UL and OSU play almost every week?

A #10 team blows away a 1-5 team. I am a CANE fan but the truth is until we get rid of DONNA the TROLL bring in a Pres. that is dedicated to having an elite football program the CANES will be average. If you want an elite football program you must put football first, like BAMA! GO CANES!!! GOODBYE DONNA!!!

All this talk whether or not Miami is deserving of a top 10 ranking is ridiculous. If Miami was in the SEC and barely beat UCF like South Caroliba did two weeks, Reece Davis Palmer would praise them for winning on the road. Jesse Palmer is pissed because UM beat the gators, and David Pollack knows that UM will win another title before Georgia. Also ESPN should change its name to ESEC.

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