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Five signs the Canes are heading in the right direction

At 5-0 the Miami Hurricanes are enjoying some time off with their second bye week of the regular season. That should help quarterback Stephen Morris' bruised right ankle get healthy in time for next Thursday night's showdown in Chapel Hill with North Carolina (1-4). 

First-year offensive coordinator James Coley joined WQAM's Hurricane Hotline Monday night and shared his thoughts after Miami's 45-30 win over Georgia Tech on Saturday.

Here are some numbers that show us Coley is doing a fine job filling the shoes of Jedd Fisch, who is now coaching the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars.

SIGN 1: Even with a gimpy Morris under center and second-leading receiver Rashawn Scott out for the last four games, the Hurricanes are just as explosive, even a tad-bit more explosive on offense than they were a year ago. UM has hit on 17 pass plays of 25 yards or more. Last season they hit on 34 pass plays of 25 yards or more in 12 games.

Another encouraging sign from that is backup Ryan Williams is even getting involved. He's completed six of those long pass plays filling in for Morris, providing proof that while his arm may not be as strong as Morris' he can connect on the deep ball.

A year ago, Phillip Dorsett and Clive Walford led the team with nine catches of 25 yards or more. This year, it's Allen Hurns who has become UM's deep threat with five catches of 25 yards or more (he had one in an injury-riddled 2012 campaign). Freshman Stacy Coley and Dorsett are next with three.

"We call it chunks and home runs," Coley explained Monday. "Their eyes light up when we install the chunks and home runs during the week. They want the deep ball. Stephen does a great job throwing it. He has such a strong arm. He sees it very well and you've got guys that are running off the ball. It's hard to notice because everybody watches the guy who catches the ball, but the other three guys are instrumental in that deal also. There's a tight end last week on the second play of the game when Phillip [Dorsett] caught that great catch on that post route [for the touchdown]. The tight end on the other side Asante [Cleveland] took the corner on the near side and created a stretch. Stacy Coley took the safety in the middle and it put Dorsett one-on-one with the corner. If you watch the film all those guys really bought into playing with low pads, bursting out of their stances and creating the stretch we want."

"The home runs, deep balls are all a credit to the guys who work hard at beating press and beating zones. We run a lot of routes in practice and we try to emphasize it. Sometimes guys look at us like we're kind of crazy, but they understand. It's been fun to call it."

According to ESPN, the Hurricanes have a combined QB Rating of 174.7 which is 8th best in the FBS. A year ago, UM ranked 45th (139.5 rating). All that by the way with eight combined turnovers in their last two games (three INTs, five fumbles lost).

SIGN 2: Yes, Duke Johnson has fumbled three times in the last two weeks. But he's becoming more than just a player the Hurricanes sprinkle in with the hope he hits the home run.

In the fourth quarter of Saturday's win over Georgia Tech, UM handed Duke the ball five straight times after the Yellow Jackets had pulled to within 24-23. Johnson ran for 6, 6, 1, 6 and 3 yards, converting a 3rd-and-3 on his last carry. Two plays later, Stephen Morris hit Coley down to the three-yard line to setup Dallas Crawford's game-sealing touchown run.

On UM's next drive after that, Coley gave Johnson five consecutive carries again. He ran for 4, 16, 5, 4 and then 19 yards, driving UM from its own 34 to the Georgia Tech 18. Crawford scored on the next play.

Why is this significant? Johnson had never received five consecutive carries in any game since arriving in Coral Gables. The most he had were three (vs. FAU in 2013, Duke, USF, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia Tech in 2012). He also touched the ball a career-high six times on an 11-play scoring drive versus Savannah State. But never five carries in a row.

"I'm very proud of him," Coley said Monday. "He wants to be that guy and he became that guy last week where he wants the ball and they have to stop us and he's getting four, five yards a pop until he busted one. It's hard running. It's hard work especially when they're loading up the box and we're saying we're going to run the ball, you know where we're going and you have to come make this tackle. You watched it. We know he can hit the perimeter and run, but we saw him run it hard, take the contact, bounce off and get a couple more yards. Very proud."

By the way, the Hurricanes rank 10th among FBS schools with a 5.9-yard per carry average. A year ago they were averaging 4.7 yards a carry. Johnson by the way has three runs of 25 yards or more and two catches of 25 yards or more. A year ago, he had eight runs of 25 yards or more and two catches of 25 yards more.

SIGN 3: On the flip side of the coin, UM's defense has done a stellar job not only improving against the run, they've become adept at creating pressure on opposing quarterbacks and creating turnovers.

As I tweeted earlier today, the Hurricanes have produced 18 sacks, tied for fourth most among 123 FBS programs. Only Clemson, Virginia Tech and Fresno State have more (19). Who would have imagined that a year ago when UM had 13 all season.

At this pace, UM would finish with 43 sacks by season's end. That would rank 10th best all-time. The record is 52, set back in 1989.

SIGN 4: The added pressure on the quarterbacks has obviously helped the pass defense. UM has produced nine interceptions. That's tied for seventh most in the FBS. A year ago they had 11 all season.

The Hurricanes have created 16 turnovers overall and rank tied for 12th in turnover margin. They had 22 turnovers combined all of last year. 

SIGN 5: What's also being eliminated? The big plays. Mark D'Onofrio's defense isn't giving those up quite as often any more. UM had 22 explosive plays it allowed in its first five games last year (Boston College 4, Kansas State 4, Bethune-Cookman 4, Georgia Tech 4, N.C. State 6). 

> Georgia Tech had two plays over 25 yards Saturday -- a 31-yard TD run and a 27-yard pass. A year ago the Yellow Jackets had plays of 57, 37, 35 and 52 yards against UM.

> USF had two plays of 25 yards or more and one was a 36-yard completion against UM's second team unit. 

> The one long play UM gave up against Savannah State was a 75-yard touchdown run in which second and third team players weren't set at the snap. 

> Florida's longest run was 12 yards. The Gators did hit on 46- and 32-yard pass completions. But that was it.

> FAU's longest plays were a 19-yard scramble by its quarterback and an 18-yard completion.

So if you do the math, that's seven explosive plays in five games allowed by the defense and two of them came against the second and third team units.


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Unreal.....thanks for inviting me back to the gator blog......

Someone woke up on the wrong side of their trailer this morning, huh []_[]nreal? So you were a player? yet now are a namechanging troll? I doubt it, hypocrite.

Nice try claiming the Gator's only loss had anything to do with the loss of Driskell, Easley, and Dubose.

Driskell was there, Easley was there, and Dubose was not missed as the five returns that UF had were all very good.

And nice try twisting my words, yet again. I said he is a first round pick, which means WHEN HE GOES IN THE DRAFT, not right this second. And I said he will do better than Tannehill, a prediction, not a guarantee. I know you have trouble differentiating the two.

So are you gonna stick to one ID today? I predict not, but I cannot guarantee it. Does that help you see the difference, troll?

I'll get back to u when I feel like it.
Posted by: []_[]nreal | October 09, 2013 at 09:05 AM
Posted by: []_[]nreal | October 09, 2013 at 09:07 AM

I guess you felt like TWO WHOLE MINUTES later. LOL, obsession and hatred and foul language. New ID, same old piggy.

21-16, that is exactly what he wants you to do, to maintain his fake internet rivalry, to give him some feeling of purpose in his wasted life, and then to get guys in the Gator group to then come here to retaliate. It has been five years of that, and despite losing for five years, he still comes here daily, with the exception of the two weeks after the game. Notice that now he claims we should stop talking about the gatrs, because it is what he was dodging the weeks he hid under a rack.

As much as I would enjoy seeing Curse Piggy roasted on an open fire, going after Jesse's blog is going to please him, not hurt him. And truly, Jesse, Manny, and Susan deserve better than that.

Still, you do what you feel best, just giving my view on why the obsessed sicko is still trying to rile up peaceful Canes fans every time we are discussing the Canes on a Canes blog. I wish they would IP ban him and just end his trolling, lies, foul language, and personal attacks permanently.

"under a rock", before unreal piggy tries the predictable spelling troll attack.


So it looks like Miami is putting some pressure on the quarterback. This is a hit worthy of the classic title Canes.

The turds werent sorry ass and if they beat LSU watch them leap over us in the polls. that was a good win by Miami.

TK swann is right. However unlikely, MIami could be 13-0 and arguing for a national ship. heck, a UM- Alabama match up would be so huge, it would have to be moved to a neutral site- How about Dallas Cowboys stadium with 102,000 people?

Nov. 2 at FSU... true measuring stick game for The U. A potential season-defining game. One last chance to beat UF and FSU in the same season. Can't wait.

Posted by: The SEC is overrated and top heavy | October 09, 2013 at 10:58 AM

First. I-F the Mighty Gators were to defeat L.S.U. in Bayou country. Florida would absolutely NOT leap past Miami, Florida!! Bloody well guarantee it!!

FWIW... the Tigers are a current - 7 point home chalk. And with Florida's defense who knows what can happen in Red Stick ( Baton Rouge ).

Next, Miami is currently NO. 13 in the SIMULATED B.C.S. poll ( October 20th is when the official poll is announced. ) and according to the computers, the Hurricanes currently stand at NO. 12. hUh

So, it's still a bloody LONG SHOT that Goldie's squad manages to end up ranked No. 3 or No.4 at the conclusion of the regular season.

Because just too many teams would have to incur a lost and naturally, a ONE LOSS S.E.CORRUPT conference squad will be in the National Championship game. Au contraire to what Cane zealots have to opine in the bloody matter.

Nevertheless, keep hope alive. Because absolutely NO major league fan expected the Miracle Met's to win the 1969 World Series. Especially Met partisans.

By the way, under the current B.C.S. system 3 variables determine the two squads vying for the National Championship.

1. ESPN Coaches Poll
2. Computers
3. Harris Poll

FWIW... I absolutely don't care for that Harris Poll. Simply because there's just too many ARCHAIC Johnny Rebel good ol' boy's whom vote and GRAVITATE toward regional good ol' boy BIAS!!

Oh, of all the CURRENT factors weighed in on the current SIMULATED B.C.S. poll above. Miami, Florida has the WORST vote by the Harris Poll.

Again, the Harris Poll currently DISRESPECTS Goldie's squad. Heck, even the Coaches Poll has the Hurricanes at a respectable NO. 13.

Matter of fact, in 2 computer polls the Canes are NO. 9 and in another computer poll, the Hurricanes are NO. 11.

TYPO's by a Bozo above.

It should read ESPN POLL No. 14 and Harris Poll No. 13

Still, I don't care too much for either the ESPN Poll or the Harris Poll. I guess it's the Human element and what not.

Better yet, those two polls are the LESSER of Evils.

And you know what Jerry Garcia had to say about the lesser of evils... It's still bloody E-V-I-L. lol

1 Alabama (55) 5-0 1495
2 Oregon (5) 5-0 1424
3 Clemson 5-0 1359
4 Ohio State 6-0 1305
5 Stanford 5-0 1278
6 Florida State 5-0 1158
7 Georgia 4-1 1138
8 Louisville 5-0 1051
9 Texas A&M 4-1 1003
10 LSU 5-1 993
11 UCLA 4-0 844
12 Oklahoma 5-0 819
13 Miami (FL) 5-0 780

Of the 12 teams currently ranked ahead of the canes in the polls some will play each other and so forth but still there will be at least 8 of these left standing ahead of the canes after all is said and done.
No BCS championship game for U.
Not even close.
Not even if U go undefeated.
But it's nice to day dream and make believe canefan
Will U be left standing after Nov 2nd?
Me thinks not
And then U will drop from your lofty #13 perch down to where U belong
A prediction that your ranking will drop
A guarantee that U will not be in the mix for the NC at the end of the year.
It is what it is canefan

Ok fact check.....All of these teams will be playing in a title game where anything can happen so I'm not sure where you get 8 teams left standing.

Miami beats FS-Who, they play Clemson and win. They will jump a 1 loss SEC team, they will jump an undefeated Louisville team, they will jump an undefeated PAC garbage conference team.

Not saying we run the table but don't waste your time Gallo changing your name and throwing around nonsense. Go back to the GAYturd boards and lick your wounds.

So U will beat both FSU and Clemson
U will jump an undefeated Stanford and/or Oregon
U will jump a one loss SEC team
then there is OSU and Oklahoma
Dream on loser
not a chance

Fact Check:

Canes whooped on some Gatr Trash. Gatr Trash will get stomped by LSU. Gatr Trash will finish out of top 25. Gainesville is a toxic waste dump. Muscrap will leave for Texas.

Next year, your QB is Driskel. BWWWWHAHAHAHAHA.

Posted by: Fact Check | October 09, 2013 at 01:02 PM

You sir, are a specimen. All fans hope for the best and dream.

One game at a time 'Canes. Go 'Canes, beat the 'Heels.

Well said, Football. However, I would not call him a specimen, since a specimen usually has a medical benefit. Fake Check benefits noone.

His only true statement in his latest daily foulmouthed hatespeech?

"Me thinks not".

Not only is that one statement true, his poor use of English underscores it's veracity.

okay can we please hold our horses on the 12 0 talk and let's just be North Carolina? this is a process we have to do this one game at a time.... I love my canes I've been rooting for them since I was little and I'm 49 now.... Carolina has been a thorn in our side the last 4 - 5 years let's put them to bed first

Stephen Morris is being held out of practice this week to allow the deep ankle bruise he is suffering with to heal.

Mark, no worries mate. UNC sucks arse this year,here is no way they will beat them canes.
Football U are right, "All fans hope for the best and dream."
So dream on little cane. But realize that not even with your pathetically weak schedule do you stand a chance of ending up in the NC game. There are just too many better teams ahead of you now. And too many of those play good teams week in and out.
Only Louisville plays a weaker schedule than U, and they are ranked way ahead right now.
Dream on my little canes.
More like wet dreams, lots of good is that gonna do ya.
Is that hateful and FOUL enough for you Five little girl?

Posted by: Mark | October 09, 2013 at 01:47 PM

I agree, Mark. One game at a time and lets build championship habits. Glad to have Al Golden leading the championship[]_[]. We got the right one and are headed in the right direction. Feels good to be a Miami Hurricane.

One finger up.


"There are just too many better teams ahead of you now. And too many of those play good teams week in and out."

Ahhh, maggoty gatr trash. There is no shame in that if only it were true. You think Bama playing Georgia State, Tennessee, Ole Missy, Vandy, Missy St. is tough? BWWWWHAA. Only in the deluded mind of the SEC 'necks. Outside of FSU, our schedule is indeed almost as weak. Especially that week 2 game that brings our SOS way down.

We can dream of an undefeated season. Filth Check cannot.
We can dream of Five Titles in football and four in baseball, and of living in a real city. Foulmouth Check cannot.
We can dream of living better and happier than the fat piggy that obsesses on here about the better team. Failed Chick cannot.

I think Florida jumps UM if they beat LSU this weekend. Too much SEC biased and the idea that Florida is now a different team

I think it's crap. If Florida didnt show with their best team, then what does that say about Muschamp? It's not UMs fault you can't prepare a team.

We won on the field, that's all that really matters. We're a probation program that's still rebuilding, so ignore rankings.

junkie, gatr trash ain't winning this weekend. Bet that. They have played three of the worst teams in the SEC. The day of reckoning cometh.

"Ahhh, maggoty gatr trash. There is no shame in that if only it were true. You think Bama playing Georgia State, Tennessee, Ole Missy, Vandy, Missy St. is tough? BWWWWHAA."

No that is not tough. Although Ole Miss was ranked and undefeated prior to playing Bama, they are no doormat.
How is that different than the cane trash playing Savannah State, FAU, UNC, Duke, Wake, UVA, USF, Pitt and UNC? Differnce is the cane trash schedule is much much weaker.
Cane trash don't play TAM, LSU or the SEC east champ.
Bama does.
It is telling cane trash tries to compare itself to a repeat champ. Not even close piggy.

" Only in the deluded mind of the SEC 'necks."

Delusion is for the cane trash. U own it.

"Outside of FSU, our schedule is indeed almost as weak."

Not almost. Much much weaker, pathetically so.

"Especially that week 2 game that brings our SOS way down."

Talk about delusion and stupidity. Cane trash blinded to the truth by hate and ignorance.

"Posted by: Gatr Trash is the worst trash of all"

See cane trash.
Is it time to call him back and invite him to the discussion? You are way more trashy than him.

Posted by: Canesjunkie

Florida is a different team than the one that gifted you that game. Lucky you that Driskel was the QB then. Tyler Murphy is not a gift giver.

The day of reckoning cometh.

Posted by: Gatr Trash is the worst trash of all | October 09, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Well said.

One finger []_[]p!

Trash Check:

"Gifting games."

I wonder if Tennessee is saying that about the Georgia game. HProbably not. They have much more class than the UFraud. Which says more about the Ufraud than UT.

What will the UFailure's excuse train be like this week?

Some examples:

- awwww, you LSU boys are mean.
- Yikes. Death Valley is scary too scary.
- we gifted you that game because our crappy O-line missed that blitz pick-up.
- the refs. It was the refs.
- someone deflated the ball.
- there was a sewage spill in Trailerville; worse than the usual so we could not practice.

Ahhh cane trash talking about LSU
The team they are running from
Scared to play LSU at a neutral site in 2014
We will play anyone, anytime, anywhere
But not LSU, not to kick off the 2014 season, not in a neutral site
Another example of cane trash empty talk and meaningless slogans

Fact Check,

21 - 16 my low IQ troll!

You Gator cowards quit the Miami series...AGAIN!!

And yes, Louisville just scored...AGAIN!!

The Canes have always owned the dueling banjo university in Gainesville.

21 - 16 will live forever!!

Let me know the next time the Gatr trash agrees to play any OOC at a neutral site. We'll be waiting..........................................................................................................................................................

Every SEC team that is worth anything has played in "preseason" neutral site games. But not the Gatr Trash.

Wonder why that is.

LOL, discount doublecheck trying to claim UF without Driskell and Easley is better than the team with them. Got hit on the head with a few too many chuckie dolls.

21-16, true yesterday, true today, true tomorrow.

You joking about causing the death of canes players and saying you think it is funny to see Canes players killed is just the kind of low class action you said you would stop doing but you have continued doing.

Just because they delete your sick comments does not make them any less disgusting, Curse Piggy/soldy/canehater/fake check/name of the day.

So, why are you still here if the gatrs no longer play Miami.

Multiple people have told you to move on, but you continue trolling and writing disgusting comments that shame even the gatr fans on your board. Can you truly no stop, are you truly addicted to every word of Canes fans on every board? How sad.

And then you whine like a punctured piggy when we bring up the results of the gatr game. 21-16. You can't have it both ways, obsessed troll.

The UFraud is a public diploma mill offering majors in Instagram, Vine, StarCraft and Facebook.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Flagship university? Ok, well, this is the biggest white trash state in the country so I guess it fits.

Ole miss is no doormat?
They scored how many again against Alabama?
Even pathetic Georgia State got a field goal on them.
3-2 swing and a miss has as their big win.... 3-2 but totally unimpressive texas. They are a doormat, but got hyped by the SEC bandwaggoners.
Nobody goes into the season worrying about ole miss, unless they are at one of your "rallies".

I am expecting that our obsessed troll will now create a new "Cane" ID, telling me to stop responding to his trolling. That has been his pattern for five years, why should today be any different.

Oh, and the difference in schedules? Miami won all the games on their "weak" schedule, your gatrs did not. The war canoe resides in Coral Gables permanently, right next to a gator head.

Got Undefeated? Why no, no you don't.

Fewer Conference titles.
Fewer State titles.
Fewer National titles.
Fewer teeth.

That is why you obsessively attack here daily long after the series is over. See a dentist, see a psychiatirst, and see a mechanic about the busted shocks on that trailer, it will do you a WORLD of good, sicko.

Posted by: Five Titles

Agree with you on most of your last post, who ever said those things is wrong and has no place on these boards. Only thing is when you say " trying to claim UF without Driskell and Easley is better than the team with them." That is very wrong who ever said that is a fool. Easley was the best defensive player in the nation, no team can be better without him.
As far as Driskel goes that is a different story that has been proven true by virtue of the results on the field. Don;t you twist things by lumping them together. Something I must say you are prone to do. That is lump a bunch of different posters and different things said and attribute them to some one else. You should seek treatment for that. Seriously.

I meant the post at 4:17 PM.
I see you keep obsessively posting after that one.

"See a dentist, see a psychiatirst, and see a mechanic about the busted shocks on that trailer, it will do you a WORLD of good, sicko."

the dentist bit is funny although stereotypical and passe
definitely you should see the psychiatrist, I have told you so before
no need for the "sicko" part, come on you are better than that
are you?

Hey Calvin

D'Onofrio has you backpedalling on your year-long venom faster than his cornerbacks.

After all the crap you spewed about our "D" and how the CBs from the hood should be playing man, now you didn't say it?
Now you change the conversation to Jacory like we're gonna give you a pass bro?
Are you a UM fan or what?
Just this past signing day you were burying Golden for not going to Booket T and shining that Kirkland kid's shoes and kissing his ass, and that Golden didn't have the hood behind him. Makes you sound pretty dumb now.
We're doing it with the kids from the hood who have heart and want to pay the price, not the tweeters that want things given to them.

So now Fact Check is claiming that someone else wrote those things. Yet all the other stuff said by that same ID is him?
1. When you change IDs daily, you are trying to hide from your previous comments, but you still use the same patterns, so it stands clear to any who are here for a few days that you are that same person.
2. When I tell you to seek help, and your response it to tell me that I should seek treatment, you are at the level of a five year old crying "I know you are but what am I".
2. When you tell folks that they should seek treatment for defending Canes fans on a Canes board, while you STILL troll here daily, you are projecting. Look it up.

Five Titles M.D.
stands for Mostly a Douche

Scary thing is how you continue to steal ideas from here and then try to use them on Canes fans.

I said you should see a psychiatrist, you turn it around. I say you are obsessively trolling, you turn it around. You are the poster child for projection, blaming others for your sick behavior.

Fact Check, Every conference has a championshhip game. If the canes win out that puts them atleast in 4th in the polls dummy. Stanford and Oregon will play twice this year. Alabama will meet Georgia or Tamu. Ohio State will see Michigan Possible twice. And the Canes will meet FSU twice or possible Clemson if they win out out. Not really looking for a run this year just a major bowl and win. Next year if everyone returns minus the seniors Miami will win their 6th National Title behind Williams. This year by far is possible as long as they stay focused in all aspects of the game. Dallas Crawford has emerged among others. A traditonal offense will struggle against this defense just as Florida did. Our oline had a lot of miscues that game, but they have been on point since. This offense will no struggle like that again. And thats a Fact Check

Let me know the next time the Gatr trash agrees to play any OOC at a neutral site. We'll be waiting..........................................................................................................................................................
Posted by: Gatr Trash is the worst trash of all | October 09, 2013 at 04:16 PM
EXACTLY! Hypocrite sicko will rant about our schedule, but do you know the Miami game was the farthest they have travelled in 20 YEARS for a scheduled OOC game, and even that was within the state where they TOUGHT they would have the most fans in the stadium. Syracuse, 1990 something, about 30 YEARS ago was the last time the gatrs had the guts to do what he is whining about, when we did that just last year, and are already doing that against a major FBS opponent next year, when we go TO Nebraska. And that is after games in Chicago and at Kansas State last year. But we already know this sicko will not let FACTS get in the way of his "Fact Check" attacks.

"that has been proven true by virtue of the results on the field."

Yaaaah. Against 3 of the worst teams in the SEC, Gomer. We'll see Saturday. Or against any team that does not hang onto the ol' SEC conference and instead stands on its own merts. AT the SEC, every team is entitled to take credit for Alabama's titles. It's what ignorant 'necks do.

Ahh, and after claiming he doesn't use foul language, turns around and uses foul language.

Curse Piggy s a liar, troll, sicko, and a coward.


UF is suddenly an unbeatable team after finishing off #11 Arkansas, #12 Tennessee, and #14 Kentucky in their conference.

And Ole Miss, #9 in the conference, is suddenly not a pushover just because they got a phantom ranking by the pro-SEC pollsters. Looks like they got exposed as the doormat they have been for years.

The REAL SEC teams, like Bama, LSU, ATM, Georgia, South Carolina, even Ole Miss travel to play OOC games. They are not afraid.

The cowardly disgusting UFraud, whose limbs outnumber their teeth, don't.

But you know they will chant, SEC SEC, whenever it is convenient.

Typical. Gatr. Trash.

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