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Blackout vs. Whiteout? Yes. "Zero Dark Thursday" for UNC -- Miami Hurricanes will be in all white

    Wouldn’t it be fun to have a good guys vs. bad guys game?

    It's happening, folks.

    Not that the North Carolina Tar Heels are bad guys, but they will be, after all, dressed for the part. Well, at least usually that's the way it is.

    For the style conscious among you (or just those who love the look of football uniforms), the Tar Heels will wear all-black uniforms against Miami in a game billed in Chapel Hill as “Zero Dark Thursday.’’ 

The Zero Dark Thursday theme, of course, is based on the acclaimed 2012 movie Zero Dark Thirty, about our manhunt for Osama bin Laden. But hey, Tar Heels?...C.I.A?  UM?...bin Laden? 

   This will be the night UM Canes come out in all white. 

     UNC described the all-black uniform occasion in its game notes as “the first installment in the ‘Tar Pit Series,’ which will feature an alternate uniform or helmet for one game each year. 

    “This year’s alternate uniform color has been taken from the black tar in the Tar Heel logo.’’

    UNC coach Larry Fedora, who reassured UNC fans that Carolina blue (UM fans would rather think of it as baby blue)  and white “will always be our traditional colors,’’ said it “made sense to have a black-out game this year after the success of last season’s white-out game vs. Virginia Tech.’’

   UNC won that game 48-34. 

   The Hurricanes are nine-point favorites. 



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Hey CanesJunkie, man: I can't believe U made that statement. This is big time college sports we talking about. It's cutt-throat, it's a lot of who U know. And yes, RS did get the job after several talks and recommendations from JJ and people like Jerry Jones. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if some former players sent letters and made phone calls, too. Fact is, they had to give RS something for all the time and effort he put into the U. But that was just half the equation, he got little support from DS and Kirby.

Don't know how the discussion got from uniforms to RS, but, at far as the uniforms go, unc is 1-4 now after thursday they'll be 1-5. Go Canes.

The thought that Randy Shannon did not have the full support of Shalala or the administration is the dumbest thing anybody could have ever said. They hired him as HC, then extended him after he had done nothing to deserve an extension, watched him blatantly play one favorite after another, and then hire one inept offensive coordinator after another. How did they not support him. If this administration did not support him and he is supposedly so great, then why hasn't somebody hired him to be at least as a coordinator? It's because he sucks that's why.

UNC are NOT SEALS, nor are Cane players.
In fact, I was thinking that moron Cane coaches
should ask a few SEALS I know to come to their
practices and get the Canes into shape.

sixty military pushups. Miles of running every day.

Be kind to animals, kiss a shark and everglades critters.

I think Miami needs to get a all gray uniform......I think that would look sick, especially with white helmets.

Just after Calvin noticed the conspiracy against RS, he saw a UFO land and pick up a bigfoot.

they can dress in pink and it wouldn't help

Here we go again,the monkeys are out in force about the worst head coach in Miami's history. Shove a big banana in ur mouth and pipe down.

PS...you don't know any navy seals u fuckin idiot. Get a life

Someone plz pass me some bady powder!

I think UNC might wear tuxedos and then star as extras in Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. I really hope UM stays focused and beats the crud out of them. I'll be at that game. Go 'Canes!

There goes that monkey Calvin,and his obsession w the worst coach in Miami's history. Calvin, u must just want to argue w someone. Get a life dude. LOL Shannon lmao

Posted by: cane crazy | October 14, 2013 at 05:39 PM

Why is Calvin a Monkey?

PS...you don't know any navy seals u fuckin idiot. Get a life. Posted by: cane
LOL. Before there were seals (or you), I was. Moron
children who know less about football and getting in shape than they do about fornicating.


LOL...now u were a seal...comical..

Anyone that would try to sell the idea that Donna Shalala was not a huge supporter of Randy Shannon is either a fool, liar or both.

Ms. Shalala's political and social history is very clear and being forced to fire a black head football coach for all the reasons we know ran contrary to her every belief.

It was no secret that firing Randy Shannon was devastating to Ms. Shalala and she did everything in her power to save Randy, but after discussions with numerous boosters and football experts who clearly described the free fall the football program was in she was left with no choice.

Top recruits?

You mean like joke corry int harris?

Come on man. Shannon had some inside deal with miami nw. Word is, the harrises demanded that jokecorry start asa a freshman for the commit. Then for absolutely, no reason, shannon started the year 2008 as follows:

He started marve vs the gators bc he knew jokecorry would have been overwhelmed at the swamp. Marve was just as hyped as harris, by then nobody knew how good or how bad he was. He had broken tebows hs TD records and was fla mr football. So why did shannon begin the QB shuffle? Had absoultelyno reason to shuffle QBs. Marve was the next in line, harris should had sat and watched. Then he used the excuse of an incident 3 months before to sit marve the next game against famu. Then the shuffle began. THE most ridiculous thing anyone has ever seen.

Shannon was CLUELESS as headcoach. 100% clueless. There is no, shalala didnt want him blah blah.

Dipsh$t calvin badmouths whipple... But who hireed him? Shannon.

Futhermore, this is why he was canned, stupids cool cat and calvin. Observe:

2007- 5-7, loses to uva in a huge game at the OB last game, as his team essentially QUITS on him in front of 70,000, alumni, etc.

2008- 7-6 Loss vs Cal. Yeah they had jahvid best, but jokecorry was sacked an intercepted how many tims by that white guy linebacker?

2009- 9-4 Loss vs wisconsin. Seriously? A loss to a slow big ten team? In front of a home crowd of 55000?

2010- 7-6. Loses to USF. All UM had to do was kick a fg. Instead he allows jokecorry to throw a pick. Serious? Then loses to BC, and HIs team lays an egg against ND. Joke corry throws 4 picks, and if it wasnt for true freshman Morris coming in and throwing 2 TDs in the last few minutes, the embarassment would have been worse

There. Drop it Calvin. Shannon had 5 commits by the time he was fired. 2 months before signing day.

Drop it. You are arguing the inarguable

Why are we talking about RS? His teams always quit, his q always threw to the other team. go Golden, go Canes!

LOL...now u were a seal...comical..

Calvin, the hits just keep on coming--you and your alter egos; Gallo, Cool Cat and several others have attacked Stephen Morris and Coach Golden for 'NEVER' throwing to our tight-ends...so, please explain the following (lol!!):

"Miami’s Clive Walford has been named to the John Mackey Award midseason watch list.

The award is presented annually to the nation’s best collegiate tight end."

Both Calvin and 'Cool 'Cat don't want to live in the present. Should've, Could've and Would've are not going to help anyone. Cheer the team we have now and wish them success.

Go 'Canes beat the 'Heels.

I expect a nice showing Thursday night, especially from Morris and Johnson. I think Al has these kids in the right mindset. Duke epitomizes that.

The offense will be humming behind the line, which will give a heavy dose of the run to set up the play pass. Keep it conservative and establish the run and west-coast passing game first, then open it up deep.

On defense we will play a 4-3, with 7 in the box and try to contain the run without giving up the big pass to Renner, who has beaten us before. Their run game is not very good even against mediocre competition, but it seems they have been playing from behind quite a bit. none-the-less, I think we should be able to control their run-game with 7 in the box. I expect we will have some 3 down rushing in pass situations to see if we can generate pressure that way, but I think we need to mix it up overall.

1. Execute early and try to play from ahead.
2. Take away Ebron (their top-flight TE and team leader in receptions) on 3rd downs.
3. Rush at least 4 and play run on the way to the QB (I can't see NC trying to run on 1st and second down, even though that's what they should do).
4. Do not let this game come down to the wire, as the Heels will gain confidence at home as the game goes on.

I don't buy that Randy Shannon didn't get support from the administration. They allowed him to pick his staff, no? I know he wanted Dirk Koetter ad oc but that dude was staying in the nfl. He chose Nix, that went south. Bill Young was a good dc, he just decided to leave. The rest of his staff was hot garbage....lead by Pannunzio who was the worst of all.

Shannon wasn't ready for this job.

ESPN continues their hype of the SEC, claiming this guy Travaris Robinson is the top recruiter because he got a couple players from South Florida. There are always going to be guys that would prefer the trailer park to the high rises and prefer the red cup beer to the South Beach real alcohol. Bragging about getting those few is really weak, when they include such backwater places as Immokolee (19K population in the swamps of Collier County) as being part of "South Florida".

His school currently has 14 players on this years' list, far less than most of the Top 25 teams. And he has been beaten by Miami on a BUNCH of recruits, so it sure looks like he is not the recruiting God they claim he is.

Meanwhile, Barrow is going into North Florida and stealing players like Owens from that area around Jacksonville that supposedly is sealed off.

Barrow > Robinson, despite the ESPN hype.

no turnovers control the ball strike deep we got speed outside and give it to Duke every now and then and get out of here with the win..... just no turnovers we can not give these guys a chance they are physical and tough and have played a good schedule.... although East Carolina hung 52 on them we should be good for about 35 to 40 I hope.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | October 15, 2013 at 07:19 PM

Gotta call B.S. here boss. If Shalala doesn't support RSI has no job. SHE was the reason he got the job. Like yup said this is the big time and people don't get head coaching position as part of severance. I was there when he got the job and heard first-hand some of the politics that went on. he was let go because we regressed. Plain and simple, the record doesn't lie. Put facts behind what you say. How you know what DS did?

Jimmy Johnson on Joe Rose this morning related a story about seeing if Craig Erickson deserved to move ahead of Steve Walsh. He even had a rooting interest in Craig, even after Steve won him a national championship. But when they ran the same plays, both with the first team offense against the first team defense, Walsh would make short completions while Erickson was getting sacked, because he just wasn't ready yet.

Senior Erickson was better than Senior Walsh, but he had to get that extra knowledge and experience under him first to get to that level.

I am guessing that Golden, just as he has done with every other position, gave Williams a fair chance to get the start.

Morris will likely not be a first round pick, but he will get picked at least. Games like this one could mean millions of dollars in difference to his draft slot. No pressure SM17, but you better do well on Thursday.

Williams will get the chance NEXT year to move into a first round status as he leads the team into title contention, but his window of opportunity will be very slim. If he was better, I am sure he would already be starting, but Senior Williams might turn out to be better than Senior Morris.

Just to clarify some of these Shalala comments regarding Randy Shannon. She loved the hire, and supported him all the way to the end. The TEAM could not support him with wins, though. And the TEAM was not getting the funds to hire quality assistants. Now that the TEAM is fundraising better, we are able to retain better assistants, but the lack of funds and lack of wins hurt Randy Shannon, not the lack of support from Shalala.


" "Randy Shannon is Miami," university president Donna Shalala famously said when he was hired, with good reason. Shannon is a native of Miami, played for the Hurricanes and was a longtime assistant coach there before getting the chance to lead the program.

Even after Miami lost last week to Virginia Tech and was eliminated from the ACC race, Shalala sent Shannon a note of support. But when asked by The AP after Saturday's loss if he was concerned about his future, Shannon simply shrugged and said it would remain a source of speculation, as it had been for about the past six weeks."

FWIW... Miami is currently a - 9 1/2 road favorite and the unders/overs sit at - 65 points.

Yesterday the Hurricanes were a - 8 point road chalk. Yet, during the past 24 hours, the Vegas Hard Guys have bloody well LAID DOWN HEAVY money on Miami.

The bottom line is these Wize Guys absolutely KNOW the Hurricanes will win by DOUBLE-DIGITS and what not. That's why the line went from Miami... - 7 1/2 on Monday... to today's... Canes - 9 1/2 points.

Nevertheless y'all Cane degenerates... CAVEAT EMPTOR, baby!!

Speaking of QB comparisons....


Interesting that Morris, tied for ninth, is ahead of Mr. Teddy Bridgewater.

By the way, W-H-Y the continued OBSESSION with one Randy Shannon!! The coach has bloody moved on and what not. So perhaps both Shannon camps ( Apologists/HATERS. ) should do the same thing!!

And maybe the Coach Shannon HATERS' should ease up a bit, because after all Randy Shannon is a GENUINE University of Miami, Florida family brother- No pun intended.

I hope the Miami equipment men bring some rainy weather cleats. Because according to today's weather cast, there's a " 50% " chance of rain A.M./afternoon in Chapel Hill. hUh

FWIW... there will be 37 N.F.L. scouts and 6 general managers in attendance at Thursday's game between M-Y Hurricanes and Carolina Blue. dUh

Funny how there have been no updtes on the health of the two QBs involved in tomorrows' game. You think that maybe those bettors have some inside info, D?

Posted by: Five Titles | October 16, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Absolutely well said. All the people who think DS railroaded RS have no clue. You simple exposé yourselves to be ignorant on this particular subject. If you want to say the board or boosters didn't have a tremendous amount of faith in RS then fine, but don't dare try to hang this on Donna's head.

Thursday. Time to show the football world your back. You want to play for titles. Title time starts this Thursday. Every team you face from this point on will bring there A game. Can you match and surpass. Do you want to be in the conversation or the conversation. History is played out everyday. Go canes

Posted by: Cane in London | October 15, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Cane, that was a very nice post, and deep down long time UM fans have a deep appreciation for what Randy Shannon brought to the U, especially as it regards his time as DC.
Those still dragging his name into these forums need to give it a rest, and as you did, wish Randy the very best in his football and personal life.

Calvin u suck morris had a bad game and the score was 18-14. Our d was no where compared to now. Dude find something other than the caneso to ride.

Cool Cat & Calvin. Its not too obvious what you guys are. RS was and is not prepared to be a head coach. Not even a DC. Great job he's doing at AU. Even the offensively challenged Gators look great. RS is a loser as a coach. such morons!!!!

According to Calvin & cool cat -If he ain't from the hood, he ain't no good.

Cool Cat brought up Shannon (in 7 year old voice).

I'd like to never have to discuss the previous coach or qb again.

They need to stop wearing those nasty orange tops and start wearing the old school green jerseys!

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