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Former Hurricanes assistant Clint Hurtt apologizes for his rule-breaking at UM

Before he got into coaching at Miami, Clint Hurtt was a Hurricane himself. And he apologized Tuesday after practice for his role in hurting his alma mater.

Here is the video from Louisville's post-practice availability Tuesday.


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Psalm 103:12

as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

Well, Its time to bring the U back to prominence. Fsu will choke as they always do and we shall own the state now in recruiting.....

We are top 5 recruiting on Scout.com, Rivals.com and espn.com #4. ... Thats w/o late 4-5 star kids that play the hat game, and the kids we are going to take from the awful gators. No miami kids should want to go play there now, especially it seems there going backwards. all those recruiting classes and cant put an offense on the field n 3 years under muschump?

Dumbo will choke away also. MIami 27-24 over FSU.

What the canes song is before every game and kickoff. I can feel it in the air tonight. Phil collins -b4 they go smack someone.

Coach goldie & oach 500 are confusing, which one is it, was it the "freelancers" or was it the turn-overs that caused us to give up 500 yards of offense again!

If the 500 yard club starts up again, we need to have a better plan on offense. Why is it that smo17 can't sell a screen pass to save his ankle.

2013 Canes 12-0 Press On!!

I'm confident in the program, but FSU predictions are premature. Lets focus on WF and just being a great team. It's all about the []_[]. The competition never matters. Hopefully these kids become Jedai warriors and let their play do the talking.

Congrats should go to Clint for apologizing for his mistakes and having said that, let by gones be by gones. As for the FSU game, there is a matter of Wake Forest before that. The FSU game won't matter if the Canes don't take care of business this coming Saturday. That said, the players, can now give their full 100% attention to each game, knowing, what they didn't know, isn't lurking behind them anymore and they have business at hand to take care of one game at a time. Go Canes, will a full head of steam, each time out.

Mr. Hurtt you should be apologizing to Randy Shannon. You and others blew up the man's dreams of leading his alma mater back to glory. Why break the rules. You know as African Americans we seldom get a second chance.at head coaching jobs. I forgive you man. You live and learn, every day is a day of learning .

I'm looking forward to the recruits Golfen pulls in without the sanctions hanging over him.

Randy Phillips has to be banned from the u. His interview in sun sentinel today was a complete betrayal of the program.

Hey NCAA...eat some ICE!!! Go Canes!

So moving on!!
What about FSU? They're back!!!
We're perpetrating fraud and D'Onofrio is still coaching our defense.

IF UM wins the FSU game it will be because of the UNC and Wake Forest games. Both teams give Miami a chance to see a wide open pass attack that will give them a chance to correct a lot of defensive mistakes before the FSU game which may include the game plan. I saw Coach D's interview and I was not impressed. I'm sure there was "some" freelancing but there was way more bad technique of safeties not being on the down field shoulder of the TE's since that is who made the most catches. And maybe, just maybe playing an extra corner instead of a safety might have been one way to attack it. Or two dial up a blitz that actually has a man run free. And 3, a little two deep man under sounds exquisite!!! But in all honesty the Va Tech game is Miami's biggest game. That's the one that almost ensures a 10 win season and trip to ACC Championship which will be a rematch with FSU win or lose on Nov. 2nd. GO CANES!

Here's to playing Fsu twice, nothing better than beating them twice!

Come on people,now smile on your brother.
everbody get together and try to love one another

Right Now

Calvin, remember when we beat FSU three times in one year? That was some good fun!

Now that the NCAA has left town, I expect this team will feel reborn. For them, it will be FULL SPEED AHEAD. They can see clearly now that the prize is within their reach. Too bad for the resurgent Deacs that they have to play this Saturday at SunLife. They have a good coach and will put up a fight, but it won't matter. Our Canes can see a clear pathway to glory and they have prepared themselves to seek it. They haven't played a complete game yet this season, but have played through difficulty, and are still undefeated. Confidence in each other is still growing with each win and that is making this team dangerously good.

What the canes song is before every game and kickoff. I can feel it in the air tonight. Phil collins -b4 they go smack someone.

Posted by: Dom | October 22, 2013 at 10:05 PM

There is even a line for Shapiro in that song.

"Well if you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand."

CampbellvilleCane, I hate to be a downer, but I am a bit worried that this good news will be more of a distraction than if it was bad news. These guys are gonna be floating on clouds instead of focussed and angry.

I think Golden will need to do something to put a bit of a growl in their voice and a bit of a stomp in their step before this game, or they will walk out there and get knocked backwards a bit.

Not saying it is gonna happen, just saying the coaches have to compensate for it. Like teams that have a letdown after a big win, this was a big win and they are ripe for being not hungry enough on Saturday.

You got it Five titles...........definitely for shapiro

I say we put a scare into FSU and 45-55 pts on Wake this week, and 51-7

Golden deserves a 5 year contract and a raise.

45-50pts would be nice. I really want to see our corners go a full quarter without any of them turning their hips the wrong way. Bad habits have been killing us.

Calvin, remember when we beat FSU three times in one year? That was some good fun!

Posted by: Five Titles | October 23, 2013 at 08:06 AM

Would like nothing better than to beat them twice, if we beat them now while they're # 2 or 3, than we'll get one of those spots, than if we play them again in the acc championship game and beat them, most will have to say, no matter what, it's hard to beat a team twice, also, unlike the gaytors, we beat Fsu, that'll more than likely be there only lost.

All we need to do is force winston to beat us, we can't let them run & pass, it's got to be one or the other. We also need to get off the field on 3rd down, which is where we really need to play man. gumbo fisher is thinking, if ebron torched them, we're going to unleash o'leary than. Our pass rush(or lack thereof) is going to be the whole key to the game. Alot of guys were trying to show out last thursday night because of the scouts that were there, but in reality, come this Fsu game, this is will be the real money game.

We need to show up and show out. The real lesson that needs to be learned is, we don't need no moves dorsett getting handed the ball on reverses, that's where james coley got it wrong and is not yet in tuned with the personnel on this team. While stacy coley made a lil noise this year, he's not at that level where d-co's are going to key in on him, so the play to be made was actually giving it to dorsett first who d-co's know and than him flipping it to coley who has a whole lot more shake & bake to his game.

What a great couple of days!

TIDE hats off to the "Donna" for HAVING BALLS TO CHALLENGE the NCAA! TIDE ferrari racing,tom davis, palm beach. Miami Native that still speaks a little English. U.M. 65, P.H.S.61, Go Canes !!!

Good things happen when you clean up and own up to your mistakes in the beginning. All the insults, finger pointing and what ever, the U never gave up hope that if you own up to your mistakes, you will be reward in some good ways. This proves it. Go canes................

Who cares about C. Hurt's apology. He damaged UM as much as anybody. He deserves the most severe punishment for his actions. Louisville has had a reputation for taking recruits other Programs shy away from. It's no wonder they will not really punish him. Strong hired him for only one reason, to recruit S. Fla. UM should ban him from their campus from now on. Good riddance!

Being in the ACC now with the Noles, Winston has a chance to beat the Chris Rix record of 0-5 vs the Canes. Don't think he will, unfortunately, but he has a shot.

Why doesn't Calvin have a coaching job since he thinks he knows it all? Doesn't anyone else see his brilliance. At least a high school? Pee wee?

Gulfstream Blue and Five titles

You got it..

We should put that in our mantra.
Smile while we kick some A** and win some games..
That is the 'Cane way of hanging together and making things happen, no matter what diversity is before us. FOCUS.

Now on to the WF win, learn, then get ready for FSU..
Won over the NCAA too so let's go all the Way.

Make the doubters on the Talk shows give the 'U' some respect.
Where is Mark May, and the other doomsayers..Crickets.
Go 'Canes

As CANESJUNKIE noted earlier, go read that travesty of an interview by Randy Phillips in today's Sun Sentinel...I hope the University bans him from any contact with the Program or it's players goimng forward. He plays the victim card about not getting paid because of the NCAA...the U needs to retire his jersey out of Shame, never to be reassigned to a REAL Miami Hurricane!

THE U is here to stay if the ncaa cant stop us wf fsu vt wont here we come swagger and all U for life go!!!!!!!!!!! canessssss

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