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Gameday blog: Georgia Tech at Miami Hurricanes

The Miami Hurricanes look to open ACC play with a win over Georgia Tech this afternoon at Sun Life Staidum. UM hasn't been 5-0 since it started the 2004 season 6-0.

Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. The game is being televised on ESPNU. Feel free to follow the game with us here and participate in our CoverItLive discussion.

> As reported earlier, right tackle Seantrel Henderson has been suspended for today's game by UM for violation of team rules. Henderson, a senior, has made 21 starts in his career and now been suspended at least three times. Jonathan Feliciano will start in his place at right tackle. Malcolm Bunche will start at left guard. 


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Very S-A-D to see Henderson screw up and what not!!

Oh well, at least Wheeler will see INCREASED playing time against a tought Bumbling Bee defensive unit. hUh

That's why Henderson's personal FAUX PAS hurts Miami and Seantrel, too.

The K-I-D taking snaps at F.S.U. is the bloody REAL DEAL!! Ouch.

Yeah, yeah I understand Cane loyalist despises the Seminoles and what not.

Still, I give Kudo's when Kudo's is do!! And F.S.U.'s QB is legitimate!!

FWIW... Miami is currently a - 6 /1 2 or - 6 point home chalk.

Again, FWIW... for those Hurricane partisans which CAN'T get ESPNU or are unable to trek down to a sports bar. The game can been seen vis-a-vis...

Firstrowsports: american football

Regarding the Henderson game suspension and what not. It's all bloody speculation. So perhaps he MISSED a class or study hour and what not. Just guessing!

But then again, that's a SEVERE penality for missing a class or study hour and what not. hUh

Nevertheless, it will all bloody rinse out in the wash.


Then click on american football.

And scroll down to Miami vs Georgia Tech.

Oh, scroll down to the very, very bottom of the page!!

Miami 34

Bumbling Bee's 17

Hurricane defensive gang will cause all kinds of trouble for GA. TECH's young QB. hUh

go canes

good test for the hurricanes defense

Hey D, stop saying "what not" so much.

There goes that D getting his ID on print. Over and over, saying nothing. Gayturd in drag.

I said GT would do this. A long day for your canes My Florida Gators will be ranked higher after today. THat was a fluke,

Defense needs to wake up!!!!!

No longer the Duke, he's the PUKE

What a joke game over ,Miami will be lucky to keep it close. Were back baby

If coach d doesn't get fired after this he never will.

the come back is on

I don't know the name of the head official, but I recognize his face. UM gets jobbed by this crew whenever they are stuck with them. There have been more than one or two bad spots. Just watch closely how they mark the ball play after play. The bias is obvious.

Mark should be simpl scheme?
Does he have any scheme?

When does DC start taking blame for this pitiful defense. VT gave up 129 yds rushing to this team last week

All of the spots the officials make are in GTs favor.

empty stadium. Bad fans or have they moved. I know I would have liked to be at the game, but I don't live in SFLa any longer

Not sure what Seantrell did but he's got to get serious.

No longer do only the defenses fear the Duke, canes fans fear he will fumble. No one relaxes when he has the ball.

Bring in Ryan Williams. Morris is hobbling to get back to end the ball off. He's slow in the pocket too. Why is this even close? Unreal... trap game for sure but lets wake up now and put an end to this.

Still a fan, your glass is half empty, but the house is half full. Typical fair weathered fan. eh, what say. Gator nation always, ALWAYS stands true to the team.

Another pick. He looks like a statue thowing the ball from the waist up. Maybe they should just stick to running the ball on every down or play Williams until Morris' "deep bone bruise" fully heals.

Morris is hurt, why not go with Ryan Williams.

No emotion showing this week. More against the patsies than an acc game. Golden needs to change that. This will be close. Penalties and turnovers are killing us. We are playing down to the GT level.

Did we score?

D.....why is mine half full? Not sure that makes sense.

Stacey Coley for Punt Returner...

Dorsett shouldn't return pumts...he's been shaky all season.

If you go back and read it, I said yours is half empty. Pessimist get it The OB would have about 50-60, only because the stadium brought about 10,000. Which means, this stadium takes about 10k away.

Ok D, whatever you say.

I hope Miami slows things down on offense just for the sake of letting the defense get a breather for a change.

and D, good luck tonight

Thanks. The swamp will be positively full Duh

Will somebody please post the score & time left

31-23 5-21 left Miami just intercepted and has the ball and le

38=23 THE U BABY. 4 to's by U. other wise we win by 30

hard fought win.

Correction, 38-23 1:46 left. Go canes

It all Happens only at the U.....duke 184 rush years. steve morris 300 yrds pasasing. 4 TOS and still put up 38 pts, otherwise its like 52=14 Miami. easily

45-23 NUTHA TD.........int return.

PICK 6 45-23 1:08 left

We wore THEM out!
12 days to get ready for NC.

Go Canes!!

man, take away the 2 picks dukes fumble and dorsetts fumble on punt and this 70=7 vs acc team


NOW, we need to clean up the TO's

TYRIQ MCCORD has had an impact in every game. that's what we were lacking. speed rush like the old canes team. qunan #98is fresh and Tyriq a soph



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