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Gameday blog: Georgia Tech at Miami Hurricanes

The Miami Hurricanes look to open ACC play with a win over Georgia Tech this afternoon at Sun Life Staidum. UM hasn't been 5-0 since it started the 2004 season 6-0.

Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. The game is being televised on ESPNU. Feel free to follow the game with us here and participate in our CoverItLive discussion.

> As reported earlier, right tackle Seantrel Henderson has been suspended for today's game by UM for violation of team rules. Henderson, a senior, has made 21 starts in his career and now been suspended at least three times. Jonathan Feliciano will start in his place at right tackle. Malcolm Bunche will start at left guard. 


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MIami 38-6 since that 1st qtr with the 2 TO's and GT's 1st drive/ THATS MIAMI FOOTBALL

at least for those stupid poll voters who don't watch the game. almost 600 yds offense and a 22 pt win vs a conf team NICE JOB

...another cheap TD on the last play of the game...DAMN!!

2 FLOCKIN WEEKS IN A ROW THAT BACKUPS ALLOWED A TD, that's 14 points, at end of game

ITS ALL ABOUT THE U.................We shuld b 7-0 vs Fsu as UNC n wake should be wins

@FSU. REVENGE>..............

First. It's a bloody given g U arantee, that M-Y Hurricanes will be undefeated going into their Nov. 1 showdown against MIGHTY F.S.U.

Second. Miami has to clean up the turnovers pronto!!

Third. Give credit to Marky Mark and his assistants for making urgent adjustments at halftime.

Hurricanes LOSE the turnover margin for the 1st time this season and still come away with a strong victory.

Canes 4 T.O.'s

Bumbling Bee's 3 T.O.s

Carolina Blue is in the moribund blues and Miami will get that victory.

And flunky Wake Forest is... flunky, murky Wake Forest. hUh

7-0 going into the challenging Seminole game. Eh. What say.

What about McCord's hit on Bumbling Bee QB!!!

And then Gunter takes one home for the... Checkmate baby. dUh


Posted by: Dom | October 05, 2013 at 06:37 PM

MY Miami Hurricanes aren't bloody back, yet! However, I-F Goldie's squad comes home from Talla-TRASH-sie with a victory. Then that " We R Back " has a great degree of legitimacy. hUh


Tyriq has made impacts in every game. Sack or pix

How about when he is a SR and quan muhammed is a JR, and all the depth in 2 yrs from now. Fellas, the U I back
Honestly, even we lose @fsu. we should b 11-1 and playn in ACC title game vs Fsu or Clemson.

THE U=========FSU with a freshman qb is going to lose to clemson

Goldie says Marky Mark and the staff were GREAT with the halftime adjustments.

Jeez... Goldie must be a MIND READER, because I mentioned that earlier. dUh

Posted by: Dom | October 05, 2013 at 07:08 PM

OK Dom, I'll meet U 3/4's of the way with the cliche of... THE U IS BACK!!

THE DUKE gets 184 yards against a good A.C.C. defense.

Because it's been a long time since a A.C.C. back has gone for 184 yards against the Bumbling Bee's.

This was a sloppy game and top 15 teams shouldn't be giving up this many yards and points to a very one dimensional "running" team. I hope Golden is mad as hell with how sloppy this team played today. No reason for this game to be that close and no reason for a clearly gimpy Morris to throw all arm today. When you're injuried and overcompensating for it then bad things can happen injury wise. You see it in baseball with pitchers, they have a bad plant leg or can't push off properly and it affects their mechanics and they end up with an arm or shoulder injury.

This Cane team is TOUGH MINDED... down by double-digits at the end of the 1st quarter and still dominate GA. TECH the last three quarters.

Goldie says the squad is HUNGRY!! And wants to keep on keeping on. That's keep on going.

Posted by: Jim | October 05, 2013 at 07:15 PM


Jim, you OBVIOUSLY are a Canespace visitor.

Now scamper on back to that TWO-FACED Canespace venue.

I dig how the VAST MAJORITY of canespace posters were bloody BELLOWING for Goldie to sit Stevie in the second quarter and go with Ryan.

Then I mumbled to myself, that Goldie was going to either WIN with Stevie or lose the game with Morris, and he WASN'T going to replace # 17!!

I wouldn't say this game was " close " at all.

Miami is up 45-23 with a minute left and gives up a CHEAP touchdown. Boo, Hoo, Boo... oh cry me a river. dUh

Oh, I can't forget the diminutive Crawford and his 19 yard game winning T.D.

And what about that power touchdown run inside the 5-yard line!!

Goldie is .500 now in his short career at Miami.

Oh, I give Jim the " sloppy " aspect of the " game " in the FIRST-HALF only. What.

Because the Canes dominated in the 2nd half!

I fear that Morris will have a bum ankle for the rest of the season.

Thankfully the Hurricanes have a great medical and training staff!!

Oh, Stevie has a week and one-half to get the ankle treated medically, again.

It's pretty clear Morris is hurt. Golden needs to make sure he gets back to 100% before he gets on the field again. Sit the kid out of practice this week.

No I'm obviously not happy with how sloppy this team played. A performance like this against FSU will get us blown out. This should have been a tune up game for our offense and a statement game for our "run" defense. Instead its a game where we saw Morris' draft stock fall faster than the Gators poll rankings. GT clearly doesn't have the athletes or team speed on defense to hang with our offense and in particular our wr's. Our running game was outstanding but the turn overs are going to prove costly against a good team. Dorsett had no business sprinting up to catch that punt like he was doing a "you're in good hands with All-State" commercial. He sprints up and then reaches out to his left with his hands mimicking the All-State guy? You have to play smarter than that. The risk of muffing that punt and turning it over far outweighed the benefit of a possible 10+ yards of better field position.

go canesssssssss u da man coach golden

JIm what are you stupid?

Georgia (6) just had 31 points put on them by THE worse team in the SEC. And if it werent for horrible ref calls would have lost.


For you to say today's game should have been no more than a tune-up daylights your total lack of understanding of college football in general and more precisely, Georgia Tech Football. And your other absurd comments are great comedy, but the sad part is you were serious.

You have to be...Jim Gallo...right?

Am I stupid? You didn't watch the same game that I saw? I saw a blue print for other teams to use to convert almost every 3rd or 4th and short. I saw a run defense that made adjustments and played much better the 2nd half but still give up over 100 yards rushing to a team that has NO PASSING game or legitimate deep threat to warrent our safeties or corners playing back off the line in those 3rd and 4th down and short tries.

The other thing about the Georgia game is that they lost a couple of key players on offense early in that game. On top of losing one their best WRs a few weeks ago. How well do you think we would be if we only lost Duke Johnson and maybe Morris? This game would have been easier on our defense if a healthy Williams was handing off to Duke, Crawford and Maurice and then taking the easy throws to keep the chains moving. Morris is too important for this teams "big picture" and putting him out there with such a bad wheel is like throwing blood in the water for sharks. He had a hard time getting back to hand the ball off. This game proves that we are not back but still in the process of building this program.

Jim you're an IDIOT. What the NFL will see is that a guy with a bum ankle threw for 326 yds and a few tds, and also that it's ONLY the 5th game of the season, and has plenty of time to get even better. Way to go Canes, the d gave up some yardage an then tightened the belt, and kicked azzzzz.

General lack of college football? Wow. You obviously didn't watch VT totally shut down that running game. I watched VT hold GT to around 100 yards rushing for the entire game! Not 200+ rushing in the 1st half and 100+ yards in the 2nd half after adjustments.

Forgive me for thinking that our run defense had improved this year. When you guys stop being the polar opposites of Gallo and cAlvin and come back to the middle where the rest of us like to call reality. If you don't think that our defense could have benefited from our offense running the ball more and giving them a breather than you are delusional.


Guess you see how it feels to have a different opinion than the majority on this board. Lol. I don't think you are stupid, crazy or a troll just someone who viewed that game different than most.

I do see a few of the points you're trying to make however.
Didn't like to see Morris limp back there to hand off the ball, his ankle all but took a lot of the play action opportunities. I think sitting Morris for this one wouldn't have hurt. Defensively I though we could've played better. A few times guys were in the correct spot but didn't make the play. Game shouldn't have been as close in my opinion either but I have no problem with being 5-0.


Seriously--are you drunk? The only times I've read tripe like yours is courtesy of the dumb and dumber twins...Gallo/Calvin.

You claim that the game would have been easier if Morris was handing off to Duke...newsflash...Duke ran for over 180 yards!

Take some advice...go sleep it off!


I did not like the 1st-2nd AT ALL!!!!


Reminds me of the old-school Canes. Learn the other team's tricks in the First half, and smother them in the Second....

SAME WITH THE OFFENSE... Shake in the first half, SOLID in the second.

That's what you want to see in your team, the ability to quickly adjust and take advantage of the other team's weaknesses, and solidify your own.

STILL NOT MISTAKE FREE FOOTBALL. We've got 2 more games to clean that SH*T UP before FSU....


We are so lucky to have "True Cane" always running to the rescue of anyone that has something bad to say about the Canes. He's like a big ole dumb slobbering St. Bernard with a flask of dumb love strapped around his neck that he doles out to every troll who lands on this site. "True Cane" has never met a hater who he doesn't fall down on his knees and service him until there's a happy ending.

You guys are getting as bad as Dom. Yeah Duke ran for a 184 yards but 116 of those were in the 2nd half when they started running the ball and sustaining drives. We had the ball a whopping 8 mins in the 1st half! No wonder the defense was getting worn down. GT was holding onto the ball like a fat girl to a drunk guy at closing time. We ran the ball in the 2nd half and had it for 17 minutes. Getting the defense off the field for twice as long as it was on the field for the 1st half was a contributing reason for them being fresher and playing better in the 2nd half.

I watched that VT/GT game and I wasn't impressed one bit by GT. This game tonight and in particular the 1st half was sloppy!


Their O linemen were BLOWING our D line off the ball in the 1st-2nd Quarters...

BUT i think our CONDITIONING kicked in and wore them down.

ADD to that our D learns QUICK to adjust...

REMEMBER that Notre Dame won CHAMPIONSHIPS in the 90's running the OPTION against the CANES.


YES PREVIOUS GAMES give you some impression of how good/bad a team is, but some of that goes out the window in CONFERENCE PLAY and REVENGE FACTORS...




Seriously--are you drunk? The only times I've read tripe like yours is courtesy of the dumb and dumber twins...Gallo/Calvin.

You claim that the game would have been easier if Morris was handing off to Duke...newsflash...Duke ran for over 180 yards!

Take some advice...go sleep it off!

Posted by: Ron Zook


Take some advice and read everything at least twice before you decide to respond. I didn't claim that game would be easier if MORRIS was handing off to Duke. What I said was:

"This game would have been easier ON OUR DEFENSE if a healthy WILLIAMS was handing off to Duke, CRAWFORD, AND MAURICE and then taking the easy throws to keep the chains moving. Morris is too important for this teams "big picture" and putting him out there with such a bad wheel is like throwing blood in the water for sharks. He had a hard time getting back to hand the ball off."

How's YOUR turds doing, D

Reading comprehension has never been a strong suite for some of these folks. Blame the school system, I guess. Anyone with a football background understand how when you run for all those yards playaction should be easier. But our qb limping couldn't play out the fakes.

U gays are gay

Zook I can see where Jim is coming from.

You might have been a little hard on him in your response, but he brings up a good point.

There is more at stake in the ACC Coastal, and we were not consistent, in the first half.(Period)

Fumbles, penalties, and lapses in offense would not have happened if "We were back". The process continues

Second half we took care of business.

What Jim is saying is after the game reaches a certain point, and we have things going our way, Pull Steven and let the flow of the game handle itself with a competent Williams at QB.
Two things:
1) The GT D would feel a different tempo with Williams who have proven himself, and would get some serious live action play time, and
2) Morris could get off his wheels in a game situation (which we were going to win,) and continue healing into the bye week. Everyday with that injury healing is money in the bank for us with Steven.

Steven has nothing to prove, and Williams is his backup (we all know that) so no harm no foul. Our team wins over the long term.

Very proud of the 'Canes and we still need to clean up penalties. Our Special Teams need a lot of work, and all our O need to go over protecting the ball. (Duke did in the latter part of the game.) We took some serious points off the board .
Go 'Canes

We ran the ball only 8 times (1 of them being a lateral from Morris to Allen Hurns) in the 1st half. The defense would have benefited tremendously if the Canes had ran the ball more in the 1st half and gave them a breather like they did in the 2nd half but some Homers are too delusional to use any logic or common sense to see the BIG PICTURE... two of our 2nd half drives were basically all runs. That's why we doubled our time of possession from the 1st half.

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