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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at North Carolina Tar Heels

The 10th-ranked Miami Hurricanes (5-0, 1-0) play their first game of the season outside of the state of Florida tonight against ACC rival North Carolina (1-4, 0-2). Kickoff is at 7:45 p.m. on ESPN.

Feel free to join our live chat below to talk about the game while its happening.


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How long until the same loser changes his name three times to talk to himself? Five minutes, less?

Well Suzie Q, I hope it wasn't a MONSOON reigning down on Chapel Hill.

Miami, Florida 34

Carolina Blue 17

Goldie's squad keeps it rolling and rolling and rolling!!

Hurricane absolutely need to LIMIT the turnovers tonight. Otherwise, an unseen number of Miami turnovers will absolutely keep the Tar Heels in the game. dUh

Miami 37 unc 10. Having said that a 1 point win if fine for me.

UNC's uniform is so already done. Save the black alternate uniforms for the hockey rink apparel sellers.

D, a fast start after two weeks of getting off either slow or a two laps behind would be nice to see tonight.

what 1-4 team are we playing tonight ?

Alex Figueroa is a baller. He could have played in any era. Dude is pure superstar in the making.

As far as the level of competition, look at our scheddy at the beginning of the year. UF, FSU, VT, NC, teams highly ranked or that beat us last season.

You don't know ahead of time who will be who. All the critics of the schedule are doing is playing the result. We won, so they must have sucked. We baptized UF therefore they are garbage. Look what These teams were ranked at the beginning of the season..

8. Clemson
9. Louisville
10. Florida
11. Florida St.

These were their preseason rankings. Now show me a school who has a tougher schedule based on the preseason ranks. This is what we were set up for, it's not our fault UF regressed and showed their true colors. VT has won 6 games since losing to Alabama...

Stop all that non-sense. Especially when OSU plays nobody this season. Alabama plays who? Tell me one team they play as good as FSU? Florida has the competition every season. We are built to compete. That's why the little old []_[] is who we are.

I Love Al Golden's haircut.

here we go with the poor defense and tackling

tracy howard missed the tackle damn shame

How many times are they going to go for the home run? Not every pass has to be a hail mary or quick pass to the wr at the line of scrimmage...


I bet those idiots aren't questioning the facts you posted about Morris now, lol. We'll win this game but the fact remain he struggles with the intermediate throws period point blank.

Duke has a concussion.. again. Knee versus head always equals a win for the knee. Shoulder pads young man... hit em with your shoulder pads. Shoulder pads always win versus knees.

Miami M.A.S.H. vs NC Tar heels

Almost another pick on a deep ball

Where'd that #1 pass defense go?

Special Teams to the rescue! Yeah baby!

burns! burns! burns!

Man the Dolphins need to draft that TE from NC. He is a stud. Best TE I have seen this year. He is a big time play maker.

What does James Coley have up his sleeve now that he doesn't have his trump card (Duke Johnson) or the fastest player on the team in Dorsett? Is it time for the tight ends to enter the offense? I think so...

These injuries may cost the Canes the game. Not having Duke, Rogers, and Dorsett will hurt. It is time for Morris to show that he is the real deal. He is the veteran QB in this game and has to be able to win this game for the canes.

Morris doesn't need to win the game. He needs to take the open throws and let the play makers make plays. He has to stop forcing throws and going for the home run every series. There are scouts at this game and he is doing up to this point is sending his stock stumbling. He can't handle pressure and he over throws all of the intermediate throws.

Wtf, that's ridiculous. Morris isn't doing himself any favors

Stephen Morris reminds me of Jacory Harris. Too many dumb throws.

I love the canes but no doubt they are over rated. They have improved but they are not 10th best team in the country. North Carolina sucks (1-3) and they are simply out playing the canes.

Canes could be in for a whirl of hurtin' in a couple of weeks if they play this sloppy against FSU.

This is a 1-4 team. Talent alone should give Miami the win but it looks they are exposing our pass defense by taking the easy throws and letting their guys run with the ball after the catch. It would be interesting to see what yards after catch stats would be for each team at the half.

If Miami doesn't get a turnover or two and Morris throws another pick, the Hurricane Warning issued for Chapel Hill will be changed to an upset alert

Hortible, miami coaching.....ever

Bench Morris now for one series

It's time some of these fans realize that. I still think we should and will win but Morris doesn't have the true qb pedigree. Best case scenario for him is to sneak into the 3rd round and be drafted by a team that already have their franchise qb. he has a lot to learn.

If Miami loses this game they should drop out of the top 25. North Carolina is horrendous.

FSU is going to trounce us. Can you imagine what that QB from FSU is going to do against the Canes. If they think NC has a good passing game wait until they face FSU.

This used to be QB U. Until the canes find a good QB they will continue to be average or mediocre.

Stephen Morris = Jacory Harris

Man Morris sucks!!!!!

Once the game is in hand and Miami is certain to win, the homers will be out in full force, chastising you for guys for calling it as you see it. I called our performance against GT sloppy and some delusional homer got on me, questioning my knowledge of college football and tried to play up GT's team. No doubt, he'll be trying to play up a 1 win team as a tough conference team because we lost to them last year. Probably even credit our pass defense because Renner is a decent QB and probably the best this defense has played this year up to this point.

Jim. Optimism is great, but Morris has been awful this year. He really hasn't found the same magic he ended last year with. Honestly, sometimes change is good. LEt Williams play a series to see if it sparks the team or maybe MOrris


You are right. We have to be realistic this team is not good enough to be in the top 10. We benefited by beating an over rated Gators team at home that was hurting. The rest of the schedule has been terrible: GA Tech, Savanna State, FAU.

To be struggling against this garbage team, is ridiculous.

We want Williams!! We want Williams!! We want Williams!!

Good thing we got that FG block that was returned for a TD or half time would look real ugly. That's a 10 point swing. A bye week to prepare for a 1-4 team and this is how we come out? Ouch..

It is shame for the U. Duke can play at second half?

Called this loss UMbarrasing. Get morris out he has been terrible all year.

Morris = Harris

Williams much better than those stupid qbs.

It's like the whole team has been sleep walking through the game. I'm not sure where Morris head is right now but it ain't in Carolina! Did Golden even have these boys practice over the bye weekend?? FSU will demolish the Canes

Lol. I said that last week about bringing in Williams, when it was so blatantly obvious that Morris was hurt and having a hard time getting back to hand the ball off and the delusional homers got on me saying that the scouts are going to see that a QB toughed it out and threw for however many yards on a bum ankle.

Duke is done for the night. This is the worse loss so far. The drop-off from him to Dallas is too large for this team to make up

True Cane,

Not questioning Morris at all. These are the times you hang with the team.

Golden needs to show turnovers will not be acceptable. Morris should ride the pine, give it to next years QB. Morris is so off we lose with him at qb. He looks mentally and physically challenged in this game. The time off really hurt us.

Fellas, there's still a 1/2 left; chill. Morris will be fine and overall he's a big upgrade over Jacory. Everyone has a bad game (really bad thus far) and hopefully this will be Morris's one. Do I think FSU beats Miami? Yes, but I'd like to be surprised.

Go Canes!

1. Miami looks like a team which has been bloody READING it's press clipings and what not!!

2. Y'all Cane partisans need to LAY OFF Calvin a bit. Because Stevie is making Calvin look like a PROPHET and touter to boot.

3. Is it possible that Morris came out looking to IMPRESS the N.F.L. scouts in attendance.

4. Carolina has the worst defenes in the A.C.C. and is at the bottom of the barrel in most D-categories in the country. Yet, the Hurricanes have only 6 points in the first-half.

5. Morris so Helter Skelter and UP nd' DOWN as a major college QB, that he'll probably come out in the second-half and shut-up the doubters here and in canespace/eoth.

No need to call Morris stupid because he is forcing the ball and making bad decisions. He seems to have a gunslingers mentality and lives and dies on the deep ball. Coley needs to call the game differently without Duke and Dorsett. Attack the middle of field with the TE and run the ball more.

Morris has been horrible. Wonder if its because he lost Fich?? Why would Fich leave UM for the Jags job anyways?

The SEVERE loss of THE DUKE could come back to haunt Goldie's squad.

Time for #17 on offense to make believers out of Hurricane fan-dom!!

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