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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at North Carolina Tar Heels

The 10th-ranked Miami Hurricanes (5-0, 1-0) play their first game of the season outside of the state of Florida tonight against ACC rival North Carolina (1-4, 0-2). Kickoff is at 7:45 p.m. on ESPN.

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Ugly! Put in Williams...

Truth...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that's why

It is very CRUCIAL that Miami score either a T.D. or in a worst case scenario, a FG with it's opening drive in the 2nd half. Otherwise, the college football nation will witness a SHOCKING upset!!

I want to see Williams, he works the tight ends and backs better with a quick release.

Calvin is absolutely corrent on one of his opinions. Miami's SOFT schedule has created the Grand Illusion for Cane loyalists.

And perhaps one of the tonight's ESPN broadcasters is correct about the Canes being a No.15 or No. 19 ranked team. hUh

I agree, we need to run the ball more in the 2nd half and settle down. Against GT we barely ran the ball in the 1st half and didn't keep our defense on the sideline long enough to catch their breathe, let alone, long enough to make adjustments. We definitely don't look like a top 10 team in the country with an extra week of preparation for North Carolina.

You mean to tell me no one else can return kick offs? Hurns? There has to be someone over there other than another starting receiver.

You CANNOT take that sack Morris!!! That boy is killing us!

Why stop running when you're doing it well. It was a nice 6 - 0 run, say losses to VT and FSU

Morris is horrible.

Worst coaching, continue.....run the ball...

Coley is not calling a good game at all.

The linebackers for unc are playing down hill, they have figured out Morris will either hand the ball off or look for a receiver deep, the tightends are none factors for the canes.

No one can cover 85

This team always has trouble playing UNC! Secondary looks slow.

miami slow to get lined up on defense, I mentioned this a month ago,

It pains me to say this but NC is the better team. Yes the 1-4 Tarheels are better than the canes.

The NC QB looks better than Morris.

Wow, this is embarrassing.

Stop dreaming the canes cannot win against the superior Tarheels. NC is dominating this game. This game is not as close as the score indicates.

Wow the Gators were over rated. The Canes are down there with NC, Wake Forest, and Duke as the worst in the ACC.

Let's get Williams in there.

D, I don't think most loyal fans who watched our games really believed we were back just because we blew out Savannah State, South Florida, and FAU. Our only "quality" win was against the Gators in my opinion. I think FSU and VT will determine if we are truly contenders or just pretenders. We are headed in the right direction for sure but the rise in the rankings doesn't match the product that we're watching on the field. A top 15 team doesn't get run rough shod by GT and a top 10 team doesn't make a 1-4 team look this good. The players made the adjustments and bought into the UTough program and their conditioning shows thst but the coaches have to make the adjustments with the play calling. Just my opinion though.

who cares if morris is better or worse than jacory? that helps? morris is off his game, and it shows.

I hate to say this but even if the Canes pull this game out they should drop in the poles.

No way you can lose to a garbage team like NC. This is a team that you have to beat. No excuses.

What is Winston going to do against this secondary in a couple of weeks? If this horrible QB for NC is shredding the canes secondary what will Winston do to the canes.

Morris is a horrible fcuking QB

Lmao, this guy drills a screen pass again, a senior. Where are those homers???


Morris head is in his arse. His stock is plummeting!!


Morris is terrible. I feel sorry for the team that drafts him. Someone will be dumb enough to take him because of his "strong arm" and they are going to take a true bust. There are some mock drafts that have him going in the second round. I hope that the Jets take him.

3 Interceptions against the worst team in the ACC. He should be ashamed of himself.

This is about as bad as they have looked since last year.

its time to sit morris.

Miami can't afford any more turnovers... time for the defense to force some turnovers. Dial up the blitz and starting picking up the crossing patterns!

Guys this game is over

So much for that stout defense. This is on the offense and coaches.

Outcoached, outplayed, by a team 1-4. This shows Golden really has not got this team much better than last year. The canes lose here, at FSU, VT, and probably 1=2 more. Welcome to the who cares you got a bowl, bowl.

Stick a fork in them. Turn the lights off. This game is over.

Defense sucks, Offense sucks, Kicker sucks!

Golden needs to be held accountable. At some point you have to be able to beat a 1-4 team in the conference. North Carolina lost to East Carolina. The Tarheels suck and they are putting a major butt whipping on the canes. How low have the Canes fallen. Bring in Butch Davis!

Can't believe a 1 and 4 team beat the Canes. Nothing new this is the same team.. Where are the leaders?? Why isn't anyone screaming on the sidelines where is the passion. It's like the whole team is sleep walking

Who's the best Coach in America? Lmao,

wow now the defense is giving up : ( sad day to be a hurricane......put in ryan wtf morris has screwed us.

Shameful display tonight ...not tough not fighting ...really tough to watch ...4th qtr gotta score

Maybe Morris is trying to break Harris pick record for the yr. he is great as long as there is no pressure, but rush him and he stinks.....

Turn out the lights y'all Cane supporters. Because Miami won't win this one tonight.

And Carolina is about to close the lid on a moribund Cane squad.

Too many turnovers and NO toughness from the Hurricanes tonight. SEE Carolina laying out a few Hurricane players!!

It has gotten so bad, I am actually watching baseball.

The canes will not be back until they find a stud QB
and a great coach. Golden took the swagger out of the cCanes. These guys play like they are scared.

Carolina is no Kentucky

Good stop from Cane defense to hold Tar Heels to a FG.

"wow Miami brought pressure, they didn't sit back and watch" sorry to inform you Pollack, that's our defense.

Time to bench Morris and hope that Williams' accuracy provides a spark. Morris is letting his defense down

Maybe Williams or Olsen the stud were looking for. Morris is horrible. His mechanics are terrible. On top of all that he's an interception machine! Who wants to bet he throws a 4th pick tonight????

These guys play like they are scared.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | October 17, 2013 at 10:29 PM


I hate to agree with you, but the Canes looked BEFUDDLED and TENATIVE on the field tonight. hUh

Now, it's time to see what STEVIE is ALL ABOUT!!

Time to bench Morris and hope that Williams' accuracy provides a spark. Morris is letting his defense down

Posted by: Hail Morris | October 17, 2013 at 10:32 PM


It's too LATE to bring in Williams!! Miami should have given him a look sometime in the 2nd quarter.

I already have this booked as a L. I have no faith in Morris. If this weak arse D did this imagine what FsU D will do. Why is Hurns running towards the sidelines?

Morris is horrible and not football smart. Do they have any one else??????

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