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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at North Carolina Tar Heels

The 10th-ranked Miami Hurricanes (5-0, 1-0) play their first game of the season outside of the state of Florida tonight against ACC rival North Carolina (1-4, 0-2). Kickoff is at 7:45 p.m. on ESPN.

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This used to be QB U. This putrid performance from Morris is embarrassing.

To show you how bad Morris is, East Carolina came into the Tarheels house and put up 55 points. So far Morris has put up 6 points (the special teams put up 7).

Canes fans our pain continues. How far are we going to drop in the polls.

This game isn't over yet but we can't make any more mistakes and we need 3 and outs when we're on defense

I know it's one game, but this is a huge set back for the program. A reality check for recruits. They will rethink Williams at this point than let Morris throw picks.

No surprise the tightend is open, they are playing the run and the deep pass only, they don't respect Morris on the intermediate routes, why should they?

Miami absolutely needs to score a TOUCHDOWN!!!

There's still time, but it's up to the defense to get a stop after the Canes score!!!!

I still claim that the players READ too many press clipings during the break.

11:30 is alot of time. Now the defense needs to get a CRUCIAL stop!!!

No more excuses and what not from Marky Mark's unit!!

Yes TD! Finally! We have been dominated for 3 quarters but if we can dominate the 4th quarter we may be able to escape with a victory. No matter what the canes will drop in the polls even if they win. They have played to the level of a 1-4 team who got smoked by East Carolina.

There's the STOP I was yapping bout'!!!

Here we go

Keep pounding the bloody rock with Crawford.

Miami can stil win this one au contraire to what the canespace/eoth mob have to say on the entire bloody matter!!

There's still plenty of time of left. Keep running the ball and don't let Morris have an opportunity to turn it over again!

Great stop. Let's put pressure on them by scoring a TD. The momentum has switched. Let's see if the canes can pull this game out.

I thought a good year for the canes before this game was to win the Coastal Division with only 1 loss (to FSU), to go to the ACC game to play a competitive game against Clemson or FSU and then to win a bowl game. That would help in recruiting and building the program.

OMG Morris is such an idiot!!!

MORRIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you f'ing kidding me? Throw the ball away!

This is demoralizing to the team. Morris is horrible.

Morris is beeeyyyyond dumb


Where you at bro? This Morris guy is really showing how great he is. Lmao.
These imbeciles will see the light

Morris has officially morphed into Jacory Harris. Way to let your team down again. We need a turnover

Travis bloody SAVES Morris' arse!!!

I don't care Howard intercepted the ball I don't trust Morris

Wow. There's that defensive turn over!

put ryan in at least he throws to backs and tight ends not to guys in black all game

Please help us find a

Morris is worse than Harris. Here we go again Morris back on the field. Four interceptions against a horrible team. Will he make it 5.

Can't wait to hear these idiots proclaim how great unc defense is.

We need a turnover

Posted by: Jim | October 17, 2013 at 10:52 PM


Good call Jim.

Again, y'all Cane loyalists bloody need to LAY OFF Calvin. Because Morris' is returning to FORM against relative competition. And Carolina ain't exactly a Top 60 defense and what not.

Run the ball and or throw it away and live for another play Morris!

True Cane,

I better not hear anyone say that the UNC has a great defense. Like I said earlier East Carolina put up 55 against UNC.

Wow, almost another interception.

wow morris blows

Morris isn't even going through progressions. He sucks yo

Golden needs to grow a pair and make a QB change. I am not talking just about this game. I am talking for the season. He has single handedly lost this game for the canes.

Golden needs to send a message! Bench Morris!!!

i have never seen Morris play this bad. That last pass was atrocious and should have been his 4th pick

Isn't it ironic to hear the announcers say that offense should slow things down and give their defense a breather? Where's Ron Zook at? LMFAO

I have no faith in Morris

Hurricanes have to play for the FG now and win it in O.T.

Just imagine how much damage McCord could do in a scheme where he played more. Wow!!

Wow we need Morris to drive us down 90 yards. Good luck with that. The odds of a 5th interception are much better.

Take what the defense gives us, play for the FG and hope for the TD. Don't force it!

Golden will never take this team to the promised land. He is a quality coach, not great, nice guy, but with all the talent, he lets one guy throw the game away. It's to late to change now. Should have made the decision a long time ago, FOR THE TEAM. After thr ncaa gets done, fire golden.

We could have run the ball all game long and kept the ball out Morris' hand. Forget the FG, let's score a TD and win the game. I don't want to see OT.

thats it run it and don't give Morris a chance to lose it.

At some point Morris is going to have to throw the ball.

Golden is definitely loyal to Stephen Morris. If Duke had fumbled 4 times, he would be on the bench...

Are we playing for a FG? Or a TD

I do not want to put our hopes on the foot of a college kicker. He already missed a 43 yard FG.

Let's go all out for the TD.

I think we are playing not to turn it over!

let's score a TD and win the game. I don't want to see OT.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | October 17, 2013 at 11:05 PM


Yes, the T.D. is the better option. Just playing it safe.

Why are we playing for a tie???

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