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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at North Carolina Tar Heels

The 10th-ranked Miami Hurricanes (5-0, 1-0) play their first game of the season outside of the state of Florida tonight against ACC rival North Carolina (1-4, 0-2). Kickoff is at 7:45 p.m. on ESPN.

Feel free to join our live chat below to talk about the game while its happening.


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Sarasota Cane has some explaining to do, look at how old this loser is and how he preys on young women for sex for cash, what a creepy loser! No wonder this zero is obsessed with man meat and shooting steroids for his lack of testosterone, it's called overcompensation you old fart.

Owned yet again, go correct a theoretical recruit and their theoretical parents' thoughts if they happen to read a comment on this blog or any other by changing names yet again, your kicker kin sucks just as much as his uncle as we saw tonight.

The Negative: We played down to our competition. WAY down. Regardless of injuries we played way down. Not looking like a top 10 team today.

The Positive: RS teams would have just quit - several times. This team never quits, that is great to see again.

Bottomline: We are still growing. Better get ready for FSU, mistakes can't be made in that game.

Go Canes!

Got to give props to Dallas Crawford and Eduardo Clements. U guys put us on your back and brought that W to Coral Gables. Sometimes you don't play your best game and in our case that was about as bad a game as I have seen us passing the ball since Jacory Harris. Okay not that bad but pretty close to it. Don't know what's up with Morris but it looks to me like he is scared to death that his ankle is going to get hurt again and he is abandoning his footwork mechanics. No matter what it is Coley and Morris has to get it fixed.

Bad game overall. I'll take the win but I don't believe this team is ready yet. We will beat wake forest and might be competitive with Florida State for a half nut I don't see us pulling that out. The injuries didn't help our cause tonight but still absolutely no excuse for that game. I like the fact our team never gives up but i don't like how they always some out slow and so relaxed. I think Morris deserves a little more credit then you all are giving him. Yes he played an awful game but Vinny did as well against Penn State. It happens and although I think Morris isnt the super star that some people make him out to be, i think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Lets see what Florida State has in store for him. Go Canes!

It's great to be a Mi-ami Hurricane!!! Great win for the the Canes. We must clean up the turnovers. Coley can help Morris out by calling more slants and screen passes and defense need to be more agressive and attack. We had a lot of missed tackles, must clean that up.. Go CANES!!!

I agree Championships.

I love the fight of these guys but still something about this team always scares me when I watch them. On the one plus side...in years past we would have dropped a game to either Georgia Tech or North Carolina but this year we haven't. To me that shows progress.

we won....I mean they won

You will not be at your best every game and you have to find a way to win and that's what our Canes did tonight. We had to overcome a lot of adversity losing our best running back, rarest receiver, Morris struggling BIG time, and a desperate team playing with confidence. We will become a better team because of tonight's game.


I bet those idiots aren't questioning the facts you posted about Morris now, lol. We'll win this game but the fact remain he struggles with the intermediate throws period point blank.

Posted by: True Cane | October 17, 2013 at 08:27 PM

LOL, i'm not going to dog smo17, i expected this type of performance from em, TrueCane, not trying to pat myself on the back but you gone like this, check me out from the 15th(and this is for that sissy who always wants to act like i say stuff after the fact) what i said, especially on t.h.:

itch davis is not there and since he left, the talent level has slowly been eroding, he was on the verge of having that team playing for a national title. The only reason saban and bama and the boys look like they do is because itch davis is not with some college team, especially back home. One things for sure, smo17 didnt look good last year against unc when he was 100% healthy, so now going into that game less than 100%, we'll see what happens.
So much for alex figs, thurston armbrister said he not giving up his spot no time soon to the young one. tracy howard needs to go ahead and get a pick or 2 soon, cause artie burns is on his arse fo real. Once we get deon bush back in the fold, that'll definitely be an upgrade over where-see rodgers!
Posted by: Calvin | October 15, 2013 at 01:29 PM

You know what gets me in the mood for posting asinine comments is a good Blumpkin from Jim Gallo!

You will not be at your best every game and you have to find a way to win and that's what our Canes did tonight. We had to overcome a lot of adversity losing our best running back, rarest receiver, Morris struggling BIG time, and a desperate team playing with confidence. We will become a better team because of tonight's game.

Posted by: Cane88 | October 18, 2013 at 12:07 AM

True, but smo17 will only be at his best when he's playing against defenses that were just about as worst as ours last year. He can only throw the majority of outside passes and bombs, everything else, tight-ends in the middle of the field, fo-gat-about-it! People saying smo17 was one of the hottest qb's in the country because of the way he played last year at the end of the season didn't factor in who he was playing against.

I'm glad we're getting ready to play real teams every week now, that way our guys can get back to knowing full well what level they need to be at and what they need to bring every week. I hope coach coley starts understanding better how to call plays based on the talent level he has. I'm not going to blame coach coley for dorsett getting hurt, but why are we calling that type of play and flipping it to our receiver who has the least amount of moves probably on the whole team. if anything, have dorsett flippin it to stacy coley, he knows where to go. And that young man did a real solid job on special teams tonight as well, real good job coley.

No matter what, we're a more physical running team when my boy jared wheeler is on that field, i like shane and what he brings to the field mentally, but physically, where is way better than him and mentally. We need to stop it wit hall these finess running plays and just go straight power.

Shouts out to dallas crawford taking the advice from clinton portis when he asked the team basically "who in here is a back-up" and once alot of guys raised there hands, portis droped his head and told em, "now that's a problem, if somebody asked me that question when i wasn't starting, you couldn't get me to raise my hand, that mntality has to change" well dallas crawford let it be known tonight, he's the real deal and let the Truth be told, crawford has more moves than duke in the hole, but you can win with either one of them, but crawford will make the first guy miss immediately, where as duke often times runs more like a 1 cut guy.

At the end of the day, we got the win is all that matters.

Horrible game by Stephen Morris, he looked like a freshman at times. I know he had some big completions in the 4th quarter, but the guy was shaky tonight. Morris needs to work on footwork in the pocket. Step up and deliver the ball with conviction or throw it away. Morris showed heart at the end of the game, got to give him that.

It seems like we lost our offensive identity after Duke and Dorsett went out of the game. Are we lost if we can't get a huge play downfield? We finally saw this team grind it out in the 4th quarter, but you have to wonder if they can do it against a more talented team.

The defense in the first 3 quarters was awful. What happened to our tackling!?! The last UNC drive we went into prevent again!?!?! The last 3 minutes had way more drama than it should have.

Crawford was huge tonight....huge. That run on 3rd down, highlight of the season. I thought Clements should've gotten more carries tonight, he's a good RB.

Bad game, but we survived.

Whew, a great come from behind win. A thriller right to the last play. Some good power football in the 4th quarter. Dallas Crawford did a great job and is a force at RB.

That said, this is how UM plays after a bye week? Wow. Looked like 2012 with underneath passes, outside runs, tight end on the loose in the middle. Very little blitzing called for some odd reason.

Morris does not have the composure he should as a senior. The picks are definitely Harris-like. This guy has to stop hurting his team. An intermediate passing game and power running looks good at this stage.

Awful about Dorsett. Looked real bad. Duke I think will be in the lineup for the VA Tech game.

These guys need to come out with fire, believing and looking like a ranked team, especially on offense. They need to smash the Hokies!

Morris is the limiting factor, and #11 could be a good intermediate passing game leader.

But, hey, a win is a win, and I am glad the Canes did it!!! 6 - 0 works!!

* last UNC drive had much more drama than it should have.

I guess the good news is I was wrong about losing also good news I still made the spread. Bad news is if they play like that against fsu it could be a very bad beatdown. One that could affect recruits decisions. Start williams next week cause morris just doesn't have it. Is it me or does this defense give up the opposite teams career best just about every game. Slightly impressed with halftime adjustmentsthis year but fsu game could be over by then.

Key road comeback by UM tonight against a poor team.

HarrietTubmanCane, Calvin, D and all others who are tired of scrolling through the troll haven that is the comments section;

This is Jimmy Carr.


Jimmy goes by the name Sarasota Cane and has a crippling addiction to steroids and offering money for illicit favors to women 18-25 as you can see in the link previously posted. He's homophobic and a racist who changes blog ID's like most of us change pairs of socks because he thinks it's his 'job' to patrol blogs and 'correct' 'untruths' posted there lest they influence 'recruits' and their 'parents' from making decisions based on said posts. It's pretty pathetic of a story all around but he forgot the first rule of being anonymous on the internet, use different account ID's at every site you frequent. Now the gig's up after all these years for him though, what's little Jimmy to do now?

For those who think the old school Canes don't support the current direction of the program, a tweet from, "The Playmaker,":

"@michaelirvin88: This is how you know: the U is back. Tonight we played next man up and got it done. Now let's get DUKE AND DORSETT BACK. GREAT WIN GUYS"

Morris wasn't ready for this game mentally and perhaps his ankle isn't 100%. Still, that no excuse for not being able to hit the side of a barn at 20 yards. He wont be playing on Sundays.

I thought the Coaching staff should of put in Ryan Williams for one series after Morris through two picks and over through a few receivers. I think Williams would have done better even though he doesn't have Rifle arm.

Morris has one more practice game before the season starts. I wouldn't be surprised if he is replaced by Ryan in the FSU game if he starts to throw wild again.

GO Canes!

It is interesting for me to recap the game here.
D you low life A****** at 10:28 starts with "Turn out the lights"
A 'Cane fan huh?. Just re-read your postings ZERO.
Then at 11:04 when things were tight you jumped on the get rid of Morris, Fire Coach G bandwagon.
The 'U' wins and you are disappointed that all your prognostications were shot and you leave the board.

Some FAN Eh, Eh, Eh? You should be ashamed to call yourself a fan. When the going gets tough you become Calvin and Gallo, apoligist.
I am calling you out because for me your credibility is ZERO. You are a Bandwagon jumper. Canes play well you are in. Tight game - fire the Coach, kick out the QB, blame the OC, blame the D. Get back to where you were before you came to these board eh, and bloody keep your comments on our Canes to real fans, not Bloody Bandwagoners , like yourself..

As far as Calvin, and Gallo I skipped their S***.

I do not read anything they write so I have no idea. I will say though look in the Win- Loss Calvina, and Gallorina the 'U' is 0000000000Losses.
Win ugly, win lucky, win horrible is STILL A WIN.
Canes now and Canes always,
Go 'Canes

Lost in all the Morris bashing are the good throws he made in that last drive to waters and Hurns. Say what you want but he did his job in the end and made the plays he needed to. His arm-strength earns him respect like Dorsett's speed. Something you can't teach.

I blame Coley for not having a game plan that utilizes TE and RB on short patters like drags and simple outs to get the ball in the hands of our playmakers.

Coley is holding some of the playbook back and he has to be careful in doing so. That fake reverse to S. Coley off the motion where he ended up in the flat on the left side is a new wrinkle. It was a great play. With all that vertical speed the flats are going to be open. I'd like to see hagens get the ball with a head of steam and just punish people in the flats. And where is Sandland? He can make people miss. A 3 yard pass can be turned into more with that kid.

Overall, any time you come out of a game like that where the opposing team had 80 plays and 4 TO, but you find a way to win, it's a great thing. You don't learn and get that kind of experience in a win. They will grow up this week and be ready to play in front of a big crowd next Saturday. Great Win.

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